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Affirmative statements

Negative statements

I am Tony. / Im Tony. You are an engineer. / Youre an enineer. not an architect. He is a teacher. / Hes a teacher. student . She is a nurse. / Shes a nurse. doctor. Contractions I am Im He is Hes She is Shes

I am not Tim. / Im not Tim. You are not an architect. / Youre He is not a student. / Hes not a She is not a doctor. / Shes not a

Articles a / an a Teacher an Actor

Singular and plural nouns / be: plural statements

Singular nouns a chef an athlete Plural nouns 2 chefs 3 athletes

Affirmative statements We are lawyers. / Were lawyers. Were not chefs You are flight attendants. / Youre flight attendants Youre not pilots. / Youre not pilots They are musicians. / theyre musicians. Theyre not writers. Contractions We are You are Were Youre

Negative statements We are not chefs. / You are not pilots. / They are not writers. /

They are


Subject pronouns Singular I You He She Plural We You They

BE: Yes / No questions and short answers.

Yes / No questions Are you Laura? Is he a manager? Is Marie a teacher? Are you pilots? Are they musicians? Are they Ann and Bob? Short answers Yes, I am. / No, Im not. Yes, he is. / No, hes not. Yes, she is. / No, shes not. Yes, we are. / No, were not Yes, they are. / No, Theyre not Yes, they are. / No, theyre not

Be Careful! Yes, I am. NOT Yes, Im Yes, she is. NOT Yes, shes Yes, we are. NOT Yes, were

Proper nouns and common nouns

Proper nouns The names of people and places are proper nouns. proper noun. Irene Linden New York Use a capital letter to begin a

Mexico City

Common nouns Other nouns are common nouns. Use a lowercase letter to begin a common noun. doctor architect student man

Possesive adjectives and nouns

Possesive adjectives Dr. Jones is my doctor Lynne is his student Paul is not their teacher

Possesive nouns Mr. Smith is Lauras teacher Ms. Gray is Jasons lawyer Clarks manager is Mr. Bello

John is her student Shes johns teacher

Information questions with What

Questions Whats her last name? Whats her phone number?

Answers Hayek 57-34-0078

Whats his first name? Whats his e-mail address?


Whats their address? Venezuela.

14 Bolivar Street, Maracaibo,

What is Whats

In phone numbers, say Oh for Zero: 0070 = oh- oh -seven-eight.

In e-mail addresses, say benson at allnet dot com.

Questions with Who.

Use Who to ask about people. Who is he? Whos Sylvia? Who are they? Who are John and Pat? Contraction Who is Whos Hes my son. Shes my wife Theyre Marias Children. Theyre my brothers

Be careful! Who are NOT . Who are.

Questions With How old How old is he? How old is your sister? How old is Kate? How old are they? How old are your grandparents? Hes nineteen years old. Shes twenty Twenty six Hes thirty-six and shes twenty-eight Theyre both 64


Use the verb be to give information about the subject of a sentence. The subject of a sentence can be a noun or a pronoun

The teacher is Chinese

Were Peruvian

Forms There a three forms of the verb be the present tense: am, are, and is. I am a student You are late He She It Weare married They are Canadian is In the room