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Statement by Jin Weigen, VP CNOOC Uganda Limited 25th September, 2013 Ladies and gentlemen, CNOOC Uganda Limited

d is glad that the Government of Uganda has approved the Field Development Plan and Petroleum Reservoir Report (FDP/PRR) of Kingfisher (KF), which in effect ushers in the phase of field development and indeed represents a key milestone for the development of the KF oil field. CNOOC Uganda Limited would like to take this opportunity to thank the Government of Uganda for the approval, and also its JV Partners, Total and Tullow for their support in the endeavor to finalizing the FDP/PRR. As you know, CNOOC Uganda Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CNOOC Limited. In recent years, CNOOC Limited has greatly extended its global presence and raised its international profile to a new level. From a geographic perspective, CNOOC Limiteds operations are located in Asia, Africa, Oceania, North America, South America and Europe. For resource types, it has expanded from conventional oil and gas resources to unconventional resources such as shale oil and gas and oil sands. Overseas reserves, production and oil and gas sales revenue accounted for 31.0%, 22.0% and 14.7%, respectively, of CNOOC Limiteds total, thereby becoming an integral part of its assets. With the combination of conventional and unconventional resources, as well as exploration and production assets, its global operational capability has been significantly enhanced. CNOOC Limited has a relatively large reserve base in Africa. CNOOC Limiteds assets in Africa are primarily located in Nigeria and Uganda. As of the end of 2012, the reserves and daily production volume derived from Africa reached 135.7 million BOE and 56,998 BOE/day, respectively, representing approximately 3.9% and 6.1%, respectively, of its total reserves and daily production. CNOOC limited has started its operation in Uganda since February 2012. During its operations in Uganda, CNOOC Uganda Limited has always worked closely with its stakeholders along the way as it continues to consistently and coherently improve the performance of its management and operations while enhancing the core competiveness, promoting sustainable development, creating value for its shareholders to ensure a harmonious evolution between the company and Society, between human beings and natures. Ladies and gentlemen, in a bid to implement its Win Win Philosophy with its stakeholders, from the very inception of CNOOC Uganda Limiteds operations in Uganda, a lot has been done in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility and these include: awarding the best performing pupils and students in Primary Leaving Examinations, Senior four and senior six examinations, support to the CNOOC Bunyoro Amasaza football Tournament, training students in Hoima in skills acquisition like carpentry, metal fabrications, donating aid in form of assorted medicine to Ntoroko District when cholera broke out, support to Buhuka Primary school with foodstuffs and scholastic materials. CNOOC Uganda limited will devote itself to the development of KF oil field, with the support of its stakeholders. As a responsible Company, CNOOC Uganda Limited is committed to a sustainable, environment friendly and efficient development of KF oil field. CNOOC Uganda Limited and its staff are happy to join hands with our stakeholders, cooperate closely with each other, and try to contribute to the development of oil and gas industry in Uganda.