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Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance Gretta J. Haberman HSM 260 October 11, 2013 Meisha Waller

Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance Three funding options that may be beneficial to the XYZ Corporation are Community Facilities Loans and Grants @ e7419f1da89d83c2. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services_Projects of Regional and National Significance @ 58a858a3dcd10ee1e Social Services and Income Maintenance Benefit Enrollment Coordination Grants @ 297c2ece0ed65c329 (, 2013).

XYZ Corporation provides psychiatric counseling services to low-income residents in the state of Texas. They currently receive state assistance and plan to open a satellite office (Appendix A, 2001). Objectives: This program was reauthorized by the Childrens Health Action of 2000, Public Law 106-310, which shows they reauthorized the program because of the high needs of clients. SAMHSA addresses priority substance abuse treatment, prevention and mental health needs of regional and national significance through assistance grants and cooperative agreements to states, Indian tribes, tribal organizations, and non-profit agencies. Their main objective is to expand the availability of effective substance abuse treatment and recovery services available to improve

the lives of individuals, families, and the communities surrounding them. The grant agreements are as follows: Knowledge and development and application projects for treatment and rehabilitation and the conduct or support of evaluations of such projects; (2) training and technical assistance; (3) targeted capacity response programs; (4) systems change grants including statewide family network grants and client oriented and consumer run self-help activities and (5) programs to foster health and development of children; (6) coordination and integration of primary care services into publicly-funded community mental health centers and other community-based behavioral health settings funder under the Affordable Care Act (, 2013).

Eligibility Requirements are: Public organizations, such as units of state and local governments and to domestic private nonprofit organizations such as community-based organizations, universities, colleges, and hospitals. Applicants must provide proof of licensure, accreditation, certification, or chartering to provide substance abuse and/or mental health services for a particular topical area (, 2013). Type of assistance: Project Grants (Discretionary)

Dollar range: $17,692 to $7,099,783 Average amount of assistance awarded: $417,410 The only disadvantage is that they provide no appeals or renewals (, 2013). How program is utilized:

Assuming that many of the clients are of Hispanic and American Indian decent and assuming most are low-income, this program seems the best fit. Many may not have insurance of any kind, and this program is to assist them in receiving the help they may need. Many tribal organizations have individuals who because of their living situations, may turn to substance abuse. This program addresses this as a priority. The program also provides training and technical assistance, which can help the corporation provide training and technical assistance to new therapists that will be operating the new satellite office. Last, but not unimportant, is that they insist that the organization put the health and development of children living in poverty in the forefront.

References Appendix A, 2001