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1. Inspected all surfaces of hands, feet, and nails. 2. Assessed circulatory status of toes, feet, and fingers. 3. Observed patients gait and determined relationship to local foot or nail problems. 4. Assessed female patients use of nail polish or polish removal. 5. Assessed type of footwear worn by patient. 6. Identified patients risk for foot or nail problems. 7. Assessed patients use of home remedies for foot problems. 8. Assessed patients ability to perform foot and nail care. 9. Assessed patients knowledge of foot and nail care practices.

1. Developed appropriate nursing diagnoses based on assessment data.


1. Identified expected outcomes. 2. Explained procedure to patient. 3. Obtained physicians order to cut nails, if required by agency policy.

1. Performed hand hygiene and arranged supplies on over-bed table. 2. Closed room door or curtain for privacy. 3. Assisted patient to chair (when possible); placed bath mat under patients feet. 4. Prepared washbasin with water; tested water temperature. 5. Placed washbasin on bath mat on floor and helped patient place feet in basin; put call light within reach, unless contraindicated.
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S 6. Adjusted over-bed table to low position and placed it over patients lap. 7. Filled emesis basin with water and tested temperature; placed emesis basin on over-bed table. 8. Instructed patient to position fingertips in basin, with arms in comfortable position, unless contraindicated. 9. Instructed patient to soak hands and feet (unless contraindicated) for 10 minutes. 10. Cleaned debris from under fingernails while fingers were immersed; removed emesis basin and dried fingers thoroughly. 11. Filed fingernails straight across and even with top of fingers. See agency policy. 12. Used soft cuticle brush to clean around cuticles and push back overgrowth. 13. Moved over-bed table away from patient. 14. Applied gloves before giving foot care; scrubbed calluses of feet with washcloth. 15. Cleaned, filed, and trimmed toenails. 16. Applied lotion to feet and hands and assisted patient back to bed and into comfortable position. 17. Properly disposed of gloves and soiled linen, cleaned and returned equipment and supplies to proper place, performed hand hygiene.



1. Inspected nails and skin surfaces after soaking. 2. Asked patient to explain or demonstrate nail care. 3. Assessed patients walk after nail care. 4. Identified unexpected outcomes.

1. Recorded procedure and observations related to condition of nails and feet. 2. Reported to nurse in charge or physician the presence of foot ulcers or other breaks.

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