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EDQUILAG, Eulysses Neil Patrick B.


07/26/2012 Marriage and Family Reflection # 1

Never Too Late To Repent and Ask for Forgiveness"

Upon reading through the Life Today, July issue, what struck me the most was the article written by Vicente G. Cajilig OP. The article revolved around the question:Is there a deadline for repentance? Focusing on Matthew 21 of the Bible, Cahilig centered his discussion on the possibility of sinners prostitutes, tax collectors, outcasts of the Jewish society - can make their way into the kingdom of God because they can repent. In simpler terms, he gave emphasis to the utmost importance of a persons willingness to sincerely repent regardless of his or her status in the community. Furthermore, Cahilig pointed out that God, as seen in the experiences of Moses, David, and Peter, is forgiving and loving of his children. It is never too late to ask for Gods forgiveness. More importantly, repentance can happen at any time so as long as ones intentions are aligned to Gods intentions.

This article has enlightened me on the nature of the Sacrament of Reconciliation as a process. The Sacrament of Reconciliation does not end in the confessional box in the chapel because the act of repentance itself must be done in ones daily life. Furthermore, it is important that the person seeking for Gods forgiveness to avoid from sinning more in the future and to be penitent. Any person can ask for Gods forgiveness given the proper motivation and the right reasons (e.g. make peace to others for ones mistakes). Finally, it is never too

late to ask for Gods forgiveness given one is willing to repent and fol low His ways.

I have experienced forgiveness in my family after a heated argument that my mother and I had on a Saturday afternoon last year. My brother and I were unwilling to accompany her to Cavite because we were very busy with our academic requirements. Before she left, we ended up having a shouting match. I regretted my action since I rarely burst out in anger. As a gesture that I wanted that I truly desired to amend my action, my family decided to attend Mass early the following Sunday. This was important for us since we had not been attending Mass regularly because of our conflicting schedules. I apologized to her during the giving the sign of peace during the Mass.

It was only recently that I have experienced a kind of healing from my family. I have just recently made peace with me on the issue of my father and his sno-nonsense attitude, sharp tongue, and irritability when raising my brother and me. Though not the most emotionally, romantic, and showy person, he raised us to be self-reliant and strong in the face of adversity. This can be supported when he stopped being an alcoholic when my Mom worked abroad. From then on, my feelings of resentment against him have been slowly vanishing. I realized harboring unnecessary grudges and hatred can only mean destruction.