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Vivek Vattipalli | CH06B062

Indian Institute of Technology Madras

C-302, Plot-49/3, Sec19A, Nerul, NaviMumbai-400706 (+91)9884032820

EDUCATION Program Dual degree, Chemical Engineering Minor: Industrial Engineering XII (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics & Biology) X (Science, Mathematics, English) RESEARCH INTERESTS Systems Biology & Applied Metabolic Engineering; Heterogeneous Catalysis; Process Design PROJECTS UNDERTAKEN - Optimization of cyclic lipopeptide production by Bacillus subtilis (Feb 2010 - Present) Guides: Prof. Sridharakumar Narasimhan (Chemical Engineering); Prof. Mukesh Doble (Biotechnology) Design and conduct experiments to gain insight into surfactin (a biosurfactant with widespread industrial applications) biosynthesis. Model the kinetics of surfactin production as an optimal control problem, identify resource bottlenecks, and assess the sensitivities of the system to any perturbations. Final objective: To achieve the maximum possible production in a fed-batch bioreactor. Work done: Conducting a fractional factorial design of experiments for surfactin with 8 factors; simultaneously proposed a structured kinetic model for surfactin biosynthesis and conducted identifiability analysis for the model.
(May 2009 Jun 2009) - Physiology Based Pharmacokinetic Modeling of Nasal Drug Delivery Guides: Dr. Chetan Gadgil (NCL, Pune); Dr. Valeriu Damian Iordache (GlaxoSmith Kline). Summer Internship project at National Chemical Laboratory, Pune for Glaxo SmithKline Plc, PA, USA. Reviewed published literature on Nasal Drug Delivery in rats, rabbits, guinea pigs, dogs and humans. Modeled nasal drug uptake using Mathematica 7.0. to determine the levels of drug in different tissues versus time. Expanded the model to predict the response of one animal (to a drug) from data about another. Validated the model and generalized it for different types of nasal drugs viz. drops, sprays and gels.

Institution Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai Apeejay School, Nerul, Navi Mumbai (CBSE) Apeejay School, Nerul, Navi Mumbai (CBSE)

%/CGPA 8.17/10 89.00 93.80

Rank 3/15 3/50 6/150

Year 2011 2006 2004

- Review Operations and Prepare SOPs for new plant manufacturing textile additives (May 2008 Jun 2008) Guides: Mr. Krishan Sharma (Process Engineer); Mr. Sunil Gulati (Plant Manager). Summer Internship project at Croda Chemicals (India) Pvt. Ltd., Navi Mumbai. Proposed changes to the manufacturing process, some of which have been implemented. Achieved reduction in batch cycle time to the tune of 20%. Prepared SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) for the modified process, adapted for the new reactor.
(Oct 2009 Nov 2009) - Pilot trials of heterogeneous catalysis reactor (Course Project) Course coordinators: Prof. Ramnarayanan R & Prof. Preeti Aghalayam (Chemical Engineering) Conducted the first trials of a newly procured industrial-scale heterogeneous catalysis pilot reactor. Synthesized porous alumina based catalyst by impregnation, performed gas-phase reaction in fixed bed reactor, and analyzed product using gas chromatography.

TEST SCORES GRE General Test 1300/1600 (Q 800, V 500, AWA 3.5/6) TOEFL 109/120 (Reading 29, Listening 29, Speaking 23, Writing 28)

POSITIONS OF RESPONSIBILITY 1. Teaching Assistant, Chemical Reaction Engineering Lab (Aug 2010 Nov 2010) Ran a fully instrumented, high temperature heterogeneous catalysis reactor (for a batch of 59 undergraduate students) for the aromatization reaction of methyl cyclohexane in a fixed bed of Ni/Al2O3 catalyst pellets. o Interfaced extensively with the manufacturer for troubleshooting and smooth operaton of reactor. o Developed a detailed lab manual for the heterogeneous catalysis experiment for undergraduate instruction. Assisted in evaluation of student reports and presentations. 2. Core Group Member Guidance & Counseling, Chemical Engineering Society (ChES) (Aug 2010 Present) Sophisticated simulation and math modeling workshop series o Organized workshop on Matlab, attended by over 60 students. o Further workshops on Aspen & Fluent scheduled. Delivered talk on management of projects and internships for the 2nd year batch of students. Involved students in the revamp of existing undergraduate instruction laboratories. 3. Advisor, Chemical Engineering Society (ChES), IIT Madras (Aug 2009 Apr 2010) Managed a team of 30 members, for organizing ChemClave 2010 The annual technical festival of the Chemical Engineering Department, IIT Madras. Improvements/New initiatives: o Improved planning and publicity efforts led to increased participation by students as well as sponsors. o Started Spirit of Chemical Engineering an avenue for students to start projects of their interest.
(Jun 2005 May 2006) 4. Head Boy, Apeejay School Nerul, Navi Mumbai Responsible for generating interest and participation by students in various inter-school championships Lead the school contingent for an International Student Exchange Program at Pasir Ris Secondary School, Singapore. Started an e-Pal club, where students made online pen friends from school students all around the world. Conducted new events Famous personalities of the World and Know your Neighbours.

SKILLS Familiar with operating instruments like GC, HPLC, UV-Vis Spectroscopy & SEM. Experience with assembly and operation of a high temperature catalytic fixed bed reactor. Knowledge of C/C++, FORTRAN, Matlab, Mathematica, R, Gretl Basic knowledge of German language (completed two courses, offered by the Humanities Department, IIT Madras)

SCHOLASTIC ACHIEVEMENTS Lead the school contingent of 17 members for an International Student Exchange Program (sponsored by the British Council) at Pasir Ris Secondary School, Singapore. Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) 2010 All India Rank 27 National Standard Examination in Chemistry 2006 Among top 1% in Maharashtra. National Science Talent Search Examination 2002 All India Rank 60. National Cyber Olympiad 2001 Awarded Silver Merit Certificate OTHER ACTIVITIES Finalist (one of eight), The Ultimate Engineer, Shaastra 08 o Flagship event at Shaastra 08, with participation from over 120 colleges all over India. Third Prize, Clairvoyance, ChemClave 2009. o Business management event at ChemClave 2009. Columnist for The Dissemination Column Chemical Engineering Departments student newsletter. Ran a Half Marathon at the GiveLife Chennai Half Marathon 2010.