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Tender document for supply of CR System

Enquiry No: KT2/ CR System/ KOT Dated 05.10.2013 Closing date: 21.10.2013 Sub: Enquiry for Supply of CR System
1- Quotations are invited for Supply of the CR System. The generic technical specifications of equipments are enclosed at Annexure-1. 2- The bids are invited in a 02 bid system i.e: Technical bid & Price bid. Signing, Sealing and marking: - Bid must be signed by authorized signatory of bidder on each page with company stamp. - Bid must be sealed in 3 envelopes as below:ENVELOPE 1: TECHNICAL BID (in a sealed cover) ENVELOPE 2: PRICE BID (in a separate sealed cover) Both the ENVELOPE 1 & 2 must be put in a separate ENVELOPE-3 under company seal. Envelope-3 should carry following details:- Tender number with due date: - Subject: - Addressed to: Sr. DGM (MM & ES) Bharat Electronics Limited, Kotdwara 246149 Uttarakhand Tender should be addressed & submitted, through courier/speed post/by hand/in person in sealed covers at the above address. 3- Technical Bid: Techno commercial bid should consist of following:a) b) c) d) Clause by Clause compliance statement of (Annex-1; Generic Technical Specifications) Clause by Clause compliance statement of (Annex-2; Standard terms & conditions) Compliance statement to (Annex-3; Scope of work). Compliance statement to (Annex-4; price bid format):In technical bid only un-priced format of bidders price bid is to be enclosed. There should not be any mention of prices in technical bid. Prices are only to be given in price bid. This will help in understanding, what equipments/ accessories/ options bidder is offering, before opening of price bid. e) Technical Literature of equipment being offered.

4- Price Bid: Price bid should be as per format Annex-4. Bidders are required to prepare price as per this format only. The price offered should be given preferably both in words and figures. Wherever, there is doubt then quote in figure will be considered. Price to be quoted in INR on FOR Destination basis with 2 years warranty inclusive.


Tender document for supply of CR System

5- First technical bid will be opened. Price bid will be opened only for the technically qualified bidders after technical evaluation of technical bid. 6- Supplier shall quote taxes & duties clearly. The prices must be firm till delivery and the price offer must remain valid for 90 days from date of price bid opening. 7- Supplier is requested to submit their offer complete in all respects mentioning all terms and conditions along with all technical documents containing technical specification/features, failing which offer may not be considered and no further clarification on technical commercial aspects will be entertained. 8. Quotations, erased and over written, will be summarily rejected unless corrections are authenticated with the supplier signature. 9. Suppliers are requested to quote their minimum price and may note that there would be no negotiation except with the lowest (L1) bidder, if necessary. BEL has right to place order on technically-commercially qualified L1 bidder. 10. BEL Kotdwara is ISO 14001:2004 & AS 9100C certified unit and Supplier should ensure to comply the requirement as per these standards, during supply, commissioning & warranty & AMC period. 11. BHARAT ELECTRONICS LTD. KOTDWARA reserves the right to reject or accepts or withdraws the tender in full or part as the case may be without assigning reason thereof. 12. Supplier shall not quote equipments of Chinese origin. Equipments/machines of Chinese origin will not be accepted.

Enclosures: Annexure-1: Generic Technical Specifications Annexure-2: Standard Terms & conditions Annexure-3: Scope of work Annexure-4: Price bid format