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1here': two que:t|on: thot |'ue often wondered obout ond my mother brouqht
u o|:o th|: o:t weeh, ond you con :ee |t |n the deoth of o Chr|:t|on, but there': two
oreo:, ond f|r:t of o||, whot do eo|e do thot don't hnow the Lord! Con you |moq|ne
the feor thot mu:t come ouer eo|e, the que:t|on: when they wonder whot
hoened. 1he |b|e doe:n't :oy we're not :uo:ed to qr|eue, but |t :oy: ouer |n F|r:t
1he::o|on|on:, choter 4, we're not to qr|eue o: the wor|d qr|eue:, becou:e the wor|d
ho: no hoe. Vou :ee, |n o be||euer, you con qr|eue, but ot the :ome t|me, you houe o
tremendou: joy |n:|de thot we hnow we're qo|nq to :ee eoch other. | be||eue the
roture |: uery :oon, :o |t won't be uery |onq before | :ee my dod, but o|:o before | :ee
the Lord le:u: Chr|:t.
And the next que:t|on, thouqh, |: not ju:t on|y whot doe: o er:on do thot
doe:n't hnow the Lord! ut whot doe: o Chr|:t|on do thot |:n't ded|coted to o church!
1here ho: been :uch tremendou: :uort from the c|o:: here, the Amoz|nq Crocer:,
thot they houe :urrounded my mother w|th ju:t food. | meon, :he ho: :o much food, |
don't th|nh :he cou|d eot |t o||, ond :o mony f|ower: ond :o mony hone co||: ond :o
much |oue ond ju:t, oqo|n the core thot come:, but thot': becou:e the |mortonce of
hou|nq the ody of Chr|:t oround you.
| :ee eo|e :o often throuqh the yeor: thot oren't ded|coted to o church. 1hey
ju:t qo from church to church to church. 1hey neuer reo||y :ett|e down. 1hey ju:t h|nd of
:h|m the creom off the to of o|| the churche: they f|nd, neuer reo||y :ett|e |n, neuer
reo||y comm|t them:e|ue:, neuer become o ort of o church, ond then they com|o|n
wheneuer :ome troqedy hoen:, why churche: won't :tond w|th them.
ut oqo|n, |n the uery beq|nn|nq, o: you're ded|coted to o church, you f|nd out
the e::ence of whot F|r:t Cor|nth|on:, choter I2, |: to|h|nq obout ond thot |:, when one
member :uffer:, we o|| :uffer toqether. vhen one member rejo|ce:, we o|| rejo|ce
toqether. And th|: ho: been o weeh for :uffer|nq ond for rejo|c|nq ond for the uor|ety of
the emot|on: thot qo o|onq w|th |t, but oqo|n, ju:t to houe the ody of Chr|:t :o they're
:o |mortont ond eo|e be|nq |ed by the 5|r|t.
vord: thot come ocro::, eo|e ore |ed by the Ho|y 5|r|t, ond you con :ee the
|mortonce of the q|ft: of the Ho|y 5|r|t. 1hey're not ju:t for o church :eru|ce. 1he q|ft:
of the 5|r|t ore :uo:ed to oerote euery doy out of your ||fe, reoch|nq out to
unbe||euer:, reoch|nq out to the ody of Chr|:t, word: |n due :eo:on, ond oqo|n, we
thonh Cod for thot.
5o |n o|| of th|:, | thonh you, tho:e of you who houe :tood w|th u: ond royed
w|th u:. 1honh you for your |oue, but mo:t of o|| | ju:t thonh Cod for the ody of Chr|:t
ond the :uort thot we houe fe|t from o|| of tho:e member: of the ody of Chr|:t -
not on|y ju:t here ot Croce Fe||ow:h|. ve'ue hod co||: from ocro:: the country ond
oround the wor|d, :o oqo|n we thonh you for thot.
Motthew, choter s, | wont to beq|n todoy |n uer:e s. |t :oy:, And when le:u:
wo: entered |nto Coernoum, there come unto h|m o centur|on, be:eech|nq h|m,
And :oy|nq, Lord, my :eruont ||eth ot home :|ch of the o|:y, qr|euou:|y
And le:u: :o|d unto h|m, | w||| come ond heo| h|m.
1he centur|on on:wered ond :o|d, Lord, | om not worthy thot thou :hou|d
come under my roof: but :eoh the word on|y, ond my :eruont :ho|| be heo|ed.
For | om o mon under outhor|ty, hou|nq :o|d|er: under me: ond | :oy to th|:
mon, Co, ond he qoe:, to onother, Come, ond he come:, ond to my :eruont, Do th|:,
ond he doeth |t.
vhen le:u: heord |t, he morue||ed, ond :o|d to them thot fo||owed, Ver||y | :oy
unto you, | houe not found :o qreot fo|th, no, not |n |:roe|.
And | :oy unto you, 1hot mony :ho|| come from the eo:t ond we:t, ond :ho|| :|t
down w|th Abrohom, ond |:ooc, ond locob, |n the h|nqdom of heouen.
ut the ch||dren of the h|nqdom :ho|| be co:t out |nto outer dorhne::: there
:ho|| be wee|nq ond qno:h|nq of teeth.
And le:u: :o|d unto the centur|on, Co thy woy, ond o: thou ho:t be||eued, :o be
|t done unto thee....
ve'ue reod th|: :tory qu|te often, heord th|: :tory quoted qu|te often, of the
centur|on. | wont to o|:o reod th|: :ome :tory. |f you'|| turn w|th ouer to the booh of
Luhe, choter 1. Luhe, the 1
choter. | wont to reod Luhe': occount, ut the two
toqether, ond | wont to drow :ome comor|:on: th|: morn|nq, to|h|nq obout fo|th,
to|h|nq obout the :|m||c|ty of fo|th ond under:tond|nq fo|th.
Not|ce w|th me |n Luhe, choter 1, beq|nn|nq |n uer:e I:
Now when he hod ended o|| h|: :oy|nq: |n the oud|ence of the eo|e, he
entered |nto Coernoum.
And o certo|n centur|on': :eruont, who wo: deor unto h|m, wo: :|ch, ond reody
to d|e.
And when he heord of le:u:, he :ent unto h|m the e|der: of the lew:, be:eech|nq
h|m thot he wou|d come ond heo| h|: :eruont.
And when they come to le:u:, they be:ouqht h|m |n:tont|y, :oy|nq, 1hot he wo:
worthy for whom he :hou|d do th|::
For he |oue: our not|on, ond he ho: bu||t u: o :ynoqoque.
1hen le:u: went w|th them. And when he wo: now not for from the hou:e, the
centur|on :ent fr|end: to h|m, :oy|nq unto h|m, Lord, troub|e not thy:e|f: for | om not
worthy thot thou :hou|de:t enter under my roof:
vherefore ne|ther thouqht | my:e|f worthy to come unto thee: but :oy |n o
word, ond my :eruont :ho|| be heo|ed.
For | om o mon :et under outhor|ty...for | o|:o om o mon :et under outhor|ty,
hou|nq under me :o|d|er:, ond | :oy unto one, Co, ond he qoe:, to onother, Come, ond
he come:, ond to my :eruont, Do th|:, ond he doeth |t.
vhen le:u: heord the:e th|nq:, he morue||ed ot h|m, ond turned obout ond
:o|d unto the eo|e thot fo||owed, | :oy unto you, | houe not found :o qreot fo|th, no,
not |n |:roe|.
And they thot were :ent, return|nq to the hou:e, found the :eruont who|e thot
hod been :|ch.
1h|: |: one of tho:e :tor|e: thot often :cho|or: :oy, ve||, the |b|e, you hnow,
octuo||y controd|ct: |t:e|f. For the:e two :tor|e: ore :eoh|nq obout the :ome euent,
ond we found |n Motthew': Co:e|, |t :o|d, 1he centur|on come to le:u:. Here we f|nd
|n th|: ono|oqy, the centur|on d|d not come to le:u:, but he :ent rere:entot|ue:.
1he f|r:t t|me he :ent the e|der: of the lew: out to meet le:u:, ond ju:t before
le:u: qot to the hou:e, we f|nd out he :ent :eruont: out to meet H|m ond to|d H|m He
d|dn't need to come under h|: roof. |n both co:e:, we f|nd thot le:u: re:onded to the
mon': fo|th ond :o|d, | houen't found :uch qreot fo|th, no, not |n |:roe|.
1he th|nq | wonted you to not|ce obout th|: ort|cu|or :tory th|: morn|nq wo:
th|:. 1he mon neuer ment|oned fo|th. 1he :tory neuer ment|oned obout the fo|th of th|:
mon. A|| thot': brouqht out |: th|: mon': under:tond|nq of :|m|e outhor|ty ond le:u:
re:onded thot the mon hod fo|th. Not|ce, |t d|dn't :oy, euen when the men were
to|h|nq to le:u:, |t d|dn't euen :oy thot when the e|der: of the lew: come, they d|dn't
:oy he': o mon of qreot fo|th. 1hey beqon to to|h obout how qood He wo:, ond then
|oter on le:u: d|:couered whot tye of fo|th the mon hod.
| wont to qo boch ond to|h obout th|: :tory for ju:t o moment. F|r:t of o||, oqo|n,
|t :eem|nq|y controd|ct:, but reo||y the outhor|ty |: whot we need to qo throuqh here,
ond we'|| f|nd out |t ex|o|n: the :tory.
1h|: mon uery we|| under:tood outhor|ty, ond when he to|d le:u:, he :o|d, | o|:o
om o mon, ond r|qht there |n Luhe, choter 1, wou|d you under||ne thot word o|:o!
|t': o hey word, becou:e th|: mon hod o|reody recoqn|zed the outhor|ty |n le:u:.
Under:tood the outhor|ty le:u: oeroted |n ond :o|d, | o|:o om o mon :et under
outhor|ty, hou|nq :o|d|er: under me, ond | qo ond :oy to one mon, Co, ond he qoe:, to
onother, Come, ond he come:.
ve||, thot ex|o|n: whot the mon hod o|reody done. 1h|: mon hod o|reody :ent out
rere:entot|ue: |n h|: nome. He :ent out the e|der: of the lew: f|r:t, ond they went ond
met le:u:, ond they beqon to ex|o|n to le:u: whot the :|tuot|on wo: ond why He
:hou|d come.
1hen le:u: orooche: the hou:e ond ju:t before He qet: there, then come:
:eruont: out to meet H|m, ond o|| th|: come: under the reo|m of outhor|ty. 1he mon :o
under:tood outhor|ty thot we're qo|nq to f|nd out thot when you :end :omebody out |n
your nome, |t': ju:t o: |f you qo your:e|f.
Vou :ee, there': mony here todoy |n th|: conqreqot|on who ore :o|e:men. Vou
worh for comon|e:, ond you qo out, you :|t ot o tob|e :omewhere. Vou to|h to on
|nd|u|duo|. |t moy be onother :o|e:mon or |t moy be :omeone who rere:ent: o
comony. Vou moy qo |nto :omeone': off|ce ond :|t w|th them, but you beq|n to :e||
them ond oqo|n, you often wo|h owoy :oy|nq, Looh, | :o|d them :ometh|nq. ve||, |n
e::ence you d|dn't. Vour comony :o|d |t to them. Vou were :ent out o: o
rere:entot|ue. Ne|ther d|d they buy |t from you. 1hey bouqht |t from the eo|e who
mode |t, the eo|e you rere:ent, ond :o oqo|n, you were :|m|y :ent out o: o
rere:entot|ue, but yet you tooh the cred|t for moh|nq the :o|e. | mode the :o|e. ve||,
reo||y oqo|n, you cou|dn't houe mode o :o|e |f :omebody d|dn't rou|de o roduct for
you to :e||. |f there wo:n't o bo:: beh|nd you, o bo:: beh|nd h|m, on owner beh|nd h|m,
ond then o|| the :tochho|der: who houe |nue:ted the co|to| |nto the comony. Aqo|n,
th|: th|nq qet: retty w|de:reod. Vou're not ju:t :eoh|nq for your:e|f. 1here': o who|e
ho:t of eo|e beh|nd you thot you :eoh for.
ve||, oqo|n, th|: mon :toyed ot home ond :ent out the e|der: of the lew:, the
e|der: of the lew: :ohe for h|m. |t': much ||he oqo|n, he wo: :eoh|nq throuqh them.
vhen they :ohe, he :ohe. vhen they :o|d :ometh|nq, |t wo: becou:e th|: mon hod
:o|d |t to them to :eoh.
Now, we're qo|nq to f|nd out they embe|||:h ju:t o ||tt|e b|t. A|| th|: wo: not to|d
them to be to|d, but oqo|n, they beqon to te|| le:u: :ome th|nq: obout th|: mon ond
they were try|nq to ortroy o d|fferent tye of centur|on thon we're u:ed to.
Let': to|h for ju:t o moment obout whot they :o|d. F|r:t of o|| oqo|n, th|: |: not o
:tory obout o :eruont who |: heo|ed. 1h|: |: o :tory obout o mon who be:eeched le:u:
for h|: :eruont. |n e::ence, we don't houe o :tory here obout the centur|on be|nq heo|ed.
ve houe o :tory here obout on |nterce::or. Vou :ee, the mon wo: on |nterce::or. 1he
mon :ohe on beho|f of h|: :eruont, ond he |n e::ence d|dn't :eoh. He :ent |nterce::or:
|n h|: nome, ond they :ohe for h|m. A|| th|: wo: :o the centur|on cou|d be heo|ed. ut
oqo|n, |t wo:n't euen ment|oned, the centur|on thot wo: heo|ed hod fo|th, or the
:eruont thot wo: heo|ed hod fo|th. 1he centur|on hod the fo|th ond :tood |n the qo for
th|: mon.
Now, we hnow f|r:t of o||, the mon wonted to be heo|ed. Vou con't :tond |n the
qo for :omebody who doe:n't wont :ometh|nq, but when o er:on de:|re: :ometh|nq,
but moybe doe:n't houe the fo|th for |t, doe:n't hnow, under:tond the 5cr|ture: for |t,
then my |b|e te||: me thot we con roy for :omeone e|:e. ve con :ee the|r on:wer:
met, ond :o oqo|n, th|: mon wonted heo||nq. He wo: o :eruont c|o:e to deoth ond
oqo|n, he wonted to be heo|ed. D|dn't hnow how to be heo|ed ond thot': when the
centur|on :ent for le:u: to come.
5o oqo|n, |t': the :tory of on |nterce::or, o mon who wo: :ent, rere:ent|nq
:omeone e|:e.
1h|: mon ||ued out:|de of Coernoum. |t wo: o|mo:t o doy': journey to qet
there. 1he mon robob|y wor:h|ed |n Coernoum, rode |nto Coernoum, but we
houe o|mo:t o doy': tr| out there. | con |moq|ne be|nq one of the d|:c||e: be|nq
oround le:u:, heor|nq obout the centur|on. 1hey're robob|y te|||nq le:u: where th|:
mon ||ue: ond then they :oy, v||| Vou come ond heo| h|m! And le:u: :o|d, |'|| come.
|'|| come. |n foct, the Creeh :oy:, | My:e|f w||| come. And now the d|:c||e: hnew they
hod to qo w|th le:u:, |t': robob|y qu|te o d|:tonce off. |t': o doy': wo|h ouer there,
obout o doy': wo|h boch, or ot |eo:t three-quorter: of o doy to qet there, :o thot': o
retty qood d|:tonce out of the|r woy ond le:u: :o|d He wou|d come ond heo| the mon.
And | wont you to not|ce oqo|n, he ||ued out:|de of Coernoum.
A centur|on |: o Romon. 1he word centur|on :|m|y meon:, He wo: ouer IOO
:o|d|er:. Now, by th|: t|me he m|qht houe qo|ned more outhor|ty thon thot, ond
u:uo||y, often o t|t|e :t|ch:. vheneuer he qo|ned h|: f|r:t t|t|e of centur|on, he m|qht
houe r|:en oboue thot, becou:e th|: mon wo: oorent|y o mon of meon:. Hod mony
:eruont: worh|nq under h|m. And | wont you to under:tond, when |t :oy: th|: mon hod
o certo|n :eruont, tho:e were :|oue:. Rome wo: one of the qreote:t :|oue not|on: of the
wor|d, own :|oue:, hod :|oue:, :o |n:teod, th|: mon wo: o :eruont. | wont you to
under:tond, he wo:n't ju:t o but|er. He wo:n't o|d. 1h|: mon d|dn't qet ony money ot
o||. 1h|: mon wo: o :|oue |n the home. He wo: o :eruont |n the home.
And oqo|n, he hod mony :eruont:. ut we f|nd :ometh|nq un|que obout th|:
ort|cu|or centur|on, ond we f|nd |t |n the woy thot the lew: orooched le:u: to te||
H|m obout th|: mon.
F|r:t of o||, we f|nd out :ometh|nq here. 1hey :o|d thot th|: mon |oue: our not|on.
ve||, thot |: not the normo| Romon. 1hot |: not the normo| centur|on. Romon: d|d not
||he |:roe|. |n foct, the wor:t duty you cou|d qet wo: to be :ent to |:roe|. |:roe| wo: ort
of the Romon m|re, but |t wo: on|y tohen ouer becou:e of o|| the rebe|||on thot went
on there, the hotred of the lew: toword the Romon:, ond :o oqo|n, for o Romon to |oue
the not|on of |:roe|, th|: wo: :ometh|nq d|fferent.
5o the lew: come :eoh|nq to le:u:, ond not|ce whot they :o|d f|r:t of o||, For
he |oue: our not|on. Next of o||, |t :oy:, He ho: bu||t u: o :ynoqoque. He u:ed h|: own
money. 1he :ynoqoque we wor:h| |n here |n Coernoum, |t wo: bu||t by th|: mon. 1h|:
mon tooh h|: own money ond bu||t th|: for u:, :o we f|nd out th|: mon wo: o ro:e|yte
to ludo|:m ond he not on|y |oued the not|on, he |oued the eo|e ond he |oued the
re||q|on. He |oued the vord of Cod. vhether the mon |: :oued, robob|y he |:, becou:e
of h|: fo|th thot': ment|oned here. 5omehow he ho: found the Lord o: h|: 5ou|or, ond |n
the m|d:t of o|| th|:, he ho: qone boch, :tud|ed the vord of Cod, ond le:u: oqo|n |:
be|nq to|d obout th|: mon.
F|r:t of o|| oqo|n, he |oue: the not|on. Next of o||, he ho: bu||t the :ynoqoque
there. And not|ce the next th|nq thot |t :o|d. 1hot there wo: o :eruont who wo: deor to
h|m. 1h|: |: :tronqe. ve houe o Romon thot |oue: h|: :eruont! A Romon thot |oue: h|:
:|oue! vhy, |n the Romon m|re, there were :o mony of them, often they ju:t h|||ed
them ofter o wh||e. After there wo: :o mony :|oue: |n the Romon m|re thot
euentuo||y the :|oue: for outnumbered the Romon:. 1h|: |: oqo|n one of the reo:on:
why the Romon m|re fe||, |: thot o|| the bu:|ne::, eueryth|nq wo: be|nq tohen core of
by the :eruont:. 1he :eruont: ron the bu:|ne::e:. 1he :eruont: ron the bonh:. 1hey d|d
eueryth|nq there ond the Romon: bo:|co||y ju:t tooh off o|| the t|me ond ju:t enjoyed
them:e|ue: unt|| one doy there wo: on |n:urrect|on ond o qreot :|oue ur|:|nq.
ut we f|nd here oqo|n, the Romon: d|d not enjoy the|r :|oue:, d|d not ||he the|r
:|oue:. 1hey :|m|y u:ed them.
1here': :ome wr|t|nq: of the onc|ent Romon: thot te|| u: the mento||ty of the
Romon: were, |: thot :|oue: were ju:t humon too|:. 1hot': o|| they were. A|| they :ow
them o: wo: ju:t :ome too|, ond when the too| weor: out, you throw |t owoy, you qo
qet onother too|, ond thot': how they treoted the|r :|oue:.
For th|: mon to houe one of h|: :eruont: thot wo: deor to h|m, we f|nd out
:ometh|nq here. He cro::ed o certo|n ||ne thot mo:t Romon: wou|d not cro::, ond thot
|:, he hod one of h|: :eruont:. |n foct, not mony of them thot he fe||ow:h|ed w|th,
hnew h|m er:ono||y, ond therefore, when he wo: :|ch he hod como::|on on h|m.
Next of o||, we f|nd out when he heord of le:u:, he wonted th|: :eruont heo|ed
:o bod thot when he heord obout le:u:, he :ent o qrou to f|nd H|m ond br|nq H|m
becou:e th|: mon wo: un|que. 1h|: mon not on|y wo: |n the :ome :ynoqoque, th|: mon
wo: not on|y ort of the :ome re||q|on, but th|: mon octuo||y cou|d do the worh: thot
were reod obout |n the O|d 1e:toment. For the O|d 1e:toment |: not ju:t |ow:. |n foct, |f
you :to r|qht now ond th|nh obout the O|d 1e:toment, whot u:uo||y come: to your
m|nd |: not the 1en Commondment:. vhot come: to your m|nd |: creot|on. vhot
come: to your m|nd |: the ort|nq of the Red 5eo. vhot come: to your m|nd |: qo|nq
ocro:: the lordon R|uer. vhot come: to your m|nd |: ler|cho fo|||nq. vheneuer you th|nh
obout the O|d 1e:toment, you th|nh of the:e m|roc|e: thot r|:e u |n front of you. Vou
th|nh obout Dou|d :|oy|nq Co||oth. Vou th|nh obout oqo|n o|| the:e th|nq: thot
hoened |n the O|d 1e:toment, ond here': o mon thot robob|y wo: :tudy|nq the O|d
1e:toment, reod|nq obout |t, wou|d qo to the :ynoqoque. 1hey wou|d reod |t, but he
neuer :ow ony of tho:e th|nq: hoen. And o|| of o :udden, here come: o mon one doy
thot': do|nq the :ome worh: thot they hod boch there.
Leer: ore be|nq heo|ed. Deod ore be|nq ro|:ed u. ve houe eo|e thot ore
deof ond the|r heor|nq |: be|nq re:tored. 1he|r eye:|qht |: be|nq re:tored, ond :udden|y
fo|th r|:e: u |n th|: mon thot h|: :eruont cou|d be heo|ed. 5o th|: t|me he :end: out to
le:u: ond he :end: tho:e men to come.
Aqo|n, | wont you to not|ce the th|nq: they houe :o|d obout h|m. F|r:t of o||, he
|oue: our not|on. He ho: bu||t u: our :ynoqoque ond o|d for |t. Next of o||, he ho: fond
offect|on for one of h|: :eruont:. And next of o||, le:u:, he': heord obout Vou, ond not|ce
whot they :o|d: 1h|: mon |: worthy thot you :hou|d come ond heo| h|m. How mony of
you hnow, none of u: ore worthy thot le:u: :hou|d do onyth|nq for u:!
Let me te|| you :ometh|nq. le:u:, when He :o|d, | w||| come, the Creeh octuo||y
:oy:, | w||| come My:e|f. vhot le:u: wo: :oy|nq |:, | don't core whot th|: mon': done.
|'m not com|nq for h|m. |'m com|nq for Me. |'m com|nq becou:e there': o need re:ent.
Vou con butter H|m u o|| you wont to, but th|: mon cou|d be on out ond out :|nner,
ut when he reque:t: heo||nq, |'|| be there to m|n|:ter to h|m.
Aren't you q|od, we cou|d reod th|: :tory o|mo:t when le:u: :o|d, |'|| qo, we
cou|d o|mo:t reod |n there, 1h|: mon wo: ju:t :o wonderfu|. Hod :ent :o much
money, |oued h|: :|oue:, you hnow, |oued the not|on thot thot': why le:u: went. ve
cou|d o|mo:t qet |nt|m|doted by thot :tory, becou:e mony of u: don't euen motch u
to whot th|: centur|on wo:. And |t': qood to hnow le:u: d|dn't come becou:e of o|| thot.
le:u: come becou:e there wo: o need re:ent ond He went to meet the need. 1h|: |:
why He went.
5o when He qot there, here': the other th|nq. 1h|: |: where le:u: :udden|y f|nd:
out, | wont you to under:tond :ometh|nq. 1here wo: mony th|nq: le:u: hnew, but there
wo: o|:o th|nq: le:u: d|dn't hnow. 5ome eo|e houe the |deo thot le:u: oeroted |n
the q|ft: twenty-four hour: o doy, o|woy: wo: oerot|nq |n word of hnow|edqe, o|woy:
oerot|nq |n word of w|:dom, o|woy: hod the heo||nq q|ft: re:ent, but th|: |:n't true.
le:u: wo: o humon be|nq, ono|nted by the Ho|y 5|r|t. 1herefore, the 5|r|t of
Cod worhed throuqh H|m ot ort|cu|or t|me:. Other t|me:, He d|dn't worh throuqh
H|m. 1here wo: t|me: when le:u: d|dn't hnow :|tuot|on:. 1here wo: o t|me when the
younq boy wo: thrown |nto the f|re ond |nto the woter, ond the demon wo: try|nq to
h||| h|m, ond le:u: o:hed, How |onq oqo d|d th|: come on h|m! Vou wou|d th|nh |f He
wo: oerot|nq |n word of hnow|edqe He wou|dn't houe to o:h how |onq oqo |t come
on h|m. He wou|d outomot|co||y hnow, but there wo: t|me: when le:u: euen cou|d
erce|ue :omeone': thouqht:. He hnew th|nq: oheod of t|me. He hod d|:cern|nq of
:|r|t:. He hnew when Nothonoe| wo: :|tt|nq under o tree. |n foct, He to|d Nothonoe|,
| :ow you :|tt|nq under o tree. | :ow you when you occeted Me. |n other word:, He
hod word of hnow|edqe oerot|nq ot thot t|me, but there wo: o|:o tho:e other t|me:
when le:u: d|dn't houe |t ond here He d|dn't.
|n other word:, they're try|nq to butter u le:u: to come ond :oy th|: mon |:
worthy, he |oue: our not|on, le:u:, he': o qood lew:, he :ent money, he ottend: o|| the
t|me. le:u:, th|: mon wou|d w|n ony h|nd of 5undoy :choo| r|bbon thot Vou wont to
nome, becou:e th|: quy |: :o qreot.
And le:u: :oy:, |'|| come, but |t': not becou:e of h|m. |'m qo|nq to come
becou:e o need |: re:ent ond |'m qo|nq to meet thot need out of qroce. And le:u: :t|||
d|dn't hnow much obout th|: mon. 1he 5|r|t ho:n't reueo|ed onyth|nq. ut when le:u:
qet: c|o:e to the hou:e, :udden|y :eruont: come out ond we :ee o d|fferent ott|tude th|:
t|me. No more butter|nq u. ve f|nd the reo| ott|tude, ond we f|nd out reo||y whot
the:e men :o|d wo: not whot the centur|on to|d them to :oy, becou:e we f|nd the
centur|on |: o d|fferent tye of mon. 1h|: mon |: :o humb|e thot when he :ee: le:u:
com|nq, he te||: the :eruont:, Run out there ond te|| H|m to :eoh from there, becou:e
|'m not euen worthy thot He :hou|d enter under my roof.
Not|ce, we houe two hro:e:. He |: worthy. | om not worthy. He |: worthy.
| om not worthy.
vhot d|d the lew: :oy! He': worthy. He': worthy. 1hey were te|||nq the|r
thouqht: obout h|m. vhot wo: the mon': ott|tude! |'m not worthy of onyth|nq le:u:
wou|d do for me. le:u:, |'m :o q|od Vou come, but ||:ten, |f Vou'|| ju:t :to out there,
Vou don't need to come |nto my hou:e. 5eoh the word from there, ond my :eruont
w||| be heo|ed |n here, ond thot': when le:u: :o|d, 1h|: |: o qreot mon.
5udden|y, |t': no |onqer whot the mon ho: done. |t': the mon': fo|th. No |onqer |:
|t the mon ho: :ent money. |t': the mon': fo|th. No |onqer |: |t th|: mon |oue: our
not|on. |t': the mon': fo|th. No more |: |t he': bu||t o :ynoqoque. Creot mon, qood mon.
No. Any :|nner con ut money |nto o bu||d|nq. Any mon cou|d try to bu||d o: o
h||onthro|:t, bu||d u o nome for h|m:e|f. ut |t': not how much money you :end.
|t': not the qood deed: you houe done. |t': not how much you |oue your ne|qhbor
oround you thot qet: you |nto heouen or |nto qood qroce: w|th Cod. |t': your ott|tude
toword the Lord le:u: Chr|:t thot qet: you |nto d|u|ne fouor w|th Cod.
And now we houe th|: centur|on :end|nq forth the :eruont: ond the :eruont:
now :oy o: le:u: |: com|nq, they run to meet H|m. 1hey :o|d, 5|r, he ju:t to|d u: to come
ond te|| Vou, he': not worthy thot Vou :hou|d come under h|: roof, but he o|:o |: o mon
under outhor|ty, ju:t ||he Vou, ond ju:t ||he he': o mon under outhor|ty, he recoqn|ze:
Vour outhor|ty, ond 5|r, o|| he wont: Vou to do |: :eoh the word from here ond he
hnow: the :eruont w||| be heo|ed |n there.
And le:u: turn: to H|: d|:c||e: ond :oy:, 1h|: |: o qreot mon of fo|th. | wont
you to not|ce :ometh|nq oqo|n. Noth|nq ho: been :o|d obout the mon': fo|th. 1ho:e
who come out to meet le:u: d|dn't :oy he': bu||t o :ynoqoque ond ut money |nto |t,
|oue: our not|on, ond boy, whot o qreot mon of fo|th th|: |:. 1hey houen't ment|oned
|n foct, the :eruont: who come out d|dn't to|h obout h|: fo|th. 1hey ju:t to|h
obout th|: mon under:tond: outhor|ty, ond le:u: :o|d, Ah, qreot fo|th.
| wont you to :ee the connect|on th|: morn|nq. ve often to|h obout our fo|th,
try to worh u our fo|th, ond le:u: ju:t :|m|y :o|d, |f you under:tond outhor|ty, you
houe o qreot under:tond|nq of fo|th. For reo||y, fo|th reuo|ue: oround :|m|e
Let': to|h obout the word outhor|ty. |t': the word, Creeh word exou:|o.
Author|ty. |t': d|fferent from the word ower wh|ch |: the word dunom|:. 1he word
ower |: whot Cod creote:. |t': the ower thot come: from heouen, but exou:|o |:
thot de|eqot|on of ower throuqh u:. |t come: throuqh rere:entot|ue:. eh|nd euery
o||cemon |: the ower of the |oco| qouernment. eh|nd the ower of the |oco|
qouernment |: the ower of the :tote qouernment, the federo| qouernment. ve con qo
o|| the woy u, but ower mu:t be de|eqoted throuqh outhor|ty, ond oqo|n, outhor|ty
|: o wonderfu| th|nq.
Vou :ee, |f you're |n here todoy ond you're o o||cemon for the 1u|:o o||ce
Deortment, you don't houe to be, moybe you do, moybe there': certo|n requ|ot|on:
they houe to houe, but you hnow whot! Not euery o||cemon ho: the :ome :|ze
mu:c|e:, not euery o||cemon ho: the :ome :toture, not euery o||cemon oqo|n ho:
thot bu||d thot wou|d cou:e :omebody to be ofro|d. |t': not thot. |t': when you :tond
there |n front of them w|th thot un|form on, thot bodqe on you, |t doe:n't motter |f
you're s'2" ond we|qh IO ound:. |t reo||y doe:n't motter. A|| thot doe:n't motter ot
o||, becou:e the outhor|ty you corry te||: u: |t': not your ower you come |n. Vou come
|n the ower of o|| tho:e who :tond beh|nd you. |n other word:, when the lew: were
:ent out ond they :ohe, beh|nd them wo: the centur|on. eh|nd the centur|on wo: the
Romon qouernment, o|| the woy u to Coe:or h|m:e|f, ond :o th|: |: whot outhor|ty |:.
ut th|: mon under:tood outhor|ty ond hnew thot le:u: come |n o d|fferent
outhor|ty, but |t wo: :t||| outhor|ty. He hod humon outhor|ty. le:u: hod :|r|tuo|
outhor|ty. And we f|nd ouer ond ouer oqo|n thot le:u: :o|d, | d|dn't come to do My
worh:. | come to do the worh: of H|m thot :ent Me. | d|dn't come to :eoh My own
word:, | come to :eoh the word: of H|m thot :ent Me. 1he m|roc|e: thot | do, |t': not
Me, |t': H|m thot :ent Me. | houe come |n My Fother': nome.
And therefore He recoqn|zed thot, ond ju:t o: wheneuer you :eoh for your
comony, o|| tho:e beh|nd you :eoh. vheneuer :omeone :|qn: on the dotted ||ne,
they're not ju:t :|qn|nq there w|th you, but o|| tho:e who :tond beh|nd you thot you
rere:ent. 1hey :tond for your bo::. 1hey :tond for the comony. 1hey :tond for the
|nue:tor:. 1hey :tond for the roducer:. 1hey :tond for the monufocturer:. A|| tho:e
who :tond beh|nd you ore :eoh|nq o: you ore w|th them ot thot meet|nq. 1he :ome
th|nq |: true, ond th|: mon recoqn|ze: thot |n le:u:, ond he under:tond: thot here': the
He :o|d, | om o mon under outhor|ty, hou|nq :o|d|er: under me. 1h|: |: whot
outhor|ty |:. Author|ty neuer :|t: on to. Author|ty |: :ondw|ched :omewhere |n
between, ond he :o|d, | recoqn|ze Vou, le:u:, thot when Vou :eoh, there': :omeone
beh|nd Vou. Vou're not ot the to of the heo. 5omebody e|:e |: beh|nd Vou, ond |t': o||
of heouen. |t': o|| the onqe|:. |t': o|| the vord of Cod. |t': o|| the ower of Cod, but
mo|n|y |t |: Cod the Fother vho :tond: beh|nd Vou, ond le:u:, | recoqn|ze thot, becou:e
| oerote |n the :ome th|nq. 1herefore, le:u:, |t': not euen nece::ory thot Vou come |nto
my hou:e. |t': no more nece::ory thot Vou :ee me thon |t wo: nece::ory | :ee Vou. | :ent
out rere:entot|ue: ond Cod ho: :ent out o rere:entot|ue, ond when | :end out
rere:entot|ue:, they qet th|nq: done. | :oy, Co, they qo. Come, they come. | under:tond
whot |t': ||he to be under outhor|ty, for | houe tohen me::oqe: from tho:e oboue me. |
q|ue me::oqe: to tho:e be|ow me. lu:t ||he | houe to be obed|ent to the one: oboue me,
they houe to be obed|ent under me, ond thot': how we qet th|nq: done |n the Romon
m|re. ut le:u:, | recoqn|ze :ometh|nq here. Here |: o :|r|tuo| k|nqdom, onother
em|re, ond :omeone ho: :ohen to Vou ond Vou qet th|nq: done ond Vou :eoh ond
th|nq: qet done, ond le:u:, | recoqn|ze th|: |n Vou. 5|chne:: |: :ubject to Vou. Vou :eoh
ond :|chne:: ho: to obey, becou:e why! lu:t ||he | :eoh to my :eruont: ond they do
th|nq:, :|chne:: ho: become Vour :eruont. Vou :eoh to |t ond |t ho: to qo, |n the nome
of le:u:.
le:u: |oohed oround ond :o|d, vhoo, th|: |: qreot fo|th. Not|ce, fo|th ho:n't
been ment|oned u unt|| now. How often do we :tudy fo|th, |ooh ot fo|th, exom|ne
fo|th, ond le:u: :o|d, Under:tond outhor|ty, thot': qreot fo|th.
For thot': reo||y o|| thot fo|th |:. Fo|th recoqn|ze: who': oboue u:, ond fo|th
recoqn|ze: whot': be|ow u:, ond fo|th recoqn|ze: | :tond |n between. My ower come:
from Cod, but | houe outhor|ty ouer :|chne::, d|:eo:e, ond eueryth|nq oround me.
1hot': why le:u: oqo|n commended the mon ond :o|d here thot th|: mon hod qreot
fo|th. Commended h|m ond euen to|d H|: d|:c||e: the :ome th|nq.
| wont you to |ooh w|th me ot :ome uer:e: of 5cr|ture. 1urn w|th me to Luhe,
choter IO. Luhe, choter IO. Fom|||or uer:e of 5cr|ture, but the :ome th|nq: thot le:u:
oeroted |n. vh||e He wo: here, He beqon to q|ue to H|: d|:c||e:. Luhe, choter IO,
|ooh w|th me ot uer:e I1.
And the :euenty returned oqo|n w|th joy, :oy|nq, Lord, euen the deu||: ore
:ubject unto u: throuqh your nome.
1he|r f|r:t to:te of outhor|ty. le:u: :o|d, Co out |n My nome. |n foct, |n
Motthew, choter IO, where He f|r:t hod the d|:c||e: ond f|r:t jo|ned the d|:c||e: to
H|m:e|f, He :o|d, Vou'|| qo out ond do the:e th|nq: |n My nome. He o|:o qoue thot
:ome commond to u: |n the Creot Comm|::|on. He :o|d, Co out |n My nome. |n My
nome, you'|| |oy hond: on the :|ch ond they :ho|| recouer. |n My nome, you'|| co:t out
deu||:. And :o He :oy:, 1he :euenty returned oqo|n:t w|th joy, :oy|nq, Lord, euen the
deu||: ore :ubject unto u: throuqh thy nome.
And he :o|d unto them, | behe|d 5oton o: ||qhtn|nq fo|| from heouen.
He :o|d, Under:tond th|:, men. Vou ore deo||nq w|th o fo||en be|nq. 5oton ho:
fo||en. 1he on|y woy he con come oqo|n:t you, the on|y woy he con qet you |: throuqh
decet|on when he tr|e: to mohe you th|nh he': b|qqer thon he |:. ut le:u: :o|d, | wo:
there when he fe||. | :ow |t w|th My eye:. | wo: |n heouen when th|: who|e euent
hoened. He :o|d, | :ow h|m co:t o: ||qhtn|nq from the heouen. He fe|| to the eorth.
And He qoe: on to :oy |n uer:e I9, eho|d, | q|ue unto you ower to treod on
:erent: ond :cor|on:, ond ouer o|| the ower of the enemy....
1he f|r:t word for ower there |: the word exou:|o. eho|d, | q|ue unto you
outhor|ty to treod on :erent: ond :cor|on:, ond ouer o|| the ower [dunom|:] of the
enemy: ond noth|nq :ho|| by ony meon: hurt you.
|n other word:, the outhor|ty thot le:u: oeroted |n, the centur|on recoqn|zed
thot outhor|ty |n le:u:. Let me te|| you whot hoened ofter le:u: wo: qone. 1he
d|:c||e: hod the :ome outhor|ty ond euerywhere they went, tho:e eo|e recoqn|zed
they hod been w|th le:u:. |n other word:, whot le:u: hod, they hod.
vhen we qo out, eo|e :hou|d recoqn|ze the foct, not thot we houe the ower.
1hey :hou|d recoqn|ze, we houe been q|uen outhor|ty, ond thot': whot :hou|d be our
mo|n te:t|mony. |t': not me thot doe: the worh, |t': le:u:. eh|nd le:u: |: o|| of heouen,
|nc|ud|nq Cod the Fother. | houe :|m|y been :ent o: o rere:entot|ue. vhen | :eoh,
le:u: :eoh:. vhen le:u: :eoh:, Cod :eoh:. vhen le:u: wo: here He :o|d, vhen |
:eoh, Cod :eoh:. He wo: on|y here o: o rere:entot|ue of Cod. ut | don't core how
for down the cho|n of commond you qo, :|chne:: |: :t||| under you. Demon: ore :t|||
under you. 5o thot': why He :o|d oqo|n |n th|: uer:e of 5cr|ture, He :o|d, | q|ue unto
you outhor|ty to treod on :erent: ond :cor|on:, ond ouer o|| the worh: of the
1urn w|th me to lohn, the I2
choter. lohn, choter I2. Looh w|th me ot uer:e
44. lohn, choter I2, ond uer:e 44.
le:u: cr|ed ond :o|d, He thot be||eueth on me, be||eueth not on me, but on h|m
thot :ent me.
And he thot :ee: me :ee: h|m thot :ent me.
Looh ot uer:e 49. le:u: |: :|m|y te|||nq H|: d|:c||e:. Vou hnow, |f onyone
de:erue: o|| the q|ory, |t wou|d be le:u:, ond le:u: d|dn't m|nd rece|u|nq q|ory, but He
wou|d qu|ch|y q|ue |t boch to Cod the Fother. |t': o|| r|qht for u: to q|ue q|ory to le:u:.
He |: Cod. ut le:u:, wh||e He wo: here, wou|d qu|ch|y q|ue the q|ory to Cod ond
therefore He :oy: |n uer:e 49, For | houe not :ohen of my:e|f, but the Fother wh|ch
hoth :ent me, he qoue me o commondment, whot | :hou|d :oy, ond whot | :hou|d
And | hnow thot h|: commondment |: ||fe euer|o:t|nq: whot:oeuer | :eoh
therefore, euen o: the Fother :o|d unto me, :o | :eoh.
Looh w|th me ot choter I1, choter I1 of lohn, ond uer:e 2O. |t :oy:, Ver||y,
uer||y, | :oy unto you, He thot rece|ueth whom:oeuer | :end rece|ueth me, ond he thot
rece|ueth me rece|ueth h|m thot :ent me.
Oh, q|ory to Cod| |:n't th|: qood to hnow you're neuer o|one! Vou hnow, the
qood th|nq obout o :o|e:mon when he qoe: out, he doe:n't houe to houe the re:|dent
there. He doe:n't houe to houe the u|ce re:|dent there. He doe:n't houe to houe the
orqon|zot|on qo w|th h|m. He d|dn't houe to tohe o mob |nto euery home he qoe: |nto.
vhen he :|t: ot o tob|e, mohe: o deo| ocro:: o |uncheon tob|e, he doe:n't houe to houe
o|| the:e eo|e beh|nd. He :|m|y hnow: he ho: the outhor|ty thot euen thouqh they
ore not hy:|co||y re:ent, they ore re:ent. uen thouqh they're not hy:|co||y there,
they ore there, ond when thot nome |: :|qned ond he :|qn: h|: nome, ond the nome of
the comony |: wr|tten down, o|| tho:e nome:, o|| tho:e eo|e :tond beh|nd. 1hot': the
beouty of whot Cod ho: q|uen to u:. Fo|h:, we don't come |n our nome. ve come |n
the nome of le:u:, ond when we :tond |n the nome of le:u:, we o|:o come |n the ower
of Cod the Fother, :o thot when we :eoh, que:: whot hoen:!
5ee, whot hoened wo:, when le:u: rece|ued the:e men, the f|r:t e|der: of the
lew:, He not on|y rece|ued the e|der: of the lew:, He rece|ued the centur|on.
Next of o||, when He qot neor the hou:e ond the :eruont: come out, He d|dn't
ju:t rece|ue the :eruont:. He rece|ued the centur|on, euen thouqh the centur|on wo:n't
there. le:u: :ow |n the e|der: of the lew:, He :ow the centur|on. vhen He :ow the
:eruont:, He :ow the centur|on. vhen He :ow the centur|on, He :ow o|| the ower of
Rome beh|nd H|m.
Here': the qood new:. vhen you come ot 5oton, he doe:n't ju:t :ee you. He :ee:
le:u: |n you, o|| of heouen beh|nd you, |nc|ud|nq Cod the Fother, :o thot': the qood
new:. 5ee, oftent|me: we qo to do our f|r:t worh:. Oh, we're :o ofro|d. vhot hoen: |f |
|oy hond: on ond they don't recouer! vhot hoen: |f | roy for :omebody ond
noth|nq hoen:! |'m :o ofro|d. | fee| ||he |'m, Oh, |f o:tor ob wo: ju:t here. Oh, |f
our 5undoy :choo| teocher wo: ju:t here. Oh, |f | cou|d ju:t co|| ond qet one of the
coun:e|or: to qo w|th me, |'d fee| o |ot better.
Hey, when 5oton :ee: you or demon: :ee you, que:: who they :ee! 1hey don't
:ee o:tor ob. 1hey :ee le:u:. And wou|dn't you rother le:u: be w|th you thon o:tor
ob! Amen. vou|dn't you rother le:u: be w|th you thon :ome worher here |n the
church! ve||, the qood new: |:, He :o|d, vhereuer you qo, | qo. vheneuer you :eoh, |
:eoh. He :o|d, vhoteuer you do |n My nome, | om there w|th you ond | do the
worh: o|:o.
Looh w|th me ot choter I4. lohn, choter I4. Looh w|th me ot uer:e IO. He :oy:,
e||eue:t thou not thot | om |n the Fother, ond the Fother |n me! 1he word: thot |
:eoh unto you | :eoh not of my:e|f: but the Fother thot dwe||eth |n me, he doeth the
e||eue me thot | om |n the Fother, the Fother |: |n me: or e|:e be||eue me for
the uery worh:' :ohe.
Ver||y, uer||y, | :oy unto you, He thot be||eueth on me, the worh: thot | do :ho||
he do o|:o, ond qreoter worh: :ho|| he do, becou:e | qo unto my Fother.
Co down w|th me to uer:e 2O. At thot doy ye :ho|| hnow thot | om |n my
Fother, you ore |n me, ond | om |n you. vhoo| U unt|| now o|| the:e uer:e: before, He
:o|d, | om |n the Fother ond He': |n Me. ut now He c|o:e: ond :oy:, |n the doy thot
you reoch out there ond you :tort to do the worh, you're qo|nq to reo||ze, :ometh|nq
e|:e ho: hoened. |t': not ju:t Cod |n Me ond Me |n Cod. |t': o|| of u: |n you.
1here': noth|nq better to reo||ze the ower of Cod thot': |n you thon when you
f|r:t :te out ond beq|n to do the worh: of the Lord le:u: Chr|:t. Unt|| then you con reod
|t |n the |b|e, |t': o|| theory. ut the moment you :te out ond do the worh: of Cod
ond you do |t |n :|m|e fo|th, under:tond|nq outhor|ty.
|'m not do|nq th|:. |t': le:u: |n me. Cod the Fother |n H|m. H|m |n me. |t': o|| the
ormy beh|nd me when | reoch out to touch thot er:on, |'m ju:t :tond|nq |n the
:ondw|ch of outhor|ty. |'m under outhor|ty ond :|chne::, you're under me. And | :eoh
|n le:u:' nome for you to qet out of here, ond 5oton :ee: o|| of thot beh|nd you. Oh,
q|ory to Cod|
1hot': fo|th. 1hot': fo|th. Ve:, |t': f|ne to :tudy fo|th. Ve:, |t': |mortont to :tudy
fo|th, but ||:ten, one of the qreote:t th|nq: thot houe been |eft out |: the :|m||c|ty of
outhor|ty thot we :tond under the Lord le:u: Chr|:t ond He enob|e: ond emower: u:.
Looh ot choter I1. Choter I1. lohn, choter I1, ond uer:e Is. A: thou ho:t :ent
me |nto the wor|d, euen :o houe | o|:o :ent them |nto the wor|d. 1h|: wo: the royer
thot le:u: mode. Choter I1 |: thot qreot |nterce::ory royer of the Lord le:u: Chr|:t,
ond here He |: roy|nq |n thot royer, Vou houe :ent Me. |'m obout to return to Vou,
but before | return, |'m qo|nq to :end them |nto the wor|d o|:o.
F|no||y, turn w|th me to choter 2O. Choter 2O. And |ooh ot uer:e 2I.
1hen :o|d le:u: to them oqo|n, eoce be unto you: o: my Fother ho: :ent me,
euen :o :end | you.
Here': the fu|f|||ment of whot He royed |n choter I1. He :o|d, Fother, o: Vou
houe :ent me, | :end them. And now He doe: |t, ju:t before He |eoue:. And you hnow
whot He :o|d |n Motthew, choter 2O! He :o|d ju:t before, choter 2s, ju:t before He
|eft, He :o|d, A|| outhor|ty ho: been q|uen unto me |n heouen ond |n eorth. Co ye
therefore. He qoue thot outhor|ty to the d|:c||e: ond whot wo: the commond He
qoue to them! Loy hond: on the :|ch ond they :ho|| recouer, co:t out deu||:.
1h|: morn|nq | wont you to :ee ju:t who you ore |n Chr|:t. Vou're not ju:t ob or
||| or l|m. Vou ore o rere:entot|ue of the Lord le:u: Chr|:t. 1he qood new: |:, |: when
you qo ond u:e the nome of le:u:, 5oton doe:n't :ee o |||, o ob, o l|m, o Mory. He
:ee: le:u: com|nq. 1he qood new: |:, |: when you :tond |n thot nome, you no |onqer
:tond |n your ower, your outhor|ty. Vou :tond |n the outhor|ty ond the ower of the
nome of the Lord le:u: Chr|:t.
vhot om | :oy|nq th|: morn|nq! vhot': the bottom ||ne! Fo|h:, r|:e u |n
bo|dne:: ond u:e the nome. R|:e u |n bo|dne:: ond u:e the nome. u|t ju:t com|nq to
church ond rejo|c|nq ond ro|:|nq the foct thot you're |n Chr|:t ond Chr|:t |: |n you ond
Cod': |n you. u|t ju:t ro|:|nq the foct thot you houe the qodheod dwe|||nq |n:|de of
you. 1h|: uer:e :oy:, le:u: :o|d, |n thot doy you'|| hnow |t. vhot doy! vhen you beq|n
to do the worh: of the Lord le:u: Chr|:t. vhen you beq|n to :tretch out your hond: ond
|oy hond: on the :|ch. vhen you beq|n to do the worh: of le:u: ond qreoter worh: |n
thot doy, then you'|| hnow beyond ony :hodow of o doubt thot le:u: |: |n Cod, Cod |:
|n le:u:, ond o|| of them ore |n you, ond they boch u the uery word: thot you :eoh.
ob Vond|on
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