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Cracking the Code of Life Questions

Write a Reflection on the video segments. Incorporate the points below in your reflection. 1. Instructions for a Human Being
Explain the storybook metaphor Each DNA strand is changed into a billion ways. DNAs 4 billion years of history 4 billion years ago the first organisms appeared on earth and sent a DNA sample to another organism and sent it to another organism and another all the way to the time of the humans DNA structure, chemical makeup, function The way DNA looks like is the double helix each DNA molecule is made up of two chemicals G and A, T and C and the function of DNA is to send your features to your children Goal of the Human Genome Project Is to read each DNA sample to help see things like what diseases a person has and how to describe the person Explain the use of technology It helps us increase the speed to find the DNA and make it easier What is Tay Sachs? It is a specific type of disease that slowly destroys a babys brain Explain the term carrier. A person that has a deadly disease right now or at a different time in their lives Explain: Automated DNA-reading process Human DNA is chopped by robots into smaller pieces these pieces are copied over and over again then these pieces in bacteria then tagged into colored dyes a lazar bounces light off each snip of DNA and the color that it sees represent each letter in the genetic code Role of Celera Genomics in the HGP Is to find read the DNA using the automated DNA-reading process Is the HGP a necessary public investment? Explain. Yes, because it will be able to find cures for a disease at a faster speed How similar are humans? We are 99.99% similar to another human Sharing genes with a banana Explain. No, because humans eat bananas and because of that I dont think humans have the same gene as a banana Discuss arguments for and against patenting the genomic code. Some people though that the genomic code is not new or useful while the rest has made the G, A, T, and C The effects of patenting on drug companies So many cause problems to drug companies trying to work with genes to find the cure for diseases Who is profiting from the genome?

2. Getting the Letters Out

3. One Wrong Letter

4. The Sequencing Race Begins

5. Ramping Up

6. Genetic Variation

7. Who Owns the Genome?

8. The Business of Science

The companies that patented the DNA Describe the more recent changes in the views of the scientific community. was to publish their findings and sell it to drug companies What is cystic fibrosis (CF)? Is a disease that attacks main organs in a persons body especially the lungs Explain HOW Genes determine Proteins. Genes create the proteins. HOW does the 3-dimensional structure of a protein affect its function? So that if the 3-dimensional structure is in a wrong shape it makes it hard for the organ to do its job What is a proteome? The proteome is the collection of proteins Discuss the new beginning and direction in science That each company will try to get all of the letters of the genes Scientific processes involved in identifying genes for traits like baldness Humans who have the same trait in their DNA might be bald while the others have hair Explain: "Iceland -All in the family." That all of the people who live in Iceland are decedents from Vikings Use of DeCODE's giant DNA database Use family genetics and age-old family trees and computers to find the genes that have diseases What is GATTACA? It is a movie that happens in the future where DNA is shown to the public and the people that have the money can choose to enhance their kids Gene chips and newborns? Gene chips are a glass slide with a babys DNA Discuss the mutations BRCA1 and 2 Are perfectly healthy normal genes that all of us have but sometimes a mutation is possible Enhancing your kids- pros and cons The kids will have little to no diseases and improve their kids and sometimes the kids will have problems with their enhances Safety of genetically modified foods Genetically modified foods can resist disease better Explain some concerns about GMO They have environmental hazards, and Human health risks Again " Who owns the Genome?" Some people though that the genomic code is not new or useful while the rest has made the G, A, T, and C So many cause problems to drug companies trying to work with genes to find the cure for diseases

9. Finding Cures is Hard

10. Complexity in Proteins

11. The Finish Line

12. Finding Disease Genes

13. DNA Databases

14. A family Disease

15. Genetic Modification

16. Contemplating the Message