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- Surnateum the Museum of Supernatural History The English section of the Museum is under construction, thanks for your

underst anding... For decades, the Museum of Supernatural History (Surnateum) has been exploring t he strange, parallel universes at the frontier of our reality. The Surnateum is far more than a website designed to entertain and enlighten you . It is the virtual front-end for one of the most astonishing collections of aut hentic magical artefacts and strange stories gathered from around the world by t he Collectors and Curators for more than a century. The Museum invites you to explores the galleries of space and time and to plunge headlong into a view of the world unbounded by scientific rationality. A world where numbers are divine, where extraordinary creatures and entities live alongs ide us, in symbiosis or in conflict, a world which seeks refuge behind the cover s of books read with a slightly sardonic smile. Strange charms, forgotten incant ations, cursed antique objects, legendary grimoires, forbidden knowledge - clear ly the stuff of fiction and fantasy. And yet, we have real objects to remind us that anything might be real, anything was once real - and anything might still b e real. In today's world, there still exist shamans who travel in the dream world, misun derstood prophets, spellbinding storytellers, hard-core alchemists and magicians . Real magicians who still 'dream their world', fashioning it each and every day . The Museum would like to take this opportunity to remind you that it can be dang erous to play with forces that you do not control and in which you do not really believe. We will tell you about the time we tracked down a vampire, the time we tried to break the time barrier and the time we tried to overcome the narrow co nstraints of ordinary reality. The Museum will show you what, deep down, you alr eady knew, but never dared say: namely, that the frontier between the natural an d the supernatural is blurry indeed. It will show you the paths that have been c oncealed from you for so long, under the pretext of creating a standardised way of thinking. The Museum will ask you to imagine a book that is something much more than a rec tangular sheaf of papers produced for the masses. Each and every artefact is a u niverse unto itself and can be read in multiple ways. Unfortunately, the text th at accompanies each item is nothing more than a pale shadow of the real thing. T he act of reading does not necessarily have to be linear; it can also be three-d imensional. But I have already said too much. I bid you welcome to this universe that is the Surnateum!