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HARDWARE 1.List down different kind of motherboard for the pc. ATX and AX motherboard 2.

What is the different between AX and ATX motherboard? Sketch the

layout of the two motherboards.

AX Motherboard is the old type of motherboard while the ATX is the new type of motherboard.The position of CPU for an AT motherboard is in series to the expansion slot whereas for an ATX, it is in parallel to the expansion slot.

RAM slot

SA slot

PCI slot IDE connector

CPU socket

Floppy connector Power connector AT motherboard

PCI slot


CPU socket

AT X motherboard

Floppy connector

IDE connector

RAM slot

Power connector

3. List the pins number of various kind of connector on the motherboard and at the back of the PC. On the Motherboard: IDE connector 40 pins ATX power connector 24 pins Floppy connector- 34 pins At the back of PC: USB 4 pins P/2 6 pins Serial port 9 pins/15 pins FireWire 1394 6 pins VGA 15 pins 4. What are the DC voltages we can find from the DC power supply? +12V 5. List down the electrical problem we are facing when operating our PC? Electrical problems can come from outside the PC entirely (a frayed power cable, a bad socket, a dying UPS battery) or from within it (a failing system power supply, a faulty soft switch) 6. What are ESD, EMI and RFI? ESD-Electro static discharge EMI-Electric machine industry RFI-Radio Frequency identification 7. List different kind of PC storage. RAM,ROM, Floppy disk 8. List various kinds of RAM and their pin numbers. SDRAM -168Pins DDRRAM 184Pins

OPERATING SYSTEM 1. What is the function of OS?

An operating system (OS) is a software program that manages the hardware and software resources of a computer.

2. List down some of the OS that we can use in a small computer? GUI, Multi-user, Multiprocessing, Multitasking and Multithreading 3. What is the different between text based and graphic base OS? A text based OS is an OS which doesn't have desktop just text. to let the OS do something, you need to type the command. graphic based OS has a desktop and isn't just text on your screen. Windows 3.1 was the first graphic based OS. 4. List down some of the internal and external command of the text based and briefly explain the function of these command. Internal CD - change directory DIR - list the directory CLS - clear screen External FDISK - create set delete and display partition FORMAT - format primary partition SETUP - install operating system 5. What is FDISK used for and then list down the menu that we can find under FDISK. FDISK is used to create or delete partition in the hard drive. Create, set and display partition menu can be found 6. Explain briefly what File System is. File system is a method for storing and organizing computer files and the data they contain to make it easy to find and access them 7. What is the different between physical and logical drive? Physical disk is the actual tangible unit of hardware of a disk Logical disk is a device that provides an area of usable storage capacity on one or more physical disk drive component in a computer system.

8. List down the complete steps on how to install Windows 98 OS? i. Startup win98 ii. Press key to the BIOS setup iii. By pressing F2 iv. Detect Drive v. Select Boot from CD, vi. then set the setting to vii. Hard disk drive viii. From floppy A; ix. Click F10 to save x. On the screen xi. enter FDISK for partitioning xii. select from the menu, xiii. create xiv. Then choose from list xv. to create a primary disk drive xvi. hen setup the no. of drive u want it to have, xvii. then save, then partition is made xviii. Then set the partition to be set active xix. Then restart the program by clicking ctrl+Alt+Delete xx. then go to D:\ then to f:\ xxi. enter format, to format your disk xxii. Then the win98 is setup 9. What is the different between basic and dynamic disk? Basic disks are the ones that IT pros are most familiar with, and the typical terms and technologies apply. Dynamic disks support new features and sport new terminology.