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National Institute of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (NIGEB)


YEAR 2013
It is a pleasure to announce that National Institute of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (NIGEB) will launch a Ph.D. program to attract applicants with highest intellectual and scientific skills in the area of biology. This program offers post graduate studies to young scientists who wish to pursue research leading towards a Ph.D. degree in the following fields.

Tissue Engineering Agricultural Biotechnology Medical Biotechnology Molecular Genetics


The course will be held in NIGEB. The program will be held "By Research". The period of the course will be three academic years, with the possibility of extension for one further year. 6-month training period on Persian language will be organized for foreign students who need such training for their general living requirements and social interactions. DATE OF COMMENCEMENT The academic year will begin in October 2013. TUITION FEE Tuition fee will be 6250 USD per semester.* * A foundation in relation to this programme can offer a number of scholarships to eligible applicants according to their scientific qualifications. Accordingly, applicants may receive tuition waiver for a part or whole of tuition fee for one year or more.

Accepted applicants will be provided with accommodation (furnished shared suite), medical insurance and 50% discount in the food cost of the institute's menu.

AGE: Preference will be given to applicants below age of 35 years. DEGREE REQUIREMENTS: Holding a M.Sc. university degree in one of the related fields of biology in a prestigious university is required. NATIONALITY: There is no limitation for applicants' nationality. English Language Proficiency: English language proficiency is required for applicants.

APPLICATION Filled application form Curriculum vitae (C.V.) List of publications (if any) Job certificate (if applicable) Two letters of recommendation Certificate on English language proficiency

(such as TOEFL, Cambridge Certificate or equivalent); not applicable when scholastic education has been conducted in English
Academic results (endorsed photocopies of certificates/diplomas showing grades; for foreign applicants, with English translation where necessary). Endorsement of photocopies must be made by an official authority in applicant's home country. Copy of ID card and/ or a copy of the passport (only page/s where personal details are specified)

SUBMISSION OF APPLICATION Deadline for receipt of applications is End of April 2013 . Incomplete/unsigned applications will NOT be considered. Submissions by e-mail are preferred. Complete applications must be sent to NIGEB Educational Office to the e-mail address: The results will be announced via e-mail only after the applications are processed. Applications must be typewritten in English.