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The unit of Training and Development performs several important functions for the company, like orientation training, Performance Appraisal and the general Training and Development.

(SLIDE 2 ) Orientation Process and Induction of New Employees

The Descon holds that orientation Program is very necessary for the old as well as for the new employee. The entire process of orientation is conducted at Descon as follows: 1) 2) 3) 4) Need determination for orientation program Designing of orientation program Implementation of orientation program Analysis of orientation programming And Development

.1 Steps of Orientation Program Need determination for orientation program. When an employee joins Descon, the HR Department, the department in which the employee has been selected and the top management determines the need for the orientation program. If the candidate has been transferred from some other country to Descon Pakistan, it is very necessary to acquaint him to the culture of the country and the general business practices. He is of course, aware of the Descon engineering culture but he may be informed about the new department he has joined and about his new duties and authority.

Designing of orientation program At Descon the orientation program is designed by Head of HR Department Training Specialists Immediate Supervisor

Head of the Department in which the employee is selected

In designing the orientation program, the length of the program depends on the employee for whom the program is conducted. If the employee has joined Descon from some other country the program is very lengthy as he is not only to learn the culture of the organization but also the culture of the country as a whole. The program usually includes

History, policies, practices, rules and regulations of the organization An overview of the department, the employee joints An introduction to the work environment, co-workers, superiors, and sub-ordinates.

Hence, in this way the new employee is thoroughly acquainted with the Descon culture and thus can perform his job effectively. Implementation of orientation program at this step management simply implement the already design orientation program effectiveness.

Analysis of Orientation Program The HR Department of Descon holds that the feedback on the success of orientation program is very necessary. The follow-up is conducted in the following manner:

Discussion amongst Key Personnel A comprehensive discussion is conducted by the HR Department with the immediate supervisor and the Head of the Department of the employee to evaluate the prose and corns of the orientation Program. If he is comfortable with the Descon environment, the Program is a success or vice versa. Managements View on Orientation Process The management of Descon believes that orientation Program necessary because of socialization and knows how about companys policies and procedures. The purpose of this step is to introduce the new employee with the work unit, organization, peers. Tell them the rule and regulations of the company. In different companies different persons are responsible for this but when we talk about Descon manager gives orientation.

Training Policy Basic purpose of training is to update the knowledge of employees and enhancing their skills. Today organizations want professional employees because they have come know the importance of employee thats reason organization call employees their most important assets. Due to which companies send their employees on different types of workshop, seminars and other educational programs. Even some companies provide opportunity of getting knowledge on the cost of company.

5.2 Training Need Assessment

The training program of Descon normally for the period of lesser then six months and its purpose is to investigate strength and weakness after that making effort to remove these weaknesses. They analyze that employee need training by self assessment, performance record, and questionnaire. The handouts which they provide to trainee develop by themselves not net based. All the cost incurred by the company let it be in-house training or training organized by the Descon Engineering Co. The employee normally needs training about his skill, knowledge and career development.

5.3 Training design

After the need assessment process complete, the designing process starts to train employees in systematic way. 5.3.1 Setting objectives The objective of the program is described in which a statement is passed. In this statement, the goal of the training program is written that what thing they should achieve by conducting this program. So the statement should be specific. .3.2Developing lesson plan The statement is not enough, so the whole lesson plan is prepared in which each and every activity is written in this portion.

5.3.3Selecting trainer/leader The company select the trainer based on the training criteria, No. of employees and their skill enhancement. If the No. of employees are less or any specific criteria demands to train through the outside trainer, they outsource the training program. 5.3.4Preparing material The material is prepared by Trainer if the trainer is of the organization. 5.3.5Selecting program methods and techniques Descon mainly uses the following training and development methods are: In-Housetraining On-the-Job Training Program Conducted Abroad

In-House Training On-the-Job Training In-House Training On-the-Job Training This is the most common method used at Descon. Under this bank have two options; On-the-Job Training: Descon give the training to their employees on the job by hiring a trainer from outside or from within the organization. But company selects the trainer very carefully and only professionals individuals in field. Training In Institutes Within The Country: If the trainees need training in a specific technical skill, which the company cannot provide economically, it sends the employee to institutes where they get the requited training. The trainee interacts with new people and can make contacts for the organization. Training Program Conducted Abroad Employees are sending abroad for special training and development Program conducted by the Descon Group. This training Program may be conducted in other countries Dubai or anywhere else where the Descon exists.

5.3.6Scheduling the program The scheduling of the program is helping to conduct the program in right direction and the employees learn in training.

5.4 Implementing the Program

After designing the program, the implementation process is playing Back Bone. If all the process of designing is complete but the program doesnt held due to certainreasons, their will be loss of money, time and efficiency. So Descons HRD convincing their executives to implement the program according to training design will be benefit to the organization.

(SLIDE 3 ) 5.5 Criteria for training and Evaluation

The criteria for training and evaluation is helping that how well the program will benefits to the organization in a whole. Descons criteria contain four parts; 5.5.1 Select the Evaluation Criteria In this segment, the base for evaluation the training program set. If the base is accurate, so the true results will be found. 5.5.2 Determine Evaluation Design The evaluation design helps employees to set accurate base in which the criteria is set. 5.5.3 Conduct Evaluation of Program The program is conducting on the basis of setting evaluation criteria. These criteria may be through questionnaires, Examination Papers, presentations or observation. 5.5.4 Interpreting Results The results of evaluation criteria helps the Descons Engineering Company that how well their training staff learn and enhance their abilities for future role. If one person get full fledge train in

this specific area of training, it is possible that he may receive rewards like, increase in salary or Promotion. Because he is now the precious asset of the organization and everyone wants to retain his precious asset.

(SLIDE 4) 5.6 Descon Training Institute (D.T.I)

Descon Has Specific institute (D.T.I) in the employees and especially technical workers are trained and become companys dynamic asset. These institutes have capacity to train all types of technical works done in Pakistan


A performance management system is very important in order to check efficiency and effectiveness of work. Actually it is the process of creating the work environment in which people are enabled to perform their best abilities. It starts from the necessity of the job and ends with the employee leave from the organization.

This picture indicates that How Performance management system works to evaluate the job and after evaluation, the management decides what strategies in which they can grow by considering the approach of their work force and set standards on the basis of evaluation. These standards are in shape of rewards and sanctions. The rewards are in the shape of promotion; increase their pay or some non-monitory reward. Performance Appraisal System (Fig 6.1)

SLIDE 7 Performance Appraisal Process

Descon Engineering Company is using HAY Methodology as a Performance Management System to check the performance of employees of the company. This method is using most of the worlds largest companies. This method helps to evaluate the right people, right job and execution of companys strategies. p-;performance appraisal for each employee. At the end of the year, the manager and the HR Department at Descon evaluate the performance of each employee formally. At some branches of the Company in Pakistan, management checks the performance on monthly bases. 6.1.1 Goal Setting The strategic planning of Descon is to match the employees goals with organization goals. 6.1.2 Performance Evaluation Method Descon set the appraisal criteria according to the national and international laws because it is a Multinational organization. The evaluation process consists of various techniques which are adopted according to the Hay Methods of evaluation. The main Hay Group methodology, Hay Group Guide Chart-Profile Method of Job EvaluationSM provides you with a consistent and objective framework to:2

Analyze Your Organizational Structure The first step of performance appraisal method is to analyze the structure of the organization and then identify those ways which help to make it more effective.

Descon Company is Project Base Company in which the structure of the companys work force is usually contract base. But the company is focusing their employees to train them and motivate them. This thing starts from assessing needs to the completion of those needs. The performance management system is one of the ending processes of the whole retention program. Evaluation of the Jobs When the structure of the company is analyze by the HR Managers. They start to evaluate the people and jobs to match the right individuals to the right roles. Define Career Progressions The company defines career progression both from individual roles and across related job groups and interlinking organizational goals with personal goals. Reward Program After the Performance Appraisal Process, the company had develop targeted pay and reward programs, using Hay Groups global compensation database optimize the return on investment in people by paying in proportion to contribution. All of this ultimately leads to an increased ability to manage your human resources more effectively. The reward program is held and employees take reward according to these levels:

6.2 Level I.D. Form

L1 L2 L3 L4 L5 L6 High Potential / High Performance High Potential / Medium Performance Medium Potential / Medium Performance Medium Potential / Low Performance Low Potential / Low Performance Cruse

6.3 Performance Feed Back

The person who is conducting Hay method of performance appraisal is sharing information and getting feedback from employees who are checking their abilities of their work and experience and their feedback helps both parties to create good results. The discussion have three parts in

which first prepare feedback discussion, second part conduct feed back from employee and last one conclude the discussion through analyzing the behavior of employees.