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Francisco Date of Exposure: December 4, 2012 Day of Exposure: 2 (Tuesday) Area of Exposure: Bago City Health Office

Specific Objectives: After an 8-hour shift in Bago City Health Office, the Practicing Head Nurse will be able to: 1.Demonstrate effective leadership and management by assigning student staff nurses to areas in the facility with care of supervision to them. 2.Conduct an In-Service Education Program of nursing procedure to SSNs. 3.Demonstrate positive behavior in handling all the tasks of a practicing head nurse.

After an 8-hour shift in Bago City Health Office, the Student Staff Nurses will be able to: 1. Recognize their learning concepts and skills used to care for patient in a city health office. 2.Use their learned nursing skills and concepts in caring for patients in the area. 3.Show willingness to accept the working situation in the area. TIME 7:30AM- 8:00AM 8:00AM 8:30AM 8:30AM 9:00AM ACTIVITIES Assembly in the assigned area (HSC) Travel time going to Bago City Health Opening prayer Assisting in procedures and other activities that needs supervision Conduct In-service Education Program to the SSNs RATIONALE Discipline- Encourages student staff nurses to be a disciplined individual and always start the day with a prayer

7:30AM- 11:30AM

Communication- Good standing through coordination and cooperation among the group are maintained by effective communication Unity of Command- student staff nurses should receive tasks for a particular period from one person only Unity of Direction- to have unison in motion, student staff nurses should be moving towards a common objective in a common direction. Clarity of Purpose- Coordination and cooperation are facilitated by an effective system of communication

11:30AM- 12:00PM

Lunch Break

Scalar Chain/Line of AuthoritySupervising the SSNs as to how to properly execute nursing procedures within the context of a PHN Equity- Allowing personal necessities for a specified time to be implemented to the whole group Discipline- Strictly implement just penalties when it comes to tardiness promotes a sense of discipline in managing time and activities Communication- Should be trained on how to do things to be able to carry out tasks and responsibilities. Remuneration- Compensation for work done should be fair to both student staff nurses and PHNs. Unity of command- attaining unified instructions as to the activities on the days to follow.

12:00PM- 1:30PM Supervising SSNs in their procedures in the area


Post-conference Thanking the health team for the generous effort Dismissal


Prepared by: Rene John G. Francisco

Area Facilitator: Ms. Maria Alita Isabel G. Quiddaoen RN, MN