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Bend Parameter Editor

This Plug-in is supplied as is without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. The Plug-in is an unsupported function of the Radan software. But of course we would be happy to hear if you have any enhancements suggestions to its functionality, likewise if you experience problems with the installation of the Plug-in we would also be happy to hear from you.

This document accompanies the BendTableEditor. This editor is supplied as a Radan plug-in, which is installed using the BendTableEditor.exe installation program. The editor is designed to modify the settings stored in the new (from Radan 2009 R2) bend_param.xml file. When starting Radan 2009 R2 or later for the first time, any information stored in the previous bend_param.dat file is converted into the new bend_param.xml file.

You will need a Radan 3D to use the editor and you MUST either have previously setup a bend_params.dat file (that will be converted) or have copied the bend_param.example file to the name bend_param.xml.

The wizard is supplied to you as a self-installing .exe file (BendTableEditor.exe), which when started will put the following files and folders in your dat-folder: Name Plug_ins\BendTable Plug_ins\BendTable\BendTableEditor.rvb Plug_ins\BendTable\msg0.bendtable Type Folder File File

Running the plug-in

In Radraft, use the menu item <File><Macros><Load Visual Basic Project> and browse for the file BendTableEditor.rvb. Make sure to select

the option Auto-load the project next time to ensure the plug-in is automatically loaded when starting Radan.

How to Use
With the plug-in loaded, the menu bar will show a new menu item 3D Utilities; this menu will have a new option: bring up the Bend Table Editor. . Selecting this will

To add aliases to a material entry, double-click the item in the left-hand list to bring up the edit-dialog. Any material aliases can be added by separating them with a pipe (|) character.

Right-clicking on a thickness allows you to copy or remove a thickness from the table.

Right-clicking on a radius column header allows you to add a radius.

To remove a radius, all the unfolding values need to be set to -.

Saving changes
When closing the dialog after making any changes to the values, the editor will ask whether the changes need to be saved.

NB: for Radan to see ANY changes that are made to this file, you will need to exit Radan and restart it.