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ASSESSMENT METHODS Assessment is an integral part of the learning process and assessment must support and complete the

learning strategies in order to achieve the required outcomes. Assessment in particular, must reflect the required progression and be relevant to the range of outcomes indicated the curriculum.

Assignments A learning task undertaken by the student allowing them to cover a fixed section of the curriculum, predominantly through independent study. Different methods of presenting the result can be used dependent on the nature of the task a report (oral or written) and contribution to a debate. It is vital to be clear in the assessment criteria how important the medium is compared with the massage. Research Work A student undergone field attachment will be required to submit a report. This report will cover all practical aspects learned, including challenges and opportunities. The student will also summarize opinions on how to face the stated challenges and opportunities.

Tests This can take a variety of different forms. The most common factors are that it is done under comparatively short, timed conditions and usually under observed conditions which ensure it is the students own work. Some of the most variation of test are:

Seen This kind of assessment is applicable where the questions to be answered are given at a pre specified date beforehand. The intention is to reduce the need for question sporting, to reduce the anxiety, and to increase the emphasis on learning.

Open Book During the exam students have access to specified texts and/ or their notes. The intention is to reduce the emphasis on memorizing facts, to reduce anxiety and allows more demanding questions to be set.

MCQ Objective tests asking Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) refers to a situation where the student simply selects answers from a set of potential answers. The questions are easy to mark ( can be done by a machine or even administered on a computer) and can ensure students revise the complete module. Group Discussions This type of assessment is carried out when an assignment or project is undertaken collectively by groups of students working collaboratively. The major assessment problem is how to identify each individuals role and contribution and to reward it fairly.

End of Semester Examination End of semester examination is limited to a minimum of to3 hours duration and shall be geared towards assessing the competences that were not assessed during the conduct of the continuous assessment.