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Best Practices of Dave Elman

with Larry Elman, CH Don Patterson, CI, CH

The consulting hypnotist or hypnotherapist of today often needs rapid and sure-fire techniques to supplement those he may have learned initially or can use refreshening. Dave Elmans original methods are an excellent source of these tools, time-tested by over 60 years of successful use and modernized to todays practices. This Course brings the book Hypnotherapy to life and concentrates on not only the specific procedures involved, but also emphasizes understanding why and how they work. Knowing the often-neglected how and why of hypnotic methods provides the hypnotist with the ability to modify procedures to meet individual clients and situations with fluidity and confidence. The analysis of these Process Method techniques presented will increase your understanding, efficiency and outcome of your repertoire of hypnosis procedures and methods in your toolbox. Larry Elman will bring depth and understanding of his fathers methods, obtained through attending his course three times, and growing up watching the evolution of the course as it changed with the feedback of its physician & dentist students. Don Patterson and Larry Elman create an energetic and dynamic duo which makes this class both fun and informative. Time flies by. You will leave this class with confidence in your mastery of the Dave Elman Induction and other methods. You will understand and improve all your inductions, and be able to modify and re-create yours to meet the client and the situation. You will receive a book of the course which will continue to be a reference for years to come. You will learn how Waking Hypnosis allows you to use your hypnosis skills in locations and situations where trance states are not appropriate, including giving presentations to civic groups or schools. When you know the subtleties of hypnotic semantics the effectiveness of your suggestions, your deepeners, and your other procedures become much more reliable and effective. Also included are hypnosis for children, the Esdaile state, regression, pain management, Process Method technology, and other items to improve your interface with the medical community, and much more.

You Will Learn . . .

u How to define and demonstrate the parts of the Three Credibilities Postulate and its intent and use. u To understand and demonstrate the differences between the Process Approach and the Script Approach to hypnotic procedures. u To modify a hypnosis script to prepare for unexpected client responses using the Process Approach. u To define Waking Hypnosis, its uses and distinguish between situations where the hypnotist should use a trance state as compared to other situations where Waking Hypnosis might be preferred. u How to analyze proper and improper Hypnotic Semantics and understand its implications on your client u Discover direct correlations in Medical Semantics & in order to better communicate with the Medical Profession. u A detailed explanation of the Dave Elman Pin-Point method of regression. u Get surprising insight into at least 4 types of information obtained from regression which will aid in hypnoanalysis. u List, compare and analyze advantages and disadvantages of both recall mode and revivification mode as applied to regression. u Demystify the differences and effectiveness between the Dave Elman approach to abreactions and the standard breathing suggestions, and various other approaches for abreaction control. u Discover how to use Dave Elmans approach to using information obtained in hypno-analysis when working with a client. u Learn and compare how to use the Dave Elman approach for use in hypnosis to remove fears, obesity, allergy, stuttering, etc. u Demonstrate the ability to manage pain using the glove anesthesia approach and its many uses. u And Much More! u Receive a certificate from the Dave Elman Hypnosis Institute.

Who Should Attend . . .

Every hypnotist should attend this Course. With the basis provided here, ones skills will expand and ones ability to help clients will greatly improve. Your increased understanding of an effective interface between hypnosis and the medical community will facilitate your relations with this important source. Your knowledge of how and why your methods work will allow you to modify them to meet each new situation and each unique client. You can strengthen your skills in rapid induction methods for the individual or a group.

Sharpening or Learning Dave Elmans Classic Skills makes an ordinary hypnotist into an extraordinary hypnotist!

Course #222 Mon/Tues August 13-14 *Tuition: $375

Session Begin at 9 am

Day One
History of Dave Elmans Course and Methods The Man & The Course Todays Result: Larry Elmans Three Credibilities Postulate and The Process Approach to Hypnosis The Dave Elman Induction Explanation By-passing Critical Judgment Elmans Stages of Hypnosis Rapid Induction Deep Trance (in as little as 3 minutes or less) Rapid Deepening Learn the Secret Deepening Method Understanding Artificial Somnambulism Achieving True Somnambulism Amnesia Compounding Suggest Instant Re-Induction Demonstration and Student Practice (Includes Testing, Fractionation, Other Deepeners, and Somnambulism) Elman Group Inductions adaptations of the DEI for stage and group classes and demos. Waking Hypnosis Purpose and Methods Use in Pre-Talk; in Emergencies; Use Where Trance States Are Not Appropriate Hypnotic Semantics Verbal- Painted Words; Painted Expressions Non-Verbal Semantics Relation to Medical Semantics Teaching Clients Self Hypnosis (Dave Elmans Auto Suggestions) Hypnosis for Children Kids Are NOT Always In Trance Playing Games The Parent and The Brat Hypnosis Attached to Sleep Australian guest, Joane Goulding, gives brief description of the Goulding Process of Sleeptalk for Children and how this can work effectively. Further Discussions & More Student Practice
H. Larry Elman, CH a lecturer and writer on several subjects and has been a presenter for the National Guild of Hypnotists Convention since 2009 teaching Dave Elmans methods. He has also spoken at many Conferences, plus several locations in the UK, Switzerland and Australia. Larry brings to this course tremendous insight into the transformation of his fathers methods during the years from 1949 into the 1960s which were based on collaborative efforts of Dave Elman and the doctors and dentists he was teaching. Larry then adds insights into the additional changes from then until now which accompanied the development of the modern profession of hypnotism.

Day Two
Hypnotic Anesthesia & Pain Management Caveat: Not Beyond Your Competence Nor Beyond The Law Analgesia versus Anesthesia Glove Anesthesia; Student Practice Other Pain Management: Simple Headache Cures versus Migraine Investigations Anesthesia for Fast Pain Control Deep Hypnosis for Healing and Surgery The Hypnotic Seal (Lecture Only) What it is Why it is unethical How to recognize it How it can be broken The Esdaile State (Alias Hypnotic Coma) Characteristics: * Full body anesthesia without Suggestion * Catatonia * Communications Problems * Reluctance to Emerge Testimony of Those Who Have Experienced Esdaile WHY they are hard to emerge Dave Elman Discoveries How to Emerge the State; How to Induce the State. Discoveries Since Then Ines Simpsons work; Sichorts research; Other States Age Regression What It Is & How It Works What Regression Provides the Hypnotist MODES: Recall (Memory) Mode versus Revivification Mode Dave Elmans Pin-Point Method The Larry Elman Convincer Affect Bridge Time-Line and Related Approaches Abreactions: What they are, what they usually provide, how to handle them PLR: Implications for the Age Regression Hypnotist Student Practice Elmans Hypno-Analysis Effective Line of Question for Results Use of Dreams in Dealing with Repressed Material Working With Morbid Fears, Obesity, Sexual Dysfunction, Allergies and More Additional Student Practice & Discussions
Don Patterson, CI, CH is an internationally acclaimed trainer in hypnosis in all its aspects stage as well as clinical. On the stage, he is considered by many to be the World's Fastest Hypnotist. Don is a graduate of Regents College and of Omni Hypnosis Training Center. He has also trained in Ericksonian hypnosis, is a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, is a Certified Life Coach and holds a black belt in Taijutsu Karate. Don Patterson is one of the most enthusiastic teachers out there. His passion for hypnosis make the experience of learning fun, and time flies by. The repoire between Don and Larry help to make this a winning course.

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