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Dennis ODonohue

Curriculum Vitae
Wide ranging experience in the telecommunications industry in all ecosystem levels - from the OSS & BSS network software level to the system hardware level to the silicon component and optical sub-component levels - combining both customer facing soft-skills and deep technical expertise.

Contact Information
Address Fohrenbhlstr. 22, 70569 Stuttgart, Germany Phone +49 162 982 4870 Email

Key Capabilities
Customer Facing Verbal: demonstrated excellent presentation skills to clearly convey solution value Written: authored Sales/Marketing Tactical Plans; co-authored Strategic Business Plan Customer: translated customer business requirements for new products and services into technical solutions and designs based on architectural principles Marketing: performed market analysis, product promotion, brochure writing, trade-show organizing, new business development, product launch Sales: acquired new customers, performed account management, ensured quality issues were resolved, lobbied internally for changes/enhancements, negotiated and closed deals Contacts: developed extensive network of telecom executives throughout Europe Cultural: have worked in a wide range of cultures in rms from corporations to start-ups

Technical Development: performed requirements analysis, system architecture denition, detailed design, integration debug, & project management Methodologies: familiar with the end-to-end telecom business process methodologies and their operation requirements to meet customer needs Standards: hands-on expertise or familiarity with a range of NG xed, optical & wireless standards including eTOM, ITIL, SDH, OTN, ATM, TCP/IP, SIP, GSM - LTE, etc.

Dennis ODonohue Fohrenbhlstr. 22, 70569 Stuttgart, Germany +49 162 982 4870

Professional Experience - Customer Facing

2005.10 - Director, VantagePeak Solutions, Stuttgart, Germany. Present As the principle in a consultancy providing telecom solution vendors technical, market analysis,
business development go-to-market and technical trial support services for clients including: Sigma Systems, Inc. (Canada) - OSS service & device provisioning, Cloud SaaS service broker RedKnee, Inc. (Canada) - BSS billing, charging, CRM and subscriber-based policy software NETadmin Systems (Sweden)- OSS service fulllment & network assurance Ortiva Wireless (US) & Avot Media (US) - mobile phone video streaming optimization software Blinq Networks (Canada) - small-cells intelligent antenna solution Mobidia (Canada) - mobile phone usage-analytics using Big Data picoChip (UK) - WiMAX Market Analysis, small-cell feasibility investigation CoreOptics (Germany) - technical documentation for high-speed OTN communication ICs

2004.01 - BizDev/Marketing Manager, NL Nanosemiconductor GmbH, Dortmund, Germany. 2005.09 In the product denition & launch, market denition and business development for a leading-edge
photonic components start-up: Developed business: Identied / acquired initial worldwide customers and design-in projects Generated product awareness & orders: organized trade shows in USA, wrote press releases Co-wrote business plan, contributed key product features and strategic product direction Participated in all phases of project proposal, planning, development and delivery

2001.04 - Product Marketing Manager, Key Account Sales Manager, Agilent Technologies 2003.06 GmbH (formerly part of Hewlett-Packard), Bblingen, Germany.
In the sale of ber-optic components and communication ICs, responsible for winning design-ins and maintaining existing orders at major accounts (Cisco, 3Com) while acquiring new accounts: Increased sales e2M (40%) in a down market, generating half of revenue in group of 6 Won next generation design-in by persuading internal product redesign and design schedule improvement - projected orders of e20M over the next 3 years Resolved numerous quality / technical issues with a key customer preventing disqualication of high volume product, cementing relationships with Purchasing, Quality, Production and Design Recommended architectural alternatives and design solutions - won design-ins due to consulting

1998.09 - Technical Pre-Sales Consultant, Ericsson Hewlett-Packard Telecommunications GmbH, 2001.03 Stuttgart/Dsseldorf, Germany.
In the sale of OSS/BSS software for xed and mobile Telecom Operators (Billing, Mediation, Service Activation, Network/Fault/Performance. Management): Drove customer bid process - won 30% of over two dozen bids submitted, often in tight deadlines Wrote Regional Marketing Plan, presented product value propositions and answered RFPs Formulated regional marketing strategies targeting customers/partners - quickly developed business

1995.03 - Product Marketing Engineer, Fujitsu Mikroelektronik GmbH,, Frankfurt, Germany. 1998.07 Responsible for European Product Marketing and growing customer base - in promotion of ATM
(Asynchronous Transport Mode) chipset as well as Ethernet, SCSI and P1394 (Firewire) ICs: Increased product awareness - presented products, trained Sales Reps, created product brochures, wrote technical articles regularly and formulated tradeshow presentations Wrote data sheet for a Quadrature Amplitude Modulation ASIC enabling proper market launch

Dennis ODonohue Fohrenbhlstr. 22, 70569 Stuttgart, Germany +49 162 982 4870

Professional Experience - Technical

1992.01 - Design Engineer (Consultant), AT&T Bell Laboratories,, Boston, MA. 1994.06 Responsible for design - in development of a new high-speed (2.5 Gbps) SDH/ATM switching system:
Designed, debugged, documented and system tested two PLL (Phase Locked Loop) timing boards Formulated a redundancy switchover strategy, implemented the design in an ASIC state machine

1990.10 - Design Engineer (Consultant), Digital Sound Corp,, Santa Barbara, CA. 1991.12 Responsible for design - in development of voice recognition capabilities for a Voice Mail System:
Designed a board to interface the bus cycle timing between a voice recognition board and the system bus - implemented in a large state machine in an Altera Mega PAL.

1987.09 - Sr. Member of Technical Sta, Tellabs, Inc., Chicago,, IL. 1990.09 Responsible for design - in development of voice recognition capabilities for a Voice Mail System:
Architected high level system (in a team) by incorporating network and customer requirements Represented Tellabs at Intl Standards Meetings dening a new high-speed data format (SONET) Formulated and implemented redundancy strategies in silicon to prevent loss-of-service failures Designed a high speed digital/analog circuit board & shelf backplane and wrote SW to debug board

1986.03 - Senior Engineer, Lynch Communications, Inc., Reno,, NV. 1987.09 Responsible for design - in development of a high-speed Add/Drop Multiplexer system:
Co-designed a high-speed custom ASIC implementing a new communications standard Interfaced with a design team at CIT Alcatel and worked in Paris to transfer technology Co-designed a board converting DS3 signals (45 Mbps) from electrical over coax to ber optic signal

1982.01 - Member Technical Sta, GTE Communications Systems Corp., Reston,, VA. 1986.02 Responsible for design - in development of a new Voice/Data packet switched PABX:
Designed PABX line cards which interfaced to digital phones or computers Wrote assembly language software to debug board. Used a Mentor CAD for schematic entry Debugged and documented an advanced full-feature digital telephone

2003.07 - Dozent (Instructor), Berufs Akademie, Stuttgart, Germany. 2003.12 Created from new and taught a course entitled "Advanced Communication Networks"

1981 BSEE (BSci Electrical Engineering), Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, IL. exp. 2014 MBA (Masters Business Administration), The Open University, UK.

Citizenship USA and Ireland (EU Citizen) Status Married, one child (14) Languages English - Mother tongue German - Working level in speech and writing Aliations Member of the Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) President of the Metropolitan Club of Stuttgart (an intl educational/cultural organization) Chairman of the Stuttgart Branch of Democrats Abroad (American political organization) Member of Toastmasters International (a worldwide public speaking organization) Dennis ODonohue Fohrenbhlstr. 22, 70569 Stuttgart, Germany +49 162 982 4870