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Business Analytics Assignment

Big Data Impact on Healthcare

Part A : Key Questions to be answered Possible KPIs (optional) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Percentage of Medicines expired Inventory Level No. of instances when medicines were unavailable Average Expiry period Average consumption Profits Seasonality element in demand

Based on removal of redundancy and relevance to the objective of the case problem, the following KPIs were shortlisted for data collection and analysis:1. Percentage of Medicines expired 2. Inventory level at any point of time 3. Profits generated parameter to measure efficiency

Part B : Data Elements Hence Data Elements required for the above are :1) 2) 3) 4) 5) Quantity of Disposed Medicine, Total Purchases Stock in Balance sheet Total revenue, number of customers Revenue, costs Monthly consumption of medicines

Part C: Sources of Data There are various sources of data which could be in the form of flat files or relational Database. The sources could be varies. The sources could be in house data like database created and maintained by the hospital like those related to patient, doctors, staff, inventories etc. At the same time data could be external which is shared or third party data available at a cost like those related to medical history of a person, insurance and health plans, HIX data etc. So largely for our case, the data sources have been classified based on their content which is shown in the below diagram:-

Business Analytics Assignment

Medicine Suppliers The information could be in flat files or database alike. It includes data related to suppliers, amount owed , details of medicines supplied , relationship history etc

Patient Information The data is specific to the hospital and assuming a relational databse is in place, the data obtained could be already in normalized form. Exmaple include medicinal; history etc

Hospital Related Data The data could be in the form of flat files. Example of this data includes details about hospital chains, licensing , policiesand regulations of the hopitals etc

Physician Information Detailed deatabase about phyisician including his Qualification, practice area , history, medicines he prescribes, details of his patients etc

The nature of the sources could be simple flat files like excel, or relational database likes access , Oracle , DB2 etc. The database could be also mainframe legacy systems.

Part D: Paper Model- BI Master Data Contents







Other Details


Time Stamps related to inventory / order processing

Related to Fact tables The fact tables will contain data related to the different entities of the data model like medicines, Procedures, quantity, patient. Each of this table will have a primary key like Medicine Id (Medicines table) and Patient Id (Patient tables).

Business Analytics Assignment

Medicine Table

Patient Table

Fact Tables

Costs Table

Procedure Table


In order to integrate the entire health system so that the data is properly accessed and analysis and our objective in case study is accomplished, the sources of Data are required to identified.