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Assignment One Reflection While there were many strengths and weaknesses to my first assignment, my greatest strength was

my interview questions and my greatest weakness was the vagueness in some aspects of my paper. The Strength of my interview questions comes not from the fact that they are numerous, but the fact that they are open-ended and elaborate. This is useful in the way that the interviewees tend to try and give short concise answers (to expedite the interview). This is most prevalent in a place where people tend to be in the middle of activities or trying to decompress from the days stresses (when the interview is trying being conducted). This occurrence is almost always the reality in my figured world. My Weakness was in the vagueness of some of my statements such as These unspoken rules are what make this place such a unique area. My peers then showed me this is a very vague statement to a reader who knows nothing about the Greenway with the comment What are the unspoken rules? Is it nonverbal body language and common sense that comprises these rules? This caused me to think about how I might convey these non-verbal cues verbally thought my observations. This then plays into the most useful input I earned from this peer workshop. The idea that most if not all of the interactions on the greenway are non-verbal has really caused me to rethink how I plan to observe this world. It seems impossible to verbally describe something that was entirely non-verbal in the first place, but that is not true for we document animal interactions without a single word spoken between the animals. So I believe I must take a page from the book of a Biologist and study in not just one area of observation (textual) but in many different forms (Video, audio, insanely detailed textual, and graphical). With these varying forms of observation I believe that I will be able to better convey a sometimes overlooked non-verbal world into something people see as a beautiful vibrant non-verbal world. Just as the biologist changed the main stream idea that animal worlds were barbaric, unorganized, and plain into the fact that animal worlds are vibrant, complex, and far from plain I will attempt to show the Greenway is a world Bristling with actors, artifacts, and literacy interactions. Now, the Area of my paper that I feel I need to spend the most time on is the observation section. In the draft I used handwritten observations on a chart then scanned it and inserted it into my word file. I believe that this was a mistake I should have at least added captions to these scanned images to clarify what it was describing. But, I believe that organizing this into a combination of chart/graphical, video, audio, and explicit textual observations would be a much better way of conveying my information. For this will give many aspects and dimensions to my observations. Thus allowing people to more easily absorb and process the ideas and messages I am trying to convey.