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UNIT 1 The Covering/Application Letter

I. Writing stages There are three stages to be followed when writing a job application letter: analyzing the job advert analysing the details of the company or organisation writing the letter

1. While analysing the job advert attentively consider: - the job title mentioned reference numbers given skills and personal qualities required (e.g ability to work under pressure, ability to work overtime, ability to work independently, negotiation skills, language skills, computer skills, leadership skills, self-motivation, out going personality, initiative, etc.) 2. Details of the company or organisation what is the name of the company or organisation you are applying to? why should the company or organisation hire you? What are its operations and plans for the fututre? (e.g. Your organisation is strengthening its IT capabilities, and I can contribute to this with my IT skills and my communication skills)

Trouble shooter Grammar: You can use the present continuous tense to describe processes or things and changes that are happening now. Use the auxiliary verb 'be'; e.g. 'is', and a verb ending with '_ing'; e.g. 'is planning' or 'is strengthening' (e.g. Your company is planning to expand its mainland operations, and I can contribute to this with my language skills)
You can also use the present simple tense if you want to write about what the company usually, frequently or always does; (e.g. 'Your organisation supplies products to the building industry). Don't know what to write? If you have no idea what the organisation does or wants, you can use this expression: 'Your organisation produces a high-quality service/product, and I can contribute to this with my..." 3. Writing the letter
For actually writing the letter of application follow the structure and useful phrases in the table below: Your address Room 354, Block 6 Model Village North Point Hong Kong Home or mobile telephone Phone: 24862893 number Mobile: 95427415 e-mail address E-mail: Date 29 March 2006

Name of the person you are writing to The job title of the person you are writing to The name of the company you are applying to The address of the company you are writing to Salutation Referring to a job advertisement Offering candidature Stating reasons for applying Stating availability Promoting the candidate Stipulating terms and conditions of employment Enclosing documents Polite ending

Mr./Mrs./Ms./Dr./Professor Smith Personnel Manager, Finance Manager, etc. Moon and Long Consulting, LtD. PO Box 663 London UK Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms./Dr./Professor X / Sir/Madam/Sir or Madam; the position of as advertised in ; I am writing to you with regard to/about ; to apply for the post of I would like my application for (name of the job) to be considered; I have been searching for a professional position which will utilise and challenge my many talents; I am interested in relocating/building on my knowledge I expect to be available by (date) ; I have a varied/strong background in I graduated from in (year)with a degree in ; I know/feel that I would be an/(a strong) asset to; In recent years my cash compensation has been in the range of (amount of money) ; Enclosed/Attached please find a copy of my CV/resume for your attention/appraisal/perusal; I would offer the following as referees (names of referees); Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions. I can be reached at (phone number);

II. Letter writing assessment II. 1. Read the job ad below and then the letters of application written by two of your fellow students. Evaluate each letter separately, and then compare them. Use the letter writing Assessment grid coming after the two letters.
Job Advertisement Top of Form Senior Corporate Commercial Broker The successful individual should ideally have 3 years experience in a personal brokerage, dealing with household, motor and travel insurance. Must be hard working and flexible with a good telephone manner. Other important qualities are to be numerate and literate with good organisational skills. This is an excellent opportunity to join a forward thinking company that can offer a structured career path.

Permanent Midlands 22,000 to 30,000 ASAP PL22374 19 October 2005

Term : Location: Salary: Starting: Reference:


16 November 2005 Bottom of Form

T6/7 High Street Midland, UK 76815 21 October 2005 Mark Robertson Midland Insurance Company 515 Southwood, Midland UK, 76816 Dear Mr. Robertson In response to the advertised position on, please consider my resume in your search for a Senior corporate commercial broker. I believe there would be a good fit between my skills and interests and your needs. I am interested in Insurance position upon completion of my degree in May 2001. My experience is relevant and extensive. For the past four years I have been employed with two different insurance companies, Alliance and IMG. I gained a lot of experience, and made myself familiar with insurance concepts. I worked in different countries with different people that made me understand better what is like to be insured. I worked in different insurance fields, starting with personal brokerage, dealing with household, motor and travel insurance. I try to be precise and demanding with my tasks, challenging myself in every situation. Im a good team player with excellent customer service. As a professional, Im always seeking to increase my skills, and I think this is an excellent opportunity to join a forward thinking company with an excellent reputation on the market. I look forward to putting my knowledge and experience into practice as soon as possible. Thank you for your consideration. I am looking forward to receiving your reply. Sincerely, Bob Hall

Senior Corporate Commercial Broker 50, Nufarului Street Cluj-Napoca, Romania

50, Republicii Street 5144000, Blaj Romania 29 November 2005

Dear Mr. Gligan, Please accept this letter in application for the position of Insurance Broker published on the web page I am very interested in this position and believe that my education and employment background are appropriate for the qualifications required. I have five years of personal brokerage experience. During this time I learned to draw up insurance contracts and I became familiar with all sorts of insurance policies. I am ac hard working person with good organisation skills and I am able to communicate with people. I am satisfied with the term, location and salary and I can start working as soon as possible. Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely, Radu Popescu

Letter Writing Test Assessment Grid 1-6 Does the candidate refer to all the points in the rubric? Does the letter have the right number of words? Does the writer express his/her ideas clearly? Are the writers main points adequately supported? Does the writer respect format and layout? Is the piece of writing free of redundancy and repetition? Are the sentences of an appropriate length? Are linking words used clearly and naturally? Is there an appropriate range of vocabulary, grammar and functional language? Does the writer manage discourse adequately? Is the formality and tone employed relevant? II.2. Writing assignment Choose one of the following job advertisements and write your letter of application to the company offering the job. 4 1-6

Situation: You are a young student who needs a job. Task: Read carefully the job advertisement below and write a 200-250 word letter of application. Include your reasons for applying and explain what you can bring to the job. YouthPRO Organization Job Description: Title: Sales Director YouthPRO Organization has immediate openings for sales professionals. Your position is strictly surrounded by making phone sales calls (NO COLD CALLS) to new and existing customers. The ideal candidates should be dynamic, high energy, professional and reliable. Everyone is at or around the age of 30 including the company principles. Compensation: Salary/Wage: 30,000.00 USD /year with large generous year-end bonus incentives and swift growth potential. Qualifications: Solid phone etiquette Clear and professional communication skills Computer skills Professional attitude. No experience necessary

Situation: You are a young student who needs a part time job. Task: Read carefully the job advertisement below and write a 200-250 word letter of application. Include your reasons for applying and explain what you can bring to the job. Reply to: Date: 2006-01-18, 4:56PM EST Babysitter for three children ages 12, 10, and 7 years. Must be organized as well as fun. Must enjoy playing games: backgammon, chess, cards...You are responsible for helping with homework, dinner set up, dinner cleanup, bedtime routines, and sometimes picking up children from local activities.Must have flexible availability Mon-Thurs after 6:00p.m. Needed 1-2 nights a week Mon-Thurs 6:00p.m.-10p.m. Must live or work within walking distance of Union Square or general downtown area. If you have any special artistic or musical talents please elaborate. Education majors particularly welcome. Job location is Union Square Compensation: $11.50/hr This is a part-time job.