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Dustin Cook Assignment 1 ENGL-1102

Assignment One Summary: The community I decided to observe was that of Florida State University and its football program. I chose to observe the Seminoles because I have been a huge FSU fan for the longest time. Being a student in college is tough enough, but being a student athlete is tougher. More is expected from the athletes that represent a university and they are looked up to as role models in the surrounding communities. The behavior of the coaches and players involved within the program is expected to be honorable. There are punishments for coaches and players when they act out in obscure ways that break rules as well as bring shame to that respective university. The same is expected from the fans attending the games, though college football games can bring a harsh environment full of students who are inebriated and cannot comprehend what is going on. Being able to control yourself and your actions to a visiting team as well as its fans is a necessity when you are a fan of a big university. Picking fights with rival schools fans is not what the team wants you to do. Being a respectful fan of the game is what is expected. Acting out in unruly ways doesnt show respect to the game of football and all that college football represents. Florida State University is a school with great tradition in football. Giving everything you have every single day is what coaches want out of players as well as the fans want to see from those players. Winning isnt just an attitude, its a lifestyle. Actors: Jimbo Fisher Florida State Universitys head football coach, he was the head coach in waiting behind the great former coach Bobby Bowden (who had a decorated coaching career with a few national championships and Heisman trophy winners). Fisher has not disappointed in his first few years as a head coach, he has kept the tradition of winning alive in Tallahassee, FL and things only keep looking better. In his first three years as a head coach, he has posted a 33-10 record. Jameis Winston- Redshirt freshman quarterback for the FSU Seminoles. Highly touted recruit out of high school, ranked as the number one quarterback in the nation. Winston is looking to show out in his debut as the starting quarterback. He is also a standout on the Seminoles baseball team. His personality is confident in his abilities as well as being a true student of the game. James Wilder Jr. - One of the starting running backs for Florida State. His father played for the Seminoles back in the day. Wilder is a big strong back who can run people over and earn the tough yards. He is looking to have a big Junior year and can be one of the leaders on this team.
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Comment [1]: This was a really great start. I really liked how you justified your choices throughout, whether it was why you chose your figured world, or why you chose to interview the person you did. In revision, here are a couple of things I want you to work on for the final portfolio: You begin your assignment by mentioning the tension/stress of being a student-athelete. As a reader, I am wondering why you brought this up. I realize this to be true, but I am wondering what personal experience have you had that led you to this assumption. One major question I had while reading your observation: did you observe this game first hand at the Pittsburgh stadium, or did you watch this even on TV? If you watched this on TV, there is a whole other layer you can add to your observation. For example: oWho were the actors while you watched the game on TV? What other artifacts were there as you watched the game? How does the experience watching the game on TV complicate or help the kind of observations you are able to make for this assignment? Add captions to the pictures you have included. Explain what is going on in the pictures, give credit to who took the original picture, and explain why these pictures are important to your observations.

Quarterback Jameis Winston

Nick Oleary- Junior tight end for Florida State, one of the toughest tight ends you will face. He isnt fancy and doesnt wear all the gloves and sweatbands like other players do. He is actually the grandson of the famous golfer Jack Nicklaus. Oleary is looking to improve from his sophomore year and help out freshman quarterback Jameis Winston. Rashad Greene- Junior receiver for Florida State, he is a big time part of the offense. He has great hands and can make plays out of nothing. Winston will be looking at him a lot to help out the offense this year. He has been FSUs leading receiver the past two years and is looking to do that once again. Greene has also been mentioned as a Biletnikoff award potential winner. The Biletnikoff award goes to the best receiver in the nation. Terrence Brooks- A senior defensive back for the Seminoles. He brings a lot of leadership and experience to the secondary that has some young features. Brooks can be one of the top DBs in the country and shut down receivers when needed. A very versatile player who can play multiple positions on defense. Jalen Ramsey- A freshman defensive back for Florida State who is looking to step in and make plays right away. One of the top athletes coming out of high school, he can bring a lot to the table and help out in multiple positions in the secondary. Roberto Aguayo- redshirt freshman kicker for the Seminoles who is looking to pick up right where the previous kicker Dustin Hopkins left off. (Dustin Hopkins is now a NFL kicker for the Buffalo Bills). Florida State will look to Aguayo to make field goals and extra points when needed. Both of these things can be crucial in tight ball games. Tom Savage- Redshirt senior quarterback for Pittsburgh, he has been at two previous schools looking to find the starting job and landed in Pennsylvania. The panthers will look to him to be a leader due to his previous quarterbacking experience. Mannesseh Garner- redshirt junior tight end for Pittsburgh, he sat out the 2012 season after transferring from Wisconsin. NCAA rules require transfer players to sit out a season after transferring. As a big physical tight end who can also run, the Panthers look for him to be a big contributor on offense.

Chris Blewitt- freshman kicker for the Panthers has an unfortunate last name in case he ever misses a winning field goal. Pittsburgh will look to him to add extra points and field goals.

Artifacts: Headset- the head coach as well as the offensive and defensive coordinators wear headsets. The headset is key for a coach in that he can talk to his OC up in the press box who can see the game more clearly than from the sideline. Being able to relay information quickly about exposed defenses can be an asset to any offense or defense when they see something on an opposing

offense. Helmets- the helmet is one of the most important features for a football player. It is not just for the players safety. It can also represent pride for a team, when a team does well; players will raise their helmets up in the air so people see their helmet and what it stands for. Penalty Flag- the hated yellow flag that is thrown when a penalty is called is an important factor in a football game. Whether or not the call was good or bad, the flag can cause the game go in completely opposite directions. Momentum swings can come off of a bad call and change the pace of the entire game.

Football- the football isnt just a ball that the players catch, throw, kick, and run with, it represents a whole lot more than that. It represents the love of the game that players and coaches have as well as the fans.

Observations: Florida State vs. Pittsburg Pittsburgh, PA 9/2/2013 8:00pm

Running back James Wilder

Location: The location for my observations was Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It is usually the Pittsburgh Steelers( NFL team) home field but the University of Pittsburgh plays their home games there as well. The stadium is crowded, full of excited fans ready for the first game of the 2013 season. It is Pittsburghs first game as a member of the ACC and they will face the reigning ACC champions, Florida State University. The football field is like every other field, being one hundred twenty yards long with the end zones ten yards long on each end. There are extra has marks on the field due to the multi-use of the field for the pros and collegiate levels. Observation 1: First Quarter (Time is listed as remaining time in quarter.) 13:39- Pittsburgh quarterback Tom Savage completes a third and long pass to receiver Devin Street on a deep out route. The play is about a 31 yard gain and sets up a chance for the Panthers to get into scoring position. The home fans are elated and cheer loudly when the 3rd down was converted. 10:53- Quarterback Tom Savage completes a pass to tight end Manesseh Garner on a bench route. Garner stretches out for the end zone and the ball crosses for the touchdown. Fans go wild watching their Panthers put the first points of the game on the board. The kicker attempts the extra point and makes the score 7-0. 5:05- 1st and 10 for the Panthers, quarterback Tom Savage drops back to pass then his pass is intercepted by Florida State defensive back Jalen Ramsey. Ramsey returns the ball 31 yards to put the offense in good field position. Pittsburgh fans are not happy with this turn of events. 4:12- Its 2nd and 10, Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston drops back for the pass and finds tight end Nick Oleary on the skinny post for a 21 yard touchdown pass! Pittsburgh fans arent happy about the touchdown. New kicker, Roberto Aguayo makes the extra point to even the score at 7-7.

4:11- Pittsburgh takes possession of the ball and sets out to start another drive. The Panthers cant seem to get this drive started. It is a quick three and out so the Panthers are forced to punt away. Observation 2: Second Quarter 15:00- Florida State has possession of the ball and is driving down the field. James Wilder gets the handoff from Jameis Winston and picks up 15 yards for the first down. On the next play Wilder rushes again for no gain but a penalty flag is thrown. The penalty is a facemask on the defense so the Seminoles pick up 15 more yards and another first down! 13:42- Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston drops back to pass and finds tight end Nick Oleary in the corner of the end zone for another Seminole touchdown! Seminole fans are excited but the Panther fans arent happy. Players celebrate their touchdown with each other. The score is now 14-7 FSU. 9:20- After failing to convert on third down, the Panthers have to settle for a field goal. The kicker kicks it through the field goal posts and makes the score 14-10. 2:18- Florida State has the ball and its 2nd and goal. Winston is lined up in the shotgun and snaps the ball. He takes the ball and follows his blockers off the left side of his offensive line about 5 yards and runs in for the touchdown! Seminole fans are loud and proud visiting Pittsburgh. After the extra point from Aguayo the score is now 21-10. 2:02- Pittsburgh quarterback Tom Savage drops back to pass then his pass is picked off by defensive back Terrance Brooks to give the Seminoles possession once again before halftime. Panther fans are once again disappointed in their starting quarterback. 00:56- Its 1st and 30 for the Seminoles after a few penalties, Winston drops back to pass,
Defensive back Terrence Brooks breaks up a pass. maneuvers behind his offensive line then scrambles to the right and launches the ball downfield. Rashad Greene jumps up and catches the ball in traffic, turns to run and gains the first down.

00:38- Quarterback Jameis Winston drops back and passes to receiver Rashad Greene around the 5 yard line, Greene then runs into the end zone for another Seminole touchdown! Panther fans

are not happy their defense gave up a touchdown right before the end of the half. After another Aguayo extra point, the score is 28-10. Observation 3: Third and Fourth Quarters 3rd 11:14- Florida State cannot get into the end zone so it looks like they will set up the field goal on 4th down. Aguayo is the kicker and kicks is right through the uprights to make the score 3110. 3rd 4:43- The Panthers managed to pick up four first downs this drive but cannot make anything else of it. Settling for the field goal, Pittsburgh kicker makes the kick to make it 31-13. Panther fans seem okay with the three points. 3rd 1:16- Florida State manages to drive down field but quarterback Jameis Winston has to throw the ball away to bring up fourth down. Kicker Roberto Aguayo comes on the field to attempt the field goal. The field goal is good and the score goes to 34-13. 4th 15:00- Florida State has the ball again and is looking to drive down the field once more. From the looks of how this game is going, a score on this drive will most likely be the end of this game. Some Pittsburgh fans have already left the stadium. 4th 9:32- Seminoles quarterback Jameis Winston finds tight end Nick Oleary once again for a touchdown. He ran a skinny fade route untouched into the end zone for an easy catch. Aguayo come on to make the extra point and the score goes to 41-13. Seminole fans are excited as well as the players but Panther fans have lost hope in this game. 4th 6:40- Florida State gains possession again after Pittsburgh failed to do anything with the ball. The second string offense has been sent on the field as a sign that this game is over. Many teams do this when they recognize there is no chance for the opponent to make a comeback. It shows sportsmanship as well not keeping starters on the field who can run up the score. 4th 00:00- The game clock has wound down and the Florida State Seminoles have won the opening game of the season! Pittsburgh fans arent happy with their entrance to the Atlantic

Coast Conference starting with a loss. Jameis Winston had a great debut throwing for 356 yards and 4 touchdowns, also adding a touchdown on the ground. It is a great sign for things to come for the FSU program. Interview: The interview I conducted took place after the Florida State vs. Pittsburgh game with one of my good friends I have known since high school. I knew he loved the game of football and was a fan of collegiate football so that is why I chose him to interview. What do you think of Jameis Winston? - I think Winston has potential to be an elite qb in the NCAA and the NFL. He's young and cocky but has
the talent to back it up.

How will Florida State do this year in the ACC? - Second behind Clemson. Why do you watch college football? - Because I love football in general. Who do you see winning the Heisman trophy this year and why? - I think Johnny Manziel will repeat and win the Heisman again this year because he is playing or a top notch program with a chance to win the nation title and he is probably the best football player in college football. Who is your favorite college football team and why? - USC Gamecocks because I went there for a year and became diehard!!