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MATCH THE FOLLOWING. 1. Camber - convexity of plate. 2. Castor - founder 3.

Differential gear - Transmit torque equally from single output shaft to two output shaft 4. Butterfly Throttle valve opening 5. CV joint - Transmit power at constant velocity 6. Stoker Fuel feeding device 7. Economiser - Solid fuel 8. Rack A bar which has teeth on its surface. 9. Torque converter Coupling used for multiply torque & Serve CU stepless transmission 10. Power brake Servo assistor 11. Joules cycle 2 isobaric & 2 isentropic 12. Capacitor Electrical device(Electrostatic) 13. Doppler effect problems 14. A core drill is done in previously drilled hole 15. In compound drawing O refers to a.) Circularity (answer) b.) concentricity. C.) cylindrical d.) none 16. In engineering drawing one has to check a.)Dimensional accuracy b.) Errors c.) Neatness d.) all(answer) 17. Wankel engine is rotary engine 18. In a rectangle diagonal are 410. Area cannot be determined. 19. Major composition of stainless steel is Chromium. 20. Sand is mainly Silicon dioxide. 21. A pair of dice is thrown. What is the probability of getting sum of odd numbers?(Answer - 0.5) 22. Austenite constitutes Gamma iron 23. Thermal conductivity of steel is greater than cast iron 24. Fixture is work holding device 25. Density of steel is less than cast iron. 26. Value of Pi is 22/7or 3.1416 27. Max. deflection of a beam with U.D.L in simply supported beam WL3 / (48EI) 28. Coupling of right hand & left hand thread turn buckle. 29. Critical speed of shaft depends on natural frequency. 30. Surface hardening is done by (carbursing, nitriding, flame hardening,)Answer-all 31. 8 men and 4 women 4 task finished in 16 hours. 4 men 8 women 7task finished in 32 hours. How many men are required to commit 3 tasks in 8 hours? Answer - 16 men 32. In a class 28% are from other states. Of remaining 25% are from rural areas. What is the percentage of students who come from urban area? Answer - 51% 33. A tractor costs rupees 2 lakhs. Given a loan at 16% rate of interest at margin of 25%. He pays Rs.40, 000 after one year. How much is the balance. Answer - Rs.1,34,000 34. A train is moving away from the stationary man at 33 m/s with a frequency of 1200 Hz. What is the observed frequency if the velocity of sound is 330 m/s? Answer - 1090 Hz 35. What is meant by super elevation?(rail elevation) 36. Power press is hydraulic 37. Size of a room is 4m X 3.5m X 3m. How many box of size 21cm X 25cm X 25cm can be stacked?Ans - 3200 boxes 38. If a principal amount is doubled in 8 years in compound interest, what is the ratio of interest? Answer - 9% 39. A stone is dropped from a height. Its velocity depends on height 40. Damping force in freely vibrating with negligible velocity and directly proportional to displacement. 41. External threading can be done by a.)Milling b.) Rolling c.)Single point tool d.) all above(answer) 42. If an Exponential is ex =0.25. In exponential distribution average value is x.log 0.25. 43. Size of the bolted joint depends on tension. 44. Gear hobbing is used for all type of gears not bevel gears. 45. Front and side view of an object is triangle. Cone and pyramid. 46. External thread cutting is done with cutting and forming 47. Boat running in a still water at 15km/hr upstream crosses 40km (refer) 48. Velocity of a planet when it is nearest to star is 10 km/s farthest velocity is 2.5km/hr. ratio of the farthest to nearest distance is 1:4. 49. A crank pressure is maximum at of the stroke 50. Mechanical dimension is length, mass & time 51. In Rockwell hardness machine in which scale maximum load can be applied A, B , C 50 an 150 kg C scale GD TOPIC: After design of a tractor, some vibration and other problems are found. How will you rectify it through cost effective methods.