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WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2013 JKENG/2012/41612 Vol. 2 No: 273

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Omar Abdullah Must understand that J&K was, is and will remain an integral part of India:
Avinash Rai Khanna Complete Interview on 5 Nov, 2013

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JDA along with SDPO demolished the proprietary land Civil secretariat to open in Jammu on Nov 5 structure at Channi: Owners allege conspiracy
Despite the complete documentation and the ownership rights standing with the owner of the land JDA along with SDPO demolished the GI structure barricading of the proprietary land situated at Channi Rama. When Student Age tried to know the reasons of demolitions from the JDA officials the authorities tried to avoid the questions. It is important to mention that in the court order dated 29/10/2013 read, "By the virtue of 19 different sale deeds produced 35 Kanals of land near Channi Rama falling under Khasra No. 328 min/19. The land which was purchased by the owners is in their possession on spot and the mutations have also been attested in their favour."Not only this the ownership rights are also reflected in the Khasra, Girdawari and Jamabandi, the electric connections also stand allotted in favor of owners, apart from this four Kanal of this land also stands mortgaged with the bank against the loan sanctioned and the whole land was bounded by the GI sheets barricading. The owners of the land

and they had a legal right to their own property and they need not to pay to any other person for the same. The owners speculated that this was a deep rooted nexus being run by certain goons in the government

great regard and respect for the state police and the judicial system of the state but these issues need to be addressed and taken up seriously so that the good faith in the police and civil administration be maintained ,"said one of the owners who doesn't want his name to be mentioned. Despite the requests from

the owners the officials on spot misbehaved with them and demolished the structures ignoring all the legal procedures and violating the norms. So they have shown disrespect to the orders of the Hon'ble court and have interrupted in the proceedings which court to the abuse in the proceedings of the court.

alleged that the police officer whom they didn't want to name (as this was too early to name) contacted them a day before and demanded Rs.20 lack without any reasons and threatened them of the consequences if the amount was not paid to him. The owners ignored his threat saying that the land has been purchased by them following departments who harass the people who want to do certain developmental works for the prosperity of the state and grab their lands or harass them for undue shares. "We do have all the legal rights to our land so we request the higher authorities to look into the working style of these officials who harass people without

Following this story when Student Age tried to understand the working culture of the JDA we came to analyse that the whole JDA is polarized on the parameters of honesty and dishonesty. The interaction with the employees pointed towards the favoritism to some and discrimination of others. The employees alleged that the higher authorities are continuously working in favor of the tainted officers. Despite having a sufficient number of dedicated employees in the department undue extension in services and favorite transfers are given to certain corrupt officials. It is becomes pertinent to mention here that government has strictly issued orders related to the extension in services keeping in view the scope of providing employment to the unemployed youth but JDA is the only department where the extensions are advocated to certain officials and this matter needs to be seriously taking into the consideration of the higher authorities and the concerned ministry. The properties of those who get these undue extensions and favors need to be investigated.

SRINAGAR, OCT 29: Government Officials in Kashmir are gearing up for the bi-annual shifting of the state capital from Srinagar to Jammu. The bi-annual practice of 'Darbar' (Secretariat) move between the two capital cities of the state, Srinagar and Jammu, has been inherited from the Dogra rule, dating back to the 19th century. It is estimated that the whole exercise of relocating offices costs the government over 520,000 dollars every year. The civil secretariat will open in Jammu on November 5. "At the

moment all the documents from the Srinagar secretariat are being loaded into trucks and other vehicles to be transported to Jammu. All this will be reopened in Jammu. This durbar move is an age old tradition and is

done bi-annually. Six months the secretariat is in Srinagar and six months in Jammu," said a government employee, Sajjad Ahmad. Srinagar is 300 kilometres north of Jammu. The state government is 8Contd p2


JAMMU: The Border Security Force on Tuesday lodged a strong protest with its counterpart Pakistan Rangers over repeated ceasefire violations, shelling on civilian areas along the International Border. The flag meeting was held in RS Pura sector of the International Border in Jammu district. The Home Ministry had asked the Border Security Force to try to hold a flag meeting with Pakistan Rangers as soon as possible to reduce tension along the border in Jammu and Kashmir where heavy exchange of fire has led to killing of two persons and injury to over two dozen others since last week.

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the due procedure of law any reason. We do have a

At the same time, highly-placed sources said, the border guarding force has been given direction to retaliate 8Contd p2

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J&K the only place where people are living as refugees in their own country: Avinash Rai Khanna

BJPs Refugee Adhikaar Yatra, entered sixth day with rousing receptions
JAMMU OCT 29: Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) in Jammu and Kashmir today joined the bandwagon demanding SPF protection for its Primeministerial candidate Narendra Modi in view of the serial blasts in Patna. Addressing a press conference here, BJP MP and party in-charge for the state Avinash Rai Khanna said that "The Union Home Ministry should immediately review the security of Modi." The BJP leader also echoed his party's demand for a high level inquiry into security lapse that led to serial blasts on Sunday, in which six people were killed

JAMMU OCT 29: On successful conduct of five days of BJPs Refugee Adhikaar Yatra, it entered sixth day with rousing receptions and public rallies in Satwari, Chatha, Bhour Camp and Miran Sahib areas housing the dense population of refugees from Pok. This yatra is led by BJP State President Jugal Kishore Sharma and Member of Parliament & J&K Prabhari Avinash Rai Khanna has also joined this yatra for the last two days. BJP senior leaders Rajiv Jasrotia, Sat Sharma (C.A.), Yudhvir Sethi, Aseem Gupta,

Ravinder Raina, Pt. Ashok Kumar, Baldev Singh Billoria and Vikram Randhawa are also accompanying this yatra. Avinash Rai Khanna, while addressing a gathering of refugees at Bhour Camp, said that perhaps Jammu and Kashmir is the only place where people are living as refugees in their own country. These people have been agitating for decades for basic rights but the successive governments in J&K and cong-led governments at the centre did not show any concern towards their plight and neglect. He said that the con-

gress and NC has always misled these refugees and given false assurances but in practical did nothing. Reiterating BJPs resolve to stand with refugees and agitate for their cause, Khanna said that the party will continue to raise their voice. Jugal Kishore Sharma said that while our elected representatives have been fighting for refugees, the party leaders and activists have been continuously agitating in favour of them on roads. He said that the refugees were lured on promise of all the rights and benefits if they settle in J&K 8Contd p2

Avinash Rai Khanna alongwith Party President Jugal Kishore (R) and Dr. Nirmal Singh (L) and over 80 injured. Condemning the blasts, he Khanna blamed forces also accused Bihar governopposed to BJP's anti-terror- ment for its unwillingness to ism stand for the blasts and take timely and effective demanded strict vigil on steps to ensure adequate security 8Contd p2 Indian Mujahideen.

Manhas asks partymen to Strengthen booth-level committees

JAMMU, OCT 29: To strengthen booth level committees ahead of elections, State BJP held "Karyakarta Sammelan" attended by large number of party workers here today at Doda under the leadership of BJP National Executive Member & former State President Shamsher Singh Manhas.

8Contd p2


ROHIT SINGH RANA Election 2014 is yet months away but the political fight has already reached a tipping point. Political parties are demanding fantastic measure that the Election Commission (EC) of India should take. One such demand relates to lotus flowers. Congress has demanded that lotus flowers in Madhya Pradesh (MP) should be hidden. In an application to the EC, Congress has written that measures should be taken to hide lotus flowers from public view lest they unfairly influence voters who could be drawn to BJP whose electoral symbol is lotus. Incidentally, MP is known for the cultivation of lotus flowers since ages. Its natural water bodies contain lotus flowers and lately to diversify their farm produce, many farmers have taken to lotus farming because the flowers fetch good price and the lotus stem is a prized vegetable. According to Congress leader Amar Chand Bawaria,"We have more than 40 constituencies spanning Dhanpur, Gotegon, Deori, Barela, Bargi, Bhedaghat, Magarmoha, Panagar, Usner, Gosalpur, Sihora, in and around Jabalpur, Hoshangabad, Pipariya and Sohagpur besides Dhar, Dewas belt in Malwa along with pockets in Bundelkhand where lotus farming is undertaken on a large scale." Argument given in favour of this demand is that when stone elephants (BSPs symbol) were covered with sheets during Uttar Pradesh elections why lotuses cannot be hidden from public view. Poor national flower, its fate hangs in balance. In the electoral politics, now flowers are too at the risk of facing the moral code of conduct. EC has now to devise some way to hide lotuses from public view. It also has to develop in the MP voters, a sense of disinclination towards lotus flower even though Indian civilization is incomplete without lotus. From the navel of Lord Brahma emerged a lotus on which Vishnu took seat, Goddess of learning Saraswati is also seated on lotus. Leave apart the mythological interpretation; Indian architecture is incomplete without lotus motif. All grand ancient temples have lotus engraved on its stones. The Mughals too incorporated the flower into their architecture. Poor lotus, for no fault of its own and being symbol of Indian culture is harassed. Had the flower got any premonition that in independent India, a time will come when it will be made a villain, it would have not bloomed at all in the country. Interestingly it will entail crores of ruppes from the coffers of EC to cover all lotus ponds and natural water bodies with sheets. Still the job cannot be fulfilled. However if EC succeeds in doing this, the prestige of the country will rise in the world. India will be seen as a country where a national flower has been hid in order to ensure free and fair polls. Here it is Great Indian democracy creating a record of sorts. In this drama of bizarre political up man- ship, one thing disturbs the mind. If lotus is the national flower of India, then why this apathy towards it, and if lotus has been allotted to BJP as election symbol, why so much fear in the heart of Congress against this majestic flower. Politics has horizons, it has limits and in India it has immense possibilities. Here politically divergent parties come together to share power. Congress and SP or BSP have divergent philosophies still the Delhi government survives on the crutches provided by the SP and BSP. In Jammu and Kashmir National Conference and Congress have different perceptions politically, yet they are together. Who knew the election heat would bring into focus Indias national flower. It seems now natural because technically India is at war with its own civilization and a general perception goes that it is Congress which has ignited this war in a subtle tone. Lotuses bloom all over India; it bloomed without BJP and will continue to do so minus BJP. Obviously, all along this argument of hiding lotus from the public view many questions arise which seek answers. If a political party had Sun or Moon its election symbols would EC have been told to hurl a special rocket into space so as to drape the Sun or the Moon? Having said so, going by a counter argument or demand is it possible for the people of India to keep their hands uncovered till elections are over. Hand is the election symbol of Congress; hence till election time all Indians must not see their hands, lest it might influence the electoral prospects of the oldest political party of India. As nobody will work properly with hands covered a way out is easy to find. With Chinese and Pakistanis intruding regularly inside India an open invitation must go to Chinese, Pakistani and Bangladesi nationals. Let them take over the nation till elections are over and covered hands are uncovered.

Address: 409-410, Sec-7, Channi Himmat, Jammu

Sozs Accession facts against NCs rejection

History books are replete with many theories and events regarding the days before Accession of the State with India. Scarcely has a conscious effort been made to understand impartially the events which took place immediately before Accession document was signed. It is a two page document which was signed by Maharaja Hari Singh on 26th October. When senior Congress leader Saifu-din Soz says that Sheikh Abdullah played a lead role in the Accession, some facts need to be put point blank. According to partition plan it was the Maharaja who was to sign the instrument of Accession and no second or third party had any say in this. Thus the statement of Soz that only when Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah gave his stamp of approval then alone was the Accession signed does not reflect correct picture. But even though there is some truth in Sozs contention. Sheikh Abdullah lent his support to Accession because tribal raiders were against him who were baying for his blood. Emphatically it was the prerogative of Hari Singh to sign the document of Accession which he did because he wanted to save the people of the state from genocide and rape in which the Pakistani army were indulging. Interestingly the Sozs words do not warm NC. They are emphatic as Ali Mohammad Sagar has said about getting a thumping majority in the coming elections. Congress despite its olive branch to NC is destined for a junior role in government. But whether PDP comes to power or NC one thing is certain Congress will follow them to the Assembly not as equal but less than equal. Doe not matter if spoils of power are there to share. RANASAHIB

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Civil ...
making easy and smooth transportation of all the government records packed in boxes and jute bags. Srinagar, in the Kashmir Valley in the western Himalayas experiences severe winter and a pleasant weather in summers, while Jammu city in the foothills records high temperatures during summer, but is relatively warm in winters. The practice of shifting of the 'Darbar' (royal court) was started in 1882 by the then Maharaja Pratap Singh to meet the aspirations of the people living in far-flung areas of the state. There are divergent views on the six- monthly shifting of the capital. Some people argue that it is not possible for the people of Jammu and Ladakh regions to travel all the way to snowbound Srinagar in the winter season to attend to administrative work.

across the border. There have been two attempts by the BSF to hold flag meetings with the Pakistan Rangers this month -- on October 18 and October 20 -- but on the both occasions, the border guarding force of Pakistan did not turn up. Firing from across the border has become a matter of concern for the government and steps are being taken to evacuate villagers living close to the border to safety till the tension continues, sources said. The BSF has been asked to ensure that there was minimum inconvenience to border population during the skirmishes.

early every country in the world has its own air force power to protect the interests of the country against external and internal enemies. The top strongest air force in the world are chosen based on their history, and the size and might of the forces, as listed by Topyaps. Here is the list of top 10 strongest air forces in the world.

10 Strongest Air Forces of the World

industry. The French air force had also created Mirage series of jet fighters. The Mirage demonstrated its abilities in the Gulf War, becoming one of the most popular jet fighters of its day, with a high quality of performance in the battle fields. Currently the French Air Force is expanding their numbers in aircrafts. The French are awaiting the A400M military transport aircraft which is said to be in the developmental stages. The French Air Force has 234 combat aircraft with the majority being 158 Dassault Mirage 2000 and 59 Dassault Rafale. The French Air Force has about 300 combat aircraft in service.

BJPs ...
but till date no practical work has been done for them. Baldev Singh Bilowria, Vikram Randhawa, Sat pal Choudhary, Pitamber Lal, Ajay Pargal, Ludharmani Sharma, Ashok Ranyal, Ishant Gupta, Bharat Sharma, Surinder Choudhary, Naresh Sharma, Karan Sharma, Ashwani Khosla also accompanied the yatra.

J&K BJP ... Manhas asks ... arrangements following specific alert sent to Bihar Police by the Intelligence Bureau (IB) on October 23, ahead of the planned 'Hunkaar Rally' in which BJP stalwarts and Modi were participating. He said that while these blasts are highly condemnable, the patience displaced by lakhs of party activists assembled in the Gandhi Maiden to maintain peace and not allow any kind of stampede or violence once again proved that each activist of BJP works on the principle of peace and harmony. Meanwhile, Khanna expressed concern over delay in granting basic rights, compensation and other benefits to the refugees of West Pakistan, PoK and others, who have been agitating for over 60 years without response from "deaf governments". The BJP leader also lambasted the Congress-led UPA government and the NC-Congress coalition in the state for remaining silent on the situation along borders, where "Pakistan has led a proxy war for over two decades." Pakistan never honored any ceasefire agreement and has indulged in unprovoked firing repeatedly which resulted in killing of innocent civilians besides personnel of army and Paramilitary forces, he said. Khanna, who along with other BJP leaders, is undertaking 'Refugees Adhikaar Yatra' in Jammu. He said while a refugee like Manmohan Singh can become Prime Minister of India, three generations of lakhs of other refugees have perished demanding citizenship rights, right to vote and compensation for the property left in PoK. They are being subjected to discrimination and injustice for no fault, which is indeed very unfortunate. Khanna also lambasted the Congress-led UPA at the Centre and the NC-Congress coalition in the state for adopting complete silence on the situation on the borders, where Pakistan is involved in a proxy war for the past over two decades. Pakistan never honors any ceasefire agreement and indulges in unprovoked firing, which results into killing of innocent civilians besides personnel of army and Paramilitary forces, the BJP leader said. He assured that the BJP will continue to extend support and raise the voice of refugees and border area people at every appropriate forum.

BSF lodges ...

with equal measure any unprovoked firing from

Maintaining his missionary zeal and dedication to the party ideology, Shamsher Singh Manhas enthused party workers to remain prepared for the coming crucial elections-2014 and so appealed to them to strengthen booth level committees which will play a very significance role in garnering support for the victory of the party. He minced no words by stating that UPA government at the centre and coalition partners in the state have failed the aspirations of the people. The people of the state have seen mal-functioning of all the mainstream parties who have belied the hopes and accentuated corruption at all the pervasive levels making lives of common public miserable while the top leaders of NC and Congress are engaged in confusing the public with their perverted views nowhere near the ground realities. Under the circumstances, BJP is the only nationalist force who can preserve nation hood and fulfill the expectations of the people of this state and the country. Manhas also assured the gathering of more than 500 people over there to look at Narendra Modi as undisputed leader to change the destiny of the country and this repeatedly terrorized state of Jammu & Kashmir. This objective can only be achieved by making booths level committees very strong as real force to bring victory to the party fold. State Secretary Pawan Khajuria, while addressing party workers, informed of the strategy to strengthen booth level committees and encouraged workers to enrol new voters by directly working for the people and informing them with party's ideology and pro-people policies. He also conveyed to the party workers that they should not be trapped into the anti-BJP propaganda of communal hatred by the opponents against the party. District President Doda, Dalip Singh Parihar informed the members present which included representatives of 308 polling booths that Doda district assembly constituents comprise of 7 mandals and 36 polling stations and assured that the party workers are ready to meet the challenges in the area under any circumstances and also that mood of the people is to bring total political change for the betterment of the state. Shakti Parihar, Koushal Kotwal, Basant Raj, Sandoor Singh, Gian Chand and Bipna Manhas were prominent among those who spoke on the occasion

United States Air Force (USA) :: The United States Air Force is the strongest Air Force in the world. Initially, a part of the United States Army, the USAF was formed as a separate branch of the military on September 11, 1947 with the motto No One Comes Close. The USAF is among the most technologically advanced air forces in the world. As of 2010, the UASF operates 5,573 manned aircraft in service, approximately 180 unmanned combat air vehicles, 2,130 air-launched cruise missiles and 450 intercontinental ballistic missiles, thus being the owner of the largest number of warplanes in the world. The United States has been involved in many wars, conflicts using military air operations. The members of USAF are very health conscious. They adopt a more stringent physical fitness assessment. Russian Air Force (Russia) :: The Russian Air Force is the second strongest Air Force of the world. It was formed from parts of the former Soviet Air Force after the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991-1992. Some practical combat experience had been gained in participating in the Spanish Civil War, and against Japan in the far-east. However these experiences proved of little use in the Winter War against Finland, where soviet bombers and pilots were shot down by a relatively small number of Finnish Air Force pilots. During the Cold War, the Soviet Air Force were rearmed, strengthened and modern air doctrines were introduced. At its peak in the 1980s, it had deployed approximately 10,000 air-

craft and at the beginning of 1990s, the Soviet Union had an air force that in terms of quantity and quality fulfilled superpower standards. The Russian Air Force operates more than 3,000 strategic bombers, 4,500 fighter planes like the MiG-29 Fulcrum, MiG-25 Foxbat. The Russian Air Force has about 3,400 attack aircraft like Su-24 Fencer, Su-25 Frogfoot and Su-17 Fitter, thus making them as the second strongest air force of the world. Israeli Air Force (Israel) :: The third strongest air force of the world is the Israeli Air Force. It was founded on May 28, 1948 shortly after Israel declared its Independence. Looking at the history, one will realize that this air force had repeatedly exhibited its power to knock down its opponents. The strength of character of IAF consisted of 25 Avia S199s which were purchased from Czechoslovakia and 62 Supermarine Spitfire. Creativity and resourcefulness were the early foundations of Israeli military success in the air. The IAF is considered to be one of the most effective air forces in the world. Personnel trainings are of a very high standard, and it has a very large fleet of modern aircraftsmany of which are specially designed to meet the requirements of IAF. Since the country has always remained on the brink of terrorism and constant hostilities from

other countries in the region, the IAF had always remained alert and have been ready for any possible attacks. Royal Air Force (United Kingdom) :: The fourth in the list is the Royal Air Force of United Kingdom. It was formed on April 1, 1918 and it is the oldest independent air force in the world. The RAF has taken a significant role in the British Military History, playing a large part in the Second World War. The RAF is one of the most technologically sophisticated and capable air forces in the world. As of January 2012, it operated 826 aircraft, making it the largest air force in the European Union, and the second largest in terms of aircraft in NATO, only after United States Air Force. Elementary flying training is conducted on Tutor 1, a kind of aircraft where the basic training is provided to the pilots. More sophisticated aircrafts are used for training these pilots once they complete various stages in training. As of June 2011, the RAF has been planning the introduction of various new aircrafts like the Airbus A400M, the ageing aerial refueling fleet of VC 10s and Tri Stars will be replaced with the Airbus A330 MMRT. People's Liberation Army Air Force (China) :: The PLAAF is the aviation branch of the Peoples Liberation Army, the military

of the Peoples Republic of China. In 2010, the PLAAF had approximately 330,000 personnel and more than 2,500 aircraft, of which 1,617 were combat aircraft. The PLAFF is the largest air force in Asia, and is better known for comprising some of the deadliest self-reliance combat aircrafts. The PLAAF was founded with Soviet assistance on November 1, 1949, shortly after the formation of Peoples Republic of China. Referring to the history, the PLAAF had fought the Korean War in Soviet built MiG-15, known as the J-2 in Chinese service, with training from Soviet instructors. With the withdrawal of Soviet aid due to the SinoSoviet split, the air force had made serious efforts to raise the educational level and improve the training of their pilots. After the fall of USSR, Russia became Chinas principal arm suppliers. Today, the Chinese air force consists of lethal approach in the modern arena of air striking. Armee de I Air (France) :: The French Air Force is the air force of the French Armed Forces. It was formed in 1909 as the service arm of the French Army, and was then made an independent military arm in 1933. Dating back to history, the French had taken active interest in developing the air force from 1909. In the postWorld War 2 era, the French made a successful effort to develop a domestic aircraft

Indian Air Force (India) :: The Indian Air Force is the fourth largest air force in the world with approximately 170,000 personnel and 1,500 aircrafts. It was officially established on October 8, 1932 as a supporting air force of the British Raj. Since Independence, the Indian Air Force had been involved in several wars, one with neighboring Pakistan and one with the Peoples Republic of China. Other major operations undertaken by IAF are Operation Vijay- the invasion of Goa, Operation Meghdoot and Operation Cactus. The IAF had also been an active participant in United Nations peace keeping mission. During the Kargil War of 1999, the Indian Air Force had provided close air support to the Indian Army with the use of helicopters. The Indian Arm Forces have set up numerous military academies across India for training its personnel. Military Schools and Sainik Schools were founded to broaden the recruitment base of the Defence Forces. It is considered as one of the best equipped air forces across the world. Luftwaffe (Germany) :: Luftwaffe is the aerial warfare branch of the German Armed Forces. It was founded in 1956 and remains as the German Air Force to the present day. Going back to the history, Germany was forbidden to have air force

since the Treaty of Versailles and the German pilots trained secretly in violation of the treaty. In the modern era, the United States Government still lends nuclear weapons to Luftwaffe under the NATO nuclear sharing agreement. In 2005 and 2008, Luftwaffe F-4 Phantom fighter planes took part in the Baltic Air Policing operation of NATO. To support military operations in Afghanistan, the Luftwaffe had sent over several war planes in 2006. On May 1, 1996, the Luftwaffe established the German Air Force Tactical Training Center in with United States Air Force at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico, which provides aircrew training in the F-4 Phantom fighter planes. It has also established tactical training centers at Canadian Air Forces Command Base at Goose Bay. Royal Australian Air Force (Australia) :: It was formed in March 1921. The RAAF has taken part in many of the conflicts of the 20th century including World War 2, The Korean War and the Vietnam War. The motto of RAAF is Through Struggle to the Stars. Japan Air Self Defense Force (Japan) :: It is the aviation branch of the Japan Air Self Defense Force responsible for the defense of Japanese airspace and other aerospace operations. The JASDF had an estimate of 45,000 personnel in 2005. As of 2010, the JASDF operates 805 aircraft, 424 of being fighter aircrafts. The JASDF maintains an integrated network of radar installations and air defense direction centers throughout the country known as the Basic Air Defense Ground Environment. Before forming the Japanese Self Defense Forces after World War 2, Japan did not have a separate air force. Following World War 2, the Imperial Japanese Army and Navy were dissolved and replaced by the JSDF with the passing of the 1954 Self Defense Forces Law with the JASDF as the aviation branch.

Fifth PAK-FA prototype flown

he fifth prototype of the prospective 5th generation aviation complex (PAK FA, T-50) made its maiden flight in Komsomolsk-on-Amur at the Y.A.Gagarin KnAAZ aircraft plant of the Sukhoi Company. The plane was piloted by distinguished test pilot of the 1st class Roman Kondratiev. The fighter air-

craft spent 50 minutes in the air and landed safely on the factory airfield runway. The test flight was a success and in full accordance with the flight plan. The stability of the aircraft and the propulsion system were tested during the flight. The aircraft performed well in all phases of the planned flight program. The pilot confirmed

reliability of all systems and equipment. Upon completing the test flights program in Komsomolsk the aircraft will join the flight tests in the city of Zhukovsky near Moscow. Four 5th generation fighter aircraft have already joined these tests. Two more planes are involved in ground tests

one as a complex ground stand and the other undergoes static tests. The first flight of the PAK FA took place on January 29, 2010 in Komsomolsk-onAmur. Currently work is underway on the full range of ground and flight tests. To date, more than 450 flights were carried out under the flight test program.


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CRPF celebrates its Platinum Jubilee

SRINAGAR, OCT 29: Central Reserve Police Force on Tuesday celebrated its platinum jubilee and in this connection various functions and celebrations were organized at different places all across Kashmir Valley. The CRPF is an armed Force of the Union of India, with the basic role of maintaining internal security and assisting the State/Union Territories in maintaining law and order and counter insurgency operations. Reports said that CRPF has entered 75th year of its glorious history and Platinum jubilee celebration were held in this regard in Srinagar and other palces. On this occasion a medical camp was organized by 43rd battalion at Kesarmulla, Budgam while a blood donation camp was organized at 23 battalion, Karan Nagar in which approximate 100 personnel donated blood. A CRPF official said that 'Synergy cup cricket tournament' final was organized at Budgam Stadium by 35th Battalion in which MLA Budgam Aaga Sayed Raunallah, was the chief guest. Cultural programmes, mela and Bada Khana were also organized at Recruit Training Centre in Humamaha, Srinagar under the guidance and supervision of P.K. Singh, IGP, CRPF, Srinagar in which D.K. Pathak, Special DG, J&K zone was the chief guest.

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Sham concludes 3-day tour of Poonch-Rajouri JK to be first state to implement Child Inaugurates six PHE schemes worth Rs. 7.28 cr Health Screening programme in all districts
Scheme being launched this month; Shabir reviews implementation process
JAMMU, OCT 29- Jammu and Kashmir is all set to become the first state in North India to implement Rashtriya Bal Swasthya Karyakram (RBSK) - Child Health Screening and Early Intervention Services - in all the districts under National Rural Health Mission (NRHM). The implementation process of the scheme was reviewed on Tuesday by the Minister of State (Independent) Health and Family Welfare, Mr. Shabir Ahmed Khan. Addressing the meeting, the Minister said that RBSK is a new initiative undertaken by the Union Health Ministry and is aimed at screening children from 0 to 18 years for 4 Ds - defects at birth, diseases, deficiencies and development delays including disabilities. Children diagnosed with illnesses shall receive follow up including surgeries at tertiary level, free of cost under NRHM, he said. The Minister said that the Union Health Minister Mr. Ghulam Nabi Azad has been requested to launch the scheme formally in Jammu and Kashmir. "We must ensure that the implementation process is completed as per the deadline set by the department so that the programme is launched as per the schedule", the minister directed the concerned officers. He said that the Union Minister has been personally monitoring all the revolutionary schemes launched under health sector by the Congress led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government in the center. "It is the efforts and personal intervention of Mr. Ghualm Nabi Azad that Jammu and Kashmir is among few and the only state in North India to be in a position to implement the scheme in all the districts. The Union Minister is keen to ensure that the benefit reaches to the needy people across the state and in this direction we have been ensured all possible financial help", he said. Expressing gratitude to the union minister, Mr. Khan said that the health sector in Jammu and Kashmir has entered into a new phase of revolution and it is the endure of the coalition government in the state to ensure healthcare facilities at the doorstep of not only the urban but even to the population living in the rural and inaccessible areas. The meeting was informed that the District Health Societies across the state have already taken up the process to implement the scheme in their respective districts. In this regard almost all the District Societies have set the recruitment process in motion and same is expected to be completed by mid of this month. It was further told that under the new initiative a total of 773 posts, including Pediatricians, MBBS and AYUSH doctors, have been sanctioned and the state government has already received the funds from the Centre. The scheme will be implemented through dedicated mobile health teams placed in every medical block of the state. The teams will carry out screening of all children in the pre-school age enrolled at Anganwadi centres at least twice a year besides screening of all children studying in Government and Government aided schools, whereas the newborns will be screened for birth defects in health facilities by service providers and during the home visits by ASHAs. District Early Intervention Centres are being set up as first referral point for further investigation, treatment and management, he said adding that the tertiary care centre would be roped in for management of complicated cases requiring high-end medical care and treatment.

Aijaz visits far flung areas of Block Holistic dev of all the 3 regions is Mahore, listens to people's problems benchmark of present Govt: Gurezi
REASI, OCT 29: Minister of State for Revenue Relief and Rehabilitation, Aijaz Ahmed Khan on Tuesday visited Chasana area and listened to the grievances of local public and Panchayat Members. A team of District and Sectoral Officers of various departments, besides local political leaders Mumtaz Gulam Nabi, Jagdish Thakur and Sukhdev Singh accompanied the Minster. The panchs and sarpanchs of the area put forth their demands which were mainly related to provision for road connectivity to the area, upgradation of medical facility, opening of new and upgradation of existing government schools, besides provision for electricity supply. The Minister assured people for early completion of all development works and also

POONCH OCT 29- At the last leg of his 3-day tour of Rajouri and Poonch districts, Minister for PHE, Irrigation and Flood Control Mr. Sham Lal Sharma on Tuesday inaugurated six PHE schemes and laid foundation stone of one PHE scheme in far-flung areas of Poonch district. The PHE schemes inaugurated at Kulani, Nubna, Salotri, Dhar Kass, Dahrot, Balakote, and Surankote developed at a cost of Rs. 7.28 crore and would provide safe drinking water to over 10000 souls of over 2 dozen villages. The Water Supply Scheme at Nangali Sahib would be developed at an estimated cost of Rs. 1.71 crore and on completion over 1000 souls of half a dozen villages will be benefited with the facility of drinking water. During his tour to these twin districts, the Minister also took detailed review of all

ongoing schemes of PHE, Irrigation and Flood Control. He obtained complete feedback about the status of these schemes and over all drinking water scenario and irrigation potential. He also interacted with the people at different places en-route and listened to their grievances and issued on the spot instruction to the administration for addressing these on priority. Addressing largely attended public meetings at Nangali Sahib, Mendhar, Balakote and Surankote, the Minister said that the government was determined to improve all basic services for the people in all three regions of the State, especially in the rural and far-flung areas. He said during the past over five years, the government has given focused attention to upgrade the existing infrastructure of all vital sectors, like PHE, Health, Education,

Road Connectivity and Social Welfare and there is a sea change in the situation and improvement is visible on ground. Maintaining that PRIs are the vital ground level institutions to ensure development in the rural areas, the Minister said that Panchayats will be further empowered so that they can contribute equally in the development process. He asked the Sarpanches and Panches to serve the people as per their mandate for which they have been voted to power by the people. He asked them to play their supervisory role in the designated departments. In order to get rid of the problem of drinking water in these twin districts, the Minister directed the engineers to formulate mega schemes, keeping in view the future requirements of the areas.

Sagar visits Khanyar Constituency

assured that the demands projected by them would be met in a phased manner. He instructed the officers present to make people aware about all government programmes and involve members of PRIs in decision making. The Minister further asked the people of area to maintain harmony and brotherhood and cautioned them against the divisive elements. He said that development is not possible without peace and the society shall expose those who are bend upon to create trouble. He further added development of far flung areas is one of the main agenda of government and this objective can be achieved only with the cooperation of people. SRINAGAR, OCT 29: Minister of State for PHE, Irrigation and Flood Control, Mr. Nazir Ahmad Gurezi has said that the priority of the Government is holistic development of all the three regions of the State to usher progress and prosperity in the State. He said that remarkable progress on all fronts has been witnessed by the people who are appreciating people friendly policies of the current Government headed by young and dynamic Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah. Mr. Gurezi was addressing way side gatherings during his tour to various areas including Serch and Pathipora Chattergul Kangan of Ganderbal district on Tuesday. The Minister said several measures have been taken by the Government for the upliftment of the weaker sections of the society especially for the development of the people living in remote and hilly areas. He asked the agriculture, horticulture, animal and sheep husbandry officers to gear up their field functionaries and ensure that the benefits of flagship programmes launched by the centre and state governments percolated to the deserving at gross root level. He also asked them to make aware general masses about the welfare scheme of their respective departments. Enroute, several deputations met the Minister and apprised him about their individual and collective problems including construction of protection bunds, lanes, drains and up gradation of link roads. The Minister gave them patient hearing and assured that their genuine demands will be looked into on priority.

Inaugurates Ration Depot at Mughal Mohalla Rainawari

SRINAGAR, OCT 29: Saying that delivery of basic amenities to people at their door steps is among priorities of present government, Minister for Rural Development and Panchayat Raj, Mr. Ali Mohammad Sagar enjoined upon the officers to work with more dedication and to ensure availability of basic amenities including essentialities to the people, particularly during ensuing winter months. This was stated by the Minister while inaugurating a Ration Depot at Mughal Mohalla Rainawari in Khanyar constituency, a long pending demand of the people of the area, which has been constructed at a cost of Rs 10 lakh. Mr. Sagar also visited various areas of the Constituency and took stock of developmental works being executed in the

Div Com discusses arrangements for Gurupurab celebration

JAMMU, OCTOBER 29:Divisional Commissioner Jammu, Shantmanu on Tuesday discussed the arrangements for the Guru Nanak Devi 547th Birth Anniversary here at a joint meeting of the officials and District Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee (DGPC) members. The meeting was attended by President District Gurudwara Prabandak Committee, S. Dalip Singh, Joint Director Information, Jammu, Smita Sethi, Secretary, S. Mela Singh, Joint Secretaries, S. Manjit Singh and S. Bana Singh, Cashier, S. Attar Singh Deputy Director, RDD, S. Gurmukh Singh, Director Land Management, JDA, S. Jatinder Singh, General Manager, Gurudwara Prabandak Committee, S. Tejinder Singh besides members of SGPC. The meeting discussed in detail the arrangements for smooth conduct of

Gurupurab falling on17th November, 2013. It was informed in the meeting that the main function will be held at Gurudwara Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji near Gummat Bazar where thousands of devotees perform prayers and attend Akhand Path followed by Shabad Kirtan and Langer. Prabhat Pheri would also begin from 7th of November, 2013 besides recitation of Guru Granth Sahib in all Gurudwaras in the morning. The Divisional Commissioner said that nec-

essary instructions would be issued to all the concerned departments to ensure all arrangements well in time for smooth celebration of Gurupurab. The Divisional Commissioner constituted Programme Implementation Committee comprising of three members including Secretary DGPC, Joint Secretary DGPC and Director Land Management. Similarly, Procurement Committee was constituted which comprises of Cashier and two members of DGPC.

Strengthening of PRI's vital for grass root development: Shyam Lal Bhagat Govt committed to provide basic DODA, OCTOBER 29- the occasion. Strengthening of Panchayats The MLC said coordinated facilities to far flung areas: Lone Raj Institutions is vital for and collective efforts are
grass root level development and upliftment of rural and backward areas, stated MLC, Shyam Lal Bhagat while reviewing the devolution of powers to PRI's in block Assar here on Tuesday. ACD Doda Mr. Rakesh Kumar, Zonal and block level officers, Sarpanchs and Panchs besides officers of line departments and people of the block were present on required to be made for ground level awareness of welfare schemes among the masses so that benefits of these could percolate down to the poor people. He said the development of rural areas of the block is receiving focused attention of the government and schemes like MGNREGA, IAY, SSA, etc. are being implemented on ground for desired results. KARGIL, OCT 29: Minister for Higher Education, Mohammad Akbar Lone on Tuesday said that the government is aware of the problems being faced by the people of remote and far flung areas particularly of Kargil district. The Minister was addressing a public gathering at Padam Zanskar here on Tuesday. He said that government is committed to extend all basic facilities to the people living in these areas which include education medicare facilities, safe drinking water and adequate power supply. Referring to the activities of Higher Education Dept, the Minister said that Science stream will be introduced in Higher Secondary School, Padam from next academic session. Political Advisor to Chief

area. He exhorted upon the concerned agencies to expe dite all the ongoing works to ensure timely completion of works as per schedule. Stressing on judicious use of funds, he directed the concerned officers to use qualitative material at all levels. The Minister also announced

that one more Ration Depot shall be established at Surteng Rainawari at a cost of Rs. 8 lakh which shall cater the large populace of the area. A number of deputations called on the Minister during the tour and put forth various issues before him.

Minister, Mr. Qamar Ali Akhoon, Minister of State for Science and Technology, Mr. Feroz Ahmad Khan, Minister of State for Animal and Sheep Husbandry, Nazir Ahmad Gurezi, Provincial President, NC and MLA, Nasir Aslam Wani were present on the occasion. Besides MLC Kargil, Syed Ahmad Rizvi and councillors also attended the meeting.

Vikar inaugurates dev works; lays foundation stone for food stores
Addresses public meeting at Mahu, announces dispensary, roads
BANIHAL,29 OCT: Minister of state for Technical Education, Power, CAPD, RDD and Information, Vikar Rasool Wani conducted an extensive tour of block Banihal of district Ramban on Tuesday. The Minister inaugurated four room additional accommodations at Higher secondary school Mahu, constructed with a cost of Rs. 52.58 lakh under state plan. He also inaugurated three power transformers worth Rs. 38 lakh which would benefit 158 families of the areas under RGVVY. Besides, he laid foundation stone of Food Store of 140 MT capacity to be established at an estimated cost of Rs. 57.30 lakh under state sector. Addressing the gathering, the Minister said that the centre government has started various social and developmental schemes for upliftment of women, children, old aged and other weaker sections of the society. He asked the officers of different departments to create massive awareness about their programmes so that people are not deprived of these benefits

CS visits Shopian, Pulwama, meets several deputations

Reviews plan progress, winter preparations
SHOPIAN, OCT 29: Chief Secretary Mohammad Iqbal Khandey on Tuesday asked district administration Shopian to make advance preparations for snow clearance keeping all necessary equipment and machinery at place besides ensuring adequate stocks of essentials are stocked by or before November 10, 2013. Chief Secretary, in a bid to provide interaction opportunities to the public besides reviewing development progress and winter preparedness in Kashmir Valley is currently on a weeklong visit to various Districts. Chief Secretary, on Tuesday visited Shopian and Pulwama Districts after holding review meetings at Kulgam and Anantnag on Monday in South Kashmir, accompanied by Divisional Commissioner Kashmir, Shalindra Kumar, Special Secretaries to the Chief Secretary, Chief Engineers of PDD, PHE, PWD, Irrigation & flood control, Mechanical, PMGSY, Mughal Road, besides Director Health Services, horticulture, agriculture, education and other senior offi-

mere for lack of knowledge about the same. He also appealed the people to ensure their participation in all spheres of development and growth in their areas for effective implementation of development programmes being launched under various state and centrally sponsored schemes. Earlier, the Minister inspected the Mahu road project work and instructed the officers of PMGSY to speed up the work for its completion before snowfall. Meanwhile, Vikar Rasool also addressed a public gathering at Mahu and announced a dispensary for Bijnari and two road projects Mahu to Mangit and Mahu to

Bloo under PMGSY. He reiterated that the uncovered areas will soon be electrified. The people apprised the Minister of demands and problems of their respective areas which included road projects, electrification, water supply, health centres, bank branch, more anganwari centres and solar lights. The Minister assured the public that their genuine demands will be fulfill in a shortest possible time.Xen PWD, Xen PMGSY, DIO, Tehsil Dar, DYSP, AD CAPD, AEE, PDD and various officers of different departments, sarpanchs, panchs and other prominent citizens attended the function.

cers. At Shopian, several Deputations called on the Chief Secretary, apprising him about various issues confronting them and sought their redressal. The deputations comprising Traders Federation, Fruit Growers, Auqaf, Citizens Welfare Forum, Members of Bar Association and senior citizens had detailed interaction with the Chief Secretary, who heard them patiently and assured them that their grievances shall be looked into on priority. During the review meeting held with District administration, Deputy Commissioner, Shopian briefed the Chief Secretary about development

progress and plan achievements for the current fiscal. He said, out of the annual plan outlay of Rs. 65.29 crore and availability of Rs 29.86 crore, till date Rs 16.15 Crore have been spent on various developmental works under different sectors. While reviewing progress under various sectors, Chief Secretary, called for launching vigorous awareness campaign across the District to improve literacy rate especially among the women. He also directed for bringing all the farmers under the Kissan Credit Card Scheme for availing various types of financial incentives and benefits under different schemes. He asked PDD to improve,

revenue realization besides ensuring repairing and replacing damaged transformers during ensuing winter. He said besides informing people about their power schedule through mass media publicity, it should be ensured that power supply remains available to consumers as per announced time schedule. Further, Chief Secretary emphasized on carrying out multi-stage water analysis tests to ensure availability of potable drinking water to consumers in the District. He asked Director Health to release funds immediately meant for land acquisition for further expansion of the under construction District

Hospital, Shopian. He also directed for making available adequate quantity of Timber to the people for construction purposes and use during the winter especially in mosques. Later, in the afternoon, Chief Secretary visited Pulwama and reviewed the overall developmental scenario besides stock and supply position in the district. Deputy Commissioner, Pulwama, Mr. Manzoor Ahmad Lone through a PowerPoint presentation apprised the meeting that Rs. 17.69 crores, out of the allotted Rs. 31.77 crore for current fiscal were expended on the execution of various developmental works and welfare schemes.

Oct 30 p4.qxd 10/29/2013 10:40 PM Page 1



We are under no pressure, says Ashwin
NAGPUR: It may be a door-die encounter for India but off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin on Tuesday insisted that the home team was under no added pressure despite trailing Australia 1-2 ahead of the sixth and penultimate game of the ODI series on Wednesday. "There is no pressure as such we are just going out and enjoying ourselves. This game is going to be crucial, so we just want to enjoy ourselves and see where we can take it. It has been a good and tight series so far," said Ashwin ahead of the game at the VCA Stadium in Jamtha. India lost the first and third ODIs in Pune and Mohali, chased a huge score of 359 successfully in the second game at Jaipur, before the fourth and fifth matches in Ranchi and Cuttack respectively were washed out. The Indian bowling attack has been regularly carted around by the Australian batsmen, with captain George Bailey and opener Aaron Finch in an especially punishing mood. Ashwin, who too has been a disappointment so far, said every bowler has been trying to improve. "We are constantly looking to improve as such. There are always areas that you can work on, constantly looking

Tendulkar's half-ton keeps Mumbai hopes alive

LAHLI: Sachin Tendulkar warmed up for his farewell series against the West Indies next month with a gritty unbeaten half-century to keep Mumbai's chances alive in their Ranji Trophy match against a spirited Haryana on Tuesday. Featuring in his last Ranji Trophy innings, Tendulkar played the lone-ranger as he remained not out on a patient 55 at stumps on the third day, with Mumbai, set a target of 240, needing another 39 runs to win with four wickets in hand. The 40-time defending champions were 201 for six at close of day, with Dhawal Kulkarni giving Tendulkar packed crowd who had been awaiting his arrival at the crease with bated breath. The champion batsman, who will walk into sunset after playing his landmark 200th Test against the West Indies next month, decorated his innings with four hits to the fence while facing 122 balls. One shot that brought back the days of yore was the cracker of a cover drive Tendulkar produced off pacer Ashish Hooda, attracting huge cheers from the packed crowd. Chants of 'Sachin, Sachin' was heard almost all day long and he obliged his fans in this sleepy village by recording his 115th firstclass fifty. Tendulkar, who was dismissed for five in the first innings, got to his 50 when he flicked Joginder Sharma for two through the vacant square leg region, bringing the crowd to its feet. The 40-year-old Tendulkar was concentration personified as he looked to bail Mumbai out of a difficult situation by bringing into play all his experience. He was far from being his aggressive best, but on this tricky track at the Chaudhary Bansi Lal Stadium, patience was the order of the day and Tendulkar showed that in abundance.

company on six. Resuming at 224 for nine, Haryana were all bowled out for 241 earlier in the day.

After that Tendulkar held centrestage by showing signs of regaining his form, much to the delight of the

Sardara rested, Manpreet to lead India at Asian Hockey Champions Trophy

NEW DELHI: India skipper Sardara Singh has been rested for 3rd Asian Champions Trophy as Hockey India (HI) today announced a young 18member squad, to be led by midfielder Manpreet Singh, for the tournament in Kakamigahara, Japan from November 2-10. Manpreet led India admirably during the 3rd Sultan of Johor Cup and guided the junior team to victory in Ipoh. The upcoming tournament will be good preparations for the Junior World Cup, scheduled in December and the squad includes 13 players from the side that won the colts' title recently. Kothajit Singh has been named the vice-captain for the six-nation tournament that involves China, Japan, Malaysia, Oman and Pakistan. India will open their campaign against China on November 2, followed by matches against Japan (Nov 3), Oman (Nov 5), Pakistan (Nov 7) and Malaysia (Nov 8). India, who won the inaugural competition, finished the runners-up after losing to Pakistan 4-5 in the final in 2012.

Dimitrov continues streak as French woes worsen

HI selectors B P Govinda, R P Singh and Arjun Halappa, Roelant Oltmans, Director High Performance, Gregg Clark, foreign coach junior men team and Baljeet Singh Saini, coach junior men team alongwith government Observer Harbinder Singh selected the squad during the trials conducted at Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium here on October 910. "The Asian Champions Trophy gives us an opportunity to allow our junior players to showcase their skills and gain experience in the international environment," HI Secretary General Narinder Batra said. List of players:

Goalkeepers: Sushant Tirkey, Harjot Singh; Defenders: Gurjinder Singh, Amit Rohidas, Surender Kumar, Sukhmanjit Singh, Pardeep Mor; Midfielders: Prabhdeep Singh, Manpreet Singh (Capt), Satbir Singh, Harjeet Singh, Imran Khan, Kothajit Singh (Vice-Capt); Forwards: Malak Singh, Mandeep Singh, Talwinder Singh, Akashdeep Singh, Ramandeep Singh. Standbys: Jagdeep Dayal (Goalkeeper), Gagandeep Singh (Defender), Jarmanpreet Singh (Defender), Lalit Upadhyay (Midfielder), Affan Yousuf (Forward), Amon Mirash Tirkey (Forward).

PARIS: Bulgaria's Grigor Dimitrov continued his rich vein of form on Tuesday as he marched into the second round of the Paris Masters with a three-set win over Frenchman Michael Lodra. The lanky 22-year-old lost the opening set in a tie-break before taking control and setting up a meeting against Italian 16th seed Fabio Fognini with a 6-7 (5/7), 6-3, 6-3 victory. The highly touted Dimitrov picked up his first ATP win last weekend when he triumphed in Stockholm and continues to impress since taking on Leyton Hewitt's former coach Roger Rasheed. His win in Sweden was the first for a Bulgarian in the Open era and this result took his record for the season on indoor surfaces to 13 wins in 16 matches. Lodra meanwhile, who is a two-time semi-finalist at

Bercy, became the fifth Frenchman to be eliminated in two days of action. Earlier, Poland's Michal Przysiezny broke his duck against veteran Jarkko Nieminen by defeating the Finn for the first time in four meetings 6-3, 7-6 (8/6). The 29-year-old, who came into the week ranked 65 in the world will now face American 13th seed John Isner for a place in the last16. There was more bad news for French fans when two-time finalist Gael Monfils pulled out of the tournament on the eve of his first round match against Canadian Davis Cup semifinalist Vasek Pospisil. Pospisil, who narrowly lost to Roger Federer in last weekend's Swiss Indoors semi-finals has climbed to 32 in the world and will now face lucky loser Pablo Andujar of Spain.

to improve on. I have been trying to work on bowling more and more because that's the only way that you can get better. There is nothing as such to worry. The name of the game is to keep improving," said the Chennai offspinner. Asked about the way the visitors have upped the tempo in the middle and final overs, Ashwin said the Aussie batsmen had played some high risk shots and succeeded and it was a challenge for him and others to counter. "It is the trend of the series. We have been chasing down big scores. We have chased down 360. The score has predominately been around 300. Any team that has batted first has predominately got around 300-run mark. "It's definitely challenging in terms of what the batsmen

are doing. They are going for their shots. They are playing the high risk shots, the credit needs to be given. But as I said we keep trying to devise different strategies and see what we can do." When questioned about the impact the ODI rule changes on field restrictions was having on the bowlers, the offspinner said his focus was on trying to find ways to cope up with them as best as he could. "As I have already said, the demands of the game are such that you need to keep evolving as a cricketer. As long as the decision is not in my court, I cannot do anything about it. Whatever decision is being made I will have to try and cope with it. I am sure all cricketers are doing the same thing," he said.

Ad hoc body will run cricket administration in HP: CM

D H A R A M S A L A : Justifying his actions of cancelling the land lease with HPCA, Himachal Pradesh chief minister Virbhadra Singh on Tuesday said that an ad hoc body has been formed to run the cricket affairs in the state and all the matches will be held as scheduled. "An ad hoc body has been formed to control cricket in state and it shall be expanded with inclusion of cricketers and cricket lovers," Singh said, without elaborating further on the issue. Speaking at a function, Singh denied accusations of being autocratic, saying that HPCA was given prime land on a nominal rental to function as a society and not as Company. "Government has given land at Rs one per year to develop cricket to HPCA, which was a society. Later the HPCA changed itself to a company, which is not acceptable to us, so we have cancelled the lease. Where is the dictatorship?" he asked. Singh assured that matches scheduled in the state will not be affected by this move. "Government is in continuous touch with the BCCI on the subject of cricket matches in Himachal after the taking over of the properties of HPCA and we are assured that the matches shall go on as usual," he said. The Congress government took over the Dharamsala cricket stadium and all other HPCA properties in a midnight drama, hours after state cabinet meeting chaired by Singh decided to cancel the lease deed of the land allotted to HPCA on Saturday night.

DRS moves put heat on Ashes umpires

SYDNEY: Controversial umpiring punctuated the last Ashes series but match officials may be under more pressure in the upcoming Tests as they grapple with a much-changed Decision Review System (DRS). Tensions involving DRS ran high during England's 3-0 home win this year, with interventions from team and International Cricket Council (ICC) officials, and even a complaint from Australia's prime minister. Australia were incensed when the umpire missed a clear edge from Stuart Broad to slip at a key moment in the first Test, and they had no reviews left to challenge the decision. And they were even more enraged in the third Test, when the third umpire failed to overturn an erroneous decision to give out Usman Khawaja. "That was one of the worst cricket umpiring decisions I have ever seen," tweeted Kevin Rudd, Australia's prime minister at the time. However, the umpires will face a different challenge in Australia after host broadcaster Channel Nine dumped the costly and inconsistent Hot Spot infra-red technology. That means the third umpire will have to judge reviews based on Eagle Eye the ball-tracking system, audio from stumps microphones and slow-motion replays. The ICC has also announced both teams will have their reviews topped up to two after 80 overs of a Test innings, meaning more umpiring decisions will be challenged and the third umpire will be called on more often. The third umpire's job appears straightforward, but it is considered so demanding that the ICC is giving specialist training in a bid to improve standards.

Yuki wins, Divij-Raja bow out in ATP Challengers

NEW DELHI: Yuki Bhambri advanced to the singles quarterfinals of the ATP Challenger event in Taralgon, Australia after his opponent Brendon Moore retired in second set of the first round match. Yuki had won the first set 62 and was leading the second 1-0 when the Australian qualifier conceded the match after 42 minutes due to shin pain in both the legs. The Indian next faces Kiwi Michael Venus, who defeated Australia's Dane Propoggia 6-3 6-3 in his first round match. Earlier, Yuki had lost in the doubles first round with American partner Mitchell Krueger. They lost 4-6 4-6 to local pair of Maverick Banes and Gavin Van Peperzeel. Meanwhile, in the Eckental Challenger tournament in Germany, top seeded Indian pair of Divij Sharan and Purav Raja made a shock first round exit.

Darryn Randall dies after being hit by ball

JOHANNESBURG: South African cricketer Darryn Randall died on Monday after being hit on the head while batting in a Premier League match. Randall, 32, was hit on the side of the head in attempting to pull a short delivery during a match between Old Selbornians and Fort Hare University, held under the auspices of the Border Cricket Board, at Alice. He collapsed immediately and was rushed to the Alice Hospital where medical staff was unable to revive him. CSA condoles death Cricket South Africa condoled the death of Randall, who represented Border in four first-class matches as well as the various provincial youth teams. This is a very sad day, indeed, said CSA Chief Executive Haroon Lorgat. I would like to convey CSAs deepest condolences on behalf of the South African cricketing family not just to his family and friends but also to all the players, umpires, clubs and everybody else who was present at this match. CSA will be offering counselling to all those involved, Lorgat added. Randall had established himself as a coach of note, running a highly regarded cricket academy at Stirling Primary School where he had once been a pupil. He is survived by his mother and fiancee.

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Syria's chemical weapons have lost whatever deterrent value they ever had. Israel has acquired anti-missile defences to shoot down most Syrian missiles That prize should have been given to me, joked Syria's President Bashar alAssad shortly after the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize on October 11. The guests gathered in his palace in Damascus presumably laughed, out of courtesy to their host, but they all knew that giving up Syria's chemical weapons hadn't been Mr Assad's idea at all. Since 2003, Syria has demanded that the countries in the region dismantle their weapons of mass destruction, and the chemical weapons were meant to be a bargaining chip in Syria's hands in exchange for Israel dismantling its nuclear arsenal, the Syrian president continued. Today the price (of the bargaining chip) has changed, and we have agreed to give up our chemical weapons to remove the threat of the US attacking us. He's really doing it, too. Sixty out of a planned 100 OPCW inspectors are already in Syria, and they have made no complaints about a lack of cooperation by Damascus. By the end of this month they will have completed their initial verification visits and confirmed that Syria's account of its chemical weapons and facilities is accurate and conceals nothing. Significantly, the inspectors have so far found no bombs, shells or missiles that are actually filled with poison gas, which suggests that Syria's chemical weapons were in a very low state of readiness. It also greatly eases the next phase of the OPCW's task, the destruction of the actual chemicals, since it is a tricky and dangerous business to extract the liquefied poison gas from a projectile that also contains the explosives to disperse it when it lands. Syria has an estimated 1,000 metric tonnes of toxic chemicals: Around 300 tonnes of sulfur mustard, a blistering agent, and about 700 tonnes of the nerve agents Sarin and VX. But if none of it is weaponised (loaded into projectiles), and much of the nerve agent is in precursor form, as separate, less toxic components, then OPCW's goal of finishing the job by mid-2014 seems feasible. Even if it has to be done in the midst of a civil war. It's quite clear that Mr Assad did not plan all this. His forces (or somebody else's) used poison gas in Damascus, though the attack was pointless in military terms. President Barack Obama was trapped by his previous loose talk about an American red line into threatening to bomb Syria. And the Russians got Mr Obama off the hook (and saved Mr Assad from a severe pounding) by persuading the Syrian leader to renounce his chemical weapons. But what has Mr Assad really lost? The chemical weapons, which have lost their deterrent value over the past few years, were meant to be used only after Israel used its nuclear weapons, he says, but it was never a very credible deterrent. Israel's unstoppable nuclear weapons could annihilate Syria, whereas the very effective Israeli civil defence organisation would have made mass casualties unlikely even in a worstcase Syrian gas attack. In any case, Syria's chemical weapons have indeed now lost whatever deterrent value they ever had, for Israel has acquired good anti-missile defences that would shoot down most incoming Syrian missiles. Syria actually stopped producing new chemical weapons in 1997, Mr Assad said, because they had lost their military usefulness. So everybody wins. Mr Obama escapes from the new Middle Eastern war that he dreaded. Moscow gets huge diplomatic credit for coming up with the formula that averted that war, and saves its Syrian client as well. Mr Assad regains a measure of respectability by nobly relinquishing his useless chemical weapons. And the OPCW gets the Nobel Peace Prize. The only losers are the Syrian people on both sides of a dreadful civil war, which looks set to drag on indefinitely.

Stop pointing fingers, find Patna blasts culprits True to form, certain senior Congress and Janata Dal (United) leaders shamelessly rushed to see conspiracies that could benefit the Bharatiya Janata Party, behind the serial blasts that occurred hours before Mr Narendra Modi began his speech at the Hunkaar Rally in Patna on Sunday. The unsaid part in their rumination was that people sympathetic to the BJP's cause could have engineered the violence to reap political dividend. This mischievous speculation was for them more important than the fact that innocent people had lost their lives or that adequate medical aid was not promptly available to the scores of injured who landed in hospitals or that there was a major lapse in security measures at the site of the rally where several lakh people had gathered to hear Mr Modi. Congress general secretary Digvijaya Singh was among the first to float his old theory, which has one constant: Every time there is terror violence in the country, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh or its affiliates must be responsible. He did that on many earlier occasions, including on the blasts at Bodh Gaya in Bihar. The Congress has not found it fit to rebuke him for repeatedly shooting his mouth off and without waiting for investigations to even begin, let alone complete. It does not matter to the party's high command that its senior leaders not just jump the gun and create a disharmonious environment but also that the speculation of these leaders have turned out to be far from true. For instance, investigating authorities believe that the Bodh Gaya incident could be the handiwork of Islamist terror elements. Similarly, Patna Police has indicated that the Indian Mujahideen could be involved in the Sunday blasts in Patna. That these revelations expose the lies of irresponsible leaders of the Congress, does not appear to matter for the party, which is desperate to cash in on any incident, howsoever tragic and inimical to national security, to prop up its sagging electoral fortune. Certain leaders of the JD(U), which rules Bihar, too have resorted to the dangerous game, and not just because they want to condemn the BJP and the rest of the Sangh Parivar. The JD(U) wants to deflect public attention from its Government's lapses. Thus, we have one of its leaders say that he finds the timing of the blasts suspicious, although he offers no justification for the remark. Since law and order is a State subject, the JD(U) cannot wash its hands of the incident. From all bipartisan accounts, crowd control and security measures were poor in Patna where lakhs of people had gathered for the rally the first by Mr Modi in many years in Bihar. The Chief Minister had on some pretext absented himself from the city, and returned only after the gravity of the situation hit home. Senior BJP leader Ravi Shankar Prasad has alleged that the district administration went back on key assurances it had given the organisers when they met officials in the run-up to the rally. There were few ambulances at the site to meet an emergency, no or few bomb disposal squads, and no crowd control measures in place. This is shocking, given that every official of the State knew beforehand the scale of the event. Political differences will always be there in a robust democracy such as ours, but there is no place for violence.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh told media persons a few days ago that he was not above the law and that he was ready to face questions from the Central Bureau of Investigation in regard to the latest FIR filed by the agency and the controversy surrounding coal block allocations to Hindalco. This seems to convey the impression that the Prime Minister is indeed a self-effacing person, who, when it comes to modesty, outscores even the humble farmer, who was one of his predecessors. But we must guard against such syrupy interpretations, specially in view of the corrupt environment that has prevailed in the corridors of powers in New Delhi in recent years. In fact, Coalgate offers us evidence which seems to suggest, contrary to popular belief, that the rot set in almost immediately after Mr Singh assumed office. There are two reasons for this: First, the Comptroller and Auditor Generals damning indictment of the manner in which Mr Singhs Government gave away coal a scarce natural resource to the private sector in a manner which lacked transparency, has been in the public domain since last year. Second, the correspondence then Coal Secretary PC Parakh had with the Cabinet Secretary at the time when the Government was contemplating introduction of competitive bidding of coal blocks. The CAG gives us a chronological analysis of what transpired within the Government on the issue of allocation of coal blocks. This is the sequence of events: Within a month of assuming office, the UPA Government declared on June 28, 2004, that captive coal

blocks would be allotted through competitive bidding. The Secretary (Coal) sent a note to the Minister of State in the Ministry on July 16 regarding competitive bidding for allocation of coal blocks. On July 30, the Secretary wrote that the present system of allocation (allotments by a Screening Committee), even with modifications, would not be able to achieve the objectives of transparency and objectivity in the allocation process. On August 20, the Secretary was asked by the Minister of State to prepare a draft Cabinet Note. Meanwhile on September 11, a note was initiated from the PMO detailing certain disadvantages of allocation of coal blocks through competitive bidding. A fortnight hence, the Secretary sent a draft note to the MOS in which he said there was hardly any merit in the objections raised (by the PMO). The CAG said the Secretarys note spoke of the different kinds of pulls and pressures experienced by the screening committee during the decision-making process and spoke of the desirability of taking a decision in respect of all pending applications on the basis of competitive bidding. The MOS was not pleased by the stand taken by the Secretary. On October 4, he told the Secretary that the proposal for competitive bidding may not be pursued further as it would entail further delay in allocation of coal blocks. But the clincher came on October 15, when the idea of competitive bidding was buried fathoms deep by Prime Minister Manmohan Sings office. Quoting from the file, the CAG said: Secretary (Coal) stated that the policy of allotment of coal blocks through competitive bidding was discussed in the PMO and it was felt that... it would not be appropriate to change the allotment policy through competitive bidding in respect of applications received on the basis of existing policy. So, the file was tossed around in this way for many months, solely with the objective of dumping the idea of competitive bidding. In fact the Government took eight years to prepare the legal ground for competitive bidding via amendment of the law, formulation of rules and notifications announcing competitive bidding via auctions for coal mines. This happened only on February 2, 2012. Next, we need to see what the Secretary (Coal) had to say about the environment within the Manmohan Singh Government, as on March 22, 2005, (that is 10 months after Mr Singh became Prime Minister). In a letter to the Cabinet Secretary, he said Coal mafia is not outside the Government. It exists in the

Ministry of Coal... There are no easy and short cut solutions to the problem of coal mafia in the current political and administrative milieu of the country. Dealing with the coal mafia requires strong political commitment at Central and State Government level... Given this sequence of events and the CAGs damning indictment of the Governments policy on allocation of coal blocks which has resulted in a humongous loss to the exchequer, it is no surprise that the CBIs investigators are knocking on the doors of 7 Race Course Road. Though many of his Governments policies pertaining to disbursement of scarce resources (2G, Coal reserves etc) has been anything but transparent, Mr Singh has tried to put up a brave face by saying that he is not above the law and that he will ready to face the CBI investigators. That nobody is above the law in a democracy, is a truism that hardly needs reiteration. All citizens are aware of this and want all fellow citizens who hold public office like Mr Singh, to be particularly aware of this. We also know that this humble submission by the Prime Minister is coming in the light of the close monitoring of the Coalgate investigations by the Supreme Court, which ordered it in the first place. We also know that this humble persona did not exist when the CAGs report on coal block allotments was tabled in Parliament last year because Mr Singh watched from the sidelines as leaders of his party attributed motives to the then CAG, Mr Vinod Rai, and even accused him of harbouring political ambitions. Thereafter, a Public Interest Litigation was filed in the Supreme Court and the court ordered a CBI probe. As the investigating agency began its enquiry, Mr Singhs Government tried to interfere with the investigations and even made a brazen attempt to doctor the CBIs report to the court. Among those who attempted this were the then Law Minister Ashwani Kumar, Attorney General GE Vahanvati, and some officials of the PMO. They were caught in the act and the Minister lost his job. Where was the Prime Ministers humble persona at that time when he sent his officials to doctor the CBIs report? Why did he have bureaucrats who lack basic constitutional etiquette working for him? Did he not know then that he is not above the law? And did his Law Minister and the Attorney General not know that they are not above the law?


If he becomes Prime Minister, how will Narendra Modi handle the defence and security challenges that India faces from Pakistan? Will he deliver on his current belligerence or will he calm down by the weight the new responsibility adds on him? Possibly the first challenge Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi will face if and when he takes charge as Prime Minister, will be that of terrorism. It will be likely that the Pakistani military establishment will choose to test him or humiliate him, as the case may be. Their chosen vehicle for such provocations/tests will be the time-tested route of terror, against which India has thus far proven impotent. Mr Modi has, to date, made some muscular statements on the subject but when a large-scale attack eventuates he would basically set himself in a trap where he will either have to respond forcefully or end up looking weak on security at the very outset. Both routes are perilous. If on the one hand, he chooses to go the military route, he will be getting advice from an Army that has not been bloodied in a fullscale war since 1971. While in public people praise the professionalism of the Army, in private the discourse is quite different. A spate of recent scandals have been compounded by extraordinarily dangerous and borderline suicidal ideas like Cold Start emanating from the Army. So, if Mr Modi chooses the military route he will be sanctioning an action over which he will lose control very rapidly and one that may escalate to a nuclear conflagration. This, of course, is what Pakistan has always warned about. If on the other hand, he does not respond, much of his electoral promises of being a man of action, a man willing to take on and defeat enemies, evaporates. Moreover, it opens him up to attack by political opponents. This is why Mr Modi needs to decide as soon as possible what his foreign and defence policies are going to be Hindu nationalist or realist, and sadly never the twain shall meet. If he chooses the realist path we arrive at two inescapable conclusions: Pakistan is an economic entity of the Pakistan Army. The second is that deterring Pakistan also has a component of reassurance built in. What this means is that, if Mr Modi is to hit Pakistan and deter it from further action, he needs first and foremost to build up reassurance mechanisms military and economic. The military aspect of this involves bypassing the Army altogether for air and navalbased solutions. For far too long the Army is using its overwhelming numbers to completely eclipse the role of the Navy and Air Force that are much better suited to this purpose. This is usually characteristic of a country that doesnt understand or refuses to understand technology. Today, our access to Western technology gives us a range of options never before available to us. The issue with Army-based solutions has been that they only present linear solutions like land grabs. The problem with this is fourfold. First, since an Army presents a physical threat to territory, it is perhaps one of the most escalatory options available. Second is that it confines the punitive aspect of retaliation to the lower levels of the Army namely soldiers, whose death will have zero impact on the Pakistani high command. Third, it denies the Indian Government the ability to finely calibrate a retaliatory attack. Last, the Government loses the the fig leaf of plausible deniability. Why is this important? Because India has historically viewed airpower as the most escalatory option, and boots on the ground as the least escalatory. This was true with World War II technology where a ground offensive restricted damage to militaries while air campaigns caused wanton civilian deaths. However, things have changed; as we have learned, boots on the ground like 26/11 and Parliament attacks are extremely provocative. On the other hand, Pakistan has proven completely impotent at resisting US drone attacks. If Pakistan is to realise the error of its ways, punishment needs to be doled out at the highest levels of the Inter-Services Intelligence and the Army, and not at the soldier-level. If India is serious about deterring terrorism, no Pakistani General associated with terror should be able to sleep peacefully at night, and he should know that an Indian Air Force or Navy missile will kill him and his near and dear ones at a time and place of this countrys choosing. India already has several of the technologies required to carry out such pinpoint strikes cruise missiles like the Nirbhay and terminal attack drones like the Harpy, which duplicate many of the key features of drones. Such strikes enable the Government to completely deny that such attacks took place. Thus far, the West, valuing stability above everything else, has been loath to point fingers at Pakistan and has accepted whatever flimsy excuse the Pakistanis have given going out of their way to separate non-state actors from the Government and apply immense pressure on India to avoid retaliation. A fullfledged ground campaign does not give India the benefit of being able to deny ownership. Precision strikes from planes and ships on the other hand, in spite of evidence give Western powers adequate shield to accept Indias denials at face value. That way Pakistan will find that the shoe would be on the other foot. But this is the deterrence aspect. In order for this kind of retaliation to be successful, Pakistani Generals will also have to be reassured and given an exit route, so that they cannot blindly goad their country into war. This is where a comprehensive trade package which is aimed at Pakistan will come into play. If we accept that the Pakistani Army is in fact an economic cartel, then incentivising it through trade presents it with a choice power or money, and the choice of any economic cartel will be clear on this score.

Khaleda Zias pre-poll obstinacy fuels violence That Bangladesh's political establishment failed this weekend to end the stalemate over the nature of a caretaker Government to oversee the 2014 general election, leading to a wave of violence across the country, is deeply disappointing. The historic once-in-a-decade phone conversation between Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and her fiercest rival Khaleda Zia on Saturday had raised hopes in some quarters of a resolution. But they collapsed after the Opposition leader refused to budge from her position even as Ms Hasina sought to meet her half-way. Ms Zia and her Bangladesh Nationalist Party continue to insist that only an election held under the watch of a caretaker Government (as has been the case in Bangladesh since 1996) can be free and fair, and that, consequently, the incumbent regime must quit office. Prime Minister Hasina had initially argued, and rightly so, that such an arrangement went against the spirit of democracy. Even the Supreme Court of Bangladesh ruled that a caretaker Government was unconstitutional. Yet, with the Opposition showing no signs relenting it threatened to boycott the election altogether the incumbent Awami League regime offered to have an all-party caretaker Government. But on Saturday, Ms Zia said that even this was not acceptable. She will not take anything apart from a nonparty caretaker Government of the kind that was at helm during the 1996, 2001 and 2008 general elections. Yet, it is this sort of a caretaker Government that has repeatedly usurped power in Bangladesh, with the support of the military, and ruled for years at length. Even the last such regime that oversaw the 2008 general election, was in power for two years after Ms Zia's second term as Prime Minister ended in 2006. Thats not being a caretaker. Nevertheless, an obstinate Ms Zia has refused to see reason, dismissing even Ms Hasina's offer for dinner and dialogue at the Prime Minister's residence. Instead, her party has gone ahead with its three-day, nationwide shutdown that began on Sunday and has already claimed more than half-a-dozen lives, including that of a BNP leader. A similar number also died in violent clashes between Friday and Saturday, after Ms Zia addressed a 1,00,000-strong rally in Dhaka. The situation is particularly bad in Opposition strongholds where BNP activists have come to blows with security personnel, forcing the latter to fire live bullets. Awami League workers have been targeted and the pre-poll atmosphere vitiated. In response, the Awami League-led 14-party ruling alliance has announced that it too will hold counter-rallies across the country from November 1 to protest the Oppositions anarchy and violence. Bangladesh is on the boil and unless the two leaders can come to an agreement soon, the situation will spiral out of control. Incidentally, it is exactly this kind of the violence and viciousness that had led a caretaker Government to take charge in 2006.


Sports facilities for children

Dear Editor, The virtual absence of amusement parks for children in the state is also coupled by the negligible presence of playing grounds and colony parks that can provide facilities for outdoor games for children. These are absent not only in the smaller towns and villages of the state but also in Jammu and Srinagar. The only outdoor game facilities available for youngsters are the Maulana Azad Stadium in Jammu and Bakshi Stadium in Srinagar, which actually focus on serious sports activities. The access is therefore limited to a few children. It is an accepted part of life to find children playing on the streets, making them vulnerable to all the hazards of traffic and all kinds of pollution, or forcing them to stay indoors. At a time when all the luxuries and lifestyles of

the West are being aped, it is important that the government also begins a serious process of thinking about creating infrastructure for developing community centres for every locality on the patterns of the western countries so that adequate space is provided to children for playing and for day to day sporting activities. JANAK ARORA, PURANI MANDI, JAMMU.

Increasing road accidents

Dear Editor, For years, people at the helm of affairs have turned a blind eye to the increasing number of accidents and practically did nothing to take action against the negligent elements within the administration nor addressed the root cause of these tragedies. Majority of road accidents happen because of poor condition of roads and

overloading of vehicles, especially public means of transport, both of which should not be permissible by the traffic authorities. There has been a phenomenal growth in the number of such tragedies not only because of rash driving, poorly monitored traffic regulations but also because there is no physical verification of the roads before deciding bus routes. Moreover, a highly corruption riddled administrative set up has only encouraged a system of hafta vasooli by the traffic cops who allow such blatant violation of rules in allowing bus operators to overload their vehicles, adding to the vulnerability of the unsuspecting masses. This culture of graft by the traffic cops has also been admitted on the floor of the house by a minister of the state cabinet some years ago, which reflects that this culture has been public knowledge for a long time. Yet, successive governments have done precious little to arrest this trend. ADITI SARAF, TALAB TILLO, JAMMU.

6.qxd 10/29/2013 9:00 PM Page 1



Prime Minister to file the affidavit. Dismissing the plea, the court said: We are hearing the matter and you are reaching the conclusion. The apex court also asked the CBI to file a fresh status report by January 9, 2014 in the case. The court also allowed the investigation agency to share its status report with two inhouse prosecutors before their presentation in the court. Also on Tuesday, the CBI told the court that it was yet to get two Coal Ministry files including one on minutes of the screening committee. Meanwhile, the Centre submitted before the Supreme Court its opposition to granting of ex-officio power of secretary to the CBI Director, allowing him to directly report to Minister. NEW DELHI, OCT 29: JPC chairman P.C. Chacko submitted the report along with the dissent notes, which termed it as a bundle of contradictions. The controversial report of the JPC, which gave a clean chit to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in the 2G spectrum scam saying he was misled by the then Telecom Minister A. Raja, was on Tuesday submitted to Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar. The report, on which six parties have submitted dissent notes, also rubbishes the loss figure of Rs. 1.76 lakh crore estimated by the CAG, saying it was ill conceived. JPC chairman P.C. Chacko submitted the report along with the dissent notes, which termed it as a bundle of contradictions to the Speaker at her official residence. The report, which delved into the period between 1998 and

Singapore reaches out to Dubai to develop South Asia growth corridor
DUBAI, OCT 29: Singapore appears set to catalyse a growth corridor that would link Dubai, South Asia and the city-state, which would be powered by affluent globally connected expatriates from the sub-continent. A country built on the talents of migrants, Singapore is now looking to complement its geographic location in East Asia, with the strategic positioning of Dubai as a gateway to West Asia, Central Asia, Africa and the Indian sub-continent. Singapores ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, Umej Bhatia, said at a recent conference where expatriates from the Indian sub-continent mingled with a visiting delegation from the city-state, that Dubai and Singapore important business hubs in their region should jointly leverage their locations to build a wealth corridor that would run through the Indian sub-continent, and could eventually extend to China. A few years ago, London School of Economics Professor Danny Quah calculated that in1980 the worlds economic centre of gravity was in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, said the ambassador. He added: Using mathematical models, he forecast that by 2050 the focus of global economic activity based on GDP would shift eastwards to lie between China and India. This is precisely the DubaiMumbai-Singapore-Shanghai wealth corridor. Others at the conference, billed at Majlis Singapura, stressed that resumption of joint business forays by expatriates, which had been largely disrupted with the advent of British colonial role, would have deep historical resonance. Expats from the sub-continent who have built their fortunes in the United States, Gulf and Europe do not carry the same baggage as the people from the home state that they left, said Gopinath Pillai, Singapores ambassador-at-large during a keynote address. A more open mindset among them opens up opportunities for cross-border collaborations.

NEW DELHI, OCT 29: Dismissing a PIL, the court told the petitioner: We are hearing the matter and you are reaching the conclusion. The Supreme Court on Tuesday dismissed an application seeking a direction to the Prime Minister to file an affidavit explaining alloca-

Yeddyurappa rules out merger with BJP

from November 7 where he was to unveil a statue of Basaveshwara. Though he wanted to fight against ineffective administration of the ruling Congress, it is believed that he wanted to be in station during the BJP rally wherein its prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi would be attending here on November 17. The CBI special court had last week permitted his England visit between November 7 and 26. To a question whether he got any response from NDA Chairman L.K. Advani for his recent letter expressing willingness to be an ally, Mr. Yeddyurappa said so far he has not. He said he would wait and watch when asked about the course of action if NDA does not respond. To another question whether he would participate in the November 17 rally of Narendra Modi, he said he would decide later if invited. The party has finalised a list of about 10 Lok Sabha constituencies where its presence was stronger to BJP and would seek those seats as an ally of NDA. We are not adamant in bargaining; if a BJP candidate has more chances of winning, we may leave the seat to that party, he said. G category sites On the Justice Padmaraj Committee report on G category sites, Mr. Yeddyurappa wondered why the committee chose discretionary allotments made during the tenure of only himself, H.D. Kumaraswamy and N. Dharam Singh. During S.M. Krishnas tenure, highest number of discretionary allotments (320) were made. The probe should cover all discretionary quota allotments, he said while saying such allotments were not illegal.

tion of coal blocks to various companies during the period he held charge of the Coal Ministry. Dismissed, said the apex court bench headed by Justice R.M. Lodha as he brushed aside PIL petitioner advocate M.L. Sharmas plea seeking directions to the

2009, will be tabled in Parliament in the Winter Session likely to commence in the first week of December. The dissent notes are a way to record members objections to the findings and are appended with the final report when it is tabled. Eleven opposition members, including BJPs five and one each of the BJD, the TMC, the CPI, the CPI(M), the AIADMK and the DMK

voted against the JPC report. BJPs Gopinath Munde had not attended the meeting. In its dissent note, the BJP insisted that the Prime Minister and then Finance Minister P. Chidambaram should have been asked to depose before the JPC. They regretted that even though the main accused, Raja, had made several offers to depose before the panel, he was not allowed to do so. The

report, which was adopted by majority vote on September 27, 2013 in the absence of two JD(U) members, also accuses Mr. Raja of forging the press note of January 7, 2008, after it was seen by the then Solicitor-General G.E. Vahanvati. Besides the Congress, its UPA ally NCP and outside supporters of the ruling alliance the SP and the BSP had supported the report.

Radia tapes case: CBI registers fresh preliminary enquiry

NEW DELHI, OCT 29: Sources said a senior IT officer and an alleged middleman having links with the officer have been named in the PE as accused. The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) on Tuesday registered a fresh Preliminary Enquiry (PE) related to the Radia tapes against a senior Income Tax officer who was trying to get a transfer by allegedly offering bribes to Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) officers. The sources said a senior IT officer and an alleged middleman having links with the officer and others have been named in the PE as accused. This is to verify the allegations that the said officer while posted in Income Tax Appellate Tribunal was trying to get transferred to Delhi by allegedly paying illegal

Karnataka Janata Paksha (KJP) President B.S. Yeddyurappa on Tuesday categorically ruled out any possibility of his party merging with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and alleged that some BJP leaders were attempting to divide the KJP by wooing second-rung leaders on the premise that Mr. Yeddyurappas return to BJP was certain. Some BJP leaders, who were responsible for my ouster from BJP have

been spreading false rumours about the merger thereby sending wrong signals to the cadres. I would like to make it clear to all that KJP would retain its identity and be a part of the National Democratic Alliance to support Narendra Modis candidature to the post of the Prime Minister, Mr. Yeddyurappa told presspersons here. Cancels trip abroad Meanwhile, Mr. Yeddyurappa has cancelled his scheduled trip to the United Kingdom

gratification in CBDT, CBI sources said. The CBI has so far registered 13 PEs on the direction of the Supreme Court which had asked to probe into the issues related to intercepted phone calls of corporate lobbyist Niira Radia with politicians, corporate top shots, bureaucrats and businessmen. It has been asked to file a status report to the Supreme Court within two months. It is also looking into alleged irregularities in the allotment of iron ore

mines at Ankua, Singhbhum district of Jharkhand to Tata steel. Former Jharkhand Chief Minister Madhu Koda and unknown officials of the Jharkhand government have been named as accused. Besides this, a PE has been registered against the then Directorate General of Hydrocarbons (DGH) V. K. Sibal, RIL and other unknown persons in connection with alleged favours shown by the DGH to RIL and the quid-pro-quo.

Centre alerted Bihar govt: Shinde

GURGAON, OCT 29: The Centre on Tuesday said it had alerted the Bihar government about possible terror attack on BJPs prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modis rally in Patna which was rocked by serial blasts on Sunday. We have said that we had given input (about Patna rally). Now, if it was a general alert or specific input, that is a different thing. Whenever there is specific input we give but whenever there are such rallies we give input saying you have rally in your state so there could be a possibility of an attack, he told reporters here. He was replying to a question whether the Central government had alerted the Bihar government beforehand Patna on Sunday claiming six lives and injuring more than 80 people. We give input saying you could be attacked in 2-3 days or so and so day. We keep doing that. We also give specific input, he said on the sidelines of a function organised on the occasion of the 74th raising day of CRPF. Mr. Shinde said the Home Ministry had given alerts to all states with regard to rallies and asking the state police forces to beef up security.

India' s richest woman is new Haryana Minister

CHANDIGARH, OCT 29: The countrys richest woman, Savitri Jindal, was Tuesday inducted as a minister in the Haryana cabinet by Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda. This is the second time that she has become a minister in the Hooda government. She was earlier a minister of state in the 2005-09 Hooda government. Ms. Jindal is a legislator from the ruling Congress from Hisar assembly constituency and is the mother of industrial tycoon and high-profile parliament member Naveen Jindal (Lok Sabha member from Kurukshetra). She was listed by a leading business publication as the countrys richest woman as she lords over a multi-billion rupee steel and power sector empire and is the chairperson of the Jindal Group. Her name also figures in the Top-100 richest people in the world. Savitri Jindals industrialistcum-politician husband O.P.Jindal, who too was a minister in the Hooda government, was killed when his private helicopter crashed near the Haryana-Uttar Pradesh border March 2005. Ms. Jindal was sworn-in on Tuesday along with the other new minister, Aftab Ahmed, who is a legislator from Nuh assembly constituency in Mewat district and the only Muslim face in the Hooda ministry. Two ministerial slots in the August 2012 respectively, after their names figured in separate criminal cases. The 90-member Haryana assembly goes to polls in October next year. Earlier this year, Ms. Jindal was directed by the Punjab and Haryana High Court to vacate her government accommodation, which she had been occupying unauthorised. She has been occupying a ministerial bungalow in Chandigarhs upscale Sector 7, even though she ceased to be a minister in 2009. The court said that eviction proceedings be started if she did not vacate the house. A penalty of Rs.89 lakh was also slapped on her for occupying the house.

about possible terror attack on Mr. Modis rally. Multiple blasts rocked in and around the rally venue in

Hooda government were vacant ever since ministers

O.P.Jain and Gopal Kanda resigned in June 2011 and

Arup Raha new IAF chief

NEW DELHI, OCT 29: Air Marshal Arup Raha, an ace fighter pilot, will be the next Air Force chief succeeding incumbent Air Chief Marshal NAK Browne, who is retiring on December 31. Born on December 26, 1954, 59 year-old Air Marshal Raha is expected to have tenure of three years as the Chief of Air Staff. The government has decided to appoint Air Marshal Raha, who is at present the Vice-Chief of Air Staff, as the next Chief of the Air Staff after the retirement of Air Chief Marshal NAK Browne, a Defence Ministry release said on Tuesday. He was commissioned on December 14, 1974 in the fighter stream of the IAF and has held various command, staff and instructional appointments in his 39-yearold career. He has also served as Air Attach at the Embassy of India in Ukraine. He has also done Strategic Nuclear Orientation course and Junior Commanders' course.

Terror suspect sent to judicial custody

India, Peru to enhance defence ties

LIMA, OCT 29: The two countries also decided to work towards South-South cooperation and reform of the United Nations Security Council. Besides boosting trade and strengthening economic ties, India and Peru have decided to enhance cooperation in the defence sector and work towards South-South cooperation and reform of the United Nations Security Council. At the conclusion of the high-level delegation talks in connection with the visit of the Indian Vice-President Hamid Ansari to Peru, the two countries on Monday signed a Memorandum of Understanding to establish a Joint Commission to promote bilateral relations. The commission, to be chaired jointly by the Foreign Ministers of the two countries, will aim to strengthen cooperation in areas such as political relations, security concerns, human resource develop-

Gadgil report much misinterpreted: Expert Panel

KATTAPPANA, OCT 29: Dr. V. S. Vijayan, member of Western Ghats Ecology Expert Panel (WGEEP), has said that it was now almost clear that sthose opposing the Madhav Gadgil report were linked to pesticide, quarry and sand mafia. In a seminar organised at the Idukki Press Club in Thodupuzha on Tuesday, Dr. Vijayan said that the report should be seen in the light of the Uttarakhand catastrophe, where uncontrolled exploitation of nature made it difficult to take any counter measures when the calamity hit. Dr. Vijayan said that the Gadgil report was much misinterpreted in the district, adding that it had only recommended to shift to organic farming but never opposed to farming. The report had demanded this to prevent pollution of drinking water sources by chemical pesticides, he said. Such a policy had made Sikkim a cent per cent organic state and it had created 35 lakh organic farmers in Andhra Pradesh. The report had suggested the existing factories in the region to go zero-polluting and that new factories can be opened if they are zero polluting, he said. Dr. Vijayan said that the original report had recommended the people at the grassroots to take a final decision on implementation of it and it was not enforced upon the people. The frequent intrusion of wild animals to the farmlands has already made farming difficult, said Fr Sebastian Kochupurackal, General Convenor, Highrange Protection Council. He said that the report will adversely affect 48 grama panchayats in the district, which come under the ecologically sensitive zone. Referring to the Gagdil committee report suggesting the matter to be left to the grama panchayats to take a decision, he said it will make things worse than that of bureaucracy.

PATNA, OCT 29: Mohammad Imtiaz Ansari, one of the two terror suspects arrested in connection with serial blasts in Patna, has been sent to judicial custody by a court here, a police official said Tuesday. Imtiaz, a resident of Ranchi, was arrested from Patna railway junction after a bomb exploded on platform number 10 Sunday morning, ahead of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modis rally here. A court of the railway magistrate here sent Imtiaz to seven days judicial custody. He was produced before the court of railway magistrate here late Monday night and sent to high security Beur jail under judicial custody, said Superintendent of

Railway Police Upendra Kumar Singh. Patna Senior Superintendent of Police Manu Maharaj said two separate FIRs have been lodged with the government railway police and Gandhi Maidan police stations. Six of the seven blasts took place in and around the rally venue while one blast took place at the railway station. Additional Director General (Special Branch) Rajesh Chandra said Imtiaz, the main accused caught with bombs at the Patna junction when he tried to flee after the first blast, was interrogated and confessed to his involvement. Imtiaz told police that a group of six people had been divided into three groups with specific assignments to carry out the blasts, Mr. Chandra said.

ment, economic partnership, and science and technology. Senior officials will meet in Lima in the latter half of next year to decide on the modalities for beginning the work of the commission and preparing for its first meeting. The commission, according to the joint statement issued at the end of the visit, is part of efforts to promote bilateral dialogue in order to take the relationship to a higher level. Besides the MoU on the Joint Commission, the two countries signed three agreements, including one on

defence cooperation and prevention of proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, in the presence of Mr. Ansari and his Peruvian counterpart Marisol Espinoza. This is intended to enhance cooperation in the field of defence technology through the setting up of appropriate mechanisms. According to Secretary (West) Dinkar Khullar, the Peruvians were keen on training for their defence personnel in India. Slots had been offered in the Defence Services Staff College,Wellington.

7.qxd 10/29/2013 9:00 PM Page 1



plates linked to a search for a light-coloured Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV). All four licence plates were from Xinjiang, the notice said. While the Global Times suggested the search for the Xinjiang suspects was linked to Monday's crash, which also involved a light-coloured SUV, police authorities have so far refused to comment on the identity of the driver and two passengers of the car, who were killed. Two tourists - a man from southern Guangdong and a woman from the Philippines - were also killed as the car drove into a crowd of people. Testimonies from witnesses posted on Chinese social media websites suggested the driver of the car intended to cause as much damage as possible, as the SUV weaved through barricades to reach the crowd of tourists in front of the iconic Tiananmen gate, which bears a portrait of Mao Zedong. The car "burst into flames" after colliding into a guard rail, police officials said. Xinjiang has seen intermittent unrest between native Uighurs, a Muslim ethnic Turkic group, and majority Han Chinese. The region has witnessed similar attacks where cars have driven into crowded market places. Shanshan County, where one of the two suspects was reported to have come from, witnessed violence in June when at least two dozen people were killed when attackers armed with knives stormed a police station and government building. Eleven attackers were also shot by police. Knife attacks on market places, where crude homemade explosives have also been detonated, have also been reported in the cities of Kashgar and Hotan, where more than 30 people were killed in 2011 in the worst violence seen since the 2009 riots in Urumqi, the regional capital, that left at least 197 people killed. Uighurs have blamed the riots on increasing tensions between the two ethnic groups, which they say has been sparked by Chinese policies that have enabled increasing migration of Han Chinese and fuelled local resentment. The Chinese government has blamed the recent violent incidents on separatist Uighur groups, and has claimed that some groups have ties to terror outfits in Pakistan. Xinjiang neighbours Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.

Scores hurt as Bangladesh Search for Xinjiang suspects after Tiananmen crash opposition stir continues
DHAKA, OCT 29: Scores of people were injured as violence raged across Bangladesh on Tuesday, the last day of a three-day strike called by opposition activists in a bid to pressure the prime minister to resign. The Federation of Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industries, the countrys business body, expressed concern over the latest crisis that has killed at least 15 people since the weekend and urged both the government and opposition to resolve disputes through dialogue. Many more have been injured across the country since Sunday, when the rivalry between Prime down businesses and roads and government opponents clashing with police and ruling party supporters. Despite the highly unusual appeal from the Prime Minister, Begum Zia refused to call off the strike, which was due to end on Tuesday. Begum Zia wants to force Ms Hasinas government to quit and have a caretaker administration oversee an election scheduled to be held by early next year. The opposition says the government is not capable of holding a credible vote and has threatened to boycott the election unless a caretaker is appointed from outside of political parties.
BEIJING, OCT 29: Police authorities in Beijing have issued search notices for two suspects from the far western Muslim-majority Xinjiang region, hours after five people were killed and 38 others injured in Tiananmen Square when a jeep drove into a crowd of people and burst into flames on Monday morning. Police sent a notice to hotels in Beijing late on Monday evening, naming two residents from Pishan and Shanshan, counties in the Xinjiang region, as likely suspects in "a major case", reported the Global Times, a tabloid published by the Peoples Daily, the Communist Partys official newspaper. Suggesting that the suspects were involved in a major case, the notice listed four license plate number

Minister Sheikh Hasina and opposition leader Khaleda

Zia flared anew with the nationwide strike closing

PARIS, OCT 29: French Prime Minister JeanMarc Ayrault on Tuesday indefinitely suspended the introduction of a green tax on trucks following riots at the weekend in the Brittany region. The tax, which was devised in 2009 but was only due to come into effect in January, needed to be corrected, Mr. Ayrault said, justifying the delay. The move comes three days after a protest by hundreds of food producers, artisans and distributors in the western Brittany region ended in the worst riots in the area in years. One person was seriously injured in clashes between police and a group of around 1,000 demonstrators, who blocked a national road with convoys of vehicles and tonnes of produce on Saturday in protest over the tax.
BANGKOK, OCT 29: Singapore was named best place in the world to run a business for the eighth consecutive year by an annual World Bank report on Tuesday. Asian rival Hong Kong was named second, followed by New Zealand, the United States and Denmark. The annual Doing Business report ranks countries on how business-friendly their regulatory environments are. It takes into account factors such as the ease of starting a business, registering property, paying taxes and trading across borders. Some of Singapores South-East Asian neighbours showed improvement this year, with Malaysia rising from 12th to sixth place in the rankings. The Philippines rose 30 places to 109th, making it one of the top-10 most improved nations after introducing business reforms in the past year. For the first time, this years report assessed Myanmar, which has recently opened up after years of military rule and

Bretons say the levy will squeeze the already wafer-thin margins of the regions struggling chicken, pork and other food producers. The protests were seen as the expression of growing frustration nation-wide with the escalating tax burden on businesses and households. Taxes have risen 70 billion euros (96 billion dollars) in the past three years, as France battles to shrink its budget deficit.

The truck tax, which is to apply to all vehicles of over 3.5 tonnes that use French roads, aims to raise 1 billion euros a year towards the development of rail and river transportation. Mr. Ayrault denied that the government had caved in to the protesters. To be courageous is not to be obstinate; its to listen and understand, he said after a meeting with Breton lawmakers and several Cabinet Ministers.

isolation. It was ranked 182nd out 189 economies. The data show that there is considerable scope for reform, and efforts are underway to improve the countrys business regulations, said Augusto LopezClaros, director of global indicators and analysis at the World Bank group. By removing bottlenecks to firm creation and growth, governments can signal the emergence of a more business-friendly environment, as has already been done in a large number of economies in the region. Elsewhere, Britain dropped from seventh to 10th place, and China fell five spots to 96th.

LAIZA, MYANMAR, OCT 29: Representatives of 16 ethnic insurgencies gathered on Tuesday in northern Myanmar for talks on concluding a nation-wide ceasefire with the Central Government. We are here to demonstrate our desire to end the civil war, said Mutu Saepho, chairman of Karen National Union, a rebel group that has waged an insurgency in eastern Myanmar since 1949. But we need solid guarantee from Government on the political process, he said in Laiza, a town in the Kachin State 890 km north of Yangon. Since coming to power in March 2011, President Thein Seins Government has signed bilateral ceasefire agreements with nearly all of the insurgencies and announced plans for a nation-wide accord in early 2014. The myriad ethnic

minority groups have been fighting for semi-autonomy in their traditional territories such as the Karen, Kachin and Mon States for decades. The rebel groups will seek political solutions to their struggles such as guarantees of rights to control their own natural resources and partial selfrule. We need to know exactly what the Government plans to do after we sign the so-called nation-wide ceasefire, said

Major Sai La, spokesman for the Shan State Army. Representatives of the United Wa State Army, the largest rebel group, will also attend the Laiza meeting, which is due to continue until Friday. This is the very first time for such a meeting in Myanmar, said Lamai Gun Ja, of the Peace Talk Creation Group that plays an intermediary role between the Kachin Independence Organisation and the Government.



MUMBAI, OCT 29: Housing, auto and corporate loans may become expensive with the Reserve Bank on Tuesday hiking the key lending rate by 0.25 percent to contain inflation in continuation of its hard-line stance. There were no surprises in his first full fledged quarterly policy review when Reserve Bank Governor Raghuram Rajan raised short-term lending (repo) rate by 0.25 percent to 7.75 percent and lowered MSF rate by a similar margin to 8.75 percent, extending his stated policy of gradual withdrawal of special measures announced earlier to check falling value of rupee. Later addressing the media, the Governor said "if our projections (on inflation) and data do not quite match, then we will be induced to take further steps". For the second time in the current fiscal, RBI scaled down the growth forecast to 5 percent from 5.5 percent for 2013-14. It had originally projected a growth rate 5.7 percent. The growth rate fell to decade's low of 5 percent in 201213. Giving rationale for its policy stance, Rajan said they "are intended to curb mounting inflationary pressures and manage inflation expectations in a situation of weak growth. "These will help strengthen the environment for growth by fostering macroeconomic and financial stability. The Reserve Bank will closely monitor inflation risk while being mindful of the evolving growth dynamics," he said. The Reserve Bank's decision to raise the repo rate for the second time since September will increase the cost of funds for banks and which in turn will make consumer and corporate loans expensive. Hinting at hardening of lending rates, SBI Chairperson Arundhati Bhattacharya said: "This is something which the ALCO (asset liability committee) will come to a view on. But yes, some rate change is expected...Which way and what, you need to wait till the ALCO meets and takes a view on it." Most of the banks, however, would continue with concessional lending rate for home, auto and consumer durable loans till January. In view of the festival season, banks have offered concession in interest rate in housing, vehicle and consumer loans in the range of 0.25 to 1 percent, 0.5 to 3.25 percent and 0.1 to 5.75 percent respectively. Many state-run banks have also alerts on actual usage basis Rate hike to hit already subdued investments, growth: India Inc RBI to implement FSLRC suggestions on consumer protection Sensex surges by 359 points to 3year high on RBI policy review The Governor, however, doubled the borrowing limit of banks against their cash positions or NDTL (Net demand and time liability) to 0.5 percent for both 7-day and 14-day repos with immediate effect, to increase liquidity in the system. With these measures, the RBI has calibrated the window between the repo rate (7.75 percent) and MSF (8.75 percent) to 100 basis points, as stated in the September 20 mid-quarter review. Accordingly, the bank rate is reduced to 8.75 percent with immediate effect. Consequently, the reverse repo rate is adjusted upward to 6.75 percent. This is the second lending rate hike since Rajan took over on September 4. While he has increased the lending (repo) rate by 0.50 percent, he also brought down the MSF rate, or emergency fund borrowing window for banks, by a steeper 1.5 percent. The RBI said retail inflation is the biggest threat on the price index front and it will remain elevated at over 9 percent. Wholesale price index will edge up in the remaining quarters of the year as a result of cascading effect of rupee's depreciation and hikes in fuel and food prices, the central bank added. "The good monsoon should have a salutary effect on food inflation, but second-round effects from already high food and fuel inflation could impart upside pressures on prices of other commodities and services," it said. Disagreeing with RBI's projection on the price situation, former RBI Governor and PM's Economic Advisory Council Chairman C Rangarajan said WPI and CPI may not be as high as being projected by the central bank. "Well, I think the inflation rate may not be as high as (RBI) report seems to suggest. I would really think as far as WPI is concerned, it will be around 5.5 to 6 percent. I don't think it will exceed 6 percent....I expect WPI as well as CPI to remain at slightly lower level than indicated," he said. Unhappy with the RBI's action, India Inc expressed strong disappointment over the decision to hike shortterm lending (repo) rate by 0.25 percent, saying the move is bound to hit investments and hamper growth.

offered a substantial concession in the processing fee till January 31. The RBI has left other rates unchanged, such as the cash reserve ratio at 4 percent and the mandatory holdings in government securities and other liquid assets as a solvency measure (SLR) at 23 percent. Related Stories RBI hikes interest rates again by 0.25%, EMIs to go up further Comfortable with current level of Inflation, says Rajan RBI second quarter monetary policy review: Reactions

RBI Q2 monetary policy review: Key Highlights RBI lowers growth forecast to 5% for 2013-14 Rangarajan differs with RBI on inflation projection RBI closes special window for Mutual Funds Home, auto loans to get costlier as RBI hikes policy rate RBI to come out with guidelines on foreign banks soon Expert group on new bank licences to hold 1st meeting on Nov 1 RBI asks banks to charge for SMS

RBI closes special window for Mutual Funds

to close this window with immediate effect," RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan said in the second quarter monetary policy review. RBI, on July 17, had opened a special three-day repo auction under which banks would be encouraged to raise funds totalling Rs 25,000 crore at 10.25 percent for onlending to mutual funds. The last time RBI had opened such a facility was in 2008, after the collapse of Lehman Brothers triggered a chain reaction and caused a global financial crisis that sent fixed income markets in a tizzy. At the end of September quarter, Assets under management (AUM) of the mutual fund industry fell by 4.5 percent to Rs 8.08 lakh crore from Rs 8.46 lakh crore in the previous three-month period.

India rich club: Business families' fortune worth $55 bn

NEW YORK, OCT 29: As many as 20 business families have found a place on latest list of India's 100 richest, with a collective fortune of USD 55 billion. While Forbes magazine's India Rich List remains dominated by individual business leaders, those making the mark along with their family members are also quite a few and also include three in the top 10 --Hinduja Brothers (6th place), Adi Godrej & family (8th position) and Sunil Mittal & family (10th). Individually, Reliance Industries chief Mukesh Ambani continued to be India's wealthiest for sixth year in a row, with a networth of USD 21 billion while his younger sibling Anil Ambani bagged the 11th position with a fortune of USD 6.2 billion. According to Forbes, Hinduja Brothers with a fortune of USD 9 billion scored the sixth rank, while Adi Godrej & family with a net worth of USD 8.3 billion are spotted at the eighth place. Sunil Mittal &

RBI lowers growth forecast to 5% for 2013-14

MUMBAI, OCT 29: The Reserve Bank on Tuesday scaled down the growth forecast for current fiscal to 5 percent from the earlier projection of 5.5 percent, citing downside risk stemming from domestic constraints. " ... Headwinds to growth from domestic constraints continue to pose downside risks, and vulnerabilities to sudden shifts in the external environment remain," RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan said in the second quarter review of monetary policy. The RBI had projected a growth of 5.5 percent for 2013-14 in its first quarter monetary policy on July 30. The economy grew by 4.4 percent in the first (AprilJune) quarter of current fiscal. It had expanded by 5 percent in 2012-13 fiscal, the lowest level in a decade. "Strengthening export growth and signs of revival in some services, along with the expected pick-up in agriculture, could support an increase in growth in the sec-

MUMBAI, OCT 29: With the improvement in liquidity conditions, Reserve Bank on Tuesday decided to close the special window for commercial banks to meet the cash requirements of mutual funds (MFs) with immediate effect. RBI, in July, had opened a special borrowing window of Rs 25,000 crore to help the crisis-ridden mutual funds tide over liquidity problems. "With the normalisation of exceptional measures and taking into consideration the improvement in liquidity conditions since then, it has been decided

family are ranked at 10th spot with a wealth of USD 6.6 billion. Families in the top 20 list included Shashi & Ravi Ruia who bagged the 12th position with a wealth of USD 5.5 billion, while Savitri Jindal & family stood at the 14th rank with a fortune of USD 4.9 billion and Bajaj Family at 20th spot with a wealth of USD 3.1 billion. As per US-based business magazine Forbes' annual list of India's 100 richest, released today, their total wealth grew by a modest 3 percent from a year ago to USD 259 billion. Besides, the list comprises of 20 business families with a collective fortune of USD 55.52 billion. Out of these 20 families,

majority of them are billionaires and only four are millionaires. "Growth in wealth was lacklustre due to India's stumbling economy, which has been hit by inflation and a falling rupee," Forbes said. Among others families in the list included Malvinder & Shivinder Singh (USD 2.3 billion), Reddy family (Dr Reddy's) at USD 1.75 billion, Kapil & Rahul Bhatia (USD 1.71 billion), N R Narayana Murthy & family (USD 1.64 billion), Rajan Raheja & family (USD 1.62 billion), Senapathy Gopalakrishnan & family (USD 1.39 billion) and Nandan Nilekani & family (USD 1.3 billion.

ond half of 2013-14 relative to the first half," Rajan said. He said the revival of large stalled projects and clearances by the Cabinet Committee on Investment (CCI) would buoy investment and overall economic activity towards the close of the year. The RBI's projections are in line with that of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) which lowered the growth forecast for India earlier this

month.The World Bank slashed India's economic growth forecast for the current financial year to 4.7 percent from an earlier projection of 6.1 percent. Besides, IMF projected an average growth rate of about 3.75 percent for India in 2013-14. Rajan said industrial activity has weakened with a contraction in consumer durables and capital goods sector, reflecting ongoing downturn in both consumption and investment demand.

MISC Shabir lays foundation of GHS buildings Dhar, Saroola

Says Health, Education two vital pillars of strong nation
RAJOURI, OCT 29:Minister of State for Health, Mr. Shabir Ahmad Khan on Tuesday said that Health and Education are the two important pillars on which edifice of a strong nation rests, adding that 'our future prominence in the world, in fact, hinges on these two vital ingredients of progress Addressing public gatherings after laying foundation of two High School Buildings in border villages Dharl and Saroola which would be completed at the total estimated cost of Rs 79.51 lakh, Shabir said the government with the liberal financial support of Central government has positioned 'health and education' at the center stage of its development strategy. He said that two core programmes of our development agenda are National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) and Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) under which the Centre Government has made massive and unprecedented investments to strengthen and expand health and educational systems in Jammu and Kashmir as well as other parts of Jammu and The Minister said that J&K Government which will be among the one of the other States to launch this scheme in the State will deploy mobile health teams in every block. The teams will comprise a male and female doctor, a nurse and a pharmacist who will carry out the screening and treatment exercise, he added. The Health Minister further said that while children in the 0-6 age group enrolled in anganwadis will be screened at least twice a year; all children in government schools and in schools aided by the government too will be regularly screened for the conditions under the Scheme. He said newborn children will be also screened for possible birth defects at health facilities where they are delivered. Meanwhile, the Minister inspected several ongoing projects in block Manjakot including construction work on Salehri- Dhar gali via Saroola 6 kms road, which has been taken up at an estimated cost of Rs 4 crore against which so far Rs 1 crore have been spent on this road.


GMC Srinagar celebrates Annual Day-2013
cialists to people at affordable fee, who otherwise do not get the time to visit hospitals during day time due to certain reasons. He said people must avail the facilities made available in Govt run health institutions rather moving to ill equipped private health clinics and Nursing Homes. Earlier, the Principal/Dean of Government Medical College, Srinagar in his welcome address gave detailed account of the activities of the College besides the innovative measures taken at different levels for improving the healthcare system at Government Medical College and its associated hospitals. Later, the Minister gave away prizes among the meritorious students for their excellent performance in academics as well as in extracurricular activities.

Taj appreciates faculty for restoring past glory

Kashmir. The Health Minister said many new initiatives like Janani Shishu Suraksha Karyakaram (JSSK), Rashtriya Bal Swasthya Karyakaram (RBSK) etc have been rolled out to improve maternal and child health. He said vaccine programme has been expanded by introducing Hepatitis-B and Pentavalent vaccines in the State. The health Minister said that the government is launching a new initiative on children's healthcare called the Rashtriya Bal Swasthya Karyakram (RBSK) under the National Rural Health

Mission in all the districts of the State from next month. He said all children under the age of 18 will be eligible to avail a package of health services under the RBSK. " Children will be screened for 30 common ailments/ health conditions so that medical intervention at the earliest could be arranged for them ",he said and added that Children will be screened for conditions like Down's Syndrome, congenital cataract, deafness and heart defect, deficiency conditions like anemia, malnutrition and goiter, developmental delays and disabilities like hearing and vision impairments.

SRINAGAR, OCT 28: Appreciating the faculty and management of Government Medical College, Srinagar for restoring the past glory of this prestigious institute besides improving the patient care in its associated hospitals, the Minister for Medical Education, Youth Service and Sports, Taj Mohi-ud-Din has said that technological innovation is imperative for making advanced diagnostic facilities available and affordable to the people, particularly the poor section of the society, within the State. The Minister was addressing at Annual Day Celeberations2013 of the Government Medical College, Srinagar here on Tuesday. Among others, Principal/Dean, Government Medical College, Srinagar, Dr. Rafiq Ahmad Pampori, senior faculty of the College

and senior officers were present on the occasion. Taj said that a proposal of Rs. 36 crore has been sent to Union Health Ministry aimed to introduce innovative technologies in the health sector for the benefit of the patients. He said Central Government has helped the State in improving further the healthcare sector by way of providing liberal funds for up-gra-

dation of health infrastructure across the State. "Though a lot has been done for improving medicare facilities yet more efforts need to be put in" said the Minister, adding that projects framed under health sector would definitely transform the health scenario in the State. He said, starting evening clinics was aimed to keep available consultation of spe-

Bizarre mathematics paper: Student ends life

BOSE constitutes Expert Committee
GANDERBAL, OCT 29: The bizarre mathematics paper set by Board of School Education allegedly forced a 12th class student to end his life in Central Kashmir's Ganderbal town. A pal of gloom descended on the family of a 12th class student when Irshad Ahmed Shah son of Nizam-u-Din resident of Sehpora Ganderbal consumed poison and ended his life. Family alleged that Irshad was very perturbed after appearing in Math paper of class 12th on Monday. One of his relatives Reyaz Ahmed said that Irshad, a student of Boys Higher Secondary School Soura was very bright and he always came off with flying colours in exams. "After appearing in Math paper, Irshad seemed to be dejected and perturbed and he told his family that the paper was out of syllabus and he want to die," he said. Family sources said that Irshad consumed poison on Tuesday afternoon. He was immediately rushed to Sub District Hospital Ganderbal where from he was shifted to SKIMS. Doctors declared him brought dead in hospital. A police official said that they are waiting for the post mortem report. "It would be premature to comment on the cause of death as we have not taken up investigation yet," he said. Pertinently, Hundreds of class 12th students Monday staged protest demonstrations at Press Enclave Srinagar alleging that the Mathematics paper was twisted and out of syllabus. When contacted Secretary to Board of School Education, Renu Goswami said that an expert committee has been constituted to probe the matter and this committee has been directed to submit its report within three days. "If it is proved that paper has been twisted, then certainly paper setter would face the music. Last year, one of the paper setter was suspended in this connection," Goswami said. Joint Secretary Examination, BOSE, Mehboob Hussain said that he was shocked to learn about the death of the student. "My sympathies are with family and I assure all the students that after seeking opinion from experts, a proper decision would be taken in this regard," he said. Meanwhile, J&K Private Schools United Front (JKPSUF) while condemning the BOSE for marring the career of thousands of students by setting up a bizarre, tough and out of syllabus maths question paper for 12th class examinations termed it as a conspiracy to lower the standards of Kashmiri students, thus making them ineligible for various competitive examinations.

CCA asks JKPSC to stop misleading and reveal the answer keys of KAS
SRINAGAR, OCT 29: The Coaching Centres Association of Kashmir (CCA) has asked the Jammu and Kashmir public service commission (JKPSC) to shun rigidity and misinformation, and reveal the answer keys of KAS preliminary examinations. Chairman CCA Ghulam Nabi Var said that the magnitude of the scandal of JK prelim examination is increasing with every passing day. "Hundreds of students are coming forward alleging fraud in this prestigious exam," said Var. "According to the answer keys provided by the experts, students have been dropped despite scoring as much as 330 well above cut off marks of 288." Students have been moving from pillar to post to address their grievances but to no avail. "After PSC officials asked them to file RTI's, around 300 students have filed the same to get the answer keys," said Var. "And now the same officials are telling them that it will take months, come to Jammu and even if we show you keys it won't be allowed outside." The Association alleged that there is every possibility to believe that hordes of blueeyed boys have been selected at the cost of hard working students. "How come they are not providing answers about how absent students have made their way in the prelims list," said Var. The association condemned the dictatorial approach of JKPSC. "The PSC officials say that we follow UPSC model as they too don't reveal keys," said Var. "But that is an absolute lie, UPSC is far more transparent they release every master key for students to see compare with their answers." JKPSC officials giving such answers are liable for lawsuit for misleading general public. If UPSC can do it at such a huge scale what is stopping the JKPSC to do it, said Var. The Association asked the government to take a humane look in this matter. "Some candidates had shunned their Ph.d, PG courses and even jobs for this exam and now they are been shown dubiously unqualified," said Var. "This is the last chance for some of the candidates as they will cross their age limit for next exams." The association condemned the PSC for suspiciously hurrying for mains examinations. "Instead of clearing the doubts they are hurrying to conduct mains exams," said Var. "Within two days they came out with mains form which otherwise takes weeks. It looks like they want to complete the selection as soon as possible."

RAJOURI, OCT 29: The two-day NSS workshop organized by Government Degree College (GDC) concluded here on Tuesday. Dr J A Qazi, the Principal of the College chaired the Valedictory function and appreciated the efforts of NSS Unit in holding educative activities in the college. He exhorted the volunteers to continue this spirit of working for the cause of youth and society as a whole. He threw light on the importance and significance of NSS in the society and advised the volunteers to always strive for betterment of their surrounding, society and the nation as a whole. "Charity begins at home and hence you- the NSS volunteers must start rendering services from your own locality and then switch on to the macro level" said the

2-day NSS Workshop on "Save the Girl Science Exhibition Child" concludes in GDC Rajouri postponed
Principal Dr J A Qazi. The activities under the workshop were held under the supervision of Prof Abdul Karim and Prof Nahim-UnNisathe Programme Officers of the NSS Units. The thematic crux of the workshop was "Save The Girl Child". A series of lectures were delivered during the course of the two-day long proceedings of the workshop to enlighten them about the growing challenges to the girl child from the curse of feoticide. The volunteers said that how the growing menace has bitten into the very socio-ethical infrastructure of the country and it needs to be checked by all possible means. The youth of our country need to be awakened about it from the very beginning. The Programme officer, Prof Abdul Karim and HoD Computer Science Dept, in his initial lecture, emphasized the need to do something practical on the ground so that the purpose of NSS can be served. He impressed upon the volunteers to strive for achieving the NSS motives and objectives effectively. Professor Haqeeqat Singh Isher, HoD Chemistry spoke in detail to the volunteers apprising them of their primary duties to be executed towards the society and the nation. During the course of workshop an instructive and educative skit was presented by the volunteers under the guidance of "Rangmanch Theatre Group, Rajouri". Dr M K Waqar HoD Urdu expressed his views and extended valuable suggestions to the NSS Volunteers with regard to their performance. REASI, OCT 29- The 29th Science Exhibition under Jawahar Lal Nehru Science Exhibition Scheme, which was scheduled to be held on 8th & 9th Nov.2013, has been postponed due to Pooja Holidays in Schools w.e.f. 1.11.2013 to 5.11.2013. Now, the same will be organized on 15th & 16th November 2013 at DIET Reasi. The participants are requested to register their models on or before 15th November at 11

DC Samba orders suspension of 3 teachers

SAMBA, OCT 29-Deputy Commissioner (DC) Samba R K Varma on Tuesday conducted a surprise inspection of Govt. Middle School Mohargarh Samba and placed under suspension three teachers, who were found absent from duty unauthorizedly. The suspended teachers included Vijay Kumar Sharma (Master), Yash Pal (Teacher) and Bandana Devi (3rd Teacher).

JKRF demands Hostel facilities for RBA students

RAJOURI/JAMMU, OCT 29: Demanding Hostel facility at Jammu & Srinagar city for students of Backward areas, J&K RBA Forum (JKRF) President Zakir Malik Bhallesi met Member Legislative Council representing rural Jammu province Sham Lal Bhagat and requested him to raise the issue of Hostels and enhancement of reservation in RBA category in the budget session so that backward area people get justice. J&K RBA Forum President Zakir Malik Bhallesi met Sham Lal Bhagat in Dak Banglow Rajouri where the discussion was held on various issues related to the backward area people following which MLC termed all these demands as genuine and assured that he will raise the issue in next budget session in the Legislative Council. He also assured to take up the issue with Union Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad. Earlier Zakir Malik Bhallesi said that out of the total 1.25 Crore population of 2178 villages which has been declared as Backward under SRO 274 are been neglected on part of overall development and no measure is being taken to remove their backwardness. He said that proportionate to the population, RBA category should have 32 percent reservation but the people have been given only 20 percent which is injustice with the population living in far flung backward areas where all basic amenities are lacking. Demanding MLC to raise the issue of 32% reservation to backward area, Bhallesi said that government should also make a comprehensive plan to remove backwardness of these areas. "We are not interested to remain as backward. Let us make forward and we are ready to surrender our RBA category", Bhallesi said.

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Students shall act as catalyst for promotion of tourism activities: G.A. Mir
SRINAGAR, OCT 29: As a part of 3-day Saffron Festival-2013 a function was held at Islamic University for Science and Technology, Awantipora on Tuesday. The festival titled 'Samanbal' meeting for celebration was aimed at providing platform to the students of various Universities and colleges for interaction, articulation, exposure and cultural exhibition. Minister for Tourism G.A. Mir presided over the function. Addressing the function, the Minister said that the tourist activities were kick started from this University and the faculty and students took part in the promotion of tourism sector by organizing various functions in and outside the University. He said that students shall act

Malavika Harita becomes first woman to win IIM-B's coveted alumnus award
BANGALORE, OCT 29: When Malavika Harita walked on to the dais to collect the Distinguished Alumni Award 2013 of IIMB, she was making history. She was the first woman to win the award in the 40year-old institute that is under fire for a skewed gender ratio. Malavika belongs to the PGP batch of 1982. Founder of communication agency Saatchi & Saatchi Focus Network, she has been lauded for her strides in advertising. An alumnus of Mount Carmel College with a degree in Science, she later did her accountancy training and MBA from IIM-B. "That's when my life changed. It was here that I got a new perspective to life. This place gave me an opportunity to fall in love with communication and I never fell out of love," she said after receiving the award on Monday. "My mother told me that gender should never be an excuse for poor performance. Citing gender as an excuse is a lazy thing to do. Do what you want to do, she taught me," Malavika said. Her son kept her focused, she added. "One thing our education system does not teach us is that life is a mix of both pleasures and pain. When there are harsh times, take it on the chin, get up and move on with life," she told students in the packed auditorium of the B-school.

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as catalysts for promotion of tourism related activities. Earlier, Vice Chancellor of the University, Dr. A.R. Trag gave detailed report of the Saffron Festival on the occasion. Director Tourism, Talat

Parveiz presented details of various tourism related schemes and impressed upon students to participate in the event held by Tourism department. A cultural bonanza was also presented on the occasion.

Dy CM pays surprise visits to education institutions

KATHUA, OCT 29- Deputy Chief Minister, Tara Chand today conducted a surprise checking of various educational institutions of Kathua and Samba districts. Director School Education, Tushar Kanti Sharma, District Development Commissioner, Kathua, Jitendra K Singh and SP Kathua, Mohan Lal accompanied the Deputy Chief Minister. The Deputy Chief Minister conducted surprise inspection of office of ZEO Vijaypur, Hr Sec School Vijaypur, Govt Middle School Badhani, office of ZEO Samba in Samba District and Higher Sec School Hiranagar, ZEO office Hiranagar, Govt Middle School Hiranagar, Govt Girls High school Hiranagar, CEO office Kathua in Kathua District. He inspected the classrooms, laboratories, kitchen sheds in these schools and enquired the students about the academic and other facilities being extended to them. He also took stock of mid day meal programme and asked the concerned to ensure quality ration besides a hygienic atmosphere in the kitchens. He directed the concerned to get the food samples tested with the BMO s on frequent basis so that only nutritious and hygienic food is served to the students. During the inspection of the office of the ZEO Vijaypur & ZEO Samba, the Deputy Chief Minister found that no proper maintenance of records is kept in these offices and directed the Director to seize the records. The Dy CM also ordered the concerned to seize the records of Govt Middle School Badhani where the whole staff was not present. Mr. Tara Chand enquired about the status of SSA, construction of buildings, mid day meal schemes at the offices of ZEO Samba, Vijaypur and Hiranagar. He asked the authorities to ensure proper maintanence of records under all these schemes.At Higher Secondary School Hiranagar, the Dy CM enquired about the 10+2 and matric results and also checked the records. He directed the Director to issue orders to call back teachers of Government High School Hiranagar attached with the ZEO office.


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