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Sheet Observations ShipInspection

Draft Copy for informationonly. Do not respondto these observations. Lateef Vessel:I Jag Jag Lateef Port Balikpappan, Indonesia Date: 25 11 2009
to the weremadeall of whichwerebrought observations the following During the aboveinspection with,the ship'sMaster attention of, and discussed Ref


416 426



B,84 1146


Observations Form E ofSafety Equipment was carred outon 1405.2009 conformance tesl LRIT was installed and was survey conducted rmalion fortheinstallation of LRT.Annual was notaltested asconf Certificate on07.10.2009. "Chartco" provided was with chart catalogue Though vessel was notbeing corrected Chart catalogue page was with listof affected corrections Front of catalogue routinely used fornavigation. wasbeing left blank. lt was rendered outof service. andwastemporarily installed wasnotoperationa ECDIS on bridge was tobefaulty. reported that hard disc suspected ' ftre 'Dlsconnected" panel lt was reported that ium detection onthebridge. on"Consol alarm appeared due to damage to sensor fan was found to be defective apparently in Engine room space onesensor sailing out viaapplication of hot work after was expected to berectified holding Above defect bracket. from current oort. were notcapped or manifolds on both sides filted outboard of bunker andcargo lvanifold drains port provided side was plugged bunker manifolds iocated aft on were with vave.One of the Drains with cloth. covered point were less lhan-19degC as perMSDS. Blanks wasdscharglng crude olwth flash Vessel provrded which were kept secured to pipeline lineforuard of pumproom bukhead, for thesteam thesteam llnewasnotblanked within order to isolale withnuts& boltsMain steam suooorls from tanks. manifolds carQo were found seized in forhooks rai and both hose handling cranes onmain deck Safety latch of mono position. resettinq latches were found tobeineffectlve. forautomatic ofabove Sorinqs atlached panel in E C.R wasfound feeder on main switchboard lnsulation meter reading of 440v & 220v respectively. readinqs of3.0& 2.0meqaohms showino rust wasobscured dueto moderate number bead welded on transom slern of vessel 70% of llVO scalino and stainino ventilation fitted locations on 70% of wire mesh of mushroom al various l\,4ore than of holders/rims wasted/corroded. decks were found tobeseverely outer accommodation wishes and theCrew 0fJag.Lateef fortherr hospitality The inspector tothank thel/aster

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