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Sergei M.

Research Interests Education

Sormovskaya Str. 3, build. 3, apart. 95 Moscow, Russia 109444 Home phone: +7 (499) 784-6938 E-mail:

Plasma physics, experimental electrodynamics, alternative energy. 1988 1989 Moscow State University Russia

Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty (Unfinished) 1982 - 1983 Moscow Institute of Radio-Engineering Electronics Russia

Certificate, Signal Processing 1976 - 1981 Moscow Institute of Communications and Informatics Russia

M.S., Electrical Engineering Professional Experience 2011 - 2012 Project Lead Responsible for hydrogen plasma power source research and development. 2010 - 2011 Stock Corporation KORTEZ Moscow, Russia Stock Corporation New Inflow ( Moscow, Russia

Electrical Engineer Responsible for cavitation hardware design for cavitation hydrocarbon cracking. 1996 - 2009 Joint Institute for High Temperatures RAS ( Moscow, Russia

Research Associate Responsible for electrodynamics and experimental plasma research. 1984 - 1996 Institute for Machine Science RAS ( Moscow, Russia

Research Associate Responsible for electrical engineering design and digital signal processing. 1981 - 1984 Central Research Institute in Communications ( ) Moscow, Russia

Research Associate Responsible for electrical engineering design. Patents U.S. Patent No. 6,822,361, Orbital Multi-Rotor Homopolar System, 2004 Russian Federation Patent No. 2155435, Device and Method for Obtaining Mechanical Energy, 2000. Books On the Structure of Spacetime and Certain Fundamental Interactions, Prest, Moscow, 2000, ISBN 5862030875 (in Russian)


Peer-reviewed Karimov A.R., and Godin S.M., Coupled radialazimuthal oscillations in twirling cylindrical plasmas, Physica Scripta, 80, 3, 2009 Godin S.M., and Botvinosky V.V., Measurements of displacement current with fammeter, Radiotechnology & Electronics, vol. 54, issue 9, 2009, pp. 1049-1152 Klimov K.N., Sestroretsky B.V., Godin S.M., and Roschin V.V., On the possibility of electrostatic relativistic dynamo, Radiotechnology and Electronics, vol. 49, issue 11, 2004, pp. 1237-1243 Abdulkerimov S.A., Bogdanov V.P., Godin S.M., Experimental study of energy and information interaction of radiation of longitudinal electromagnetic waves with water, Electrodyncamics and Techniques of UHF and HF, 200, vol. 8, issue 3-4 pp. 124-126 Roshchin V.V., and Godin S.M., An Experimental Investigation of the Physical Effects in a Dynamics Magnetic System, Technical Physics Letters, vol. 26, issue 12, 2000, pp. 1105-1107 Roshchin V.V., and Godin S.M., Experimental Research on Magnetic-Gravity Effects, Galilean Electrodynamics, vol. 12, issue 2, 2002, p. 31 Conference Proceedings Godin S.M., Rodionov B.U., and Savvatimova I.B., Inspection method to check quality of nuclear transmutation media, The 13th International Conference on Condensed Matter Nuclear Science, June 25-July 1, 2007, Dagomys, Russia. Klimov K.N., Sestroretsky B.V., and Godin S.M., The use of the relativistic effect for obtaining negative permittivity. International Conference on Antenna Theory and Techniques, Sevastopol, Ukraine, September 912, 2003, vol. 1, pp. 171 172. Klimov K.N., Sestroretsky B.V., Ruchenkov V.A., Kamishev T.V., Godin S.M., and Roshchin V. V., The model of creation of rotating stationary electromagnetic formations in vacuum. International Conference on Antenna Theory and Techniques, Sevastopol, Ukraine, September 912, 2003, vol. 1, pp. 173177 Godin S.M., Polyuakov L.B., and Roschin V.V., Study of electric, magnetic and th radiation effects in the modified Koldomasov cell, 10 Russian Conference on Cold Nuclear Transmutation and Ball Lightning, Dagomys, September 29 th October 6 , 2002 Godin S.M., and Roschin V.V., Magneto-Electro-Gravitation, 2 Berlin Congress for Innovative Energy Technologies, June 13-15, 2002, Berlin, Germany Roshchin V.V., and Godin S.M., Generator with Energy Conversion and AntiGravity Effects, The Weinfelden Energy Conference, June 23-24, 2001, Weinfelden, Switzerland Roshchin V.V., and Godin S.M., An experimental Investigation of the Physical th Effects in a Dynamic Magnetic System, 37 AIAA/ASME/SAE/ASSEE Joint Propulsion Conference and Exhibit, July 8-11, 2001 Salt Lake City, Utah


Russian, English