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Southeast Asia Christian Services

(Southeast Asia Evangelizing Mission)


"Thai Treasures"
January - February 199G
"From The Field. .

Our student body at C.B.L has returned for the third and final term of the 1995-96

school year. Many of them participated in Christmas conventions during the month of
December while the school was closed for the holidays. One of our students,
Wipomchai, has a lot to smile about! He was married over the school break!

Some of our staff traveled to villages where they were invitedto speak in

churches and share the Good News. This is the one time during the year that many people around the world who are notChristians pay at least some attention as to why we

have Christmas. Here in Thailand, as in many countries, the season has become highly
commercialized with bright, colorful lights, Christmas trees and Santa Clauses

dominating the scene. Butit has been refreshing to hear songs of the Christ Child even
on TV and radio.

As you spend time in prayer today we ask thatyou remember two requests: pray

for two of our workers studying at Lincoln Christian Seminary, Brothers Ahpu and
Suriya. Both are there away from theirfamilies who remain here in Thailand. Also,

there have been problems with our mail sewice. Some mission checks have disappeared. Apparently, there has been some mail tampering going on along the way. We are
grateful that in our personal family situation we can write checks here rather than have
them come by mail.

"From The Family..." Marcie's visit with us has been really great! Her friend, Jason Shelor, also has

enjoyed his first trip to Thailand. They will beleaving to return tothe States on January 1Ith. We thank each of you for your faithful support both prayerfully and financially that
allows our family to reunite during the holidays! Ben's second semester of school resumed on January 3rd and Debbie is gearing up for other activities such as Cub Scouts and youth meetings soon to begin again.

Mike is preparing to travel into Burma in February, Lord willing, to teach

"Restoration History." He will also teach two other classes at C.B.L: "1 & 2

Thessalonians" and "Minor Prophets" (Part 2). This looks tobea busy term so we really
covet your prayers for good health and fruitful efforts in the Lord's Kingdom here! May
God bless you in your endeavors in His Vineyard there!
Faithfully Yours In Christ

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Southeast Asia Christian Services

(Southeast Asia Evangelizing Mission)


"Thai Treasures"
March - April 1996
'Fran The RM

At the end of March students from Chiangmai Bible Institute will be packing their bags and headiiig for home for the hot weather break. Two months of summer vacation lie in store for them. They covet your prayers as they travel and look for opportimitiesto serve the Lord in their villages. Also, pray for our staff members as they travel. Recently, a report came to us that ten families from the Akha tribal background accepted Christ! We praise God for these decisions. Please pray that the proclamation of the Gospel will continue without hindrance and pray for those who evangelize that they will keep their zeal to spread the Good News. In our last newsletter we reported problems with the mail system and having some checks lost. We are happy to report that we are now writing the mission checks locally rather than have them sent in the mail Thank you for your prayers concerning this and may we again offer our heartfelt gratitude for all of those who contribute to the
fmancial needs of the mission.

"From The Family..." What a busy three months we have had in 1996! Ben has continued with his school studies but along with that has been playing basketball, participating on the school
debate team, and a number of other activities.

Debbie has finished up her English class at C.B.I. She was able to attend the seminar on E-Mail as well as a class on "English As A Second Language" (ESL) where she took 20 hours of classroom study and six additional hours of observation. She has
been a sub at the int'l school and has continued her work with the local Cub Scout Pack.

Mike had a rewarding trip for two weeks into Burma! He taught "Restoration History" where a total of 26 students attended. More on his trip in the Spring issue of the Thai Lifeline. Mike finishes up his second class at C.B.I. for this term with the second part of "Minor Prophets". He has also been invited to lead in a week-long seminar for elders and deacons which will be held on the campus of C.B.I, in April. Then a trip is planned to Cambodia with a national co-worker. We so appreciate your faithful support, both prayerful and financial. We receive letters and cards from many of you and that is always encouraging for us! Keep us in your prayers especially as we are apart from Marcie who is attending Roanoke College (Virginia) where she continues to do well.
Thankfully In Christ!

Forwarding Agent: Mr. Lenwood McCoy 1780Sterhng Drive Blacksburg, Virginia 24060 (540) 639-5867

iBiri" oa lema nsaidau leosoa

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(South East Asia Evangelizing Mission)
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South East Asia Christian Services

Box 59,Chiangmai 50000 Thailand Ph.(053) 244-643

26 April 1996 Dear Christian Friends,

some exciting news concernii(ig Mike Flinchum an^ his family. The S.E. Asia
Evangelizing Mission Board (r^^tered as S.E. Asia Christian Services in

We the faculty ofChian^IVlai Bible Institut^s^ish to write you concerning

Thailand), the board that dlrectsorBX,-bas-eaned Mike to become the full-time

director and fund raiser for the mission. Mike has agreed to do this. As of right now, SEAEM/SEACS has no full-time fund raiser in the States who can present
the needs and raise support for the mission. This has caused some obstacles in the areas of having adequate funds for operation. Also, communication between

the field and supporting churches has been limited. So as great as our need is for Mike to be here in Thailand there is an even greater need for him to return
and fill this position.

Mike is the perfect person for this position for many reasons; 1) He already has a financial base of support which is necessary since he will
not receive a salary from the mission.

2) He is a very people-oriented person with very good communication skills.

3) He is also a very organized person and task-oriented which is vital in

scheduling speaking dates with churches and maintaining contact Viflth them. He
sees the importance of regular communication between the field and the States.

Although Mike will be returning to the USA to live, he will still be a part of the faculty of CBI and will return once or twice a year to teach classes and to examine the work that Is going on. Even though we will miss him greatly while he
is gone we know that our loss will be of greater benefit to the mission as a v^tiole. We the mission staff and faculty of CBI Hilly support his decision to

become the full-time director of SEAEM/SEACS. We ask that you do the same by keeping him and his family in your prayers and by maintaining the financial
support you have been faithfully providing for him.

Sincerely in Christian Love,

SEACS/CBI Field Staff (Thailand)

1 iillm 2:17 s)jlv(LnJ7^LLri>infiu

1 Peter 2:17 Honor all men: Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honor the kina


of Ijrtsf af
Route 2 - Box 77

Ministers: Tony L. Reed

Bluefield, West Virginia 24701

James S. Mullins
"The Church with a Heart....

Church Study:


In the Heart of the Community"

April 30, 1996


Mission. I want to thank you on behalf of the Trustees for all your faithful support of the Flinchum family since they've been on the mission field. God has used them marvelously.
Recently, after much discussion and prayerful thought over a long period of time, the Trustees

I am writing to you as the President of the Trustees of the Southeast Asia Christian Services

of SEACS decided to extend a call to Mike to become our full-time Director and Promoter of the

mission. We believed that no one was better qualified and prepared to do this than Mike, since he
After prayer and discussion with the staff overseas, Mike has accepted our call, for which we

has both stateside and Thai experience. We believe God has led us in this decision.
thank God.

pay him any salary or expenses. All ofthe money we raise is sent to the school for the support of staff and students there. We will be unable to help Mike fmancialiy for some time yet, ifat all.
can only be if his support is maintained at its current level. Thank you and may God bless.
!n Christian Love,

This letter is to encourage you to continue your support of Mike financially. We are unable to

So please continue your support. We see this as a way of expanding Mike's ministry, but it



Welcome to a congregation dedicated to the Restoration of the New Testament Church



P.O. BOX 59


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Serving . . .
Southeast Asia Christian Services

(SoutheastAsia Evangelizing Mission)

April 4, 1996


Dear Faithful Supporters and Prayer Partners,

Greetings in the Lord from Thailand! We have entered the hot season ^h temperatures soaring up to around 100 degrees F. How thankful we are that we have
access to air conditioning! Chiangmai Bible Institute has closed for the 1995-96 school

year but will resume the first week of June. Now many of our students have returned home and will have the opportunity to serve the Lord with their various home churches. This letteris special inthat Iwant to share with each of you some exciting news

that has come ourway! Recently the directors ofSoutheast Asia Evangelizing Mission (Southeast Asia Christian Services) met in Cincinnati. Ohio for a regulariy scheduled
meeting. They are making the recommendation that I be named Director of the mission. This would mean moving our base of operations to the United States where we can allot adequate time for promotion and fund raising for the mission which at this time is so vital
to the work. Both the Stateside directors as well as the field team want to see this work grow and expand!

Aside from visiting churches that support the work already, there is a need to seek additional funds among churches who are interested in and willing to consider becoming partners with us in training Christian leaders among the Asian nationals. To
expand the work will require a broader financial base. Other tasks that need to be

fulfilled are recruiting more missionaries for the field and raising funds to help support
graduates of our school who are ready for full-time service. It is my goal to also return to the field at least once per year in order to assist in teaching duties but also to maintain
communication between the field and mission directors Stateside.

What we humbly ask of you are two things: first, we covet your prayers as we commit our efforts to this new phase of the work, and second, we ask that you continue, now more than ever, your gracious and faithful financial support of our family. The cost of living in the U.S. is certainly high and we must depend upon you, our supporters, to

continue as partners with us. The mission will not be in a position to provide a salary for
us. We are also enclosing a letter from the mission stating its recommendation. Should you have any questions about this please feel free to contact us on the field, our
forwarding agent (see address below), or James Mullins, Stateside chairman of

Southeast Asia Evangelizing Mission (Rt. 2, Box77, Bluefield, W. Va. 24701, home phone: (304) 325-7988, office: (304) 325-8520). Plans are to move before autumn. May God bless the efforts of His people in the work of His Kingdom! We look fonward to the joy of continued service with you!
Thankfully In The Name of Christ,
Mike and Debbie Flinchum

Forwarding Agent: Mr. Lenwood McCoy 1780 Sterling Drive Blacksburg, Virginia 24060 (540)639-5867


P.O. BOX 59


Office Tel.: 011-66-53-244-643 Office Fax: 011-66-53-300-041


Serving . . .
Southeast Asia Christian Services

(Southeast Asia Evangelizing Mission)


"Thai Treasures"
May - June 1996
"From The Field. .

May 22nd marks the date for interviewingpotential new students at Chiangmai Bible Institute. By then new student applications will have been received and each new person will be interviewed by a committee. We covet your prayers as we seek wisdom in selecting new students to be enrolled. It is always the aim of the teaching staff and interview committee to accept students who truly have the heart for evangelism and
church leadership. June 3rd (Monday) will be the first day of classes at C.B.I. Pray for each teacher and student as they prepare to begin a new academic year.

Trofn The Famiiy , . -'

By now you, our family, friends and supporters should have received news that we have accepted a call from our mission to serve in a new capacity. Mike has been
asked to serve as Director and Promoter of S.E. Asia Christian Services (S.E. Asia

Evangelizing Mission). Both the Stateside board of directors as well as the team on the field in Thailand are encouraging this decision fully. It is with great excitement and
anticipation that we accept this call and as we prepare to move our base of operations to
the States!

As we had stated in a personal letter to you previously, we ask that you pray for us and for this new phase of work. We also ask that you continue with your financial support of our family as before for there v^ll be no available salary or expenses to be paid to us from the mission budget. You have been so very faithful to support us these last ten years and we believe that you will continue in this. How we thank God for your partnership in this ministry!
Once we return to the States our priority will be to arrange speaking dates with you, our supporters. Then we will plan speaking engagements with those churches who support the mission itself We will be contacting churches whom we hope will become partners with us in supporting the mission in the future. We look forward to seeing you soon! May God bless you and His Work in S.E. Asia as we continue to promote evangelism and Christian education there.
In Christian Love,



Forwarding Agent: Mr. Lenwood McCoy 1780 Sterling Drive Blacksburg, Virginia 24060 (540)639-5867

SOUTHEAST ASIA CHRISTIAN SERVICES (Southeast Asia Evangelizing Mission)

Mid^aelVlinchum, Stateside Director
1425 Gordon Street

Salem,VA 24153 Tel. (540) 387-4989 Fax (540) 387-0522



"Thai Treasures"
July - August 1996
"From TheRefd,,

Chiangmai Bible Institute's first term for the 1996-97 school year is in full swing.
Four new students are now enrolled in classes. A total of 25 students are studying in the Bible training program at C.B.I. In June Mike was asked to help teach several young people from the Karen tribe

about God's plan of salvation. On Sunday, June 16th six precious souls were baptized into Christ! Mike was asked to conduct the baptismal services in a lake just outside of Chiangmai. He was assisted by C.B.I, graduate and radio evangelist, Luke Bee.

"From The Famiiy..."

We're back, safe and sound in the United States! We are grateful for your prayers on behalf of our travel. Debbie and Ben arrived in June and Mike came over in July after

completing his teaching assignments for the first term at C.B.I. Our base of operations will be in Salem, Virginia. Please note our address, phone and fax numbers at the top of the letterheard. We are also rejoicing that we have Marcie back at home with us! We have been busy with getting settled back into our house and with putting away all the things that arrived in our shipment from Thailand just the other day. We are busy with lining up speaking dates in our supporting churches, mission churches and possible new supporting churches. Mike and Debbie have both spoken at three churches since Mike returned July 16th. We truly appreciate your support and love. Your continued monthly financial support allows us to give our full-time efforts to the work of promoting the mission. Be in prayer for our next board of directors meeting in Cincinnati, Ohio. Please feel free to
write, call or fax us at yoiir convenience! May God bless!

Gratefully In Christ,

Forwarding Agent: Mr. Lenwood McCoy 1780 Sterling Drive Blacksburg, Virginia 24060 (540) 639-5867

Southeast Asia Evangelising Mission

(Mike & Debbie Flinchum)

Financial Report

For the period January 1-June 30,1996

Balance 1-1-96




12,751.00 4,917.00


Total expenses
Balance 6-30-96



Commitments for July and Reserve:

Mission Retirement

2,220.00 1,010.00

Emergency Reserve



and his v/ife, Debbie, have two children - Marcie, a third-year student at Roanoke College in Salem, VA and Ben. a high school junior. Michael received his BA degree in Chr. Mln. from Atlanta Christian College and a Master of Ministry degree from Kentucky Christian College. Debbie received a BS degree in Home Econom
ics from Morehead State

The Flinchums served 15

years in youth and preaching ministries in the States prior

to service in Thailand. There

they served on the staff of Chiangmai Bible Institute for 10 years teaching Biblerelated courses. Thev/ork there has also taken Michael

on short-term trips into

Burma and Cambodia. He

was privileged to be the first missionary to teach a fullcredit course at Myanmar Bible Institute in Myanmar (Burma).
The task of Director will

include promoting and fundraising for the mission, recruiting new missionaries, recruiting guest lecturers for Chiangmai Bible Institute. visiting the field regularly to help in teaching classes, and when possible, engage in
Bible literature translation. There v/ill be no funds available from the mission for

salary so the Flinchums v/ill rely on their personal support from churches, groups and
Michael Flinchum has individuals.

accepted the invitation to

serve as full-time Director

The Flinchums' stateside

and Promoter for S.E. Asia

Christian Services. Mike

address is: 1425 Gordon St., Salem. VA 24153; ph; 540387-4989; fax: 387-0522.


October 1996


SOUTHEAST ASIA CHRISTIAN SERVICES (Southeast Asia Evangelizing Mission)

Michael Flinchum, Stflfeside Director
1425 Gordon Street

Salem, VA 24153

Tel. (540)387-4989 Fax (540)387-0522

"Thai Treasures"
Qeptember - October 1996
'From The Field

Second term is underway at Chiangmai Bible Institute. During the two weeK

school break prior to the new term some ofour students went on an evangelistic trip where four souls were baptized into Christ through their Gospel witness. PTL! This is the priority -training student evangelists who can take the Gospel to their own people

In November Chuck and Carolyn Seevers (son-in-law and daughter toCharles and

Mildred Fordyce, one ofour mission directors) are planning to travel to Thailand and
teach atC.B.I. We recently sent them a packet ofinformation for short-term workers to

help prepare them for their trip. Are you interested in traveling to S.E. Asia and possibly
teaching short-term classes? Please let us know!
'From The Family..."

Our kids, Marcie and Ben are now back in school for the fall semester. Debbie is busy with activities at the Salem Church and would you believe she has her CDL
(Commercial Driver's License) to drive a school bus! Mike has driven over 5,000 miles over thelast two and a halfmonths visiting churches inVirginia, Kentucky and Ohio. Some ofthese are personal supporters, some

support the mission budget and others are new churches we are challenging to participate
with us inthis work both as prayer and financial supporters. The reception thus far from

everyone has been great! Mike attended the semi-annual S.E. Asia Mission meeting in September in Cincinnati. He will be taking the mission display to the National Missionary Convention in Lexington, Kentucky the first ofNovember and one ofthe
members from the Salem Church here willbe takingthe mission display for us to the

Grundy Prayer Clinic (Grundy, Virginia). We thank God for all our partners in this work.
We will, from this point on, not only betyping the "Thai Lifeline" (quarterly mission newsletter) but will be having it printed and mailed from Salem. Anew mission letterhead and brochure have been printed. The responsibilities go on but we thank God

for this ministry and for you who pray for and support our family so we can give our full
time efforts to the work in S.E. Asia!

Thanking You Again!

The Flinchums

Forwarding Agent: Mr. Lenwood McCoy 1780Sterling Drive Blacksburg, Virginia 24060 (540) 639-5867



(Southeast Asia Evangelizing Mission)

Michael Flinchum, Stateside Director

1425 Gordon Street

Salem, VA 24153 Tel. (540) 387-4989


E-mail address: flinchuni(^

"Thai Treasures"
November - December 1996
"From The Field. .

Chuck and Carolyn Seevers from Philadelphia are guest teachers this term at Chiangmai Bible Institute. We appreciate their talents being shared with us! In January, Chuck Fordyce, one of our S.E.A.C.S. directors will be teaching along with Mike who will be at C.B.I, to teach two classes. Later in January, Leonard Thompson from India, will be making his annual journey to teach at C.B.I. He does a great job! We again ask that you continue to pray for the field team and stateside mission board as they deal with crucial issues concerning the mission property and leadership. Each month in our fax update we receive news of souls being won to Christ through the witness of staff and students at C.B.I. We praise God for this!

"From The FamHy..." Everyone is well and staying very busy with school and work. Debbie continues
to substitute drive a school bus and work with the youth at the local church here on Sunday and Wednesday evenings. Marcie is finishing up classes at Roanoke College and continues to work in the alumni department at school. Ben is busy with school and now is working part time at Kroger. He likes the extra money and now sees first hand how
much it takes to earn a dollar!

Mike just sent out the fall issue of the Thai Lifeline which he is responsible to print and mail out. We now have nearly 500 on the mailing list (nearly double the number when we first returned)! Some additional support has been raised and traveling three out of four Sundays to visit churches continues to be a priority. After returning from Thailand he will be busy up into April with speaking engagements. We appreciate you so much, for your prayers and your faithful monthly support! From our family to yours we wish you a ... and 'Hew-

The Flinchums

Forwarding Agent: Mr. Lenwood McCoy 1780 Sterling Drive Blacksburg, Virginia 24060 (540)639-5867