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Prepared for Prof. ARJUMAND

In the name of ALLAH, The Most Mercifu , the Most !ind" Ac#no$ ed%ement

We are so much grateful to our Prestigious Prof. ARJUMAND who gave us this opportunity to ma e this Human Resource !evelopment Report of Unite" #an $imite" which enhances our ability in un"erstan"ing HR functions in corporate worl" an" ma ing report on them% We woul" also li e to pay our than s to U&L HR Representati'e Mrs. (a)iha Ahmad who provi"e us all the information of Human Resource function of Unite" #an $imite" an" all other manager who help us in provi"ing in&"epth information on the environment an" culture of Unite" #an $imite"% ' (Mohsin Mahmoo") also li e to than s my brother Hassan Mahmoo" for helping me in ma ing this report by arranging the meeting of interviewing HR manager%

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*+NT,NTPage *+% .. 1. 2. / # C 3. 4. 6. 8. / # C ! 9 : ; H :. Jo7 Ana 0sis ,/ecuti'e -ummar0 Histor0 of United &an# Limited U&L Introduction Mission Statement 0ision 'ntro"uction -(+T Ana 0sis of U&L U&L HR 5unctions U&L HR +7)ecti'es U&L HR P annin%9s and Po icies /ttracting Metho"ology +rgani5ation Chart 'nvestment in !evelopment 7 Performance U#$ Structure +rgani5ational 0alues U#$ Culture U#$ Wor ing 9nvironment HR Measuring Metho" , . . . 1 23 24 24 24 24 26 26 28 28 28 2, 2, 2,
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/ ;. .<. / # ... / # C ! .1. .2. .3. .4. .6. .8. .:. .;. -e ection Jo7 ,'a uation Recruitment

<echni=ues for >ob /nalysis


'nternal Recruitment Sources 9?ternal Recruitment Sources

22. 2.

<he /pplication :orm Written <ests Performance 9?ams Selection 'nterview Trainin% = De'e opment Performance Appraisa *ompensations and &enefits -tress Hand in% *ritica ,'a uation of HR 5unctions >roup *onc usion = Recommendation &i7 io%raph0 *redits -emi?-tructured @uestioner

2. 21 21 21 2@ 2@ 43 43 43 44 46 48

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,/ecuti'e -ummar0

United &an# Limited is one of the ban s playing a very important role in the economic "evelopment of Pa istan% 'tAs provi"ing high =uality servicesB manage customer e?perience efficientlyB have comparative a"vantage "ue to its innovative technology an" provi"e high profit to its sta ehol"er% 'n or"er to maintain an" improve its services in the competitive mar et U#$ Human Resource !epartment plays a very important role% Cou will fin" in this report the complete HR function of U#$% <he 0isionB Mission an" Strategic goal of U#$ what are the metho"s followe" by U#$ for analy5ing an" evaluating its >obs% How U#$ recruit an" select new employees% <he metho"s use" by U#$ training an" "eveloping new s ills in their employees% <he metho"s use" for performance appraisal of its job incumbents% Compensations an" benefits provi"e" by U#$ to its employees an" some other HR :unctions% ;roup suggestionsDrecommen"ations for ma ing U#$ human resource management functions more effective

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Purpose of This Pro)ect

<he main purpose of this project is to highlight an" to stu"y the Human Resource !epartment of United &an# Limited% 't provi"es a brief overview of the organi5ation an" all the waysB strategies an" alternatives mainly use" by Human Resource !epartment of U&L%

Histor0 of U&L
United &an# Limited was establishe" in *ovember 2@,@% <he ban was sponsore" by the saigol ;roup of CompaniesB which were the mainstay of the te?tile in"ustry in Pa istan at that time% Within a short perio" of timeB the ban emerge" as the thir" largest in the country after H#$ an" *#P% <he ban was nationali5e" in 2@.8% $ater on another ban the commerce ban limite" was merge" into U#$% U#$ was the thir" ban to be offere" for privati5ation% 'nitiallyB a Sau"i base" financial institutionE #ashrahil ;roup came up with the highest bi" for the ban B an" "eposite" the first tranche for its consi"eration% HoweverB "ue to flaws in the transactionB the S#P cancelle" the privati5ation an" too over the ban in 2@@,% <he #an As total income inclu"ing interest an" non&interest income amounte" to RS%8@6, million in 2@@,B its "eposits were RS% 23@ billion an" investments were RS%4, billion in 2@@,% U#$ incurre" a loss of RS%.48 million in 2@@,% 'n 2@@- the management of the ban was change" an" by mi" 2@@. the financial an" a"ministrative "iscipline was restore"% <he interference of the government was eliminate" an" the non&performing loans recovery was increase" an" the li=ui"ity position was brought up to the re=uire" level% /bout RS%-%6 billion were recovere" out of which about RS%, billion were "omestic an" of this about Rs% 8%, billion was recovere" in cash% / right si5ing program was initiate" as well as an aggressive branch rationali5ation strategy by which 436 loss ma ing branches were shut "own an" profitable ones were opene" in other areas% Surplus staff was remove" which amounte" to ,82- employees% <he entire au"it system was revampe"%
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United &an# Limited Introduction

A. Mission -tatement of U&LA

To de'e op and de i'er the

most inno'ati'e

product, mana%e customer e/perience, de i'er Bua it0 ser'ice that contri7utes to 7rand stren%th, esta7 ish a comparati'e ad'anta%e and enhance profita7i it0, pro'idin% 'a ue to the sta#eho ders of 7an#"

&. U&L CisionA

To 7e the premier or%aniDations operatin% oca 0 = internationa 0 that pro'ides the comp ete ran%e of financia ser'ices to a se%ments under one roof"

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*. U&L IntroductionA
Unite" #an $imite" was establishe" on *ovember .B 2@,@ an" incorporate" as a Public $imite" Company un"er Companies /ct 2@26% <he U#$ #oar" of !irectors of are:

Highness Shai h *ahayan Mabara /l *ahayan Sir Mohamme" /nwar Perve5 +#9 Mr% /tif R% #o hari Mr% +mar Fia" >aafar /l /s ari Mr% Fameer Mohamme" Chou"rey Mr% /hma" Wa=ar !r% /shfa=ue Hasan Ghan Mr% /=eel /hme" *asir Mr% /b"ul Pauf Mali Mr% /meer Garachi wall

Chairman !eputy Chairman Presi"ent 7 C9+ !irector !irector !irector !irector Company Secretary 7 Chief $egal !irector Chief :inancial +fficer

<he #an is currently operating 23,- #ranches !omestically an" 2, #ranches +verseas (US/B HatarB U/9B #ahrain an" Republic of Cemen)% U&L hol" ,2I of its total shares other 8@I shares are owne" by ;overnment% /fter the privati5ation of ban ing sector in Pa istan U&L implemente" its strategies to achieve the comparative a"vantage in the Mar et place% U&L subsi"iaries are:

Unite" #an /; FurichB Swit5erlan" Unite" *ational #an $imite"B UG U#$ :un" Managers $imite"

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U#$ "ue to its innovative corporate culture wins their customer trust% U#$ is running four websites to provi"e information an" customer services which are:

www%ubl%com%p B www%ublonline%com www%ublfun"s%com www%ublinsurers%com <he "epositing services offere" by U#$ are #usiness PartnerB Rupee <rans /DCB

#asic #an ing /ccountB U#$ Uni:le?B U#$ UniSaverB U#$ Profit C+!B <erm !eposits ReceiptsB :CC SavingsB an" :CC <erm !eposits% <he loan an" car" services are U#$ /""ressB U#$ #usinesslineB U#$ CashlineB U#$ !riveB U#$ Cre"it Car"B U#$ MoneyB an" some other services are U#$ netban ingB U#$ e&statementB HamrahB U#$ WalletB U#$ Clic n #an B U#$ Clic n RemitB U#$ <e5Raftaar%

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-(+T Ana 0sis


Strengths: 6r" largest #an of Pa istan in term of "eposits 4n" largest Privati5e" #an of Pa istan U#$ offering Customi5e" Pro"ucts an" services aggressively better then its competitors 'mprove" operational efficiency as to its past Courteous Customer service an" fast "elivery of online an" offline services Marvelous 'mage an" Reputation of the ban in the eyes of its customers 9?tensive #ranch networ U#$ Pro"uct positioning is very effective U#$ target the segment li e salarie" personB business people an" self employe" person U#$ pro"uct positioning affect the life style of the people as they help in improving stan"ar" of living
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23,- #ranches all over Pa istan Stan"s in the list of Profitable ban in stoc e?change $argest number of corporate "eals by any ban is Pa istan +verseas #ranches /ttractive Salaries an" incentives for employees Personnel of U#$ are very well traine"% Majority of employees have many years of e?perience in ban ing sector an" are an asset for the ban %


Wea nesses: *o stan"ar"i5ation in terms of branches some of the branches are very attractive an" most of the branches are not very goo" li e other branches% 'n some regionsB urban areas of Pa istan service of U#$ is not goo" as compare" to other privati5e" ban s <he application time is also =uite lengthy% U#$ is a step behin" in using new technology as compare" to other ban s /ll branches nee" orientation for customer "ealing% Most of the employees are overloa" with the wor an" promotion is also not timely% Most of employees are e?perience" an" they are not able to "eal customers wellB a"opt new culture an" above all they are unable to use of new technology li e computers%

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*o separate training center to train their employees 9mployees are not well "resse" Wor force is not "iverse Security system in most of the branches is not up to the mar %


+pportunities: #an can e?ten" its networ in other cities of Pa istan li e other 8 remote citiesB it woul" increase their sales% Proper orientation of employees in all branches can help them to cope up with foreign ban s #y bringing new technology an" mo"ern business processes will bring the change an" increase their profitability Call centre services shoul" be improve" to enhance their networ


<hreats: $arge an" increasing competition% High operating costs $ac of huge "eposits

HR 5unctions
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:ollowing are the major Human Resource Management :unctions of Unite" #an $imite"

6. HR +7)ecti'esA

<he objectives are to loo out for the well being of all employees of the U#$% Provi"e lea"ership an" "irection to employees of the company% Career !evelopment planning for all employees of the company% 9nsure thorough training of nationwi"e employees% <o provi"e in"ivi"ual employees with orientation on the company at the time of joining% <o provi"e employees with solutions to their problems% Maintaining "ata recor"s of all employees of U#$ (Human Resources information System)% <o evaluate an" retain those employees who are assets to the company%

8. U&L HR P annin%9s and Po iciesA

Unite" #an $imite" follows &usiness? e'e E*ompetiti'e -trate%0 (competitive strategy i"entifies how to buil" an" strength the businessAs long&term competitive position in the mar et place) because of vast number of its competitor in the mar et place% U#$ analy5e itAs strengths with wea ness an" opportunities with threats to maintain its comparative a"vantage% <he competitive a"vantage of U#$ is base" on !ifferentiation% 't provi"es "ifferent online an" offline services to win its customer an" perio"ically analy5e the competitive mar etplace to enhance its services at a high level%

/ttracting Metho"ology:
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;enerating re=uire" Human Resource policy of U#$ is that they attract the current employees by offering them Promotion, *ash a$ard, increment, 7onuses and stoc# option so eep up an" generate e?ternal can"i"ate by offering goo" salary pac agesB Career oriente" jobsB /ccommo"ations etc%

+rgani5ation Chart:

<he organi5ation "esign of U#$ is HoriDonta (which has low hierarchical level)% <here are "ifferent ;roups containing 23 to 24 people which are assigne" "ifferent tas s to wor on each group has its own supervisor who supervise all employees in its group%

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'nvestment in !evelopment 7 Performance:

U#$ invest in HR !evelopment an" performance by promoting or giving rewar"s to those employees whose performance is better% <he performance appraisal of each employee is con"ucte" annually in U#$%

U#$ Structure:

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+rgani5ational 0alues:

J<rust an" 'ntegrity JRespect for people JResponsible corporate citi5ens JPassion for business e?cellence JCommitment to total customerAs satisfaction

U#$ Culture:

Unite" #an

$imite" culture is the personality of the organi5ation% Culture is

comprise" of the assumptionsB valuesB norms an" tangible signs (artifacts) of organi5ation members an" their behaviors% <he organi5ational culture of U#$ is that it always provi"es profit to its sta ehol"er an" never misrepresents its financial reports an" will never "o any unethical act which harms its client an" competitor% <he employees of U#$ will always be helping an" frien"ly with its customers% <he norms of U#$ are it always follows the $aws of country an" maintain its goo"will%

U#$ Wor ing 9nvironment:

<he wor ingDorgani5ation environment of U#$ is very sophisticate"% 9nvironment is very frien"ly "ue to group coor"ination% 9mployees can easily communicate hori5ontally an" vertically which help to achieve its goals an" objectives% 9mployees have to follow formal co"e of ethics of Unite" #an $imite"
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HR Measuring Metho":

Unite" #an $imite" uses -corecard Approach to measure the effectiveness an" efficiency of HR "epartment% U#$ follow the seven steps to measure its HR "epartment% :irst U#$ "efine its business strategy ("iscusse" above)% Secon" its outline the companyAs value chain activates (activities which create value for customers an" relate" supporting activities)% <hen it outlines what organi5ational outcomes (goals an" targets) the ban has to achieve% <hen it evaluates the wor force re=uire" to achieve the goals% /fter that U#$ "evise its HR policies an" practices (what new training is re=uire"K)% <hen it "esigns the HR scorecar" an" perio"ically evaluates the measurement system%

:. Jo7 Ana 0sisA

>ob /nalysis is the proce"ure through which you "etermine the "uties of the position an" the characteristics of the people to hire for them% >ob analysis pro"uces information use" for writing job "escriptions an" job Specifications%

<echni=ues for >ob /nalysis:

U#$ only use Hualitative <echni=ues of analy5ing jobs% <he techni=ues U#$ uses are Inter'ie$ an" +pen?ended @uestionnaires% <hey use interviews in which employees are as what the job entails an" =uestionnaires in which employees are as e" "ifferent =uestion about what are the activates they perform in job%

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;. Jo7 ,'a uationA

>ob 9valuation is a systematic comparison "one in or"er to "etermine the worth of one job relative to another

>ob evaluation techni=ue use" by U#$ is Ran ing Metho" in which each job relative to all other jobs accor"ing to its "ifficulty level li e for e?ample job of supervisor is tougher than the manager wor ing un"er its supervision%

'n or"er to "etermine the future staff nee"s Unite" #an $imite" uses Ratio Ana 0sis techniBue (a :orecasting techni=ue for "etermining future staff nee"s by using ratios betweenB for e?ample sales volume an" number of employees nee"e") in which tren" between two tren"s is "etermine" li e volume of "epositsB revenueB new branches etc an" number of employees nee"e" to perform tas s% 'nternal Recruitment Sources: 'n forecasting the supply of insi"e can"i"ates U#$ use @ua ifications in'entories (manual or computeri5e" recor"s listing employees e"ucation career an" "evelopment interestsB languagesB special s ills an" so on to be use" in selecting insi"e can"i"ates for promotion) so in or"er to replace a supervisor of a "epartment a person below e"ucate" then the current supervisor will be selecte" as a new supervisor%

9?ternal Recruitment Sources:

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9?ternal source for hiring employees use by U#$ is -uccession P annin% (the ongoing process of systematically i"entifyingB assessing an" "eveloping organi5ational lea"ership to enhance performance) in which U#$ "o analysis on the important or ey jobs in the organi5ationB create a list of competent employees who can fulfill the re=uirement of that job an" then select the best employee who can perform that job efficiently an" affecte"ly% <he internal sources use" by the Unite" #an $imite" for hiring can"i"ate are Ad'ertisementB Head hunter an" (ord of Mouth% 'n a"vertisement they use "ifferent me"iums li e Te e'isionB Ne$spaperB subscribing the jobs on Jo7 sites e%g%

www%ro5ee%p B www%monster%com

U#$ has hire" its own Retaine" 9?ecutive RecruitersDHea" hunter (9?ecutive recruiters are special employment agencies retaine" by employers to see out top&management talent for their clients) to fin" competent an" =ualifie" people for U#$% #ut "ue to some circumstances there is fle?ibility in hiring the employees e?ternally an" internally for e?ample non availability of re=uire" can"i"atesB lac of timeB lac of resources etc% Usually Unite" #an $imite" "onAt ta e Referra s but "ue to some reason they "o sometime ta e referrals for e?ample referral form a high comman" personB person on referral is =ualifie" an" competent etc%

...-e ectionA

Selection process of U#$ base" on HualificationB Previous job e?perienceB /ge an" health of can"i"ate%

<he /pplication :orm:

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:or selection process the first step which can"i"ate to be fulfille" is application formB this show about the can"i"ateAs e"ucationB previous performanceB prior wor historyB e?perienceB hobbies an" health con"itionK /s suchB it is e?tremely critical for hisDher continue" participation in the e?amination process% #efore that can"i"ate has to review thoroughly what the >ob a"vertisement specifies the re=uirements to =ualify for the position% Can"i"ate must meet all the criteria to be consi"ere" for the positionE ensure thatB otherwise can"i"ate will be wasting his effort in completing the application. Written <ests: Written e?ams are usually obtaine" from one of several test construction firms available to them% <hese tests are "esigne" to "etermine level of technical an"Dor analytical abilities associate" with the particular position for which can"i"ate ha" applie"% Unstructure" =uestionnaire an" 'H test (intelligence test) <est results are sent by mailB usually within - wor ing "ays% 'f receive a passing score can"i"ate will be invite" to continue in the e?amination process Performance 9?ams: <est ability to accomplish specific job&relate" tas s by provi"ing the opportunity to actually perform them% <hese tests are sche"ule" through the Human Resources !epartment officeB with notification in writing of the "ateB timeB location an" "uration of the test% 'nstructions will be given on the tas s to be complete" an" then as e" to complete them% 'n"ivi"uals with consi"erable relevant e?perience will con"uct the evaluations% SafetyB =uality of wor B a"aptabilityB performance un"er stressB etc% are evaluate"% Speciali5e" <esting Selection 'nterview +nce the $ist of can"i"ate who is capable enoughB is establishe" it is sent to the !epartment(s) that is hiring to fill a current vacancy% <he !epartment Hea" is responsible for setting up Selection 'nterviews% HeDshe may interview anyone on the listE <he !epartment Hea" will be loo ing for the can"i"ate with the best =ualifications for their particular position%

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<he can"i"ate who is selecte"B investigate hisDher bac groun" an" a probationary perio" before attaining permanent employment status% /""itionallyB in accor"ance with :e"eral $awB the can"i"ate is re=uire" to provi"e proof of i"entity an" proof they may legally wor %

.1.Trainin% = De'e opmentA

<raining refers to the metho"s use" to give new or present employees the s ills they nee" to perform their jobs% !evelopment inclu"e employeeB managementB organi5ational an" career "evelopment which "evelop employees s illsB management which enhance e?ecutiveAs abilitiesB organi5ational cultural "evelopment an" career "evelopment of employees%

<raining metho"s use" by Unite" #an $imite" are -oft -#i 5unctiona Trainin%B +n?The Jo7 Trainin% an" * ass Room ectures%

'n soft s ill functional training U#$ give training to improve personality traitsB social graceB frien"linessB personal habits an" fluency of language% 'n +n&the job training U#$ uses "ifferent metho" li e Coaching or un"erstu"y metho" in which supervisor act as a coach an" teach the trainee to the perform the tas on the job an" >ob rotation metho" is use" by U#$ for those employee who nee" multi s ills to perform the job%

.2.Performance Appraisa A

'n performance appraisal of employees U#$ use >raphic Ratin% -ca e Method (a scale that lists a number of traits an" a range of performance for each% 9mployee is then rate"
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by i"entifying the score that best "escribes his or her level of performance for each trait) in which U#$ measure the characteristics an" previous performance of employees an" then ran them subse=uently%

'n the performance process U#$ first "iscuss the job an" "uties assigne" to the each subor"inate in the ;roups% /fter that they compare their actual performance with the stan"ar"s which are set by the U#$% <hen the performance reports of subor"inates are "iscusse" with them an" ma e plans if any "evelopment is re=uire" or not%

.3.*ompensations and &enefitsA

Unite" #an $imite" provi"e compensations to its employees in shape of *ost of an0 medica Treatment, *ance ed Ho ida0s fees, Repair of 'ehic e, an0 in)ur0 $hi e doin% )o7 tas#s and some other % 9mployees can claim their compensation if any above case occurs% #enefits which are provi"e" by U#$ are Paid time offB RetirementB Disa7i it0 InsuranceB ,ducation and trainin% pro%rams% 'n Pai" time off benefits the employee is pai" for the time he "onAt wor e" "uo to vacationB holi"ay pay an" sic pay% Retirement benefits are in shape of pensionB gratuityB provi"ent fun" an" superannuation fun"% 'n "isability insurance ban provi"es financial support when an employee becomes injure" or ill an" is unable to "o hisDher job an" in e"ucation 7 training programs ban provi"e "ifferent e"ucation 7 training to their employees to furbish their s ill%

.4.-tress Hand in%A

<he techni=ues use" by Unite" #an $imite" to han"le stress among its employees are by provi"ing better atmosphere in the office which is neat 7 cleanB /ir&con"itione"B peaceful an" rela?e" so employees can wor with their full potential%

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$unch brea are also provi"e" to employee to re"uce stress among them% <his also creates a rela?e" atmosphere because employees can chit chat in that brea % Unite" #an $imite" sometime also arrange e?cursion tour for their employees to lessen their wor loa" an" fresh their min" for the challenging tas ahea" them an" sometime sen" employees on vacation with their families%

.6.*ritica ,'a uation of HR 5unctionsA

/s we review the HR :unctions of Unite" #an $imite" we asses that U#$ have strengthene" its roots in the mar et place an" competing with its competitors successfully% 't has at a vast level provi"ing online service an" one of the lea"ing ban s in e&ban ing in Pa istan% <he Hori5ontal organi5ation "esign of U#$ is also the reason of its success because as compare to vertical organi5ation "esign hori5ontal is better "ue to fast an" easy flow of communication among the employees% U#$ is playing a very significant role in provi"ing employmentB $oan etc which increaser the per capita an" living stan"ar" of civilians% U#$ culture an" environment is also better as we compare to its competitor because there are some ethical normsB values which are the soul of U#$ an" the environment is very self& relievingB rela?ing in which employees wor their best% While measure the efficiency an" effectiveness of HR "epartment functions Score Car" /pproach is best an" most fre=uently use" in corporate environment% <his approach easily gives U#$ accurate results%

'nterview is the most commonly use" for job analysis% U#$ use interview an" =uestionnaire to as for employees what the job entail an" then write the job "escription an" job specification% :or job evaluation U#$ use ran ing metho" in one job is compare" from another% <his is not the best one as compare to some of its competitors

2' Where you come first

<he recruitment metho"ology use" by U#$ is Ratio /nalysis in which ratio between two tren" is "etermine" which is one of the best metho" to forecast future employee nee"%U#$ use =ualification inventoriesB a"vertisement an" hea" hunters to fin" new talente" employees% #ut U#$ sometimes "ue to some reason show fle?ibility to hire new employees in which low competent employees are hire" an" referrals is also the reason of hiring un=ualifie" an" not competent people%

U#$ only ta e 'ntelligence test ('H) to analy5e new employees for selection "ue to which people who are not intelligent but have other s ills are not hire"% :or <raining an" "evelopment U#$ use "ifferent metho" which are Soft S ill :unctional <rainingB on&the job <raining an" class room lectures% <hese metho"s are the main reason for U#$ success an" ;oo" services%

:or performance evaluation of employees U#$ use ;raphic rating scale metho" which promote an" give rewar"s to employees "ue to their goo" traits an" performance "uring the session% U#$ con"uct performance appraisal at the en" of year so the session is of one year%

<he compensation an" benefits plan of U#$ are also very goo" as to its competitors% <hey provi"e Pai"&time offB RetirementB !isability 'nsuranceB 9"ucation an" training programs to their employees% 9mployees stress han"ling "uring the wor is also best U#$ han"le stress of its employees li e many of its competitor are not be able to han"le%

<his is all the information that we get from U#$ HR manager% <he visiting car" of HR manager is also attache"%

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/s we group members analy5e the HR function of Unite" #an $imite" are not one of the best HR function of corporate worl"% Many of its competitors have better HR function as compare to U#$ #an % We suggest an" recommen" that first of all <here shoul" be a "evelopment of /ssessment Center so that employees shoul" be train at high level% Referral shoul" be ignore" We suggest that U#$ shoul" use" !iversification corporate strategy in which new an" innovating services shoul" lines U#$ shoul" use Participant !iaryD$ogs an" Position analysis Huestionnaire metho" with their current metho"s so for writing >ob "escription U#$ shoul" use a combination of Ratio /nalysis an" <ren" /nalysis (stu"y of a firmAs past employment nee"s over a perio" of years to pre"ict future nee"s) for recruitment% We recommen" U#$ shoul" use College Recruiting from honore" universities li e UCP% Panel 'nterview shoul" be con"ucte" then in"ivi"ual interview We suggest that U#$ shoul" use Paire" Comparison Metho" for performance appraisal

.:.&i7 io%raph0
Mrs% Wajiha /hme" HR Representative
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Re%iona Head @uarter 2rd 5 oor, Afta7 *enter, 2<Da'is Road, Lahore. PhA <31?6<221.8 ?628.<;2 ,mai A $a)iha.ahmadFu7 .com.p#

(e7 in#sA
i) ii) iii)

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26 Where you come first

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27 Where you come first