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The Proposed topic of our dissertation was on the evaluation of the research on Social Networking sites.

This research was conducted to see the complete understanding about the topic identified as social networking sites. For this purpose, a research methodology was adopted. The aim of the research objective was to collect the data through different sources and conduct the analysis on the basis of the searched data. First of all the research design was identified to conduct the research enabling the researcher to check the techniques, data collection methods, sampling techniques, data collection sources and different kinds of data collection methods. In this case study review, research problem was identified as the impact of social networking sites on the Advertisement campaigns, to stay connected and sharing of the useful information or data with each other. For this purpose, Inductive approach was identified and different investigation techniques like Bottom up approach were identified. Bottom up approach helped to evaluate the analysis from Facebook to economic analysis. First we did the analysis of the Facebook itself and then did the comparison with other service providers for these sites and at the end we did the whole analysis. After selecting the research design, we did the sampling from the whole population. This technique helps to see all of the current aspects of the social networking sites. This sampling technique was actually conducted for the School students because social networking sites like Facebook is actually more common among all youngsters instead of older. Through this channel, the main purpose was to identify the ratio of respondents regarding our problem statement. Questionnaires and personal interviews were conducted for the students as well as for the teachers. There were some scale and measurements identified, which was showing the categories like male and female categories, Resident or Non Resident and Age Groups etc. through this technique we were able to identify that which category is most dominant in the advertisement campaign through Facebook. This research approach was very beneficial for the researcher as well as for the respondents of the study and also for the general public. This Research is providing the main benefit to Facebook owners to check the revenue through advertisement campaigns and user sharing through connectivity. This data collection provides the efficiency of the work through any lags involved. Questionnaire technique is just a cost incurring tool for data collection but not so much higher. It saves the time also, because Questionnaires help to take the exact answers of the respondents. We just have not relied on the primary collection technique, we also used secondary data collection technique such as review of different authors literatures and internet etc. these were some methods, which were providing us the more and exact required data within the shortest time span. These techniques help to reduce the cost and time saving for the researcher and also for the respondents. Through these techniques level of understanding has been increased. According to these research designs and techniques, multiple research questions can be addressed. The main motive of this research was to evaluate and extract the highest quality data through multiple ways but the data should be relevant. That was the reason, School was chosen for the study of Social Networking sites like Facebook. After this extraction of primary data, secondary sources were identified like literature review and after that moment, Analysis and findings were arranged after getting prepared for the results.

I started my research work from the introduction of the topic and then leads towards the different opinions and research of different authors. There were lots of authors which gave the different concepts, which was very beneficial for my research work. I did my study on the basis of my best knowledge and observation and give the analysis on the basis of different authors' opinions. I collected the data from different kinds of Journals, articles and websites. This research work of different authors gives me insight to do the further research in new directions. Most of the authors gave their positive opinion regarding social networking sites. Most of them were agreed that social networking sites play a very important role in an advertisement campaign and sharing of the information among friends and relatives. In this phase of literature review, I started observing facts of the studies. A literature review was started from the observation of the different authors' opinions by looking into the different methodologies which were adopted by the authors. Multiple types of methodologies were chosen to study. This methodology technique helps me to identify my own methodology for my research work. After seeing the methodologies, analysis was made according to different selected variables tested. I review the different analysis made by different authors of the social networking sites. It was an opportunity for me to see the different aspects of this study and to take the knowledge of different arguments. This research work helped me to get the facts in a descriptive way to identify the complete understanding of the theories by collecting the data from different Journals and Internet Sources. This information regarding the literature review gives me the incentive to enhance my knowledge because of following some points: These reviews contain the lots of information related to my topic. So it was useful for me to collect the data for the analysis. According to the reviews, we were able to achieve our objective of the study. According to research work, we are able to identify the share of the Facebook with all over the Social Networking market. It gives the insight to see the market share of Facebook among all the competitors. Different research work helps to add the knowledge to clarify the concepts and simplifying it by better understanding. These reviews help to increase the value and soundness of my study. Already done this research work helps to provide the backup for my results and findings of the research work. Ultimately, this research work has a very important role in saving my time and cost, that is the reason this research work is very significant for me.

It was a very pleasant moment for me to do this research work regarding Social networking sites. This is actually according to my best interest. This research work was very useful and I gained a lot of knowledge from different sources. First I was introduced to different types of social networking sites. There were different types of medium to learn more and more. These social networking sites are actually a source of gaining the knowledge regarding different aspects of social networking among people by stay connected, sharing information and also a source for earning. Multiple types of social networking sites like Facebook, Orkut, Myspace, Google and Twitter it helps me to learn in following manner: Advertisement Campaigns: It gives the knowledge of marketing for my life time. How to market your product? According to this site, multiple types of products can be launched very profitably. It enables to see the competitions overview regarding this service of marketing. Different competitors like Orkut, Twitter, Google and MySpace are given the difficult market for the Facebook. In this competitive market, I learnt to lead my product. I analysed the ways to make the prominent product among all the competitions. Electronic media are playing a very vital role in the introduction of newly and existing products, so these sites are one of them. It also gives the knowledge to learn the cost saving and time saving opportunities which have a main impact on the performance of these sites. It means it gave me the understanding about how to conduct the research with time and cost constraints. Besides the research on Advertisement campaign benefits for me, the purpose of this research was also to identify the ways of sharing information among users. I gained the knowledge regarding different aspects of sharing useful information and through this information, get the best knowledge. By conducting this research, I met with different students and teachers with different state of minds and discussed my questionnaire regarding my research topic. They took interest in this research because it was an interesting concept. Here was an advantage for me to meet different people with different attitudes. These respondents were from different locations and I learnt different opinions through open ended and closed ended questionnaires. At the end, I can say without any ambiguity that this research work was very helpful for me to enhance the knowledge and better understanding.

I did the different types of research related tasks in our topic to understand the different sides of my topic. During my all tenure of MBA, I learnt a lot regarding different aspects of Marketing, Management, Human resource and Finance, but this research work was the best to enhance my knowledge in different manners. It provides the incentive to understand my complete MBA programme. I leant following concepts along with enhancement of learning and skills: Business Environment Analysis through Advertisement Campaign: We have applied our knowledge after getting full insight from of complete MBA programme. Firstly we analysed the business opportunities and analysis of the market environment. We conducted our research on the practical basis. We analysed the Facebook through Bar Chart, PIE chart analysis. It provides us the strategic analysis to learn about the market condition of the Facebook. We also did a SWOT analysis of the Facebook by looking for the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. It gives us the knowledge to see the company in different perspectives. This research enabled the Facebook to look into their threats and overcome them by strengths. So My MBA programme helps me to identify the marketing and strategic concepts in this research work. Strategic Analysis for the Facebook: we get the benefit of gaining knowledge of strategic analysis and impact of threats which may be faced by them. In this perspective, the policies of the company were analysed and this technique was learnt from my MBA programme. In this approach, we took an overview regarding different strategies of Facebook to attract the public. Financial Analysis: we have learnt in this phase regarding the calculation of the cost of establishing the websites for the users. For the advertisement campaign, it is very necessary to make the website more attractive for their users. Most of the investors just came to invest, when the website is more attractive to them, because if the website is not attractive then users will not get attracted and there will not be increased in revenue generation. Critical thinking: we did the analysis critically according to my best knowledge. There was an intense research based on the secondary as well as primary sources. Critical analysis helps to evaluate the different perspectives of the research objectives.

At the time of making conclusion, I evaluated the results and findings to my best knowledge and thorough research data and literature review. I found out some important facts and critical points which are very essentials of this study as follows: Firstly I found out the direct relationship among advertisement campaigns and revenues. Advertisement campaigns are the main ingredient in making the earnings. Promotional activities and marketing strategies of Facebook have a direct relationship with each other. Brand awareness on the Facebook is the part of the marketing strategy. Sharing of the useful information gives the opportunity to the maximum users to come on these social networking sites and interact with each other. When these people come to use these sites, awareness regarding the brand increased. Secondly, security policies are considered which are very beneficial. People supposed themselves more productive on these sites like Facebook. These sites enable them to share their most important data and images with each other. If these sites are not useful then no one will come to visit these sites. So the security plan for these sites are very important. So I learnt from these sites that how to provide the security to end user. Customer satisfaction is also a most important ingredient of any profitable business. There are lots of networking sites are available, but people get to interact towards Facebook, because it gives both better interaction among people. People get closer to each other. Distances have been removed through these sites without any interruption. So I learnt from this research work, how to satisfy the customers with different means. Besides it, I found out the impact of social networking on advertisement campaigns mainly. It enables us to evaluate the role of social networking for the data and information extraction. I also found out critically Facebook challenges faced in the competitive environment and in the last how to expand the business through this platform.

While proceeding for the completion of the project and my MBA programme, I faced some challenges and difficulties. These barriers should be discussed, so that in the future, we may proceed without any difficulty. These barriers are as follows: There was a limited time frame available to do this research. I tried to close the sea in one glass of water. Vast range of data is summarised within the shortest time frame. So this was a first barrier of this research and project. Another is the barrier for the cost. I have chosen some research methodologies, and techniques to do this research work. Just like as I did the printing for 300 questionnaires then I went to the school again and again to collect the questionnaires which I have distributed first. So the budget was limited for me but for the effective research work I tried to manage the cost efficient model for this. Information collection is also a very difficult task from our respondents. Most of the people were not willing to give their opinions. They were avoiding us. We chose the methodology as Questionnaires and personal interviews and it takes a lot of time consumed. So people get irritated and avoid us to give us the time. Another barrier is to collect the true and correct information. So I did my best job and manage all the things by convincing them. Last but not least barrier was the internet problem. Sometimes there was the non availability of internet connection at some places. Feeding of the data were not manageable. These networking sites are only based on the availability of internet connection. It is also based on the information technology. So sometimes I faced these barriers but tried very well to manage them all in a proper manner.

At this moment, when I have completed my research project, I am feeling very skillful person. I have learnt so many managerial and professional skills through undertaking of this project as follows: Better Arguments: I can do better argument regarding any topic with so much confidence. In my research programme, I did lots of arguments with the respondents of the study. These arguments were backed up by the researched done by different authors and my own understanding. I applied all those facts in this research to achieve the research objectives and to answer all research questions. It helps me to prepare my own point of view in all the fields. Through this research work, collecting and searching the data capability has been increased now. Initially I was doing the searches regarding the one topic or for one company. At the start of my MBA, I did just initial based searches. In this research work, I did the searches related to comparison of more than two networking sites. From this perspective I searched a lot of data and then make the analysis. That was the reason I was analysing my research according to different point of views. At the end of the study, I was able to give the suggestions for the research topic. How can Facebook increase their profits and how can people get attracted towards these sites more and more. I did this research in a competitive manner and compare the Facebook with other networking sites.

According to this research work, there were some certain objectives which have been achieved in our research study. I did my research by setting some objectives and goals. The following objectives were required to be achieved in this research plan: To evaluate the relationship of Facebook with the advertisement Campaigns To evaluate the Role of social networking for sharing the useful data & Information Check the ways to be stay connected with each other To evaluate the Facebook challenges To explore the literature reviews To see the different types of analysis techniques by a different methodology To evaluate the impact of social networking for the expansion of Business To give the suggestions according to own knowledge and exposure which I received during the study First we set a benchmark to achieve the objectives of the study. After setting goals, we make a plan to achieve them. After all this I was able to achieve them by asking myself regarding some research questions and analysed myself whether I have achieved those goals or not. First we prepare the background of the study, prepared the problem statement, did a secondary review as Literature reviews and primary research by conducting interviews and Questionnaires. As far as the objectives are concerned, we may say very proud that we achieved all, the objectives even handing all the barriers.

At the end of the study, we are supposed to find out the main points of the research. These research findings are as follows: Advertisement campaigns were the main motive of the research objectives. I found out that how can we increase the profits by increasing the awareness of the social networking sites. Awareness of these sites helps to motivate the people to use these sites and share their information among each other. It saves time and cost to interact. People in different countries and cities may get interacted and share their information without any interruption. Through this research work, collecting and searching the data capability has been increased now. Initially I was doing the searches regarding the one topic or for one company. At the start of my MBA, I did just initial based searches. In this research work, I did the searches related to comparison of more than two networking sites. From this perspective I searched a lot of data and then make the analysis. That was the reason I was analysing my research according to different point of views. This research work will be helpful for making the future searching more convenient. This research work enables me to search in different aspects and increased my knowledge. This information gave the insight to see the social networking sites in different aspects by comparing in different manners. At the end of this research plan, we can say that we have achieved our objectives in a proper manner and there is no constraint available now. It is very helpful for me as well as for the reader.