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The Baptism of the

Holy Spirit


How to Receive and Minister the Baptism of the Holy Spirit By Joan Hunter, Charles and Frances Hunter Copyright 2011 by Joan Hunter Special thanks to Kelley urrell !or his ti"e and #od gi$en talent that he has put into the co"pilation and !inal editing o! this book% &nless other'ise noted, Scripture is taken !ro" the (e' King Ja"es )ersion% Copyright 1*+2 by ,ho"as (elson, -nc% &sed by per"ission% .ll rights reser$ed% Scripture "arked (.SB is taken !ro" the (/0 . /1-C.( S,.(2.12 B-B3/4, Copyright 1*50,1*52,1*56,1*5+,1*71,1*72,1*76,1*78,1*77, 1995 by ,he 3ock"an Foundation% &sed by per"ission% Scripture "arked (/, are taken !ro" (e' /nglish ,ranslation 9co"puter !ile: ; (/, Bible% electronic edition% 2allas, ,< ; Biblical Studies =ress, 1**+% &sed by per"ission% .ll rights reser$ed% Scripture >uotations "arked ,3B or ?,he 3i$ing Bible are taken !ro" ,he 3i$ing Bible 9co"puter !ile: @ Kenneth (% ,aylor% electronic ed% 0heaton ,yndale House, 1**7, c1*71 by ,yndale House =ublishers, -nc% &sed by per"ission% .ll rights reser$ed% .ll Scripture "arked KJ) is !ro" the King Ja"es )ersion, =ublic 2o"ain o! the &nited States o! ."erica% 0ords in brackets or other points o! e"phasis the authorAs% =ublished by Hunter Books B &S. Co$er design by C$onne =arks o! '''%pearcreati$e%ca -nterior design by 2a$id Sluka =rinted in the &nited States o! ."erica

2D CD& H.)/ . 2/S-1/ FD1 D1/ DF #D2E 2o you 'ant to eFperience "ore o! #odAs po'er than you e$er ha$e in your li!eE =ray about recei$ing the baptis" o! the Holy Spirit, because this is 'hen the po'er o! #od hit our !a"ily% John Dsteen once said, G-! you ha$e a proble" 'ith speaking in tongues, donAt bla"e "e, bla"e JesusH He 'as the !irst one to talk about itHI Jesus said these 'ords; And these signs will follow those who believe: In My name they will cast out demons; they will speak with new tongues !" Ma#k 1$:1% (either =entecostals nor the Charis"atic o$e"ent in$ented speaking in tongues%%% #od didH 0hen "y parents recei$ed this 'onder!ul gi!t !ro" the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues, it 'as so glorious and so po'er!ul that they blaJed a trail across the nation and e$entually the 'hole 'orld Kust because they 'anted e$eryone to eFperience 'hat they had recei$ed !ro" JesusH For three people 'ho 'ere totally against speaking in tongues, it 'as >uite surprising that 'e de$eloped a desire in our hearts !or "ore o! the po'er o! #od% But because 'e hungered !or the baptis" o! the Holy Spirit, 'e 'ere ready in our

spirits and our hearts to recei$e !ro" #od% Ho' e$er 'e didnAt understand 'hat the baptis" 'as and our lack o! kno'ledge caused us to be a!raid% 0e 'anted to recei$e this endo'"ent o! po'er that Jesus pro"ised% #od puts the desire into each belie$er but 'e ha$e to be ready to sub"it to His 'ill and co""ands be!ore that desire can beco"e a reality% #od used an audio "essage on the baptis" o! the Holy Spirit by #eorge Dtis to teach us ho' to recei$e His 'ork in our li$es% He ga$e $ery si"ple instructions o! so"e things anyone can do% 0hen 'e did the", Jesus i""ediately baptiJed us 'ith the Holy Spirit and 'e !luently spoke in tongues% ,he !ollo'ing pages contain the testi"ony o! "y "other and !ather, and also "y o'n testi"ony o! recei$ing the baptis" o! the Holy Spirit% ,he last chapter sho's ho' you can recei$e and "inister the baptis" o! the Holy Spirit% Jesus said that i! we kno' ho' to gi$e good gi!ts to our children, then Gho' "uch "ore 'ill your hea$enly Father gi$e the Holy Spirit to those 'ho ask Hi"HI L3uke 11;16M% .s you read, recei$e the baptis" !or yoursel! and learn ho' to help others recei$e this 'onder!ul #i!t%

Chapter 1 The Testi !"y !#

Frances Hunter
-n January o! 1971 Charles and l 'ere in Ha'aii and the 3ord granted us a har$est o! souls !or His kingdo" and so"e Christian !riends% So"e Ha'aiian !riends ga$e "e t'o books called &#isis Ame#ica and 'ou (hall )eceive by #eorge Dtis% - read &#isis Ame#ica* 'hich - thought 'as eFcellent, and al"ost thre' a'ay the other one as - had done 'ith all other books o! that nature, but didnAt% So"eho' #odAs Holy Spirit i"pressed "e to keep the book, so - stuck it in "y luggage and thought "aybe -Ad read it Gso"eti"eI a!ter - got ho"e%% % but - didnAtH - hid itH - didnAt 'ant anyone to !ind that kind o! literature in "y house% -n the su""er o! 1*71 Charles and - 'ent to the -nternational Christian Booksellers Con$ention in 2en$er% 0e 'ere at the booth 'here My +ove Affai# ,ith &ha#les 'as being !eatured, Kust looking o$er the con$ention hall !loor prior to our autographing session% .s 'e looked around the huge con$ention roo", 'e sa' directly across the aisle !ro" us a sign, 'hich said, G#eorge Dtis autograph in here !ro" t'o to !our p%"%I 5

,hen - sa' a $ery distinguished "an sitting there autographing books and - thought, G- 'onder 'ho that is% I,hen another thought ca"e to "y "ind and said to Charles, G0ho is #eorge DtisEI . little bell had begun to ring in "y "ind concerning that na"e and - 'as trying to recall 'hat it 'as% ?,hen it da'ned on "eH - said, GCharles, thatAs #eorge DtisHI - grabbed Charles and ran o$er to "eet hi"% - re"e"bered that this "an had been a tre"endous in!luence in the li!e o! =at and Shirley Boone% He 'as "entioned in one o! their books% 0e had heard a lot about hi" in Ha'aii% ,hen re"e"bered that he 'as the "an 'ho had 'ritten 'ou (hall )eceive L'hich - hadnAt readM and others% ,he 3ord "ust ha$e 'anted us across that aisle because 'e !elt strongly co"pelled to "eet #eorge Dtis% 0e introduced oursel$es, and - said, GCou donAt kno' 'ho 'e are, but thatAs all right, because 'e kno' 'ho you are%I #eorge Dtis shocked "e by saying, you really Frances HunterE - Kust got back !ro" Ha'aii and e$ery'here - 'ent all - heard about 'as the 'ay you turned that island upside do'n !or Christ%I - 'as !labbergasted that anyone like hi" 'ould ha$e heard o! "e% - couldnAt belie$e "y ears, but could belie$e the lo$e o! #od that radiated !ro" hi"% 0e talked and talked and our spirits blended beauti!ully 'ith his as 'e shared 'hat the 3ord had been doing in our li$es% ?,here 'as ne$er a "o"ent o! a'k'ardness as 'e talked, but in Christ there 7

ne$er is% 3ater that a!ternoon, =at and Shirley Boone ca"e o$er and 'e had a "ar$elous ti"e praying 'ith the" as 'e knelt on the !loor o! the 10 Con$ention Hall in 2en$er% ,hen #od had us do an unusual thing% 0e in$ited #eorge Dtis again to stay at our house 'hen he 'as in the Houston, ,eFas, area% ,he only other people 'e had e$er eFtended such an in$itation to 'ere =at and Shirley Boone% 0e are out o! to'n so "uch 'e 'erenAt able to eFtend such in$itations $ery o!ten% Ho'e$er, 'e 'ent out o! our 'ay to in$ite #eorge Dtis to stay 'ith us% -n .ugust o! 1*71 - 'ent to the hospital !or eye surgery and the 'ay the 3ord guided "y reco$ery 'as !abulous% /$en so, there is still a certain a"ount o! 'eakness a!ter an operation%A ,he day a!ter - ca"e ho"e !ro" the hospital - got a telephone call !ro" Cali!ornia% -t 'as #eorge DtisA secretary 'ho said, G#eorge asked "e to call you and tell you heAd lo$e to accept your in$itation to stay at your house% HeAll be arri$ing >uite early that Saturday "orning, so he 'ill stay in a "otel that night% Cou can pick hi" up at the Full #ospel Business"enAs "eeting and heAll go ho"e 'ith you then% He 'ill stay 'ith you Saturday night i! it is con$enient !or you%I 0e hadnAt e$en in$ited #eorge !or that 'eekend, but - didnAt think too "uch about it because 'e had gi$en hi" a $ague in$itation at the Christian Booksellers Con$ention% - didnAt realiJe the tre"endousness o! #odAs "iracle until "onths later% Friends o! #eorgeAs had seen in the ne'spaper that +

he 'as co"ing into Houston and had called Cali!ornia asking hi" to stay 'ith the", but #odAs Holy Spirit crossed the co""unication lines and the returning call 'as placed to us instead% So 'e recei$ed the G'rongI in$itation% 0o'H =raise #odH - i""ediately started to tell her that 'hile 'e 'ould sincerely lo$e to ha$e hi", - had Kust gotten ho"e !ro" the hospital and it 'ould be i"possible !or "e to ha$e a guest at this ti"e% Ho'e$er, those 'ords didnAt co"e out o! "y "outh at allH 0hat - did say shocked "e because - said, G0eAd lo$e to ha$e hi" to be our guest% 0eAll pick hi" up Saturday at the "eeting%I - listened to the !inal instructions and then hung up the telephone and al"ost collapsed% ,he 'hole thing 'as ridiculous, but - kne' it had to be o! the 3ord any'ay% ,here 'as no 'ay - 'ould be physically ready to ha$e a guest in Kust one "ore day% So, - 0/(, ,D B/2H Be!ore - did, ho'e$er, prayed and said, G3ord, youAll ha$e to gi$e "e the strength - need because other'ise -All ne$er be able to do it. ,hen - picked up the phone by the side o! "y bed and called Charles and said, GHoney, do you kno' 'hat - Kust didEI .nd then - told hi"% Charles is so protecti$e 'here -A" concerned that - kne' heAd call #eorgeAs o!!ice right back and tell the" - 'asnAt able to ha$e co"pany B&, H/ 2-2(A, He said in his real s'eet 'ay, GHoney, -A" sure the 3ord 'ill gi$e you all the strength youAll need 'hile #eorge is here%I *

- !ell back in bed eFhaustedH ,hen - re"e"bered hadnAt read #eorgeAs book and - thought it 'ould be a'!ul i! - hadnAt read "y guestAs book% - scra"bled out o! bed, praying all the ti"e, G#od, 'here did put that book - didnAt 'ant anyone to see in this houseEI =raise the 3ord, He had seen 'here - hid it and re"inded "e >uickly 'here it 'as% - read the !irst eighteen pages and then !ell asleep% ,he "inute a'oke, - picked up the book and read the rest o! it% So"eho' - kne' then 'hat 'as going to happen% Charles and - talked late into the night about the genuineness o! the gi!t o! tongues and held to our Ga"endedI opinion that it 'as genuine% -t 'as scriptural, but it G"ight notI be !or us% Ho'e$er, both o! us prayed !er$ently that night and said, G3ord, i! this is o! Cou, let our "inds be open and recepti$e to 'hate$er Cou ha$e !or us%I ,he second "orning a!ter the telephone call, 'e 'ere up at the crack o! da'n and le!t to go to the Full #ospel Business"enAs "eeting to pick up #eorge% 0e !elt obligated to go because 'e didnAt !eel it 'ould be polite not to attend the "eeting 'here #eorge 'as speaking%

,e p#ayed* +o#d* if this is of 'ou* let ou# minds be open and #eceptive to whateve# 'ou have fo# us !


#eorge later said he ne$er drea"ed 'e 'ould attend the "eeting, but there 'e 'ereH 3ater #eorge said it really "ade hi" sel!N conscious 'hen he kne' 'e 'ere present during the ser$ice in 'hich he 'as speaking% He 'as a!raid it "ight destroy our !riendship since he thought 'e 'ere against the baptis" o! the Holy Spirit% 0hat he didnAt kno' 'as ho' 'ell the Holy Spirit had prepared us !or the "eeting #od Hi"sel! arranged% 0e ha$e o!ten re"e"bered this 'hen 'e ha$e hesitated in speaking to others about the baptis"% So"eti"es 'e !orget that #od has already gone ahead o! us% 0e 'ere !ascinated 'ith #eorgeAs testi"ony that day, seeing ho' #od had 'orked in his li!e% ,he po'er and authority in his li!e 'ere e$ident and his lo$e !or the 3ord blaJedH ,he Jesus in Charles and "e lo$ed the Jesus in #eorgeH .!ter the "eeting, #eorge held a session !or those 'ho 'ere seeking the baptis" o! the Holy Spirit% Charles and - didnAt 'ant to go% - 'onder i! it 'as because 'e thought so"eone "ight see and recogniJe usE 0e 'anted to be close enough to hear 'hat 'as being said, but not close enough to be in$ol$ed% Se$eral people approached us a!ter'ards, so try as 'e "ight, 'e couldnAt hear anything #eorge said% 0e kept GstretchingI our ears trying to hear 'hat 'as going on, but couldnAt hear a 'ord% 'hispered to Charles, GSee, the 3ord Kust doesnAt 'ant us to get in$ol$ed 'ith this kind o! stu!!HI 11

0e had lunch 'ith #eorge and his Houston !riends% Dne !riend asked "e, GHo' co"e #eorge is staying 'ith you 'hen 'e asked hi" to stay 'ith usEI - thought nothing o! this until later 'hen #eorge realiJed #od had purposely con!used the telephone calls% #eorge ca"e ho"e 'ith us and 'e talked about nothing but Jesus the entire ti"e% #eorge 'as speaking again that night at the &ni$ersity o! Houston% 0e 'ent too and sat right in the !ront, anticipating 'here he 'ould put the people 'ho ca"e seeking the baptis"% 0e 'anted to be close enough to hear this ti"eH 0e 'ere eager to !ind out 'hat 'as going onH #od had other plansH 0e 'ere thrilled again to hear #eorgeAs "essage, and 'hen this "eeting 'as o$er, 'e kne' 'e 'ould be in a good position to hear 'hat 'as going on in the second "eeting 'ithout getting in$ol$ed% ,'o or three ti"es during #eorgeAs teaching session on the Holy Spirit 'e tried to slip !or'ard, but each ti"e 'e got held up by so"eone else% 0e ca"e ho"e and all 'e talked about 'as Jesus, Jesus, JesusH #eorge had ne$er yet e$en "entioned the baptis"% He 'as Kust bubbling o$er 'ith 'hat #od 'as doing in those daysH .s 'e got into bed, 'e 'hispered to each other, GSee, #od doesnAt 'ant u in$ol$ed because did you notice ho' He blocked us again !ro" hearing 'hat #eorge saidEI But the Holy Spirit 'as still 'orking, so 'e said, GBut i! Cou 'ant to gi$e it to us, Kust gi$e it to usHI 12

0e lay there 'ith our ar"s !olded% (D,H-(# H.==/(/2H

,e said* If 'ou want to give it to us* -ust give it to us.! ,e lay the#e with ou# a#ms folded /012I/3 2A445/56.

0e got up the neFt "orning to take #eorge to a church 'here he 'as speaking% Dur break!ast con$ersation 'as !abulousH (otice ho' #od did the Kob as He al'ays does and co$ered us 'ith His lo$e% #od kne' our greatest dislike 'as people 'ho had tried to cra" GtonguesI do'n our throat, but here 'e 'ere 'ith this !abulous guest in our ho"e and he hadnAt yet said one 'ord to us about the baptis"% .ll 'e 'ere talking about 'as the current "iracles o! Jesus% - couldnAt stand it any"ore% Here 'e had this "an in our house, one 'ho had 'ritten books about the "inistry o! the Holy Spirit, and he hadnAt said a single 'ord to us about itH - said; G#eorge, you K(D0 'e donAt speak in tongues, donAt youEI L-A" sure - "ust ha$e sounded real s"ugHM #eorge said one o! the !unniest things - e$er heard because he ans'ered; G(o, - hadnAt noticedHI He then 'ent #ight on eating his break!astH He didnAt continue the con$ersation% 16

So - said, G0e belie$e there is a genuine gi!t o! tongues% ,here 'as a ti"e 'e told #od 'e didnAt 'ant it, but 'e realiJed ho' 'rong this 'as, so 'eA$e told #od i! He 'ants to gi$e it to us, 'eAll Kust take it% But 'eAre not going to go out o! our 'ay to get it because 'e Kust donAt think 'e need it%I Here e"erged the old sel!Nrighteous Frances because - added, G,he Bible says ?ye shall recei$e po'erA and you can look at our li$es and see that #od has already gi$en us po'er%I -n lo$e #eorge said to "e, G- kno' the po'er youA$e got in your li!e because -A$e seen the e$idence o! 'hat happened 'hile you 'ere in Ha'aii% But 'ouldnAt you like to ha$e D1/ po'er !ro" #odEI - honestly !elt like -Ad been kicked right in the sto"achH 0ho 'as - to tell #od - had so "uch po'er - didnAt need any "oreE - !elt a little sick% - shot up a silent prayer to #od apologiJing !or thinking that didnAt need any "ore po'er than He had already gi$en "e% ,hen #eorge "ade a challenging state"ent, GFrances, youA$e already got D(/ Hot 3ine to Hea$en% 0ouldnAt you like to ha$e ,0DEI LHe 'as re!erring to one in /nglish and one in the spiritOthe natural and the supernaturalHM .gain that sickening !eeling in the pit o! "y sto"achH 0hy shouldnAt - 'ant a second Hot 3ine to Hea$enE 0hy shouldnAt - 'ant a GdoubleNportionEI ?,hen - began to use the usual clichPs - had hear so "any ti"es% G0ell, then, Kust let Hi" gi$e it to "e%I #eorge ca"e back 'ith, G#od doesnAt 'ork that 'ay% He 'onAt !orce the baptis" on you any "ore than He 1Q

'ill !orce sal$ation on anyone% CD& ha$e to take the !irst step, then #od 'ill do the rest%I ,hen Charles said, G aybe #od is building a reputation !or us as 'e share across the nation to sho' you can be !illed 'ith the Holy Spirit 'ithout speaking in tongues%I #eorge looked up !ro" his break!ast and again in great lo$e said, GJesus 'orked 'ithout reputation,I and another !etter broke that bound Gsel!NrighteousI Charles% L,hatAs 'hat Charles called hi"sel!%M By this ti"e, break!ast 'as al"ost o$er and 'e had to race to get dressed !or the ser$ice 'here #eorge 'as to speak% .s 'e 'ere 'alking to get into the car, - panicked because - realiJed that #eorge 'ouldnAt be back to our house be!ore returning to Cali!ornia% 0e 'ere to take hi" right to the airport a!ter church and 'e still didnAt understand this GtonguesI business% - hadnAt !orgotten the t'o kicks that #eorge had gi$en "e, so as 'e stood at the door, the 'ords Kust tu"bled out o! "y "outh GCou donAt by any chance ha$e a cassette tape or so"ething 'e could listen to, do youEI #eorge said, G- Kust happen to ha$e one in "y suitcase, and -All consider it a pri$ilege to lea$e it 'ith you%I #eorge had one unedited tape 'hich he had !elt i"pressed to !inish Kust be!ore he ca"e to HoustonO the !irst and only teaching he had e$er "ade Lat that ti"eM on the baptis" o! the Holy Spirit% - belie$e #odAs Holy Spirit had #eorge record it Kust !or usH #eorge ga$e us a tape called GHo' ,o 1ecei$e ,he #i!t o! the Holy SpiritI that 'as to dra"atically 18

change our li$es and co"plete the 'ork #od had been doing !or years around us% - couldnAt 'ait to get ho"e !ro" the airport% - 'as co"pletely eFhausted by this ti"e, so - !ell into bed and suggested 'e play the tape% Charles, in his beauti!ul 'isdo", kne' -Ad ne$er be able to listen because - 'as so tired% He said he thought 'eAd better 'ait until the neFt night 'hen - 'asnAt >uite so eFhausted% - could hardly 'ait until Charles got ho"e on onday nightH - had reread e$erything - could !ind on the subKect o! tongues all day onday% - had searched the Scriptures, asking #od to re$eal the truth to "e as to 'hat He 'anted in this area o! "y li!e% .nd all o! a sudden certain portions o! the Bible took on a ne' and greater "eaning% - read and reread the book o! .cts that day% 0hen - read .cts 10;QQN Q5%%% ,hile 4ete# was still speaking these wo#ds* the 2oly (pi#it fell upon all those who hea#d the wo#d And those of the ci#cumcision who believed we#e astonished* as many as came with 4ete#* because the gift of the 2oly (pi#it had been pou#ed out on the 3entiles also 7o# they hea#d them speak with tongues and magnified 3od #odH 0hen did you put that ne' $erse in the BibleE . thought ca"e into "y "ind; 2ow could they know the 3entiles we#e filled with the Holy Spirit ?,he last 15

sentence really hit "e, G!or they heard the" speaking in tongues and praising #od ! 0as this the sign, thenE 0as this an auto"atic o$er!lo'E 0as this !or .33 belie$ersE - continued reading and ca"e to .cts 11;18; And as I began to speak* the 2oly (pi#it fell upon them* as upon us at the beginning -n other 'ords; G0ell, - began telling the" the #ood (e's, but Kust as - 'as getting started 'ith "y ser"on, the Holy Spirit !ell on the" Just .s He Fell Dn &s .t ,he Beginning%I Ho' did =aul kno' the Holy Spirit !ell on the"E 2id they i""ediately begin to "ani!est the !ruit o! the SpiritE Ho' could they do so in such a short ti"eE ,hey couldnAt because that is not possible% So began to 'onder i!, 'hen the Bible says, Gthe Holy Spirit !ell on the", 9Kust: as He !ell on us at the beginning,I it "eant there 'as the e$idence o! speaking in tonguesH - 'ent back to .cts 2;Q; And they we#e all filled with the 2oly (pi#it and began to speak with othe# tongues* as the (pi#it gave them utte#ance 0as this a "ani!estation o! the endo'"ent 'ith po'er !ro" on highE ,hen - read 1 Corinthians 1Q;Q, He 'ho speaks in a 9unkno'n: tongue edi!ies hi"sel! but he 'ho prophesies edi!ies the church% 17

- had al'ays "isunderstood the 'ord Gedi!iesI and took it to "ean Gglori!iesI hi"sel! Land - didnAt think that 'as goodM, but - took ti"e out to look it up in the dictionary and it said, Gbuild up oneAs !aith%I .nd - thought, GSo 'hatAs 'rong 'ith building up your o'n !aithE (D,H-(#HI - read 1 Corinthians 1Q;1*, 'hich - had heard so "any ti"es; 'et in the chu#ch I would #athe# speak five wo#ds with my unde#standing* that I may teach othe#s also* than ten thousand wo#ds an 8unknown9 tongue - had al'ays heard people say about this $erse; G=aul said it 'as ridiculous to 'aste your ti"e speaking in tongues because !i$e 'ords in your o'n language are better than ten thousand in an unkno'n language%I ,hey 'ere right, but =aul 'as re!erring to speaking -( ,H/ CH&1CH% He didnAt say anything in that $erse about the pri$acy o! your o'n prayer closet% - had al'ays heard that $erse used as one o! the strongest argu"ents against speaking in tongues, but all o! a sudden it began to speak to "e in a totally di!!erent 'ay% - realiJed !or the !irst ti"e that there 'ere t'o kinds o! tonguesH Dne gi!t is !or public use, 'hich is one o! the nine gi!ts o! the Holy Spirit and the other is !or your pri$ate prayer li!e% - realiJed the Bible 'asnAt teaching that speaking in tongues 'as 'rong, but that there 'as a place and ti"e !or that eFpression% - backed up and read so"e "ore% 1+

:ible wasn;t teaching that speaking in tongues was w#ong* but that the#e was a place and time fo# that e<p#ession

- started at 1 Corinthians 12 and read it o$er and o$er% - got out the (e' /nglish Bible, the 3i$ing Bible, the ."erican Standard, the 1e$ised Standard, the King Ja"es )ersion, and e$ery translation that had%A ,hey all said about the sa"e thingH - >uote !ro" the (e' /nglish Bible% 1he#e a#e va#ieties of gifts* but the same spi#it 1he#e a#e va#ieties of se#vice* but the same +o#d =1he#e a#e many fo#ms of wo#k* but all of them* in all men* a#e the wo#k of the same 3od in each of us* the (pi#it is manifested in one pa#ticula# way* fo# some useful pu#pose 3isten to the 3i$ing Bible; /ow 3od gives us many kinds of se#vice to 3od* but it is the same +o#d as we a#e se#ving 1he#e si#e many ways in which 3od wo#ks in ou# lives* but it is the same 3od who does the wo#k in and th#ough all of us who a#e 2is 1*

Suddenly - Ggre' upI enough to understand that #od had ne$er said that 'e 'ere all going to ha$e the sa"e gi!ts, abilities, or callings% #od ne$er pro"ised to treat each one o! us eFactly alike% #od had ne$er said He 'anted all o! us to ser$e Hi" in eFactly the sa"e "anner% He did say there 'ere all kinds o! gi!ts, and all kinds o! ser$ices, but it is still the sa"e #od 'ho does the di!!erent kinds o! 'ork in and through all o! us 'ho are His% - read e$ery translation in our house and they all included the sa"e "essage% 0hen they got to $erse 2+ and listed the gi!ts o! the Spirit, e$ery $ersion includes the gi!t o! speaking in tongues% So"e re!er to it as Gecstatic utterances,I or Glanguages they ha$e ne$er learned%I ,here isnAt a single translation o! the Bible that lea$es out this gi!t% /$ery translation includes the gi!t o! tongues along 'ith all the other gi!ts 0hy, then, do 'e act like #od "ade a "istake 'hen He included this gi!t right along 'ith the eight othersE ?,he Bible seals the !act that it -S a gi!t o! the sa"e Holy Spirit 'ho gi$es all other gi!ts% 0ouldnAt 'e ha$e to deny all o! the" as rele$ant !or today i! 'e deny oneE 0ell, ho' about the !act that it is listed lastE 0hen =aul said, G/arnestly desire the best gi!tsI L$erse 61M, doesnAt this "ean 'e should desire those listed !irstE 2oes =aul indicate any'here 'hich is the "ost i"portant o! the gi!tsE Frankly, - 'ould like e$en the least o! one o! #odAs gi!ts, 'ouldnAt youE He does say, ho'e$er, that e$en i! you speak 'ith the tongues o! "en Lyour o'n "other tongueM and o! 20

angels Lyour hea$enly languageM but ha$e not lo$e, you are nothingH -t doesnAt say the gi!t is nothing% -t says you are nothing i! you eFercise the gi!ts o! the Spirit 'ithout lo$e% - again re"e"bered all the argu"ents - had heard about the gi!t o! tongues being listed last and that being the reason 'e shouldnAt seek that one% =aul said seek .33 o! the", and at one ti"e or another, 'e read o! each o! the" 'orking in =aulAs li!e% y thinking 'as changingOrapidlyH - thought o! the years 'hen - had said, G#od, - 2D(A, 'ant that gi!t% ,hatAs no goodHI ,hen - re"e"bered that !or years - had said, G0ell, #od, i! Cou 'ant to gi$e it to "e, thatAs DK%I ,hen - thought about 'hat H/ 'as saying to "e today% He 'as saying, GCouA$e sought all the others, 'hy not this oneEI 0ith that, the last o! "y de!enses !olded, but 'as still con!used because - didnAt realiJe that 'hat 'as seeking 'as the gi!t o! the Holy Spirit, not the Ggi!tI o! tongues% 0e bolted our supper do'n that onday night and >uickly !inished anything else 'e needed to do in the house% ,hen 'e hurried to bed, turned on the tape and listened% Be!ore 'e listened, 'e prayed !er$ently, asking #od to do 'hate$er He 'anted to do 'ith our li$es% 0e prayed, G#od, i! this is a ne' di"ension Cou 'ant in our li$es, then 'e are 'illing to take the !irst step and boldly ask !or it%I (either o! us said a 'ord until the end o! the tape because 'e had been listening so intently% 0e had heard teaching !ro" the 0ord that really "ade sense% 21

0e realiJed that in accepting the gi!t o! sal$ation, each o! us "ust take the !irst step and that

,e p#ayed*! 3od* if this is a new dimension 'ou want in ou# lives* then we a#e willing to take the fi#st step and boldly ask fo# it

#od then does the rest% 0e had to cry out to #od !or !orgi$eness o! our sins and ask Jesus to co"e into our hearts be!ore either o! us eFperienced it% 0e realiJed, G-tAs the sa"e 'ith the baptis" o! the Holy SpiritR 'e ha$e to take the !irst step%I 0e 'ere especially i"pressed 'ith one point% 1e"e"ber 'hen =eter 'alked on the 'aterE =eter hi"sel! had to put his !oot o$er the side o! the boat, and only then did Jesus "ake the 'ater hardOhard enough !or hi" to 'alk on% 0hen =eter not only trusted JesusA 'ord to GCo"eHI but acted on it, the "iracle happened% 0e listened intently as the tape ga$e the instructionsOnearly all o! it ScriptureOand yet "entioning the !act that a intelligent adult "ight !eel so"e'hat !oolish% But #od puts a pre"iu" on obedience and approaching hi" as a little child% #eorge Dtis e"phasiJed the need to p#ay !or Jesus to baptiJe 'ith the Holy Spirit and then !or each person to begin to speak as the Spirit gi$es the utterance% 22

#eorge had suggested that 'e raise our hands in 'orship and surrender to #od% ?,here 'e lay, side by side, hands raised in 'orship to #od% 0hen the tape said, G(o',I the silence in our roo" 'as dea!ening% Cou couldnAt e$en hear us breathing% (D, . S-(#3/ SD3-,.1C SD&(2 C. / D&, DF /-,H/1 D(/ DF &SH - couldnAt ha$e uttered a sound !or anythingH - looked at Charles and said, GHoney, 'hy didnAt you say so"ethingEI Charles looked back at "e and 'ith his !abulous dry sense o! hu"or he said, GHoney, #eorge said to not think, Kust to let sounds co"e out and - canAt "ake a sound 'ithout thinking% So - didnAt do a thingHI 0e decided 'e needed to listen to part o! the tape again, so 'e did, and 'hen 'e ca"e to the part 'hen #eorge said, G(o',I 'e both raised our hands abo$e our heads, looked at each other, and began laughing like a couple o! idiots% - donAt belie$e - had e$er !elt so ridiculous in "y entire li!e% - didnAt kno' that could be sel!Nconscious around "y belo$ed husband, but - 'as% 0e decided the 3ord didnAt 'ant us to try this together, so 'e turned o!! the tape recorder and 'ent to sleep% - couldnAt 'ait !or Charles to go to 'ork the neFt "orningH &sually - kiss hi" three thousand ti"es be!ore he goes to 'ork and -A" still hanging onto hi" because - hate to let hi" go, but this particular "orning - 'as practically sho$ing hi" out the door% ,he "inute - heard his car go around the house, ran !or the bedroo"% - didnAt e$en take the break!ast 26

dishes o!! the table% ,he Holy Spirit 'as really >uickening "y heart and - Ku"ped back into bed and turned on the tape recorder% ,he thing that really stood out in "y "ind 'as ho' Jesus had "ade it possible !or =eter to 'alk on the 'ater% .lone no', - listened to the 'hole tape again up to the part 'here #eorge said (o'H ,hen - turned o!! the tape recorder% ,here 'as no one in the roo" but Jesus and "c, but the po'er and presence o! #od 'as as real as it had e$er been in "y li!e% - so!tly 'hispered a $ery si"ple little prayer, G#od, i! this is genuine and real and really o! Cou and itAs !or "e, then do a "iracle !or "e as you did !or =eter 'hen he 'alked on the 'ater% Jesus, - ask Cou to baptiJe "e 'ith the Holy Spirit%I -n that "o"ent o! yielding to #od o! "y "ind, "y soul, "y spirit, "y tongue, "y brain, - ga$e Kust one or t'o little sounds, and instantly - 'as baptiJed 'ith the Holy Spirit% ,he roo" 'as !illed 'ith the "ost beauti!ul glo' you could e$er i"agine% - had to close "y eyesH ,he splendor o! the 3ord 'as thereH ,he entire roo" see"ed bathed 'ith the lo$e o! #od% - thought surely - "ust be in hea$en% (e$er ha$e !elt such a helplessness be!ore #od as - did in that "o"ent o! yielding% #one 'ere the barriers - had built up e$er since - beca"e a Christian about the "atter o! praying in tongues% Dut o! "y o'n "outh !lo'ed the "ost beauti!ul Glo$eI language in the 'orld% - kne' - 'as praising and lo$ing #od Kust like the disciples on the day o! =entecost% 2Q

- ha$e ne$er !elt closer to #od, "ore lo$ed by #od, "ore protected by Hi", "ore sheltered by Hi", or o$er!lo'ing in lo$e and praise !or Hi" than in those "o"ents% y cup 'as running o$erH - couldnAt understand a 'ord - 'as saying, but - kne' #od could% y heart kne' that in "y o$er!lo'ing lo$e !or the Dne 'ho had so changed "y li!e, - 'as the praising His Holy (a"e, and - 'asnAt cluttering up the praise 'ith so"e o! "y o'n inade>uate 'ords, but 'as using the special Glo$eI language that He had gi$en to "e% Jesus speaking o! this had said, GFro" 9your: inner"ost being 'ill !lo' ri$ers o! li$ing 'aterI LJohn 7;6 +, (.SBM% - could ha$e kept praying in tongues all dayR it 'as so gloriousH But the 3ord re"inded "e o! "y husband, so - >uickly called Charles% .ll - said 'as, GHoney, itAs trueH ,here is a beauti!ul hea$enly language and -A$e got itHI ,hen - began to cry% =raise the 3ord and pass the KleeneF% ,hen Charles began to cry too% =raise #od !or his tender heartH He said, G3et "e hear you%I .t that ti"e - belie$ed - had to ha$e "y hands o$er "y head to speak in tongues% Since - 'as holding the telephone, - told hi" it 'as i"possible% Charles said, G=lease try, HoneyHI So - GscoochedI do'n in bed again, trying to hold the decorator phone on "y shoulder and still keep "y hands up in the airH


In my ove#flowing love fo# the 0ne who had so changed my life* I was the p#aising 2is 2oly /ame I wasn;t clutte#ing up the p#aise with some of my own inade>uate wo#ds* but was using the special =love! language that 2e had given to me

- hadnAt !orgottenH D$er the telephone - prayed in the Spirit !or Charles% .ll he could say 'as, G-tAs beauti!ul, Honey, itAs beauti!ul%I .s the po'er o! #od "elted the telephone 'ire 'ith lo$e, - told Charles the one thing that had helped "e 'as asking Jesus to do a "iracle !or "e as He had !or =eter% ,hen - prayed, G3ord, so that 'e 'ill stay on the sa"e spiritual le$el, - ask that Cou baptiJe Charles 'ith the Holy Spirit and gi$e hi" a hea$enly language in the car on the 'ay ho"e tonight%I -t 'as a blessed dayH - prayed in /nglishH prayed in tonguesH - praised #od in /nglishH - praised #od in tonguesH - sang in /nglishH - sang in the SpiritH ?,he glory o! the 3ord ne$er le!t our house that dayH 25

- had gone to the store 'hen Charles ca"e ho"e and fo# once he 'as glad - 'asnAt there% LHe 'anted to pray alone%M 0hen Joan and - later dro$e in the dri$e'ay, Charles raced out to "eet us and - kne' by the eFpression on his !ace 'hat had happened% #od had ans'ered our prayerH He didnAt e$en 'ait !or "e to ask the >uestion because he kne' - 'as going to ask, G2id you recei$e your special languageEI He si"ply said, G- didHI ,hen it 'as "y turn to cryH - had asked #od to bless Charles the sa"e day and He didH 0hatreKoicingH 0hat 'ild KoyH 0hat lo$e o! #odH L(ot e$eryone has the sa"e e"otional reaction that 'e had at the "o"ent o! recei$ing the Holy Spirit% 1e"e"ber it isnAt a "atter o! !eeling, but obedience that counts%M #od had 'o$en the !inal gossa"er thread, but it didnAt turn out to be a 'eb at all% -t turned out to be a lo$ely bo' on another o! His beauti!ul gi!ts Kust !or us% ,his 'as a 1/.3 gi!t acco"panied by a special GprayerI language to be used !or Hi" and !or His purposes%


Chapter $ The Testi !"y !#

Charles Hunter
C-/32-(# CS/3F to 'hat #od 'ants has been one o! the "ost eFciting eFperiences o! "y li!e% Jesus yielded His desires so co"pletely to those o! His Father that the t'o 'ere one% =robably the biggest reason - couldnAt relate to this 'as that - 'as trying to ser$e Hi" on a partNti"e basis% He "ade His co""ands $ery clear to the -sraelites, but they 'anted other things "ore than pleasing #od% -t 'as the la' and not lo$e that "oti$ated the"% .s a carnal Christian - used to try to obey the la', 'hich really 'as "ore the la' o! "y o'n church% y church told "e speaking in tongues 'as a GnoNnoI and the doctrines o! "an "olded "y attitudes% ,he Holy Spirit 'as no' absorbing "y e$ery thought and desire, but - 'as suspicious and doubt!ul about this gi!t so clearly o!!ered in the (e' ,esta"ent% - 'as hesitant to $enture a'ay !ro" the sa!e harbor o! "y teachingsO"y church la'% For a ti"e - 'as attending another church that did not e$en teach the si"plicity o! sal$ation; ask in #od to !orgi$e our sins and Jesus to co"e into our li$es and control our desires and thoughts% Dne Sunday the 2+

"inister, 'ho" - lo$e $ery "uch, began his ser"on by saying, G- donAt care 'hat ?theyA sayR -A" going to preach this ser"on%I He then preached a beauti!ul "essage 'ith the plan o! sal$ation in 'hich Jesus ga$e His li!e !or sinners% For one day this pastor risked the security o! being controlled by the rules o! his deno"ination, 'hich 'ere the sa"e barriers that stood bet'een "e and the baptis" o! the Holy Spirit% ,hese are the sa"e 'alls 'ithin 'hich deno"inations so o!ten theologically ensla$e their people and keep the" !ro" the !reedo" #od 'ants the" to eFperience% y un'illingness to relin>uish "anNtaught doctrines in !a$or o! seeking the instructions o! the Holy Spirit in concert 'ith the Bible 'as a 'all that stood bet'een "e and the gi!t o! the Holy Spirit% 0e 'ill not understand the truths in the Bible i! 'e re!use to seek His 'ill% 0e only understand #odAs pro"ises a!ter 'e, by !aith, obey 'hat He says% 0e "ust take the !irst step% Frances and - share all our thoughts 'ith each other and because our "inds are constantly !ocused on #od and Christ Jesus, 'e are constantly seeking to kno' His 'ill% 0e 'ere doing this one day as 'e !le' !ro" the =aci!ic (orth'est to 3os .ngeles% 0e 'ere talking about #od and about 'hether tongues should be a part o! our li$es%


My unwillingness to relinquish man-taught doctrines in favor of seeking the instructions of the Holy Spirit in concert with the Bible was a wall that stood between me and the gift of the Holy Spirit.

0e doubted they 'ould be and in this 'ay 'e also cast doubt on #odAs 0ord% Dur usual reply to >uestions about the baptis" o! the Holy Spirit 'as that 'e 'ere 'illing to recei$e this gi!t, but that #od apparently had other plans !or us% ,hen 'e read the book A /ew (ong by =at Boone% 0e 'ere "ade a'are o! the beauty and genuineness o! this gi!t% -t 'as not re!erred to by this disturbing 'ord 10/3?5(* but 'as described as the heavenly language of love as Shirley, =at, and their daughters each 'ere gi$en their o'n indi$idual praise language to be spoken Kust during their pri$ate ti"es 'ith #od% So"eho', - kne' there 'as "ore to 'hat happened to the" than Kust a GthingI called Gspeaking in tongues%I y heart "elted in a pool o! lo$e as - read their testi"ony% Since Frances told you about our encounter 'ith #eorge Dtis and his $isit in our ho"e, - 'ill Kust "ention so"e o! the other ad$ances the Holy Spirit 60

"ade through hi" in "y li!e% 0e 'ere 'ell a'are that #eorge spoke in tongues and belie$ed that his $isit 'ith us 'as planned and ti"ed per!ectly by #od% 0e 'ere eagerly anticipating his arri$al 0hen 'e heard #eorgeAs testi"ony and !elt the po'er o! the Holy Spirit in hi", our con!idence in his relationship to #od 'as co"plete% ,he lo$e, Koy, peace, gentleness, and other !ruit o! the Spirit radiated !ro" hi"% #eorge beca"e a $essel o! #odAs lo$e in our li$es as the Holy Spirit used hi" to prepare our hearts and "inds !or His 'ork% -n the in!or"al it o! our break!ast roo" e$en as 'e discussed the subKect o! tongues, - belie$e the Holy Spirit had already 'on the doctrinal battle o$er tongues and had gi$en us a 'holehearted desire !or this gi!t% ,'o days later "y heart leaped 'ith eFcite"ent as Frances shared 'ith "e the beauti!ul ne' language #od had besto'ed upon her only "inutes be!ore% ,ears o! Koy !illed "y eyes as this beauti!ul language !lo'ed !ro" her lips% - didnAt understand the 'ords, but "y spirit understood their signi!icance #od 'as so thought!ul and considerateH ,hat 'hole day - 'as 'orking at the side o! at least one other person, but !or the !e' "o"ents Frances 'as on the phone 'ith "e, e$eryone had le!t the roo"% #od ga$e "e so"e pri$acy to !eel the ne' depth o! His lo$e in Frances and the !resh !ragrance o! the Holy Spirit as she shared her ne' language 'ith "e% .!ter Frances called that "orning, - could hardly keep !ro" bubbling o$er 'ith eFcite"ent% - had 61

al"ost uncontrollable eagerness to get through "y 'ork day so that - 'ould be !ree to go ho"e and accept the gi!t - 'as certain #od had !or "e% - 'as 'orking in do'nto'n Houston that day and as soon as the 'ork day ended, - rushed to "y car and "o$ed into the hea$y rush hour tra!!ic% - had been praising #od all day L- ha$e learned to Gthink o! #odI as 'orkM and no' - 'as asking Hi" to prepare "y spirit to recei$e the gi!t o! the Holy Spirit as soon as reached the !ree'ay% - get eFcited 'hene$er - ha$e a special gi!t !or Frances or Joan% - can hardly 'ait to gi$e it to the"% #od lo$es to bless us also 'ith abundant gi!ts and -A" sure He 'as as eFcited as -% He see"ed to "o$e cars out o! "y 'ay so - could rush onto the !ree'ay% Just as soon as - rounded the cur$e 'hich leads onto the !ree'ay, - prayed, GJesus, - ask you to baptiJe "e 'ith the Holy Spirit and gi$e "e a hea$enly language Kust as you did Frances%I -! you think Frances had a proble" raising her hands trying to balance the telephone on her shoulder 'hile lying do'n, you should ha$e seen "eH - 'as dri$ing siFty "iles an hour in hea$y !ree'ay tra!!ic% LCou donAt really ha$e to raise your hands to be baptiJed in the Holy Spirit% Ho'e$er, it is necessary to raise your heart in lo$e and praise to #od, to keep your spiritual eyes on Jesus lest you sink back into sel! as =eter did%M - si"ply opened "y "outh and a beauti!ul, ne', 'onder!ul hea$enly language o! lo$e poured out o! "eH ,he car 'as !looded 'ith the glory o! #od as 62

yielded "y deepest desires to Hi" in a ne' !ound release% 0hat "agni!icent and o$er'hel"ing Koy eFperienced as - !elt the $ery presence o! Jesus as the Holy Spirit 'ithin "e 'as speaking 'ith "y "outh, "y $oice, "y tongueOdirectly to "y Father in hea$en%

I felt the ve#y p#esence of @esus as the 2oly (pi#it within me was speaking with my mouth* my voice* my tongue" di#ectly to my 7athe# in heaven

Jesus said He had "ade pro$ision !or us to go into the $ery presence o! #od Hi"sel!% .t that "o"ent - !elt co"pletely under the po'er o! the Holy Spirit and that - had released "ysel! to His control% ?,his "ighty "iracle o! strea"s o! li$ing 'ater !lo'ed out o! "y "outh as the Holy Spirit ga$e utterance 'ithout the direction o! "y hu"an "ind% HalleluKahH ?,he Ghea$enly languageI continued to !lood "y soul all the 'ay ho"e !or the neFt t'enty "inutes% For the only ti"e in "y "arried li!e, - prayed that Frances and Joan 'ould not be ho"e so that - could sub"erge "ysel! into #odAs presence alone% - rushed into our study and looked to the hea$ens as the Koy o! 66

the 3ord ca"e upon "e 'hile - praised Hi" all alone in "y beauti!ul ne' language o! lo$e !or thirty 'onder!ul "inutes% ,hen - heard her car co"e into the dri$e'ay and ran 'ith outstretched ar"s to "y s'eetheart% -n bursting Koy - si"ply said I did % Ho' 'e thanked Jesus !or baptiJing us 'ith the Holy Spirit and besto'ing upon us our hea$enly language o! praiseH


Chapter % The Testi !"y !#

Joan Hunter
C =.1/(,S 0.(,/2 / ,D 1/C/-)/ the baptis" o! the Holy Spirit $ery badly% ?,hey had people lay hands on "c e$ery'here 'e tra$eled and usually -( F1D(, DF . C1D02% ,alk about putting "e on the spotH -t caused "e to cla" up, then shut upH - had an interesting ti"e 'atching the" a!ter they had recei$ed the baptis"% - sa' "iracles and the release o! #odAs po'er like - had ne$er e$en heard about% - 'ant to tell you o! so"e o! the things that happened to "y parents during this ti"e% ?,hey 'ould go to a church ser$ice, co"e ho"e, and tell "e .33 about it% ,hey de"onstrated 'hat they sa' by dancing and praising #od 'ith ta"bourines and other kinds o! 'orship ite"s, then singing in the spirit% ?,hey 'ould get the pans out o! the kitchen and bang the" 'ith 'ooden spoons like ta"bourines and sing% ,heir $oices 'ere not the bestH ,hen asked "ysel!, G2o - really 'ant thisEI - can laugh about it no', but then - 'as 0.C concerned !or the" because it appeared to "e that 68

they had lost their "inds% - tried and tried to speak in tongues% .bout this ti"e - 'ent o!! to Dral 1oberts &ni$ersity% ,he !irst year there - did (D, ha$e the baptis"% - ca"e ho"e !ro" school !or the su""er and 'as so !rustrated% - 'anted it so bad% - 'ent into the roo" 'here - 'as sleeping% - lay do'n and - said to #od, G-! this is o! you, - 'ant it% - 'ant .33 you ha$e !or "e%I Just as - !inished that prayer the language started to !lo'% -t !lo'ed and !lo'ed and !lo'ed% -t 'as ay 15, 1*76% - 'as so eFcited the date got branded in "y "ind% - prayed !or hours% -t 'as such a special ti"e !or "e and the 3ord% (o one laid hands on "e and no one S,.1/2 at "e% -t 'as Kust #od and "e alone together% Fro" that "o"ent on, - !elt His presence like ne$er be!ore% - could co""unicate in His language and pray according to His 'ill, not "ine% ?,his day changed "y li!e !ore$er% - recei$ed the po'er that - had longed to recei$e !ro" Hi"Oto see the blind see, the la"e 'alk, the hurting healed, and so "uch "ore% - 'ent to the =hilippines 'ith "y "o" and dad around 1*77 and at the ti"e - 'as a >uiet ti"id person% 0hen o" and 2ad "inistered the baptis", they al'ays 'anted "e to pray 'ith those 'ho 'ere recei$ing% Dne night 'hile - 'as praying in the spirit 'ith those recei$ing, a "an ca"e up to "e to let "e kno' - had gi$en the plan o! sal$ation in per!ect Hebre'% -t 'as o$er'hel"ing to "e to hear that% ,here 'ill be ti"es 'hen unusual things like this 65

happen% #od "ay choose to use this gi!t in uni>ue 'ays% Ho'e$er, "ost o! the ti"e tongues cannot be understood by the hu"an "ind% -n ark 15;17, Jesus co""anded us all to speak in tongues, so that is 'hat 'e 'anted e$eryN 8Q one to do% Jesus also said, 3o the#efo#e teaching them to obse#ve all things that I have commanded you ! " Matthew AB:19*AC ,he #reat Co""ission is a co""and, not a suggestion, !or us to #D .(2 2DH ,hat also "eans that 'e need to be able to teach and e>uip the saints to "inister the baptis" o! the Holy Spirit% 0e studied e$erything 'e could about ho' the baptis" 'as "inistered in the (e' ,esta"ent% Jesus "inistered directly to people 'ithout laying hands on the"% =aul "inistered by the laying on o! hands% 0e ha$e done both and it 'orks either 'ay% 0e ha$e "inistered to !orty or !i!ty thousand people at one ti"e% ,here is no 'ay 'e could lay hands on that "any people, but they recei$ed the sa"e Holy Spirit any'ay because Jesus is the BaptiJer% 0e disco$ered that 'hen 'e instructed people in si"ple language the 'ay 'e 'ere, that hungry Christians 'ould recei$e the Holy Spirit and speak in tongues Kust as 'e had% ,he Bible tells us; 0ut of his hea#t will flow #ive#s of living wate# ! :ut this 2e spoke conce#ning the (pi#it* whom those believing in 2im would 67

#eceive; fo# the 2oly (pi#it was not yet given* because @esus was not yet glo#ified "@ohn %:DBED9 0e disco$ered that 'hen 'e re"o$ed the "ysti>ue and "isunderstanding that had entered into the "inds o! "any about 'hat #od 'ants to do !or us as belie$ers, that it 'ould si"pli!y their recei$ing !ro" the Holy Spirit Jesus 'orked in the supernatural in a $ery natural, nonNreligious 'ay% .s 'e share ho' to recei$e and "inister the Holy Spirit, 'e "ake a speci!ic e!!ort to help people to relaF% 0e are si"ply $essels used by #od to release the supernatural in the li$es o! others% Dur 'ay o! "inistering the Holy Spirit is not the only 'ay% -! you do things di!!erently and it 'orks !or you, continue doing 'hat has been e!!ecti$e !or you% Ho'e$er, 'e ha$e seen "illions o! people recei$e the Holy Spirit% So i! 'e can help you through this booklet, then please adopt any part or all o! 'hat you learn here and 'ork together 'ith us to e>uip the saints to do the 'orks Jesus co""anded% Cou are the one to 'ho" 'e are "inistering no', so $isualiJe yoursel! either recei$ing the "in istr o! the Holy Spirit or "inistering to so"eone else as you read the neFt chapter%


Chapter & Re'ei(i") a"* Mi"isteri")

The Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Cou .1/ .BD&, ,D 1/C/-)/ 'hat the Bible calls the baptis" o! the Holy Spirit, or the gi!t o! the Holy Spirit% Cour spirit is about to be !illed co"pletely 'ith #odAs spirit, and Kust like Jesus instructed, you 'ill speak in a spiritual language as the Holy Spirit gi$es the utterance% .s - take you through these steps !or yoursel!, they are also eFactly 'hat you 'ould do 'ith others 'ho 'ant to recei$e the baptis" o! the Holy Spirit% Cou "ust be born again be!ore recei$ing the gi!t o! the Holy Spirit% So to be sure you are born again, pray this prayer 'ith "e; 7athe#* I have sinned I ask 'ou to sepa#ate my sins f#om me and put them on the c#oss of @esus &h#ist I ask 'ou* @esus* to come into my hea#t and live 'ou# life th#ough me 1hank 'ou* @esus* fo# coming into my hea#t and fo# making me the kind of pe#son 'ou want me to be Amen. 6*

0hen you are born again, your spirit is !illed 'ith the Spirit o! Jesus% 1o"ans +;* says, But you are not in the !lesh but in the Spirit, i! indeed the Spirit o! #od d'ells in you% (o' i! anyone does not ha$e the Spirit o! Christ, he is not His% Charles sa' his spirit outside o! his body in 1*5+ and it looked identical to his physical body% /$en his !ace 'as the sa"e% ,he only di!!erence 'as that he could see through his spirit !or" as i! it 'ere a thin !og or cloud% .ll languages are "ade up o! "any di!!erent sounds% 0e "ust "ake the sounds, but the Holy Spirit 'ill gi$e the utterance as 'e speak% Speaking in tongues is supernatural% -tAs a "iracleH -tAs a sign and a 'onder 'hich Jesus Hi"sel! said 'ould !ollo' those that belie$e% 0e are asking Jesus to baptiJe us 'ith the Holy Spirit Kust as sincerely as 'e asked Hi" to sa$e us !ro" our sins% He 'ill do His part i! 'e do ours% ,he people 'ho recei$ed the Holy Spirit on the 2ay o! =entecost 'ere ordinary hu"an beings Kust like us, yet they spoke in tongues they did not kno'% =aul said, I will p#ay with the spi#it* and I will also p#ay with the unde#standing " 1 &o#inthians 1Q;18


!e are as"in# $es%s to &apti'e %s with the Holy Spirit (%st as sincerely as we as"ed Him to save %s from o%r sins. He will do His part if we do o%rs.

0hen you pray 'ith your spirit, you do not think about the sounds or the language% -n a "o"ent 'hen - tell you to, begin lo$ing and praising #od by speaking "any di!!erent syllables, but not in a language you kno'% 2onAt try to reason your 'ay through this process% 0hen you speak in tongues, you are $erbaliJing out o! your spirit and not !ro" your "ind% -n the beginning it is best to "ake the sounds rapidly so you 'onAt try to think as you do in speaking your natural language% Continue "aking the sounds 'ith long !lo'ing sentences% 2onAt "ake a !e' sounds and stop and start% 3et the" !lo' like ri$ers o! li$ing 'ater% ake the sounds loudly at !irst so you can easily hear 'hat you are saying% ost o! all, lo$e and praise #od% Cou are speaking directly to #od in His per!ect 'ill 'hen you pray in tongues, or in the spirit 1 Corinthians 1Q;2 says; Q1

7o# he who speaks in a tongue does not speak to men but to 3od* fo# no one unde#stands him; howeve#* in the spi#it he speaks myste#ies 1o"ans +;27 says; /ow 2e who sea#ches the hea#ts knows what the mind of the (pi#it is* because 2e makes inte#cession fo# the saints acco#ding to the will of 3od /ach ti"e - "inister to so"eone or a group, speak in tongues, talking to #od in "y spirit language so people can hear 'hat "y language sounds like as an eFa"ple or de"onstration o! speaking in tongues% - speak naturally and at a nor"al $olu"e, but eFpressi$ely% ,his does not need an interpretation because - a" talking to #od% 0hen #od talks to an asse"bly o! people through a "essage in tongues, that "ust be interpreted 1 Corinthians 1Q;27N2+ says; If anyone speaks in a tongue* let the#e be two o# at the most th#ee* each in tu#n* and let one inte#p#et :ut if the#e is no inte#p#ete#* let him keep silent in chu#ch* and let him speak to himself and to 3od ,o help people understand that this is a supernatural language, - o!ten tell a story about one ti"e 'hen the Spirit i"pressed "e to speak in tongues% - looked Q2

right into the eyes o! a young 'o"an standing a"ong about 180 people to 'ho" - 'as "inistering% )ery eFpressi$ely - spoke in tongues to her and they all recei$ed the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues% 3ater this young 'o"an ca"e running to "e and told "e the !ollo'ing; I am a @ew 7o# yea#s I couldn;t believe that @esus was the Messiah* but I have been bo#n again now and I know 2e is my Messiah ,hen you told us to make those funny little sounds and 3od would give us a spi#it language and empowe# us with 2is 2oly (pi#it* all kinds of doubts came into my mind I thought I couldn;t #eceive and that it wouldn;t wo#k fo# me I was about to give up and leave when you looked st#aight at me and in a pe#fect 2eb#ew Fand I don;t know a wo#d in 2eb#ew.G you said* )ela< and it will come easily ! ,hen you said that* I knew it was 3od I opened my mouth and the language was the#e Cou 'ill not understand the language you are speaking because it is an unkno'n tongue gi$en to you by the Holy Spirit% -! you do not ha$e a !luent language, let "e illustrate 'hy you donAt% Say this phrase 'ith your understanding loudly L'hen you are "inistering to others, ha$e the" do this as 'ellM; Jesus, - lo$e Cou 'ith all o! "y heartH DK, no', say this out loud; Jesus, -%%% Q6

0hy did you stop "aking soundsE 2id you notice that 'hen you stopped "aking the sounds, you stopped speakingE ?,he reason so"e donAt speak !luently in tongues is that they tried to think o! the sounds and they cannot !lo' 'ith the spirit analytically% So 'hen 'e pray this prayer and you start speaking in your hea$enly language, donAt try to analyJe 'hat you are about to say, Kust "ake the soundsH (o', are you ready to recei$eE =ray this prayer 'ith your understanding; 3ord Jesus, - thank Cou !or the "ost eFciting gi!t o! allOthe gi!t o! sal$ation% Jesus, Cou pro"ised another gi!t, the gi!t o! the Holy Spirit% So - ask Cou, Father, to baptiJe "e 'ith the Holy Spirit right no', eFactly as you did your disciples on the 2ay o! =entecost% ,hank Cou, JesusH Cou ha$e done Cour part and no' - a" going to do "y part% ,hen say; - a" going to li!t "y hands up to #od Lyou li!t your hands and also ha$e others li!t their hands 'hen you "inister to the"MR - a" going to look up to #od L- do this so they 'onAt try to be religious and look do'n 'ith their eyes closed, taking their attention o!! o! #odM, and 'hen - say, G(D0,I - a" going to begin to praise #od and - 'ant you to Koin "e, but not in any language 'e kno' because 'e canAt speak t'o languages at one ti"e% QQ

Father, - lo$e CouR - praise CouR - 'orship CouR lo$e Cou 'ith all o! "y heart% 1eadyE D(/, ,0D, ,H1//% (D0H LCou i""ediately begin to pray loudly in tongues and SD 2D ,H/CHM 3et the" pray !or >uite so"e ti"e in tongues% ,hen stop the" suddenly and say, ,he de$il doesnAt like 'hat you Kust did% He kno's you ha$e Kust recei$ed the po'er o! #od 'ith 'hich you bind hi" and protect you !ro" his kingdo" o! de"onic spirits, sickness, and lies he 'ants you to eFperience% He said to Jesus 'hen he te"pted Hi", If you are the Son o! #od% % %G He tried to put doubt in the "ind o! Jesus and he 'ill try to put doubt into your "ind%I ,he de$il puts little thoughts into your "ind like; G,hat didnAt sound like tongues 'ould sound or e$en a language to "e% - could tell it 'as "e speaking Land it -S youM% - could tell it 'as "e because - could tell 'as thinking and Charles told "e not to thinkHI ,hen the de$il 'ill probably tell you, GCou donAt !eel any di!!erent%%% Cou donAt !eel any po'er%I Jesus didnAt say you 'ould feel po'er% He si"ply said you 'ould #eceive po'er 'hen the Holy Spirit ca"e upon you, and you ha$eH L.cts 1;+M

esus didn!t say you would feel power. He simply said you would receive power

when the Holy Spirit came upon you" and you have#

,he 'ay to get rid o! the doubts is to speak in tongues% He canAt stand tongues because he canAt understand tongues% ,ongues is your hot line to hea$en L1 Corinthians 1Q;2M% ,his ti"e, pray t'ice as loudly, t'ice as !ast, t'ice as long, and 'ith "ore eFpression o! lo$e to #od and the de$il 'ill !lee and take your doubts 'ith hi"% D(/, ,0D, ,H1//% (D0H - let the" pray !or a !e' "inutes in tongues and then stop the" abruptly% Dnce you ha$e recei$ed the gi!t o! the Holy Spirit, you can pray in tongues anyti"e you 'ant% ,hen - share; (o', letAs pray again in our ne' hea$enly language, but this ti"e, letAs pray 'ith a purpose% Jesus said, GBut you shall recei$e po'er 'hen the Holy Spirit co"es upon youR and you shall be 'itnesses to e%I ,his ti"e, - 'ant you to picture in your "ind so"eone you kno' 'ho doesnAt kno' Jesus as their Sa$ior% ,his ti"e you 'ill be a 'itness !or Jesus as you pray so!tly, "eaning!ully, and naturally in tongues, but Kust abo$e a 'hisper% Q5

- start praying in tongues $ery so!tly and they all do the sa"e% ,his helps people realiJe that speaking in tongues is natural, e$en "ore natural than speaking in their kno'n language, because they donAt ha$e to think in order to pray in the spirit% 1ight a!ter the apostle =aul said, G- 'ill pray 'ith the spirit, and 'ill also %pray 'ith the under standing, he said; I will sing with the spi#it* and I will also sing with the unde#standing " 1 &o#inthians 1H:15 So right no', you yoursel! li!t your hands up high to'ard #od, keep your eyes open and S -3/ as you sing praises to #od in the supernatural% 0hen - "inister to so"eone else or a group o! people, - begin singing in tongues and they begin to sing in har"ony 'ith one another in a "ost beauti!ul supernatural songM% (o', it is ti"e !or your !inal instructions; =ray in tongues "any ti"es a day% =aul said, I thank my 3od I speak with tongues mo#e than you all " 1 &o#inthians 1H:1B %1 Sing in tongues "any ti"es a day too% - suggest that you sing in tongues 'hen you are dri$ing on the !ree'ay, but please donAt close your eyesH 1ead your Bible as "uch as you can because no' the Spirit o! #od in you is the Spirit o! truth, and He 'ill un$eil the hidden "eaning in the Bible to you no' "ore than e$er be!ore% - suggest that each ti"e Q7

you start to read the Bible, you pray, GFather, please re$eal in Cour 0ord 'hat - can do !or Cou% % % not Kust 'hat Cou can do !or "e,I and #od 'ill change your li!e% ."ong other things, you no' ha$e the spiritual resources to "inister healing, cast out de$ils, and do all the 'orks o! Jesus% 3earn to use that po'er and ask #od to bring so"eone to you e$ery day to 'ho" you can "inister% He 'ill, i! you 'illH 0e eFpect #od to bring people into our path'ay !or "inistry, and He keeps us busy% 1ecently in a paint store, 'e "et a concrete !inishing contractor and asked hi" to co"e to our o!!ice to bid on a Kob% 0hile 'e 'ere talking 'ith hi", - disco$ered he 'as hungry !or the baptis" o! the Holy Spirit% "inistered to hi" and in Kust a !e' "o"ents he 'as !luently speaking in tongues% He needed healing in his back and neck, so 'e "inistered to hi" by Ggro'ing out his legs and ar"s%I He 'as totally healed% He 'atched this in a"aJe"ent and said, G-A$e al'ays 'anted to see a "iracle and - Kust didHI -t turned his li!e around instantly and he could not stop talking about Jesus% He 'as 'itnessing to the "en 'ho ca"e to help do the 'ork% He 'itnessed to the people 'here he bought concrete% He also 'itnessed to his 'i!e 'ho had recei$ed the baptis" long ago%


)earn to %se the power of the Holy Spirit and as" *od to &rin# someone to yo% every day to whom yo% can minister. He will+ if yo% will

He had attended a SpiritN!illed church !or !our years% 0hy did he ha$e to 'ait so long to recei$e 'hat #od 'anted hi" to ha$e all alongE ost people do not kno' ho' to "inister the baptis" o! the Holy Spirit% -t is easy to do this kind o! "inistry 'hen you !ollo' these si"ple instructions, and especially 'hen the Spirit o! #od has "ade people hungry !or "ore o! Hi"sel!% 1ead these instructions se$eral ti"es and then as soon as possible "inister the baptis" to so"e on #od sends to you% Cou 'ill be so eFcited 'hen they recei$e that you 'ill ne$er stop until Jesus co"es back againH #D .(2 .K/ 2-SC-=3/SH HalleluKahH