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MEMORIAL BOULEVARD, LAKELAND, FL 33801-2019 Thursday - 31 October 2013 KELLIE J. MOTIL, self-represe ted, 'ppella t, (. T)E #LO*I+' +E,'*TME!T O# *E-E!.E, a d J'$K *. '/.E*O, II, 'ppellees. 00000000000000000000000001 APPELLANT#S MOTION TO REHEAR AND REHEAR ENBANC, MOTION TO CLARIF$ AND RE%UEST FOR A &RITTEN OPINION OR, IN THE ALTERNATIVE, MOTION TO CERTIF$ TO THE FLORIDA SUPREME COURT 'ppella t, KELLIE J. MOTIL, self-represe ted--the Mother a d custod2al pare t of $a3ero '. '4uero, a 32 or--f2les th2s 3ot2o to rehear, 3ot2o to rehear e ba c, 3ot2o to clar2fy a d 3ot2o to cert2fy th2s 3atter to the #lor2da 5upre3e $ourt for re(2e6, pursua t to #lor2da *ules of 'ppellate ,rocedure, 1 October 2013, *ules 7.3308a9 a d 7.3318d9819, because 2t appears that the 'ppellate $ourt has o(erloo:ed or 32sapprehe ded the facts a d the la6 as 2t perta2 s to those facts, a d the dec2s2o 2 th2s case 2s of e;cept2o al 23porta ce because 2t, effect2(ely a d erro eously, aff2r3s that the 5tate ca depr2(e a y 32 or ch2ld of court-ordered support 62thout the <due process= r24hts 4uara teed by both #lor2da>s a d the . 2ted 5tates> $o st2tut2o s, as stated 3ore fully belo6"

CASE NO ! 2D 12-"553 L.T. !o." #$ - 01 % 0&21

Th2s 'ppellate $ourt <'ff2r3ed= the lo6er court>s dec2s2o 62thout a y e;pla at2o . The <Op2 2o = 6as <f2led o October 1?, 2013= 8the <Op2 2o =9. The Op2 2o , o 2ts face, lac:s a y factual or le4al @ust2f2cat2o . Thus 2t appears to be arb2trary a d 3al2c2ous because 2t f2ts the def2 2t2o of <3al2ce= as stated 2 3y I 2t2al Ar2ef o pa4e 11. It 2s, hereby, reBuested that the 'ppellate $ourt re(2e6 a d clar2fy the follo62 4 facts alo 4 62th the le4al co seBue ces of those facts, e ba c.1 1 IB A!001 ' 00" 2s a copy of a <#2 al Order of 5upport= 2ssued by c2rcu2t Jud4e J. +a(2d La 4ford 2 case u3ber #$-01-&21 8the <2002 Order=9. 'lthou4h the (al2d2ty of the 2002 Order 6as ot d2sputed, 2t 6as 24 ored a d 32sapprehe ded by the +o* attor eys a d by the lo6er court. My s2ster, Laura, 2s ot a party to 3y case u3ber <#$-01-&21.= 5he had her o6 case u3ber <#1-01-&21.= 5he should ha(e 4otte curre t support for both of 3y boys for four 8C9 6ee:s, o ly. )o6e(er she d2d ot 4et a y o 4o2 4 support pay3e ts for e2ther Ala:e or $a3ero . #or $a3ero , that 6ould ha(e bee D22C.&C 32 us the appro;23ate DE2 she rece2(ed, 6h2ch eBuals o ly D1F2.&C. Ghe she 6e t to the +o*>s 5ebr2 4 off2ce o 1C 'pr2l 2007, she 6as o ly tell2 4 the3 that she d2d ot 6a t the D1F2.&C fro3 Jac:. 5he 6a ted 3e to 4et the 3o ey. The +o* had, already, bee 6ro 4ly apply2 4 all 3o ey 8collected fro3 Jac:9 to6ards <arrears.= The +o* had bee do2 4 th2s s2 ce Ja uary 200&H The +o* told 3y s2ster, Laura, to s24 a <*eBuest to $lose $h2ld 5upport $ase.= 5ee IB A!020. The +o* used that <*eBuest= to @ust2fy 6hat the +o* had already bee do2 4, arb2trar2ly, for f2ftee 81F9 3o ths, to 62t" apply2 4 court-ordered curre t support as 2f 2t 6ere <arrears.= The +o*, effect2(ely, used Laura>s <*eBuest= to close <her= case 1 *efere ces are to 3y I()*)+, B-.)/#0 A11.(2)3

8#1-01-&219 as a 3ea s of clos2 4 <3y= case 8#$-01-&219 2 add2t2o to Laura>s. The +o*>s off2ce co3b2 ed both case u3bers o the top r24ht of Laura>s <*eBuest=" <01-&21-#1-#$= 5ee IB A!020. The Op2 2o to <aff2r3= the lo6er court>s dec2s2o , 62ll ha(e the effect of 6ro 4ly aff2r32 4 that o part2es 8such as 3y s2ster a d the +o*9 ca ter32 ate (al2d, ch2ld-support orders 62thout pro(2d2 4 the actual part2es a y ot2ce or a y opportu 2ty to be heard 2 a 3ea 2 4ful a d t23ely 3a er. 2 'll ecessary part2es 6ere at the hear2 4 of 31 Ja uary 2002. 5ee the f2rst para4raph of IB A!001. I obta2 2 4 the 2002 Order, o e(2de ce 6as prese ted to su44est that a yo e>s due-process r24hts 6ere (2olated. 3 Jud4e La 4ford ordered that Jac: *. '4uero II 8<Jac:=9 <has a duty to support ... $'ME*O! '. '/.E*O= 8<$a3ero =9 a d o order has ta:e a6ay that duty. 5ee the u3bered para4raph 1 of IB A!001. " Jac: 6as ordered to <pay ch2ld support a d retroact2(e ch2ld support to the 5tate of #lor2da o behalf of= $a3ero . 5ee the u3bered para4raph 2 of IB A!001. 5 Jac: 6as ordered to <pay the su3 of DF?.21 per GEEK for the support of the 32 or ch2ld.= 5ee the f2rst para4raph of IB A!003. Th2s order 6as e(er <ter32 ated= a d 6as ot <3od2f2ed= u t2l 2? 'pr2l 2011. 4 The Order says, <The $ourt reta2 s full a d co3plete @ur2sd2ct2o of th2s cause of act2o a d the part2es.= IB A!002 at para4raph u3ber E. 8The 5tate of #lor2da too: 3y t6o boys a6ay fro3 3e 2 the 32ddle of Ja uary 200&. They 6e t to 3y s2ster>s, Laura>s, ho3e for four 8C9 6ee:s. The , they 6e t to 3y Mother>s ho3e 62th the appro(al of the 5tate for four 8C9 3o ths.9

7 ' hear2 4 6as held o 1& Ju e 200& a d a <Me3o of $ourt )ear2 4= 6as prepared after the hear2 4 8the <Me3o=9. S.. IB A!017. The Me3o says <+ept. to sub32t )o3estudy,= a d <$h2ldre reu 2ted 61Mother.= The +o* ar4ues that I d2d ot 42(e the3 the proper paper 6or: that 6ould tr244er the +o* to 2 2t2ate a reBuest to the $ourt to <red2rect= the collected support pay3e ts bac: to 3e. The +o* does ad32t that, <The +epart3e t>s case h2story otes 2 d2cate that 6h2le Ms. Mot2l d2d 2 2t2ate telepho e co tact se(eral t23es o a d after Ju e 1&, 200&, Ms. Mot2l d2d ot pro(2de K.,,). docu3e tat2o to pro(e that the 32 or ch2ld retur ed to her ho3e. 's a result, the +epart3e t of *e(e ue d2d ot ta:e a y act2o to re-establ2sh the

5 support obl24at2o .= 5ee IB A!188 at sect2o C.a., th2rd para4raph. )ere>s the
co trad2ct2o 2 the +o*>s co te t2o re4ard2 4 <docu3e tary proof= that $a3ero 6as bac: 62th 3e" 19 I d2d ot 42(e the +o* a y docu3e tat2o to pro(e that the boys 6ere ta:e fro3 3e 2 Ja uary 200&I 29 the +o* ad32ts 2t has a duty to d2rect ch2ld support to the perso 6ho has phys2cal custody of the ch2ld 8see IB A!137, l2 es 2-229I 39 the +o* fa2led to se d a y DF?.21 curre t support pay3e ts to e2ther Laura or 3y pare tsI C9 the +o* fa2led to f2le a y 3ot2o Jat allJto red2rect support for 3y other so , Ala:eI a d F9 The +o* 6ro 4ly cla23s 2t d2d ot ha(e a duty to red2rect support pay3e ts bac: to 3e 2 Ju e 200& 8see IB A!188 at para4raph C9. 8 The +o*>s <Mot2o to *ed2rect $h2ld 5upport= 6as ot ser(ed upo 3e a d 2t 6as ot <(er2f2ed.= 5ee IB A!007. Th2s 3ot2o 6as f2led o 22 #ebruary 200& 8see IB A!192, last l2 e o the botto39. Th2s 3ot2o 6as o ly to <red2rect= support for $a3ero . It d2d ot 2 clude Ala:e. Ay 22 #ebruary 200&, 3y t6o boys had 3o(ed fro3 3y s2ster>s ho3e to 3y pare ts> ho3e. KJac:>s obl24at2o to support 6as establ2shed by the 2002 Order. Thus, o <act2o = 6as eeded to re-establ2sh support.

9 The <Order to *ed2rect 5upport= 6as s24 ed by c2rcu2t Jud4e Joh K. 5tar4el a d dated 22 #ebruary 200& 8the <*ed2rect Order=9. 5ee IB A!008 ' 009. 10 The <I co3e +educt2o Order '-2= 8attached to the *ed2rect Order9 d2rects Jac:>s e3ployers to deduct <DF?.21 per 6ee: for o 4o2 4 support= 85ee IB A!01" at u3bered para4raph 19, thus 2t co t2 ued the sa3e a3ou t of DF?.21 for curre t support as d2rected 2 both the 2002 Order a d the 2 Ju e 200F <I co3e +educt2o Order= 8see IB A!005 at para4raph 1.a.6 11 Luot2 4 the +o*" <The +epart3e t>s pos2t2o re3a2 s that o plead2 4s Msic, 3ot2o s2N reBuest2 4 a 3od2f2cat2o of th2s $ourt>s #ebruary 22, 200& Mred2rectN order 6ere f2led pr2or to 'pr2l 2?, 2011.= 5ee IB A!187 at the botto3 of para4raph 3.a. Ay the +o*>s o6 6ords, the +o* should ha(e co t2 ued collect2 4 the or242 al <DF?.21 per 6ee: for o 4o2 4 support,= 8as d2rected by three 839 court orders" the 2002 Order, the 200F I co3e +educt2o Order a d the *ed2rect Order9 becauseJfor three a d o e-half yearsJ o o e f2led a 3ot2o to ter32 ate curre t ch2ld support, o ot2ce of hear2 4 for a 3ot2o -to-ter32 ate 6as e(er ser(ed, o hear2 4 6as held, a d o order to ter32 ate 6as e(er f2ledH ...a d yet, the +o* 6ro 4ly cla23s <,r2or to th2s $ourt>s July 2E, 20113 order, Mr.7+89 '4uero had ot bee u der a order to pay o 4o2 4 ch2ld support for M3 112N years.=C If that 6ere true, 6hy d2d the +o* bother 62th obta2 2 4 a *ed2rect Order to co t2 ue ta:2 4 curre t support fro3 Jac: a d, te3porar2ly, red2rect2 4 2t to 3y s2sterO 's stated abo(e, the +o* co te ds that o reBuest 6as 3ade to <3od2fy= th2s *ed2rect Order u t2l 2? 'pr2l 2011. 2 <Mot2o s= are ot plead2 4s. 3 *etroact2(e to 2? 'pr2l 2011. C 5ee IB A!187 at the f2rst para4raph of sect2o 3.b.

12 The record sho6s that the *ed2rect Order d2d ot 3od2fy, suspe d or ter32 ate the collect2o of <DF?.21 per 6ee: for o 4o2 4 support= fro3 Jac:. 13 The record fa2ls to sho6 that the +o* had a y @ur2sd2ct2o to e2ther <3od2fy,= <suspe d= or <ter32 ate= the collect2o of <DF?.21 per 6ee: for o 4o2 4 support= fro3 Jac:. O ly the c2rcu2t court has that @ur2sd2ct2o , a d the record sho6s that the c2rcu2t court d2d ot 3a:e a y such order. 1" )ere>s a port2o of 3y I 2t2al Ar2ef 8be42 2 4 at the botto3 of para4raph 1F o pa4e 79 that the 'ppellate $ourt 3ay ha(e o(erloo:ed" <'t the hear2 4 of 2& Ju e 2012, Kell2e as:ed the +o* attor ey, Ms. 5choepp er, <M+No you ha(e a yth2 4 sho62 4 6here you, as the +epart3e t of *e(e ue, 6ere ordered to co t2 ue to collect the support buy Msic, butN apply 2t to6ards arrears 2 stead of curre t support 2 #ebruary of 200&O= The $ourt re-stated the Buest2o , <Ghat she>s as:2 4 2s o ce you all deter32 ed that Ms. Laura $ha ey o lo 4er had the ch2ld, d2d you rece2(e a y court order that the told you to start ta:2 4 the 3o ey that, 2f you>re collect2 4 2t, a d apply2 4 2t to6ards arrearsO= Ms. 5hoepp er sa2d, <!o, s2r, I do >t bel2e(e.= The Kell2e as:ed, <MGNhy d2d you start apply2 4 2t to6ards arrearsO= Ms. 5hoepp er repl2ed, <That 6ould be so3eth2 4 6e 6ould ha(e do e ad32 2strat2(ely.= Kell2e the as:ed, <Ghy 6as >t I ot2f2edO= Ms. 5hoepp er sa2d, <I ca >t a s6er the Buest2o .= 8A!140 l. F to A!141 l. E9 15 I 3y I 2t2al Ar2ef o pa4e 17, I reBuested <f2 d2 4s of fact a d co clus2o s of la6.= I repeated th2s reBuest 2 3y *eply Ar2ef at pa4e 1C. )o6e(er, the o e-6ord Op2 2o aff2r32 4 the lo6er court>s dec2s2o does ot pro(2de a y f2 d2 4s of fact or co clus2o s of la6.

G)E*E#O*E, 'ppella t 3o(es the 'ppellate $ourt for a 6r2tte op2 2o that states the facts rel2ed upo a d the rele(a t la6 as 2t appl2es to those facts. 'ppella t, also, 3o(es the 'ppellate $ourt to 4ra t her prayer for rel2ef as stated o pa4e 17 of her I 2t2al Ar2ef. If the $ourt does ot 4ra t her prayer for rel2ef, 2 the alter at2(e, 'ppella t 3o(es the 'ppellate $ourt for a 6r2tte op2 2o a d for the 'ppellate $ourt to cert2fy th2s appeal to the #lor2da 5upre3e $ourt. *E5,E$T#.LLP 5.AMITTE+ by" KELLIE J. MOTIL, Mother a d $ustod2al ,are t of the M2 or $h2ld, 5elf-*eprese ted" F&01 M'T'!Q'5 +*I-E 5EA*I!/, #L 33&E2-232F !EG Telepho e" 830C9 &1F-CC0C Messa4e Telepho e" 8&?39 &3F-0230


CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE I )E*EAP $E*TI#P that a copy of the fore4o2 4 docu3e t 6as se t (2a ..5. Ma2l to the perso s l2sted belo6 o Thursday, the 31st day of October 2013" GILLI'M ). A*'!$), '.'./. Telepho e" 8&F09 C1C-3C00 O##I$E O# T)E 'TTO*!EP /E!E*'L #a;" 8&F09 722-7C27 $)IL+ 5.,,O*T E!#O*$EME!T T)E $',ITOL, ,L'Q' 01 G2ll2a3.Ara chR3yflor2dalea4al.co3 T'LL')'55EE #L 32377-10F0 J'$K *. '/.E*O II C72F 20T) 5T E'5T A*'+E!TO! #L 3C203-3E12 $ert2f2ed by" Kell2e J. Mot2l 0000000000000000000000000000000 F&01 M'T'!Q'5 +*I-E 5EA*I!/, #L 33&E2-232F !EG Telepho e" 830C9 &1F-CC0C