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TIC first midterm

1) Word cloud A word cloud is an application that is used to create an image which may contain different kind of words (or even websites) used to highlight, give information or specify a subject. It is often used to get people's attention in a more interesting way. Cloze test As the name suggests it's a test which has to do with comprehension abilities. The same consists of a written text given by a teacher where the students should fill the empty spaces that are in the text, with words to complete its meaning and make a main full comprehension of it. To digitalize The term digitalization refers to the process of converting information into a digital format. a simple example of digitalization can be the one where through an scanner we can digitalize images and convert them into bit maps, that is to say to transform an object (in this case a piece of paper) into digital (an image file). To Google It's the name given to action of searching information through Google Aid It's the name given to a person who helps or assists someone and also can be considered as the action of giving assistance. Communicative competence It's known as a linguistic term that refers to the ability to understand and use language appropriately to communicate in social and school environments; the same may concerns grammatical knowledge of syntax, morphology, phonology, etc.


E-learning word cloud

Web 2.0 word cloud



B-learning phonetics course: The essential purpose of this course would be to teach English pronunciation to students, to make them get familiar with the pronunciation of words and at the same time to make them lose that fear they fell at the moment of speaking in front of a class. We can achieve this purpose through a few websites that would make this possible. The first tool that student will need is a computer.

First, to make the student to get familiar with English sounds we may use this page which is kind of a tool game where students can choose letters and see how they are pronounced and also see examples of words where those letters appears. It also gives them the possibility to choose the person who is going to pronounce those letters which are also important because show us the different kind of pronunciation or accent people have. This is more useful and comfortable than having a piece of paper with the letter and the pronunciation next to the letter Then, to achieve more knowledge which has to do with pronunciation of words I would use this page where students are able to listen conversations which are full of words, probably most of them are unknown for the student if they are not in a good English level. This can be also useful to implement another activity by following the conversation and repeating it with a classmate and so create an atmosphere of confidence between the students. Here, students are able to choose the level for the conversation in which the speed of the pronunciation will vary. Again, I think this would be more useful than just following a conversation from a text Here, another website similar like the one above. It allows student to listen conversation which shows different situations of life and which they will be able to choose depending on the kind of word's pronunciation they want to achieve. Another simply way to carry out this objective would be through a musical video which will catch student's interest to learn the pronunciation of new words in a more practical way COOL SUGGESTIONS! 4) Different kind of projects for teaching This project is called "Students Use Technology to Preserve Inuit Heritage" and It was designed to be a resource for students and teachers from Arviat, Nunavut, Canada. The site contains information about the traditional way of life of the Inuit people, including their homes, heritage, and region. This would be a perfect project to be implemented in those schools that don't have a good knowledge about their tradition and cultures; It would be essential to teach student more about their origins and to awake that love or enthusiasm for what belongs to us, to create a great interest for our culture. It would be good for those person that doesn't know very well the place where they live This second project is called "Hooking Kids On Reading" and focuses on reading; It exposes

students to a variety of topics and reading materials and offers support to help them move on to higher levels of reading and extended periods of independent reading. It would be useful for language classes or literature classes and It will definitely increase English knowledge of students. This project is called "Tweeting History: A Digital Literacy Lesson" and It's about learning world history via Twitter. Students use history knowledge, critical thinking and digital literacy skills to tweet clues and guess the historical figure, period or event related to those clues. For students learning English history would be of great help to take into account this project which may facilitate their knowledge acquisition about world history just because of the use of a social network as a tool. QUITE OK 5) The principal websites that I would use to have my student motivates would be those of exercises games which are more used at the moment of teaching Here, in this page student are allow to learn new vocabulary through easy and funny games WHICH ACTIVITIES WILL YOU ACTUALLY USE FROM THIS SITE?

Then, these two pages will help them to achieve new vocabulary through images. In these sites we can notice that there are different categories for vocabulary such as description of body, clothes, animals, numbers, etc; by which just moving your mouse pointer or making a click on the picture you will get the answer. The only difference between these two pages is that in the second link answer are not written down. AGAIN, WHICH EXERCISES WILL YOU ACTUALLY USE FROM THESE SITES?

In this page below we can also find images for describing people GOOD. THIS IS A CONCRETE SAMPLE In this page students are able to learn vocabulary by taping any word and they will have access to the meaning of the word, the origin, the opposite of that word, its pronunciation and even other words containing the letters types WHICH ACTIVITIES WILL YOU ACTUALLY USE FROM THIS SITE?

I would also use educational videos where are given examples or explanation to use vocabulary. For example, in the first two videos we can watch examples of physical description of people QUITE RELEVANT AND ADEQUATED SELECTION In the second one we can see a page that will help student to interact and achieve vocabulary and grammar skill through videos that have some extra activities. At the end of the exercises answer are given to let student check what they've done. In general, I think that I would choose these kind of websites to teach vocabulary and description not only because they are more effective than others or they get student motivated but also because I think that all of them presents an easy and ingenious way to learn English and because not only help students to learn easily but also help teachers to teach in a more appropriately way. Then, if I had to use tools for teaching or interaction with my students I would use some o these: These pages would be used to exchange information or news, share files, and give activities or to keep in touch with the student only for educational purposes. I would also use this tool to share video files, images or audios with my students; either to give them specific indication about any topic or just to consider those files as extra information. I would use this tool to create presentation for a class and I would also make the student use it as a tool to work with their activities

In some cases I would use this tool to create a virtual class (which sometimes are necessary when student can't attend classes or when we miss classes because of a strike) or to give support classes to my student.


Student: Robledo, Hugo MUN2290