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NOTE TO READERS: Parts of this eBook have been translated from the original ancient texts, some from early dead-language and Hebraic/Aramaic inscriptions into contemporary English, occasionally substituting modern-day language and materials to replace some elements that are now unavailable, obsolete, out of circulation or antiquated. However, in this translation, some of the original verbiage has been retained intact in order to conserve important elements for authenticity. Accordingly, certain grammatical or spelling errors herein may have not been shown as acknowledged nor indicated by the Latin [sic] but are known and intended to stay as is.


C A U T I O N / D I S C L A I M E R:

NOTE: Before you begin to read this book series, or to create the insence, oils, herbals, potions, lotions or essences or begin actually casting or using powerful spells, it is imperative that you take some practical, precautionary steps.

Having all ingredients, items or elements in a spell and what each might mean is really not as important as utilizing the items that are most special to you, and knowing what items could, should and should not be used when casting love spells or crafting incense, potions or tonics.

Read on to learn exactly how to harness magick to do wonders for your own love life...and explore more about the extraordinary power held by your sense of smell.



There are quite a number of herbs used in rites and spells. These herbs are associated with a variety of different goals and ideas.

LOVE has many facets, and so therefore many different herbs and plants are used to conjure the specific Magick which is sought.

It is acceptable to interchange the different herbs or replace some with your own love herbs.

Weve outlined several of the most powerful and prominent herbs and plants used in casting successful love spells on the pages to follow...


The fruit of the apple should be presented as a gift to a loved one and each of the lovers must eat half of the fruit.

The Apple Blossom is used as love and healing incense.

When in powdered form, it is sprinkled over the lover while asleep and this will eliminate infidelity in a marriage.

Also used in baths for purification purposes and helps in attracting and keeping a loved one.

To be used in love sachets with rose petals.


By adding this to love powders, it will guarantee the love will be filled with spice and passion.

Attracts love when added to ritual baths.

Either carried or used in spells to attract love and maintain relationships.

Effective in spells and love potions.

Its seeds are used to guarantee faithfulness and also attract a lover.


Used in love sachets.

Used in spells of tranquility and peace. Can also be added to love sachets.

The Steep cumin seed will bring upon lust when added to wine.

Also used in love obsession spells.

Its an aphrodisiac that is used in love baths, prepared as a tea for the use in sex magick.

Enhances a male lover and when burned it can also enhance ones vision.


Blowing the seeds of the head will carry ones thoughts to a loved ones mind.

When added to baths, it can make one irresistible to a lover.

Also added to love and protection sachets.

Dragons Blood
Used in love sachets and incense.

Adds more power to other herbs used in a spell or ritual.

Also used to cure impotency when a piece of the plant is placed under the mattress.


Dried Figs
Good ingredient in spell bags.

Used in fertility and love spells.

Can be added to amulets and love charms of all shapes and sizes.

Used in conjunction with mistletoe and vervain makes it even more potent.

Used in charms and/or sachets for protection and love.

Worn to attract love.


Eaten before performing spells to magnify ones power.

Used in love spells.

Love herb.

Ensures sexual potency.

Guards health and attracts love when worn.

Hemp Seed
Used in love magick.

Hibicus Flower
Used in love spells.

An aphrodisiac.
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Burned in the bedroom, will bring prophetic dreams.

Used to attract spiritual love.

Juniper Berries
Attracts love.

Attracts healthy vitality & vigor; brings on uplifting energies.

Lemon Balm
Used to find friendship and love.

Used as an ingredient in spells to ensure fidelity.

When root is chewed, it makes one passionate.

Licorice is also used in love sachets.

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When added to rose petals in a bath, it will make one attractive to a potential wished-for, new or renewed lover.

Mandrake Root
Attracts love and courage when worn.

Intensifies the power of any spell.

Added to love charms and sachets.

Blossoms used at home brings peace and tranquility.

Meadowsweet blossoms are used in love renewal spells.


Symbolizes glory.

Made into tea, makes one look beautiful to the beloved.

When leaves and flowers are distilled, makes a beauty facial wash, known as Angel Water.

Used in spells to keep love alive and exciting.

Both fresh and dried flowers make you attractive when added into a bath.

Orange fruit and pulp can banish lust (to be replaced by contentment).

Orange juice can be used in place of water.


Helps forget and let go of a former lover.

Burned or placed into a drink ~ can help in spells used for healing a broken heart.

Orris Root
Powder used as a love luring aid.

Used to find, and hold onto, love.

Passion Flower
Used in love spells to aid in adding passion to a lukewarm relationship.

Used in love spells to add an icy, sexy coolness edge to an affair.


Put into food to induce love.

Petals are used in incense and sachets.

Burned ~ provides a good nights sleep.

Essential oils are used ritual baths for peace, love and harmony in ones home.

Rose water is used in love potions.

Used in love and lust incense and potions to add a sense of peace and satisfaction to a lovers heart.


Will chase away the thoughts of envy, egotism and love gone wrong.

Used in love sachets.
(NOTE: Do NOT ingest ~ it can trigger a very unsexy bout of diarrhea...)

St. Johns Wort

A druid herb for love.

Used in spells of shyness turned to love.

Used in purification baths.

Used to get couples get back together.

For relaxation.


Used in love sachets.

Oil used as an aphrodisiac.

Used for love, seduction and increased mental powers.

Used in love sachets.

Mix with lavender to make any love sachet more potent.

White Willow Bark

Use and carry to attract love. For love, divination, protection and healing.
(medicinally, White Willow Bark is the primary ingredient in aspirin)



Oils, like herbs, are very versatile. The easiest way of attracting all the good things you want not only for yourself but also for those you love and for those in need is to burn oils and to release the appropriate fragrances, letting them work in their own way.

Reduces tension, stress, and melts away tension, anger, resentment, emotional pain and frustration.

It mixes well with rose, pine and lavender.

Soothes irritability and lifts depression or apathy, encouraging gentle but honest communication and the manifestation of a person's true potential and inner self.

Mixes well with frankincense and ylang-ylang.

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Cedar wood
Excellent in meditation, an oil of youthfulness and a long and happy life.

Mixes especially well with cypress, juniper and rosemary.

Oil of kindness, it is effective for many childhood problems, including hyperactivity, general restlessness and sleeplessness.

Mixes well with ylang-ylang, geranium, lavender and lemon.

Oil of identity and independence, it improves mental alertness and dispels exhaustion and inertia.

Mixes well with lavender and jasmine.


Clary sage
Oil of inspiration and positivity.

Mixes well with ylang-ylang, rosemary and lavender.

Promotes understanding and compassion towards distress, of self and others.

Mixes well with lemon, juniper and geranium.

Oil of purification of mind, body and soul.

Mixes well with Cedar wood, clary sage and peppermint.


Oil of strength, courage and perseverance.

Mixes well with Chamomile and eucalyptus.

Regarded as the most noble of oils, used throughout history in religious ceremonies and formal celebrations.

Mixes well with cypress, sandalwood and myrrh.

A harmonizing oil, restoring peace and well being to the home.

Mixes well with lavender, rose, ylang-ylang, cedarwood and chamomile and, indeed, most other oils.


Enhancer of love, passion and money and encourages adventure and innovation.

Mixes well with bergamot, cedarwood and jasmine.

Uplifting oil, boosting both physical and mental potency and increasing love and passion.

Mixes well with rosemary, frankincense and cypress.

A harmonizer to bring love, kindness and reconciliation to any person or place.

Mixes well with almost every oil, but especially geranium, chamomile, marjoram and ylang-ylang.


Considered the crisp breath of life, bringing energy, clarity, logic and integrity.

Mixes well with chamomile, eucalyptus, lavender and myrrh.

Clears away negative emotions among family, friends and colleagues.

Mixes well with frankincense and geranium.

Brings health and well-being to ones self.

Mixes well with eucalyptus and lavender.


Restores confidence, self-love and self-esteem.

Mixes well with cedarwood, geranium and ylang-ylang.

An oil that relieves loneliness and a sense of isolation and alienation, awakening empathy with others.

Mixes well with lavender and rosemary.

An oil of the night, for secrets and secret love.

Mixes well with bergamot and Chamomile.


A sacred ceremonial oil, like frankincense, and is burned in healing and purification rituals.

Mixes well with mandarin, pine and patchouli.

Orange-blossom oil, symbol of marriage, committed relationships and fidelity, fertility, sensuality and self-esteem.

Mixes well with geranium and jasmine.

The oil of abundance, joy and fertility, attracting happiness.

Mixes well with lavender and ylang-ylang.


The oil of prosperity and is used in money rituals.

Mixes well with geranium, myrrh and pine.

Offers protection against illness, accident, hostility and theft or damage to the home and also attracts money.

Mixes well with eucalyptus.

An oil of courage and perseverance under difficulty, of integrity and clear focus.

Mixes well with juniper, lemon and marjoram.


An oil of fidelity, happiness, partnerships and gentle healing, love ~ and especially self love.

Mixes well with almost every other oil.

An oil for enhanced memory, concentration, justice, career and success.

Mixes well with Cedarwood, frankincense and geranium.

Calms mind, body and soul, creating a setting conducive to peace at home or work.

Good for energizing all forms of natural magick.

Mixes well with jasmine, neroli and geranium.

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An oil of passion and sensuality; it also heightens meditative abilities and increases spiritual awareness.

Mixes well with many other oils, especially Chamomile, lemon, patchouli and rosemary.

Tea tree
An oil of healing. Mixes with sandalwood, but is usually best used alone.

Associated with inspiration and love, especially self esteem.

Mixes well with clary sage, geranium, lemon and Chamomile.



To follow is a listing of some of the most common forms of incense. Some you doubtless have experienced these before in herbal or oil form, and so the mentions here are brief to avoid repetition.

You may also find a number of these fragrances, especially fruit and floral ones, available as scented candles.

You can use these in the candles or daubed onto the candles as well, in your spells; the scents are intended to bring focus onto a particular need or quality you wish to attract.


Allspice is used in spells for money, strength and action.

Apple Blossom
Use apple blossom for love, fertility, optimism, inner beauty and youthfulness.

Use avocado incense for desire, increased beauty in ones sense of self or in the home environment.

Basil is used in rituals for fidelity and prosperity.

Use bay for healing, prosperity, protection and marriage.


Bluebell is used for faithfulness in love and betrothals.

Carnation is used for strength, healing and family devotion.

Cinnamon is for spirituality, success, healing, psychic powers, money, love and passion.

Cherry brings new love and divinatory abilities.


Cloves are used in spells for love and money; they repel hostility and improve memory.

Use copal for protection and purification; it is especially good for cleansing crystals.

Cypress is for times of transition to a new phase, letting go of sorrow.

Dragon's Blood
Dragon's Blood is used for love and protection, passion and (male) potency.


Freesia increases trust, especially after loss or betrayal; it also brings belief in a better tomorrow.

Gum Arabic (Acacia)

Use Gum Arabic in rituals for dreams, meditation, psychic protection and intellectual development.

Heather is used for passion, fidelity in love and good fortune; it maximizes opportunities and is particularly effective in weather magick, especially rain-making.

Honeysuckle is used for money, psychic powers and protection.


Hyacinth assists in overcoming opposition; it brings happiness and desire for reconciliation.

Hyssop is used for making a love commitment, for healing and all forms of protection, especially from psychic attack.

Ivy is effective for fidelity, married love, permanent relationships and constancy.

Jasmine is used in Moon magick and prophetic dreams. It brings sensuality, money and passion.


Use juniper for protection from psychic attacks and physical theft; for cleansing, healing and house moves.

Lily is for purity and breaking negative influences in love; it is frequently used in Mother Goddess magick.

Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley increases mental abilities, brings happiness and restores joy.

Marigold is used for dreams and guarding against infidelity. It is effective in rituals concerning legal matters, luck and money.


Sometimes mixed with other fragrances, myrtle is used in spells concerning fidelity in love, marriage and mature love.

Use strawberry for innocent love, friendship and happiness.

Tamarind is for love, especially new love, and the rebuilding of trust.

Thyme is used in rituals for courage, divination, health, love, money and purification.

Use vetiver for love. It can also break a run of bad luck and bring money. It is protective against theft and all kinds of negativity.


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