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Dear Friends,

Deepavali or

Diwali, popularly Known as the festival of lights," is a five day

No other festival unitses the Indians around the world, as does Deepavali. A

Hindu festival which starts on Dhanteras, celebrated on the thirteenth lunar day of Krishna Pakash (dark fortnight) of the Hindu Calendar month Ashwin and ends on Bhaidooj, celebrated on second lunar day of Shukla paksha of the Hindu calendar month Kartik. Dhanteras usually falls eighteen days after Dussehra.

We being with Dhanamyodashi , where families worship Dhanvantari, a

single diya or earthen lamp holds infinite beauty and hope. While we celebrated these auspicious days with the same grandeur as seen in the past, the pure beliefs held by our ancestors were more enlightening. Deepawali or Diwali is a celebration of victory of good over evil and the coming of a New Year. But if we probe further, what is this darkness we want to remove? In reality, evil or darkness has no identity of its own- it exists due to lack of goodness or light. Knowledge, power and all that is pure- are our very real charteristics, since they are part of us , perhaps dormant yet existing. The Festival of Lights, incidentally seen in every culture, is the fight against evil forces and happiness. Diwali conjures up a number of things in the mind s eye sweets , new clothes, new accounts books, Goddess Lakshmi, earthen lamps, fireworks etc.

special ayurvedic herb said to cure a person of all illnesses . As science also proves, about 98% of all diseases are psychosomatic, meaning their problems

lies in the mind. With time and circumstances, human beings have lost a great degree of their inner power, thus making them vulnerable to attacks from the vices (lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego). The weak mind has affected the body also but when we taken the medicine of spiritual Knowledge , prescribe by the Ultimate Doctor, i.e., God, we can cure both mind aand body.

The second day is celebrated as Nark-Chaturdashi. Spiritual Knowledge about

The third day is spent in invoking Goddess

Self- relisation, God- relisation etc. Can only be taught by The Supreme Diwali , the tradition of lighting diyas, actually describes how the Supreme Light comes to re-ignite our awareness of being points of energy or souls. This Knowledge is used to overcome the foreign elements of vices. In memorial of these efforts, we have the story of Narkasur , the destroying evil. Laksmi. Today, we have

On this festival, we light a lamp that shouldn t go off .

unfortunately lowered the status of Lakshmi Devi to that of a banker. In reality, her name stems from the word, Lakshya meaning the goal , implaying that she stands for the ultimate goal of perfection that the human beings can reach. The Wealth that she has to offer is of Knowledge and virtues ; a divine character alone can attain prosperity (material and otherwise) and peace. Homes are cleaned thoroughly in her honour, but we forget that a clean mind and intellect are the easiest way to attract her. It should be lit

The houses that we live in are the same old

throughout the night, likewise Knowledge/ awakening that we receive about who we are, should always be lit. We are beings of light (Atma). In order to keep this light burning, we keep adding oil, that is, the Knowledge we receive from the Supreme. On our journey of life, we come in contact with others and perform our roles which bring us into body- consciousness. By listening to spiritual Knowledge every day, we once again remind ourselves of our true identity so that we remain on right path. houses, but people tend to renovate

or paint them just before Deepavali. They buy new clothes, crockery etc. This is a symbol of the new age that is about to come where nothing of this old worldorder will remain ; everything will be new.

The world will be new, nature will be

As soon as I light the light within me, there will be cleanliness, there will be Goddess Lakshmi is known as the goddess off wealth.
transformation within us of our sanskars and then automatically, our relationship with others also get transformed for the better , it means by enlightening my inner light , I have ignited the light of others too. Wealth of Knowledge

pure, and our body will be perfect.

Cleaning up our homes in order to invoke Goddess Lakshmi is to clear our minds
and intellects so that the Knowledge of wealth automatically comes in and the world becomes a perfect place.

brings physical wealth also. If we fill ourselverswith Knowledge, we will attain success. We will become contended , satisfied. Our relationships with others will be good and this way we will be successful in our careers also.

Whilst performing rituals during this auspicious occasion, we should keep our We always draw the Swastika symbol when we are about to do our prayers. It is
always divided into four equal parts which symbolize the four ages that the world cycle undergoes (Golden, Silver, Copper and Iron), i.e., satyug, Tretayug, Dwapuryug and Kaliyug. Swa means my own ; Sthiti means stage. Our stage at this time is depleted because we are at the end of Kaliyug or Iron Age. The Swastika is also a sign of the destroyer of obstacles. We can become once again what we were because when you are in the awareness of your true self, no obstacles can come in your way. mind and intellect clean and pure. Remain in connection with the Supreme Being . By being connected to the Ocean of Purity, it becomes easier for us to be pure.

During this festival, we also exchange gifts. The best gift we can give is to share
the knowledge we have attained today. All other materialistic gifts get perished or forgotten but knowledge, when shared with others, helps to transform and that is the most precious gift one can give.

Families get together and celebrate this occasion. They harmonize their Moving to the fourth day of Balipratipada, we see success at every step when we
maintain connection with the Supreme soul. In spirituality, this is symbolic of yoga or union. When I visualize myself as a point of light, and then direct my intellect and thoughts to the supreme parent, I experience God s power and love. This power helps me fight weakness and inculcate virtues. intellect and remembering the supreme Being leads us to appreciate the fifth day, Bhaiyadooj or Bhaidooj . The knowledge of the Soul frees us from stereotypes and prejudices based on religion, caste, colour, gender and age. We then see every individual as being a child of God and so part of my spiritual family- the ultimate truth. relationships), new accounts books (setting karmic relationship. They forgive and forget. There is excitement and enthusiasm of newness.

The beautiful process of gaining knowledge, overcoming vices, cleaning the

Sweets (maintaining loving

;Jyot se Jyot Jagaate chalo, Prem ki Ganga Bahate Chalo.. One light enlightens So, on this Deepawali, let us be
many others and then the river of love stars flowing. Light .

accounts),fireworks (burning the evil off) and other interesting rituals prepare us spiritually for the New Year or Age.

With Warm Regards CA. Sushil Kumar Agarwal 09401885962