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Recommendations: 1.

Due to the heavy demand of Coke, it should make the efforts to shift most of the consumers towards Can, by reducing the price of the can and also by promoting the consumption of Cans rather than bottles. The price can be reduced only by economy of scales, and that can only be achieved if the demand of cans is high, so all these phenomena are interdependent to each other. But, this will be an effort in the early stage of transition from bottles to the can, once its done successfully, its benefits will be very sustainable in the future because the cost of the cans are proved to be cheaper because they dont need to be reshaped, and with economy of scale their cost is also very low. 2. Since, NCDS and JNSDS are manufactured and sold by the specialized companies, it is the open field for the CSD giant like Coke to in cash its brand loyalties and image into this field to enter into a differentiated market. This will give them a bigger market share as well as it will also help them in future incase of changing of preferences by the consumers. 3. Coke should brings the standardization for the suppliers for the quality and taste of sugar and water, and should make an effort to get the standards to be strictly follow by the suppliers, this will ensure that they would never have to be worried about the quality of end product just because of the low quality supplies. 4. Coke should tap the potential rural areas with some aggressive marketing efforts, which can attract the rural population towards the Coke, by making efforts to change their preferences. The rural population is huge and in that portion their still exist a potential market that can afford but due to the difference in preferences and the unavailability of the Coke, that portion has been ignored, going into that market will definitely increase their market share. 5. The Coke should involve the event managers and promotion agencies for the promotion of their brand through the sponsored events and other BTL activities. These are the specialized firm; their core competency lie in these promotional activities, using their expertise will help Coke to strengthen their brand image, which will eventually be converted into sales. 6. Coke should make some efforts to associate themselves with the Indian culture for their Indian market. India is rich in culture and with 1 billion of population; they have their strong position with its identity. By making brand localization and association with Indian culture it will further strengthen its roots into the Indian market.