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The Frontline 1C

March 15, 2007

Rules of the game Serving
Points and Outs - Points
are scored only by the Dead Ball Serve - A dead ball serve results in
serving side. Losing the no penalty and the serve results in no penal-
serve is called an "out" in ty and server is given another serve without
singles and a "handout" in canceling a prior illegal serve.
Fault Serve - Two fault serves result in a
Game - A game is won by sideout.
the side first scoring 15
points. Out Serves - An out serve results in a side-
Match - A match is won by
the first side winning two Dead Ball Serves - Dead ball serves do not
games. The third game, if cancel any previous illegal serve. They occur
necessary, of a match is when an otherwise legal serve:
played to 11 points.

Racquetball for
2nd Lt. Dan Henry better health
2nd Lt. Jourdan Kintz

Court dimensions
Short Line - The short line is midway short and service lines.
between and is parallel with the front
and back walls dividing the court into Service Boxes - A service box is locat-
equal front and back courts. ed at each end of the service zone by
lines 18 inches from and parallel with
Service Line - The service line is par- each side wall.
allel with and located five feet in front
of the short line. Receiving Lines - Five feet back of the
short line, vertical lines shall be
Service Zone - The service zone is the marked on each side wall extending
space between the outer edges of the three inches from the floor.

Photos by Pat Young

Staying fit through high-speed competition

Pat Young feet wide, 40 feet long and 20 feet high, and ment failure like a busted ball or slippery receiver from having a clear view of the
Frontline staff has a back wall that is at least 12 feet high. surface may cause the play to be disrupted, ball. The receiver is obligated to take up
Although all Stewart and Hunter fitness this is called a dead ball, and the server has good court position, near center court, to
Caro, Jordan and Newman Fitness centers have all the equipment you need to a second opportunity to serve without a obtain that view. In on the serve, the oppo-
Centers each feature racquetball courts play, some players elect to have their own. penalty. nent calls screen ball, the server will be
capable of providing a great workout as All you need to have is a strung racquetball If the server gets two faults such as foot allowed one more opportunity to hit a legal
well as healthy competition. racket, regulation ball, protective goggles faults, short serve faults, or three-wall serve. The second consecutive screen is an
2nd Lt. Dan Henry and 2nd Lt. Jourdan and some rules. faults, ceiling-serves, long serves or screen out.
Kintz, both from 6th Battalion, 8th Cavalry The rulebook website, found online at serves. The serving can't serve before the receiv-
use one of Newman Fitness Center's three, explains the A foot fault occurs when any part of the er is ready. A missed serve attempt, fake or
courts weekly, to supplement their regular game is played with three matches, with serving team, person or equipment is out- balked serve, results in a fault.
exercise routine. the first two played to 15 points, and a third side the serving area before the ball is A player on the receiving side may not
"It’s a great cardio-vascular workout," matched played to 11 in case of a tie break- served. intentionally catch or touch a served ball,
said Henry as he broke from a highly con- er. A short service occurs if the ball is served such as an apparently long or short serve
tested match with his friend and co-work- Points are scored only by the serving and it rebounds of the front wall to strike until the ball has touched the floor for a
er. "You can compete while getting a work- side. The server can score an ace, when the the floor before the serve line, whether or second time. Violation results in a point.
out." ball is legally served so the other team not it strikes a side wall first. After a legal serve the opponent must
Before hitting the court again, Kintz doesn't return it, or if the "rally" is played A three-wall serve is where the served strike the ball on the fly or after the first
explained it was good physiologically too. until the opponents can't return the ball to ball rebounds from the front wall and bounce, and before the ball touches the
"You can relieve stress, and take out the front wall before the ball strikes the strikes both side walls before touching the floor the second time; and return the ball to
some aggression by hitting the ball floor twice. floor. Similarly a ceiling serve is when the the front wall, either directly or after touch-
around," Losing the serve is called a side-out in served ball first hits the front wall, then ing one or both side walls, the back wall or
Kintz said. singles. In doubles, when the first server touches the ceiling before hitting the floor. the ceiling, or any combination of those
The game is fast pace, but the game is loses the serve, it is called a handout, it is Also, long serves are a fault, where the ball surfaces. A returned ball must touch the
simple. The United States Racquetball then his partners turn to serve. When he rebounds from the front wall and strikes front wall before touching the floor. Failure
Association Rulebook says the sport is hand-out, it’s called a side-out, and it’s the the rear wall before striking the ground. to return a serve results in a point for the
played with two or four player, singles or other teams rally. The servers must be careful of a screen server.
doubles respectively, with a non-tourna- The serve can be lost by failing to return serve, which occurs when the served ball Although additional rules are available
ment variation commonly called cut- the ball to the front wall before it strikes the first hits the front wall and on the rebound online, interested community members
throat played with three people. floor twice or by faults. passes so closely to the server, or server's can learn more by visiting their local fitness
The game is played on a court that is 20- The website explains sometime equip- partner in doubles, that it prevents the center.

Basketball Championship
135th QM C Newman Fitness Center, Building 439 A 603D BSB
6:30 p.m., Court 1 7:30 p.m., Court 1
March 19, 2007 March 19, 2007
HHB 1/9FA 6:30 p.m., Court 3 7:30 p.m., Court 3 HHC 2nd BCT
March 20, 2007 7:30 p.m. March 22 March 20, 2007

B 603D BSB 1-30th IN

7:30 p.m., Court 3 6:30 p.m., Court 3
March 19, 2007 March 19, 2007
Aco 703D BSB
If you can’t make it, watch it live on Marne TV G co 703D BSB
2C The Frontline
March 15, 2007

New staff fits in at Newman Fitness Center Intramural

Pat Young
Frontline Staff
Striving to provide the best service to community mem-
Regular Season
bers, Newman Fitness Center has added a new staff to help Final Standings
keep pace with equipment and program upgrades.
Anthony Poore, the new Sports and Fitness Specialist
joins the Newman team following his recent internship Southeastern Conference
with the Non-Appropriated Funds Training Management
Program in Fort Knox, Kentucky. Won Lost PCT
Poore has a Bachelors Degree from the University of A Co 703d BSB 8 3 0.727
Louisville, Kentucky and understands military life. HHC 4/3 BSTB 5 4 0.555
"I grew up around the Morale, Welfare and Recreation 15 ASOS 3 4 0.429
program," Poore said. "My mother was a director at Fort HHB 1/9 FA 5 2 0.714
Knox, and I was involved in all the programs. I played a lot D Co 3/7 Inf 4 4 0.500
of sports and never got it out of my system."
E Co 26th BSB 2 2 0.500
Aside from his training, Poor enjoys baseball and golf.
He played pitcher and shortstop in high school, and was
E Co 1/64 AR 1 3 0.250
an assistant Golf-pro in South Florida. In golf, he like the
irons, but understands the short-game. Liberty Conference
Poore hopes other people do sports because they enjoy
it, but understands the other benefits besides recreation. Won Lost PCT
"It encourages social interaction and helps relieve 1/30 Inf 5 0 1.000
stress," Poore said. HHC 2d BCT 6 1 0.857
The new sports fitness specialist understands Newman B Co 4/64 AR 2 3 0.500
is a customer driven activity and encourages people to D Trp 3/7 Cav 2 4 0.333
come in and talk to him. He wants to find out what com- F Co 26 BSB 2 4 0.333
munity members want in their sports programs to better B 1/9 FA 1 5 0.166
meet their needs. E Co 3/7 Inf 0 0 0.000
Poore, will help reinforce Newman’s already vigorous
programs according to Jake Battle, MWR Fitness Director.
"I look forward to tutoring and working with Poore," Freedom Conference
Battle said. "I think he will bring some new ideas to the Won Lost PCT
Pat Young
table and be a vital part in taking us to the next level. The
Anthony Poore, Sports and Fitness Specialist, is A Co 3d BSB 7 1 0.875
ultimate goal is to provide world-class facilities and pro-
Newman Fitness Centers newest employee. grams to the world's best Soldiers."
135th QM Co 7 1 0.875
DET 2/3 SIG Co 7 2 0.777
G Co 703 BSB 7 2 0.777
HHC 3/7 Inf 4 3 0.571
Liberty County A Btry 1/41 FA
D Co 703 BSB
B Co 2/3 BTB 2 4 0.333
Recreation Department programs HQ Co 1/306th Inf
HHC 1/64 AR
Sign up for youth baseball and softball Programs include day camp, swim lessons, sports HHB 1/64 AR 2 7 0.222
Ages: 4-17 as of May 1, Cost: $18 per child camps, swim team, golf team, and more! HHC 26 BSB 0 4 0.000
Registration Deadline: 6 p.m., March 23.
Volunteer coaches are needed for all teams. Check us out on-line Hunter AFF Conference
Check our new on-line services for program registra-
Forming adult softball teams tion or facility reservations at our web site, Won Lost PCT
For additional information, call 876-5359 or 448-LCRD. A Co 603d ASB 10 0 1.000
Team entries are now being accepted for adult softball.
B Co 603d ASB 12 1 0.923
Divisions include men’s open, women’s open, coed,
church, industrial, and 40 and older. Individuals looking Community KidsFest, Tiger 5k run DFAC 10 2 0.833
for a team may register at LCRD, or call 448-LCRD. The entire community - especially the children, are E Co 3/3 Avn 6 2 0.750
invited to come participate, eat, play games, run and do C Co 2/3 Avn 8 3 0.727
Get ready for spring camp much more at the Community Kidsfest. Festivities are 8 512 QM Co 7 3 0.700
a.m. to 5 p.m., March 24 at Liberty County Recreation off Avn BDE 7 5 0.583
Register now for the 2007 LCRD Spring Camp. The
camp will be conducted March 12-16, for ages 6-13, dur- Highway 84. E Co 1/3 Avn 4 3 0.571
ing Spring Break for Liberty County Schools. Events include: Corps of Eng 5 8 0.385
* Festival booths-food, fun and games 514 Eng 4 7 0.364
* 5K road race and one mile fun run/walk C Co 603 ASB 2 10 0.167
Summer programs are available * 3 on 3 basketball HHC 160 SOAR 3 15 0.167
Registration for summer programs will begin May 1. * Step show 202 QM Co 0 13 0.000
The Frontline 3C
March 15, 2007

Army Baseball diamond notes Army Baseball heads to recent weeks, enjoyed another outstanding

WEST POINT, N.Y. – Army stands at 3-6

after salvaging the final game of its three-
series versus UNC Greensboro. The power-
hitting junior batted .500 with two runs
scored, one double and two triples. White
Florida for Spring trip
game weekend series against UNC paced Army’s Sunday win over the Spartans
Greensboro. The Black Knights have with a 4-for-5 effort at the plate. He doubled, look forward to meeting those challenges
dropped two of three games in each of their tripled twice and scored two runs. head-on.”
first three series this season against solid Last week’s Patriot League Player of the TAMPA, Fla. – Army’s baseball team As has been the case for more than a
competition. Army has carried similar Week also fired two scoreless innings out of escaped the frozen Northeast tundra on decade, Army will serve as the guests of the
records to Florida each of the past three the bullpen to preserve the Black Knights’ 9- Thursday afternoon, heading to the warmer New York Yankees while in Tampa, working
years, opening 2-7 last season, 1-5 in 2005 1 victory. White currently leads the club with climate of Florida as the Black Knights out at the Yankees’ minor league complex,
and 3-6 in 2004. a .536 batting average. He has ripped three embarked on a nine-day journey to the just a line-drive away from Legends Field.
The Black Knights finished with at least doubles, three triples and one home run. All Tampa area for its spring trip. The chance to work side-by-side with future
30 victories each of those years. Army came those figures top the team. White has piled The Black Knights touched down at and present major league stars provides an
close to taking two of three against the up 27 total bases and boasts a flashy .946 Tampa International Airport on Thursday invaluable experience according to Army’s
Spartans this weekend, as senior All- slugging percentage through nine contests. evening, carrying with them a 3-6 record eighth-year field boss.
America left-hander Nick Hill suffered a He also owns a .606 on-base percentage built against a challenging early season “It’s an opportunity for our young men to
tough-luck loss on Friday. Hill allowed just sophomore second baseman Tony Capozzi schedule that has included the likes of Sam see how professionals go about their busi-
two runs over six innings, while striking out ranks as the only other Army player with a Houston State, Wofford and UNC ness every single day – how they respect the
10 for the second straight game. batting average above .300. He is batting Greensboro. Those three teams have com- game of baseball. I think that West Point and
Hill boasts 261 career strikeouts, surpass- .414 and has hit safely in eight of nine games bined for a 29-14 record so far this season. the New York Yankees have a real strong
ing the total of 259 established by Justin to date. With a but a few breaks, Army could stand bond and this is a great chance for us to
Kashner (USMA ’05) from 2002 thorugh Junior center fielder Caleb Love tops the 5-4 against those schools, having lost one share some time together. We’re very grate-
2005. Hill has allowed just three earned runs team with six runs batted in. Love enjoyed a contest against Wofford in extra innings and ful for everything they do for us.”
over 18.0 innings of work this season, while career-best showing at the plate Sunday, fin- another to UNC Greensboro after the Following Friday’s full team workout at
striking out 25 and walking only six. He ishing 4-for-6 with two runs scored and two potential tying run was thrown out at the the minor league complex (beginning at
stands 1-1 on the season. runs batted in. That effort raised his season- plate in the top of the ninth inning. 3:30 p.m.), Army will kick off their game
Cole White, shifted to second base in al batting average to .263. While Army head coach Joe Sottolano schedule in Florida with a split-double-
Junior left-hander Drew Clothier contin- would like nothing more than to see his header against Georgetown (2:30 p.m.) and
ues to emerge as a force in Army’s starting club’s overall victory total double, or even Eastern Kentucky (7 p.m.) in Bradenton on
pitching rotation. Clothier enjoyed the finest triple, over the next week, he is looking at Saturday.
showing of his collegiate career against UNC the advancing stretch of days in warm
Greensboro on Sunday, firing seven solid weather as a golden opportunity to craft his
innings to earn the victory. squad.
Clothier permitted only one unearned “It’s a great chance for us to get out and
run during his impressive stint, yielding concentrate on baseball for nine days,”
eight base hits (all singles), while striking out states Sottolano. “It gives our players and
five and walking two. Clothier (1-0) lowered the team as a whole the ability to develop in
his seasonal earned run average to 1.10 in every aspect of the game. For our coaching
the process and took a large step towards staff, it gives us a feel of where we are as a
solidifying the fourth starting spot in head team. We’ve certainly made strides every
coach Joe Sottolano’s Patriot League pitch- week. We’ve played against some good
ing rotation. offensive clubs. I feel like we’re heading in a
Senior Milan Dinga continues to work real good direction. Now is the time that
exclusively in the outfield has he continues we’re going to see the most progression
to rehabilitate his Army from minor offsea- within our team. This is a fun time for our
son surgery. Army’s All-America closer could guys. This is when we actually see our club
see his first work off the pitcher’s mound come together. We’d like to see most, if not
during the Black Knights’ impending trip to all, of our questions answered by the time
Florida. we head back north. We’ll make some subtle
Army sports a team batting average of changes throughout the course of the year,
.252 and a team ERA of 4.82. The Black but for the most part, we usually leave
Knights rate as the only team in the nation to Florida with a good feeling of the roles peo-
rank in the top eight nationally of team ple are going to play throughout the course
Couresy Photo earned run average each of the past two sea- of the year. The team is faced with a tough Courtesy Photo
Tony Capozzi sons. and demanding schedule this year and we Chris Simmons
4C The Frontline
March 15, 2007

Women's team selected as 'V Foundation' finalist

Army Athletic Communications Foundation. In his memorable speech at
ESPN’s inaugural ESPY Awards announcing
CARY, N.C. – The V Foundation for Cancer the creation of The V Foundation, Valvano’s
Research has announced the nine finalists “Don’t Give Up. . .Don’t Ever Give Up!”®
for the seventh annual V Foundation motto created a legacy from which the
Comeback Award, and the Army women’s Comeback Award has been created.
basketball team is among them. The award The 2007 recipient will be selected by an
is presented in conjunction with ESPN and eight-member sub-committee of The V
the recipient will be announced during Foundation Board of Directors. Past recipi-
ESPN’s Final Four/NIT weekend coverage. ents of the award are Purdue’s Katie Douglas
The other eight finalists are: Warren (2001), Western Michigan’s Kristin Koetsier
Carter, University of Illinois; Kaitlyn (2002), Arizona State’s Justin Allen (2003),
McCormick, Bethany College; Ashley Texas’ Jamie Carey (2004), Washington’s
McMillen, Syracuse University; Lauren Kayla Burt (2005), and Western
Mueller, Converse College; Michael Neal, Washington’s Grant Dykstra (2006).
University of Oklahoma; Ralphanee’ Just 17 days after Army’s Cinderella run to
Peyton, Wayne State University; Ann-Marie its first-ever NCAA Tournament, the team
Torp, Metro State College; Whitney Tyriver, suffered a devastating loss when 28-year-
University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. old head coach Maggie Dixon died sudden-
The annual award is open to men and ly. The squad faced an emotional challenge
women collegiate basketball student-ath- not only to follow in Dixon’s footsteps, but
letes in all NCAA divisions. It is awarded to to keep her memory alive and still move for-
an individual or a team who has accom- ward.
plished a personal triumph in the face of The team, under head coach Dave
true adversity, be it in health, life or moral Magarity, engaged in opportunities to keep
dilemma. Coach Dixon’s legacy going and memory
The award is presented in memory of Jim strong. Returning 14 letterwinners, Army
Valvano, the late basketball coach and ESPN posted a 24-6 season record this year, com- Courtesy Photo
commentator, whose personal battle with piling a new record for wins by the team at The Army women’s basketball team is among the nine finalists for the seventh annual
cancer inspired the creation of The V the Division I level. V Foundation Comeback Award.

Chris Abalo Tabbed Army Athlete Of The Week

Army Athletic Communications smallbore to become the first Black Knight the air rifle title with a 692.2, while runner-
to receive this award. up UAF’s Matthias Dierolf’s 691.4 was only
WEST POINT, N.Y. – Rifleman Chris Competing in the final relay in the team two-tenths of a point ahead of Abalo.
Abalo was chosen the Army Athletic competition in smallbore, Abalo lifted the The third-place effort in air rifle is the
Association’s “Athlete of the Week” follow- Black Knights from third place into second highest placing by Abalo at the NCAAs,
ing his outstanding performance over the place, overcoming a 14-point deficit, to where he has finished among the Top 6 five
weekend at the NCAA Championships, close to the gap to one point behind times.
where he led Army to runner-up honors defending champion and host UAF, 2308- He copped fourth-place finishes in
along with being chosen as the “Shooter of 2307, the first day. His 584 was the highest smallbore twice (2005 and 2007) along with
the Match”. It is the third time this season score fired heading into the qualifying a sixth in smallbore last year, while claim-
that Abalo has been chosen for AAA honors, finals, where he shot a 92.1 to finish fourth ing fourth-place in air rifle in 2005 and
and fourth time a rifleman has garnered with a 676.1. third this year.
this award. In the air rifle discipline the next day, the Army finished runner-up with a 4644 at
The Collegiate Rifle Coaches Association Glendora, Calif., native headed into the the NCAA Championships behind Alaska
selected Abalo as “Shooter of the Match” finals in sixth place with a qualifying score Fairbanks’ 4662 winning score.
from an impressive list of candidates at the of 588. He outpointed the field with the The Black Knights’ finish is the second
NCAA Championships. The Army junior highest score of 103.2 to jump three spots highest in school history, trailing the 2005
Courtesy Photo shined in both disciplines after finishing to claim the bronze medal with a 691.2. team that captured Army’s first-ever NCAA
third in the air rifle finals and fourth in Jacksonville State’s Michael Dickinson won title.
Chris Abalo
6C The Frontline
March 15, 2007