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Sheriff searches for mask

Handmade masks are a
new source of contention
between Butler County
Sheriff Richard Holzberger
and a Fairfield man heaa-
.. ing opposition to a crack-
down on adult videos.
Nicolas Martin is head
of Stop Censorship in But-
ler County, which 1s chal-
lenging a campaign by the
sheriff and County Prose-
cutor John Holcomb to rid
'ff H
b local video shops of X-rat-
en o z erger ed movies.
Martin's group set up a booth at the Butler
County Fair, where- along with literature -
they handed out masks maae from enlarged
photos of Holzberger.
. Martin claimed the sheriff showed up at the
unattended booth Tuesday and rifled through the
literature looking fop'a mask. Martin said he con-
sidered filing a criminal trespassing charge .
against Holzberger. But because the sheriff's of-
fice and prosecutor would handle the case, "I
probably wouldn't get anywhere. "
said he went to the booth looking
for Martin., noticed the fliers and looked througfl
them to see whether the false faces were there.
Martin said the sheriff came by again Wednes-
day looking for the same item, but tfley were all
gone. Martin advised him to check with one of
several sheriff's deputies who had stopped at ,
the booth earlier in the day to chat - and to pick
up masks.