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ECO-FILTERS is a company dedicated to produce and commercialize water filters (these are equipments that have carbon activated inside that can reduce the quantity of chemicals in the water). Our product is created to reduce the excess of Clorum (Cl) in tap water. This is a unique product because in Peru there isnt carbon activated made of RICE HUSK Rice husk is available because Peru is a very strong producer of RICE. The use of the rice husk is to put floor of the farms (chicken farms) and to create Rice husk is been currently used as building-part for homestead and also as a cleaning supply. 2. GOALS In the first year we want to put our product in arequipenian market, for approximately 70000 families Considering the advantages of our product we want to conquer all the Peruvian market in a period of three years ECO-FILTERS S.A.A. Mission: To be the leader enterprise in the production and comercialization of ecological filters for giving high quality products in order to satisfy the needs of our clients, working in a good environment to reach the biggest utility to the organization. Vision: To be the first supplier of water filters for all the family homes protecting the people health SWOT Analysis

Positive Internal STRENGHTS We give a new use to a not useful product. The rice husk is a cheap resource. Low Price in comparison with other enterprises. The attractive of recycling. Peruvian enterprise, Peruvian idea. Low investment with a great production Generate new jobs: our staff and our providers. Worker staff. Knowing of the market. The landing of our enterprise WEAKNESSES:


Limited capacity of production Pollution provocated by the process. Disponibility of de necessary capital.


OPORTUNITIES: Higher price of the filters in the market. Possibilities to expert.

THREATS: Bigger enterprices will compete. After sometime, our provider will rise the price of the rice husk (raw). Long (burocratic) processes to obtain license to operate. The growing of a new process better than ours

Target Market

Our target market is formed by all the families of the income class of Arequipa province, considering 70500 families who can buy our product. At the beginning well direct our product to the families of income class of the Are quipa province and after well extend our enterprise to all the families of all purcha se power. Our potential weapon is the low prices that our enterprise will offer in comparison t o the competence and also the quality because our product will be certificated. We have the way to do it, we have the strengths to do it, so we can do it.

3. Products and Services A water filter An equipment that has carbon activated inside (this product adsorbs different chemical substances for example the excess of Clorum) 4. Marketing and Sales

Taking found in our initial capital and the projections of our sales our shares in the market would be in S/.0.6 with a variation of +/- 3%. And the ratio projection would be S/.1.22 Market Strategy and sales distribution

5. Barriers to entry New Market 6. Competition Our main competitors in Arequipa are: Renaware Deltaquimica Aqua Ingenieros S.R.L.

7. Funding 8. Financial Projections

The Product: OPERACIONES A. IDENTIFICACION LOCALIZACION Ventajas: majes se encuentra a 1 hora de camana, provincia arequipea en la cual se cultiva arroz y se desecha cascara de arroz la cascara de arroz se vende a un costo para ser utilizado como suelo para granjas avcolas y ovinas. Zonificacin: majes es una nueva ciudad que esta localizada en la ciudad de Arequipa constante crecimiento geogrfico y econmico, y. tiene terrenos a precio asequibles y baratos Impuestos: el IGB es 18% B. PROXIMIDAD DE PROVEEDORES Los proveedores de camana estn a 1 hora de majes, los proveedores de plstico estn en la provincia de LIMA con la cual tambin est conectado Majes C. ACCESO AL TRANSPORTE CONTRIBUSION, MOVILIDAD En Majes se encuentra la carretera Panamericana, la cual conecta a nuestros proveedores (Lima y Camana) y nuestros clientes (Arequipa)