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Sample CV layout

Felicity Riley
Term Time (dates): Full address Tel number (who will answer?) E-mail (make sure its sensible) On-line profile or website (if you have one) Vacation: (needed?) Full address Mobile number Work permit status (optional)

CAREER OBJECTIVE (or PROFILE) (Optional) Two or three sentences maximum about you and targeted to your career objective. Key points that summarise YOU skills, knowledge, and experience. You can say you are proficient in xxxxx, experienced in xxxxxxxxx, within a framework of the person you are (oceanographer, team player, personable, enjoy a challenge, a self starter etc). What you say here has to be backed up by what is in the body of this CV. EDUCATION 9999 9999 University of Southampton BSc/BA/MEng Degree, predicted or actual grade Summarise key modules of study, emphasise any particular areas of interest, projects and dissertation.

When applying for a job related to your degree dont assume people will know what your studies have involved tell them show what your capabilities are by what you have already achieved and learnt. Give enough detail. You should also include specialist/vocational/field/technical/scientific skills on the front page, using separate skills headings and linking them to your degree and your work experience. Focus your CV to the job role and business area you are applying to. 9999 9999 9999 9999 School/college name, Town or Country A levels and any different AS levels with grades School name, Town or Country XX GCSEs grade y z, including English - k and Maths l

RELEVANT EXPERIENCE (most recent first) If possible highlight any work you have done in your degree/career area by having a separate section for it. Include all you can, voluntary or paid, from short field trips and job shadowing upwards, projects can come in this section.

Make sure page split is between items.

No more than two pages of A4, use tab key to align typing. A CV is a marketing document, it should inform through evidence and persuade an employer to see you - make sure it is easy to read and has visual impact.

OTHER WORK EXPERIENCE (most recent first) Even if work experience does not seem relevant, employers are interested in what you delivered in these jobs, not just can you do the job, but will you? You can group similar jobs together to save space if required. 9999 June Oct Job role, company name, and town Brief description of job including role, responsibilities, focus on skills learned and achievements, not just duties. Can use bullet points and action words, eg: Prepared, organised, developed Participated in Responsible for Introduced, co-operated with Job role, company name, town Try to emphasise different points for each role to avoid repetition, e.g. Time management Customer care

9999 9999

You can adapt the titles of the following sections to fit your mix of skills, achievements, responsibilities, activities, interests. SKILLS (include an indication of competency skilled, intermediate.)

Key/Technical skills: This is another way to highlight any career or degree specific skills. You could also include short paragraphs on key skills such as communication, teamwork, time management, etc. Computer skills: Word processing, database, internet, etc Any other headings you would like to include, eg: Languages: Competent Spanish, basic conversational French Driving Licence, First Aid, Health and Safety, Scuba diving, GIS, Matlab These sorts of skills can be very relevant to some jobs INTERESTS & RESPONSIBILITIES (Sports, Clubs, Gap, Volunteering etc) Include items (Uni and sixth form) not covered elsewhere which demonstrate the kind of person you are. Show achievements, responsibilities, transferable skills, enthusiasm, commitment, events organised, challenges; not just a list. REFERENCES or References available on request two referees needed. One academic tutor and one work experience, or second tutor or college if you have not done any work experience. Get permission and keep them informed about your aims and progress.
QUESTIONS: If your CV cost 200 a line, have you spent your money wisely? Is it interesting? Will the employer want to find out more?