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Maths T: Term 3 Final Test 2

1. The following is the systolic blood pressure, in mm Hg, of 10 patients in a hospital. 165 135 151 155 158 146 149 124 162 173 If a patient is selected randomly, find the probability his/her systolic blood pressure exceeds one standard deviation above or below the mean. 2. As many as 35 out of 40 light bulbs in a box are in good conditions. Two light bulbs are randomly selected, one after another, from the box. Find the probability that only one of the two bulbs selected is in good conditions (a) if the first selected bulb is replaced in a box. (b) if the first selected bulb is not replaced in the box. 3. A large quantity of shoes from brand B is inspected before been distributed to sales outlets. It is found that 1% of the left side shoes are defective while 2% of the right side shoes are defective. By assuming that the defects occur independently and using a suitable approximation calculate the probability that in a random sample of 50 pairs of shoes, (a) There are two pairs of shoes with defects on their left sides. (b) There is a pair of shoes with defects on the both sides. 4. The lifespan of a species of plant is random variable T( tens of days). The probability density function is given by ( ) { English results Good Bad Totals (a) The best unbiased estimators for the population mean and of the population variance . (b) a 95% symmetrical confidence interval for the population mean . 6. A restaurant cashier claims that 75% of customers pay using credit cards. A random sample of 10 customers is taken from past payment records. (a) Write down a suitable distribution to model the number of customers in this sample who pay using the credit cards. (b) Given that the claim is correct, find the probability exactly 6 customers settled the payment using credit cards. The restaurant manager believes that the claim is incorrect and the percentage who will pay using credit cards is lower. From the records, he took a sample of 20customers who had made payment. He found that 13 had paid using credit cards. (c) Stating your hypothesis clearly, test, at the 5% level of significance, the managers belief. (d) From a sample size of 20, find the greatest number of customers who have to pay using credit cards for the test in part (c) to be significant at the 1% level. 7. The partially completed contingency table of observed values when doing a chi square test for independence is as follows, where is a positive integer. Maths T Good results Bad

(a) Find the cumulative distribution function of T and sketch its graph. (b) Find the probability, to three decimal places, that a plant of that species randomly chosen has a lifespan of more than 20 days. (c) Calculate the expected lifespan of that species of plant. 5. The random variable x is normally distributed with mean and unknown variance . A random sample of 20 observations of X gives and Find

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(a) Copy and complete the table by filling in the missing values in term of . (b) Complete a table for expected values. (c) Use the formula
( )

to calculate


term of , expressing your answer in the form ( ) where is a fraction to be determined. (d) Let the null hypothesis be the result of English and Maths is independent. If the null hypothesis is accepted at 5% level of significance, find the possible values of