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Connections member newsletter july/august 2009

Increasing the Effectiveness

of Your Marketing
23 FabCast–The Incredible Power of
A Strategy for Reducing Waste
Lean: Real Improvement in Real By Tom Watson
10 a.m - 12:30 p.m. CDT When times are tough, businesses have to find ways
to cut back on costs in order to improve margin and Free Marketing
24 FabCast–Tool Steel profitability. The tougher things become, the deeper the Tools & Advice
10 a.m - 12:30 p.m. CDT cuts. One of the most damaging things a company can
do in cutting costs is to deeply cut marketing. At some FMA’s Marketing Toolkit
August point, the cuts can become deep enough to not only
hurt business, but actually magnify the problem,
11 FabCast–What Your Trainers aren’t causing business opportunities to be lost that would Marketing Maven Blog
Teaching You about Press Brakes keep the company afloat, if not help it improve during
10 - 11:30 a.m. CDT a difficult business climate. So, how does a company
13 FabCast–Stainless Steel Tube: reduce marketing cost, while not giving up marketing Marketing Power
Cut-to-Length II It would be easy to simply list out several effective
10 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. CDT tactics you can use to market your company. But I have Online Marketing
13 FabCast–The Basics of Waste, found that this is where most companies waste most of
Flow, and Variation their marketing money -- because they have not done
the fundamentals required for effective and measurable
10 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. CDT
marketing communications. There are a few steps you can take to lay a good foundation that
14 FabCast–Drawing and Stretching I will allow you to refine your marketing for improved results and reduced waste.
10 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. CDT First Things First
20 FabCast–Business Growth The most effective companies determine objectives at the business and marketing levels,
Opportunities for Fabricators making sure they are aligned. Good objectives are observable and measurable, stating how their
2 - 3:30 p.m. CDT product or service is intended to generate revenue or contain expenses, with specifics that will
allow them to determine when the objective is met. They often set a deadline, but get better
21 FabCast–Drawing and Streching II results when they identify specifics, such as the number of products to be sold into a specific
10 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. CDT segment at x profit. Objectives are often set for target industry segments, product and service
production goals, or profit margins, as an example. Marketing and sales objectives are
determined next, such as market segments, share of market, revenues and return on investment
Details at (ROI), sales volumes, and so on.
The Overlooked Step
Most companies have these business and marketing objectives figured out, but many make
the mistake of jumping right into marketing communications tactics such as advertising, Web
sites, and brochures without determining a clearly defined communications strategy. Skipping
cost-cutting resources....................... 2 that step can waste a lot of money, and worse, cause you to miss opportunities.
rac q & a.......................................... 4 If you take the time to define your communications strategy based on your business and
marketing objectives, you will be able to create and implement functional and effective
education......................................... 6 communications designed to bring in business, and cut wasteful spending. The elements of a
good communication strategy help you identify not only what you want to say to your
foundation........................................8 audience, and how to say it, but help you to choose better marketing and communications
newsmakers.....................................11 tactics. These include situation description, communication objective, benefits, single net
impression, value proposition, call-to-action, budget, and tactics.
cont. on page 3
Cost-Cutting Resources for Tube Sawing
By Craig P. Ridge
Today, metal tube sawing technology is light-years ahead of where increases while costing little or nothing to implement.
it was just a few years ago. Technology is rapidly advancing because
Saw blade repair shops that utilize the latest technology in grinding
sawing machine companies and saw blade companies are working
equipment produce a far superior saw blade compared to those that
together to optimize every detail of the cutting process. A few tube
employ old techniques in grinding. High-quality, very rigid, CNC
cutting companies reap the full, quantum-leap, benefits of the
CBN-abrasive grinding machines with strong cooling systems
technology by acquiring the latest machines. However most are
guarantee a super high-quality consistent grind of the saw blade.
unaware that much of the sawing technology can be applied in their
current applications and machines resulting in phenomenal, These machines optimize the grinding process by detailing every
unprecedented savings. aspect. The programmable forward speed variables slow the grinding
process exactly at the point where the grind finish of the saw blade is
Special purpose CNC tube sawing machines combined with the
extremely important for blade life longevity. By reducing thermal stress
latest generation of saw blade and application technology provide
at the cutting edge and producing a mirror, burr-free grind surface,
the best of all worlds—high precision and cut quality at extremely
chips pass the cutting edge without producing blade life shortening
high output. Dynamic ball-screw feed systems produce continuous
friction. Features such as direct drive motors to eliminate belt
variations in the feed rate (based on the specific parts of the tube) to
vibration, coolant temperature evaluation to match blade temperature
achieve constant volume removal. The resulting slow-fast-slow effect
and coolant temperature to reduce blade expansion (and contraction)
greatly decreases the amount of time in which a tube can be cut. This
during the sharpening process, further the quality of the grinding to
technology can be combined with integrated systems that can chamfer,
produce a concentric, high-pitch (distance from cutting edge to
thread, de-burr, measure, wash and dry, and package the tube. Up to
cutting edge) precision saw blade that is vastly improved over
8,000 uniform, error- and scrap-free pieces per hour can be obtained.
aluminum-oxide, dry, grinding wheel machines.
Further automation allows for short- and medium-run capabilities
by implementing blade choice, and sawing condition based upon the The early ’90s produced a revolution in metal cutting and in
material being cut. This includes blade material, coating, diameter, particular metal tube sawing with the introduction of titanium-nitride
thickness, number of teeth, tooth profile, chamfer, cutting speed, and (TiN) coating. This coating on high-speed steel (HSS) cold saw blades
feed rate. With automatic blade changing capabilities, these machines increased surface hardness, reduced friction, lowered heat conductivity,
offer great flexibility to tube manufacturers. increased oxidation temperature, and reduced formation of build-up
on the cutting edge. The resulting possible increases in speeds and
The small number of tube manufacturers that purchase the latest
feeds to increase production rates, while also increasing blade life to
sawing equipment quickly realize the benefits. The price of the
new levels, drastically reduced the cost per cut. With this evidence,
machine is recouped in a short time frame due to the savings in
other coatings were engineered to further the advancements. Today,
overhead. Jobs that once took two machines two days to produce are
titanium-carbon-nitride (TiCN), and titanium-aluminum-nitride
now done on one machine in one day—freeing up time and machines
(TiAlN) are industry standard coatings. When applied in micro-layers,
for more jobs or elimination. Additionally, secondary operations can
the coatings increase surface hardness up to 3,200 viker hardness
be integrated into the machines to further reduce costs, making
(HV), and decrease the friction coefficient as
manufacturers more competitive.
low as 1.5. These high-performance coatings
Tube manufacturers that are unhappy with their cutoff operation can drastically reduce sawing cost by
may not be aware of advantages offered by the latest machines, saw increasing blade life 8-10 times more than
blades, and sawing technology. More importantly, they might be standard (vapor-treated) black-oxide cold saw
unaware that some of the technology is transferable to their current blades. Questions regarding the cost
applications and sawing machines, which means they are missing out effectiveness of these coating are easily answered
on huge cost savings. by calculating the initial cost as a percentage of
the lifetime cost of the blade given the
The application technology that is programmed into the latest
re-sharpening cost.
machines is easily calculated. The blade rotation speed, the feed rate at
which the saw blade is introduced into the material, and the number Additional advancements in saw blade
of teeth on the saw blade are the three most important variables to technology to cut tubes have led to the
determine when sawing any material or product. These variables are introduction of increasingly thinner kerf saw
much more important and elusive when sawing tubes due to the fact blades, micro geometries on the cutting edges
that the shape of a tube equates to three different sawing applications: and fully coated teeth. Thin-kerf technology
the top flat area, the sides which are thin, and the bottom of the tube has proven itself to be a phenomenal
which is flat and equates to the longest cut length. advancement to reduce cutting times, increase
blade life, and (in some cases) decrease scrap
A detailed understanding of these sawing variables within a tube has
rates. Instead of being taper ground from
led to increased attention to the three variables. The blade rotation
the outside rim toward the center hole of the
speed is determined by material hardness. The number of teeth on the
blade, the blade is ground flat and the taper is
saw blade is determined by calculating the longest cut length of the
on the outer rim. This allows for a much
tube based on outside diameter and wall thickness. The feed rate is a
thinner saw blade that can be engineered
product of the number of teeth in the cut during a specific amount
specific to an application. The hub can be
of time and the amount of work each tooth is capable of doing.
“adjusted” in or out, thicker or thinner,
Adjusting these variables to their specific targets can result in a
specific to the job at hand. This allows the kerf
surprising increase in production. An added benefit is that blade life
to be as thin as possible resulting in higher
Situation Description: Articulate the problem you are dealing with
that marketing communications can help address. Describe why you
need to communicate, and within what type of environment. Include
feed rates achieved due to much lower machine and part vibration. the economic conditions, competitive situation, product and sales
When cutting large quantities of short lengths, the decreases in blade status, current audience response, for example.
thickness can result in huge raw material savings. Many times, this Audience: Clearly determine to whom you should be communicat-
material savings can pay for the cost of the saw blades. The extremely ing. Start with determining job function, industry segment, plant size,
high performance level achieved with micro-geometry cutting edges and geography. You can use SIC or NAICS codes to identify industry
and fully coated teeth has lead to output increases up to 100 percent segments. NAICS codes can be found at many sites, such as NAICS
and tool life increases up to 300 percent compared with currently Association: Next, identify useful
available high-end coated saw blade technology. demographics such as age, gender, education, and also your audience’s
psychographics. These are attributes such as personality, values,
attitudes, interests, interests, activities, and opinions. These matter
because your audience is people doing their jobs, with cares, worries,
goals and objectives, just like you. Expressing these things that you
know about them in your strategy not only gives you a clearer idea of
who you are communicating with, but how you communicate.
Features & Benefits: The easiest part is to identify your product’s
or service’s features. However, the most important task is to clearly
identify the single greatest benefit that a user of your product will
derive from it, and indicate the top three benefits that provide sup-
porting proof of the primary benefit. This is a difficult step, but it will
give your communications clarity and brevity. It will also lead you to
a Single Net Impressions (SNI). This may seem like too much detail,
but look at it this way: people have little time to take in your message,
and of what they do take in, they retain a small percent of it. You
want to make sure that whatever you communicate, they are left with
a specific, positive, impression. Express the impression you want to
leave them with in a one-sentence statement.
Value Proposition: Some companies, particularly technology
companies, like to use a value proposition instead of a SNI. It gives
Historically, HSS saw blades were the only option available to
more dimension to the statement, summarizing the entire
(circular) cold saw metal applications. As tube manufacturers answer
communication strategy. It looks like this - you fill in the blanks
the call for cheaper, more exotic, harder and more difficult to cut
with your company’s specifics:
materials, blade manufacturing technology must also step up to help
manufactures remain competitive. Slow rotating, HSS saw blades are To (audience): _________________________________________
being replaced with fast turning carbide-tipped saw blades. The: (product or service): _ _______________________________
Carbide-tipped saw blades are being used effectively to cut the From (company): _ _____________________________________
advanced materials, and to cut all materials faster due to the increase in Is the one (product or service category):______________________
blade rotation speed that the blades will allow. Until now, the use Which (primary feature): _________________________________
of carbide-tipped blades has been in very narrow and specific As opposed to (key competition): _ _________________________
applications, and is only currently being introduced into the tube It (primary benefit or SNI): _______________________________
cutting industry with success by providing excellent cut finish Call to Action: Now that you’ve told your audience all about
quality at unparalleled cut times, with blade life increases up to 150 your product or service, take the time to clearly tell them what you
times more than HSS saw blades. No doubt, carbide-tipped saw blades want them to do next. This is a critical step, because it gives you
in tube cutting applications are here to stay and are increasing being the chance to learn who they are, get them engaged, and take a step
engineered to apply to broader applications. toward a purchase. This action can be to click a link to get a white
Performance, quality, and cost effectiveness of tubes and the systems paper, register for a seminar, request a brochure, or request a quote,
used to manufacture them is more crucial today than ever before. for a few examples.
Sawing machine companies and saw blade companies share emerging With all these things established, the last step is to determine your
knowledge in order to establish a cost-effective industry tactics, and set your budget for each. You will find that with the
to cut the tubes of tomorrow. strategy you have defined using the above steps, it will be easier to
determine a budget, select your tactics—such as seminars, Web sites,
Craig P. Ridge is president of Kinkelder Cutting trade shows, define mailing lists—and decide which Web sites or
Solutions Inc., part of AdvantagePlus member magazines to send public relations material to or advertise in.
Kinkelder USA Group. He can be reached at Tom Watson is owner of Thomas Watson Consulting n in Camarillo, Calif. Tom has extensive experience in
business-to-business marketing in technology, electron-
ics, and machine manufacturing industries. He can be
Want FMA to profile your company? reached n
If your company is doing extraordinary things like Rockford The purpose of this article is to provide information, rather than advice or
Toolcraft, FMA wants to know. Contact Kimberly Pollard at opinion. It is accurate to the best of the author’s knowledge as of the date of the or 815.227.8284 for more information. publication. Accordingly, this article should not be viewed as a substitute for the
guidance and recommendations of a retained professional.

Q: Several years ago, I saw an article in one of your publications about hiring a
consultant when purchasing a waterjet cutting machine. The article had some
questions that a company should ask before hiring a consultant. I’ve looked on article archive, but I can’t find the article. Can you help me find it?

A: Yes. First of all, the article may not be on thefabricator.

com. Most of the articles published after 2001 are on the Web
site, but earlier ones are not. Fortunately, we have a way to search
all FMA Communications publications, and the Research Center
keeps all the issues.
An index called “FMA’s Index of Metal Fabricating
Industry Magazines” is on our FMA Web site, and is available for
all members to use. All you have to do is log onto the site with
your member number and password. Then on the URL line,
type The following
screen appears:

Fig. 3

The result appears in Fig. 3. A single article matches the search

terms. If more than one article had matched, the results would have
appeared in chronological order by year, the oldest article first.
If the article had appeared on, the link would
be provided. You would click “Read full article”. This article,
however, is from a 1998 The Fabricator. Contact the Research
Center at 815-227-8274 or e-mail ResearchAssistance@fmanet.
org to obtain a free copy of the article.

Fig. 1 Notice that other trade publications are also included in this
You can search by any or all of the listed fields, but the more fields index. A list of the magazines, and the dates indexed are
you fill in, the narrower your search. Sometimes narrowing the available at
search is desirable. Other times, a narrow search is too restrictive. If you are interested in articles from other publishers, the Research
You may need to revise your search strategy and try again. Center will help you find copies. However, copyright restrictions 
To find the requested article, search on the subjects/keywords prevent copying and sending articles from other publishers.
field as shown below, and then click on the Submit Query button  If you have any questions about searching this database, or
at the bottom of the screen. obtaining articles, contact the Research Assistance Center for help.

As a member, you have access to the largest and most extensive library devoted to the metal
forming and fabricating industry—a benefit reserved exclusively for members. FMA’s
Research Assistance Center is the most efficient source for the information you need to
optimize your operation. Advantage and AdvantagePlus Members enjoy unlimited FREE
research, while Basic Members receive 12 hours of FREE research assistance per year. Get
your research questions answered when you call the Research Assistance Center at
 1-815-399-8700 or e-mail
Fig. 2
Don’t Miss the
Registration Deadline
From: Dr. Chris Kuehl, FMA’s economist and author of “Fabrinomics”
To: Any fabricator looking to diversify business and find industries with
growth potential

What: Business Growth Opportunities for Fabricators

(a 90-minute webinar)

When: !UGUSTs 0 p.m. CDT

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Cost: FMA/TPA Member $ 99 FREE

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Why: To help members weather tough times, FMA is offering free

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Why Not: Find out how to access industries – alternative energy, transportation
(non-automotive), and medical – that can contribute to the growth of your
company’s bottom line. Learn techniques from Dr. Kuehl that can lead your
company to successfully diversify its products and customer base.

How: Visit to register.

Deadline: 2EGISTERBYPMCT) August 19 and get a free white paper by

Dr. Kuehl on NAFTA and the recession.

Paid attendees are entitled to a money-back guarantee if they aren’t satisfied with this program.

The most successful metal fabricators are members of FMA

because of the resources available to members that help them
thrive, even in challenging times. Visit
for a free trial of FMA’s economic e-newsletter.
World-Class Roll Forming Workshop delivered proven techniques to get companies to optimize their operations.
Another popular session, “Material Handling for High Production
Conference Wrap-up Roll Forming” featured solutions to help to reduce material
bottlenecks and make handling processes more efficient. This highly
rated session, along with the continuous improvement sessions, will be
available as FabCasts later this year, so watch the educational training
calendar at for more information.
World-Class is known for featuring great plant tours and this year
did not disappoint. Roll Forming Corp. opened the doors to both
its Shelbyville, Ky., and Jeffersonville, Ind., plants allowing attendees
to see some of the largest roll forming lines in the industry, as well as
Roll Forming Corp. tour leaders join World Class Workshop attendees and speakers showcasing its continuous improvement commitment.
after the tour of its Jeffersonville, Ind., Plant. Attendees were also given the opportunity to have mini
consultations with the speakers and expert members of FMA’s Roll
The 2009 World-Class Roll Forming Workshop raced into Forming Technology Council during an extended “Ask the Speaker”
Louisville, Ky., April 21-22. With a slight change from the usual four session. Attendees brought parts and drawings and were able to
session format to a single session format, the program featured 11 consult with experts to get needed solutions. This session alone was
presentations. The workshop met the needs of all attendees—novice of great value to attendees, not to mention the peer connections they
or expert. made during the networking reception featured during the workshop.
Three new sessions featured using high strength steels, an outline If you missed World-Class Roll Forming Workshop this year, make
of open and closed loop, flying and stopping lines, and continuous plans to attend the program in 2010. Details will be available soon at
improvement. The continuous improvement session was wildly
popular as Ray Leathers, president and CEO of Roll Forming Corp.,

Safety Conference attendees Doug Raff, Ron Butchko, and Jim Blount learn
about how UL conducts safety investigations.

Planned by FMA’s Safety Council in partnership with Premier Organization. Attendees also got an OSHA Update from Region V
Sponsor, CNA Insurance, this innovative conference gave professionals Deputy Administrator, Sandy Taylor.
with safety responsibilities much-needed solutions. Owners, Attendees especially enjoyed case study presentations made by
supervisors, safety committee members, human resources managers, their peers. Hearing from companies that make a safety a priority,
and others participated in the first FMA Safety Conference May 5-6, genuinely care for their people, and save money by doing so was
2009, in Deerfield, Ill. incredibly motivating. Other highlights of the program included a
Participants enjoyed dynamic sessions on safety topics unique to the tour of the Underwriters Laboratory and the FMA/CNA Awards
metal processing, forming, and fabricating industry. Presentation Reception. Don’t miss out April 13-14, 2010 in Chicago!
Former Global Health and Safety Regulatory Liaison of GM, Mike Below: Representatives from AddisonMcKee Inc., Main Steel Polishing Co. Inc.,
Taubitz, provided insight on the Safety Benefits of Becoming a Lean Nisshin Automotive Tubing LLC, AK Tube LLC, Big Enterprises LLC, Plymouth Tube Co., and
Kastalon Inc. were present to accept 2009 Safety Awards.

Coil Processing Workshop
Conference Wrap-up
More than 50 attendees converged in Tuscaloosa, Ala., for the Coil
Processing Workshop and Exhibition on May 12-13, 2009, to learn
about the latest coil processing applications. In these challenging
economic times, the emphasis of the conference was placed on how to
get more out of existing equipment.
The Coil Processing Workshop and Exhibition provided a
complete overview of coil processing techniques. Attendees learned
Over 150 attendees from job shops, OEMs, automotive
everything from identifying and resolving shape defects in coils and
manufacturers, suppliers, and laser processing engineers all celebrated
obtaining the best slitting results to evaluating and reporting strip
the 17th annual ALAW Laser Applications Workshop, on May 12-14,
flatness and maintaining a safe work environment. With presentations
2009, in Plymouth, Mich.
covering leveling, straightening, slitting, or cut-to-length, there was
This unique two-day workshop hosted jointly by FMA and the
something for everyone.
Laser Institute of America featured real world, cost effective laser
In addition to 10 presentations, the workshop was enhanced with a
applications in automotive and general manufacturing. ALAW 2009
tour of Nucor Steel Tuscaloosa Inc., an evening networking reception,
emphasized the solutions to today’s manufacturing challenges and
and exhibition. During the Nucor plant tour, attendees were able
provided practical guidance for new design problems. The two
to see the plant’s Steckel mill technology which produces high
keynote topics were benchmarking of automotive production in
quality plate.
North America presented by the Center for Automotive Research;
Attendee discussions about the latest in equipment and operations
and energy efficient green car body production presented by
carried over to the evening networking reception. The exhibits
Fraunhofer IWU.
provided attendees with innovative solutions and products to solve
For the second year in a row, ALAW was separated into two
their workplace challenges. Attendees received cost-saving ideas that
simultaneous tracks, one for fabricators, and the other for laser
they could implement immediately.
applications in the automotive industry. The Laser Automotive Track
If you weren’t able to attend, mark your calendar now for the next
focused on reducing energy costs, reducing the weight of automobiles,
Coil Processing Workshop and Exhibition to be held Sept. 22-23,
laser welding and brazing, and reducing chiller energy use.
2009 at Holiday Inn Parque Fundidora in Monterrey, Mexico.
Presentations featured remote welding in automotive applications,
Speaking, sponsorship, and exhibition opportunities are available.
laser cutting of airbag materials, the hot forming process, new
Please contact Julie Maddock at or 815-227-8214
developments in fuel cells and batteries, laser blanking, and other
for more information.
laser applications.
The Fabricators Track was expanded to two full program days with
a “Making Green and Going Green” theme. Session topics included:
combination punch lasers, flat sheet plus 5-axis lasers, prototyping
case studies, new fiber laser applications, laser tube cutting, and metal
volatility and pricing. The Fabricators Track included customer case
studies, a panel discussion on software and automation, and
interactive roundtable discussions.
The workshop also included two impressive open houses which
featured the latest in laser technology applications: the Fraunhofer
USA lab tour and demonstration facility and a tour of the TRUMPF
Inc. Laser Technology Center.
Many thanks to the ALAW 2009 Sponsors: Fraunhofer USA Center
for Coating and Laser Applications, IPG Photonics, Laserline, and
For this year’s presentations and more information regarding next
year’s ALAW event, go to or contact Jen Christian

Attendees find innovative solutions and meet exhibitors during the Coil Processing
networking reception.
Attendees visiting the TRUMPF Inc. tabletop display.

Amada Supports NBT Summer Camps for Youths
Even in these uncertain economic times, one company in the workers in the country,” said Terrence Egan, NBT director.
hard-hit manufacturing sector is stepping up to the plate to improve “We thank Amada America for making this investment in the future
the industry. Amada America, based in Buena Park, Calif., with a new manufacturing work force of America.”
Solution Center located in Schaumburg, Ill., contributed $40,000 to The camps reach youth at the critical level of secondary education,
Nuts, Bolts & Thingamajigs (NBT), The Foundation of the exposing them to math, science, and engineering principles, and giving
Fabricators & Manufacturers Association, Intl., to help fund the them opportunities to see the technology being used in industry and
winners of its 2009 manufacturing camp grants. the high level of skills that will be required from the work force.
Each year, with the support of sponsor companies, NBT awards “We are proud to be helping to make a difference in these young
grants to not-for-profit organizations and educational institutions that people and encouraging them to consider a career in the trades,” said
offer overnight or day camp experiences that introduce young people Nick Ostrowski, General Manager - Media/Tooling Sales with Amada
ages 12 to 16 to careers in manufacturing and engineering. The Amada America. “These camps are important because they provide youth with
donation supports three camps for three consecutive years. the exposure to vocational and technical trades that no longer exist in
“We are very appreciative of the generous donation from Amada all public education systems.”
America that will help to inspire the next generation of engineers, NBT recently launched a text-to-give program that allows people
builders and manufacturers,” said actor, director and producer John to donate to the organization by simply texting “123” to the number
Ratzenberger, an NBT founder and its spokesman. “There is an “90999” from their cell phone. Supporters will be prompted to confirm
ever-increasing demand for highly skilled professionals who can design, their gift by replying with the word YES. Then they will receive a
program, and operate technology. Creating a skilled work force in the confirmation and the message generates a $5 donation charged directly
trades is vital to the future of America, and it all starts with getting to the caller’s cell phone bill.
young people to take pride in tinkering.” Amada America manufactures and sells sheet metal fabricating
“Manufacturing camp grants help to provide positive, hands-on equipment, including CNC turret punch presses, lasers, press brakes,
experiences so young people will consider manufacturing as a career shears, flexible manufacturing systems, and related software.
option and ultimately increase the pool of available, highly skilled

2009-10 Scholarship
Thirty students have been awarded scholarships totaling $49,000 from Nuts, Bolts & Thingamajigs, The Foundation of the Fabricators &
Manufacturers Association, Intl., for the 2009-2010 academic school year. Support NBT scholarships at

$2,000 NBTSolidWorks Scholarships

$5,000 NBT/SolidWorks Scholarships

$5,000 Outside Processors Council (OPC)

Michael Adams Kevin Dickson, Jr. Matthew Johnson Jay Woeste Megan Feil Andrew Kudlak
North Canton, Ohio Grayslake, Ill. West Dundee, Ill. St. Henry, Ohio Brooklyn Park, Minn. Fayetteville, N.C.
Major: Mechanical Engineering Major: Mechanical Engineering Major: Computer Engineering Major: Mechanical Engineering Major: Chemical Engineering Major: Mechanical Engineering
The Ohio State University Rose-Hulman Institute of University of Illinois at The Ohio State University University of Minnesota Technology
Technology Urbana-Champagne Central Carolina Community College
$2,500 NBT/SolidWorks Scholarships

Anthony Cazabat Avery-John Domingo Hank Peppe Ethan Scott William Terry IV Kyle Brubaker,
Santa Barbara, Calif. Kapolei, Hawaii Plattsmouth, Neb. Edmond, Okla. Rowley, Mass. Daytona Beach, Fla
Major: Mechanical Engineering Major: Mechanical Engineering Major: Mechanical Engineering Major: Mechanical Engineering Major: Mechanical Engineering Major: Welding Tech
Whitman College University of Hawaii at Manoa Massachusetts Institute of Oklahoma State University Worcester Polytechnic Institute Daytona State College

Johnathon Canalizo Don Chartrand Ed Dobos Nicholas Gannon John Hatch Terrell Hill
Ormond Beach, Fla. Daytona Beach, Fla. Deland, Fla. Deltona, Fla. Port Orange, Fla. Lynwood, Calif.
Major: Welding Tech Major: Welding Tech Major: Welding Tech Major: Welding Tech Major: Welding Tech Major: Sheet Metal Fab
Daytona State College Daytona State College Daytona State College Daytona State College Daytona State College Long Beach City College
$500 “GO-Brennan”/SolidWorks Scholarships

Mark Littleford Bill McCreary Manuel “Manny” Moscoso Garrett Moyer Ray Parkhurst Charles Rogers
Deltona, Fla. Deltona, Fla. Port Orange, Fla. South Daytona, Fla. Ormond Beach, Fla. Long Beach, Calif.
Major: Welding Tech Major: Welding Tech Major: Plumbing Major: Welding Tech Major: Welding Tech Major: Sheet Metal Fab
Daytona State College Daytona State College Daytona State College Daytona State College Daytona State College Long Beach City College

Austin Rutland Steven Saliba William Smith Dakota Swearingen Andrew Taulbee Mitch Thygesen
Province Oak Hill Holly Hill, Fla. Ormond Beach, Fla. Lakewood, Calif. DeLeon Springs, Fla. Langley, B.C.
Major: Welding Tech Major: Welding Tech Major: Welding Tech Major: Welding Tech Major: Welding Tech Major: Metal Fab
Daytona State College Daytona State College Daytona State College Long Beach City College Daytona State College Kwantlen Polytechnic

Support NBT scholarships at

Networking @
Harley-Davidson Museum®
Milwaukee, WI • May 13, 2009

Matt Hotch, two-time winner of Discovery Channel’s “Biker

Build-Off ” and member of the NBT board, joined the group and
signed autographs

Next Networking
Sept. 15 @
Mazak Optonics Corp.
Elgin, Ill.

AddisonMckee’s Quality Management System Megan Feil, daughter of Donna Feil $250,000 Write-Off
was audited in May 2009 and was awarded an (Minneapolis Coil Subsidiary)
The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
updated ISO 9001:2008 certificate. Previously, Alyse Fields, daughter of Kenneth Fields
of 2009 has been signed into law, extending the
the company’s quality systems were maintained (Minneapolis Coil Subsidiary)
increase in the Section 179 Federal Income Tax
and certified to the former ISO9001:2000 Zachary Hasbrouck, son of Keith Hasbrouck
Deduction. The Act allows a company to deduct the
standard. (Connecticut Division)
first $250,000 of equipment (Section 179 Property)
Caroline Sable, daughter of Robert Sable
AICON announced a new climate control purchased in 2009 from its taxable income.
(Minneapolis Coil Subsidiary)
concept for its optical measuring system, For companies purchasing (or leasing -- with a
Michael Sagherian, son of Malcolm Sagherian $1 buy-out lease) up to $800,000 of equipment in
(Connecticut Division) 2009, this deduction is available in full. It then
AMS Controls presented the Pathfinder Timothy Shields son of John Golly phases out on a dollar-for-dollar basis between
Graphics Control System for sheet metal folders (Chicago Division) $800,000 and $1,050,000, and is not available for
at the annual showing at Kaufmann Ulm Jennifer Slife, daughter of Sheila Slife companies purchasing more than $1,050,000 of
Spenglereibedarf GmbH in Ulm, Germany, in (Corporate Office, Cleveland) equipment in 2009. However, companies can finance
March. purchases more than $800,000 with an operating
Peddinghaus Corp. completed a concentrated
ClarkWestern was recently honored by the week-long ISO audit and received a five-star lease and may still be eligible to claim the deduction.
Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry rating back from NQL Associates, the ISO
with the Excellence in Construction Quality
Plymouth Tube Co. Celebrates 85 Years
auditing firm. Peddinghaus therefore
Award for Contractor’s Contract less than $1 received the highest rating of certification ISO In 1924, family-owned Plymouth Tube Co. began
Million. 9001:2008 as a result of its efforts. to produce premium tubing from a small, single
location in Michigan. Since the very beginning,
Epicor Software Corp. announced it has been PEM® China has received the “Advanced Plymouth has achieved its primary goal of meeting
selected as a finalist for Global ISV Industry Environment Protection Enterprise” award or exceeding customers’ expectations by encouraging
Partner of the Year in the 2009 Microsoft from the Kunshan (China) Municipal exemplary service as well as practicing superior
Worldwide Partner Conference Awards program. Government. The award recognizes the efforts manufacturing methods to encourage overall
Exact Software announced the expansion of and excellent results achieved in meeting and efficiency. With leadership from President Donald C.
Exact’s ERP portfolio in the Americas with the exceeding environmental protection “Van” Van Pelt, Plymouth has withstood the test of
release of Exact Globe 393. requirements”and was presented during 38th time and continues to thrive even in the most
World Environment Day ceremonies on June 5. challenging times.
Labconco is on Twitter. Follow them at http:// “Not many companies survive 85 years, especially Precision Hardware’s delayed egress for
family-owned businesses. Plymouth Tube is still
Middle Atlantic Products introduced the new Dura-Glide™ made BUILDINGS Magazine’s going strong in our 4th generation of family
IsoCenter™ Rackmount Isolation Transformer Top 100 Products for 2009. leadership” said Steve Bohnenkamp, vice president
system which is engineered to enhance AV PRC Laser officially welcomes Durma Machine of sales and marketing for Plymouth.
performance by eliminating many issues related Tools to the North American laser market. Plymouth is committed to the long-term success
to power and grounding. of its customers and the markets they serve.
RathGibson announced seamless, welded, and
“During tough economic times many
The Minster Machine Co. announces 0 per- drawn tubing through its company Greenville
customers want to do business with companies they
cent APR for all in-stock Amada equipment. Tube. feel confident will be around in the long run” says
Nova Group Inc. received FMA’s Safety Award Sandvik Materials Technology has signed a Bohnenkamp, “Understandably, they don’t want to
of Honor. multi-year delivery contract for steam generator take major risks in dealing with the wrong suppliers.”
tubes for the nuclear power industry. “For 85 years, Plymouth Tube has survived many
OKAY Industries Inc. has received the 2008
recessions, and even the Great Depression,
Parkview Metal Products Excellence in Quality Stahlwerk Thüringen GmbH, a company of the
maintaining the continuity, reliability and quality
Award as part of the Precision Metalforming Spanish Grupo Alfonso Gallardo, has placed an
you have come to expect, says Plymouth Tube
Association’s Awards of Excellence in Metalforming. order with SMS Meer for a new roughing stand President Donald C. “Van” Van Pelt.
Olympic Steel Inc. announced the recipients for its long product mill in Unterwellenborn. “Our strength lies in our long term focus and our
of the Sol Siegal Scholarship Program. TRUMP released its TruLaser Tube 7000 laser commitment to our customers, our employees and
The 2009 new recipients are: cutting system which processes tubes inside a our shareholders.”
Renee Garcia, daughter of Ysmael Garcia tunnel-like safety enclosure and then, Currently, Plymouth maintains 13 operations
(Detroit Division) depending on size, moves them forward to the offering precision carbon and stainless steel tub-
Midhilesh Gogineni, son of Rao Gogineni brush table or ejects them to a parts container ing, steel and titanium cold-drawn shapes, steel and
(Cleveland Division) behind the machine. titanium near-net extrusions, stainless steel coil
processing, and a variety of value added steel
Stacia Moyes, daughter of Thomas Smith Ultratech Inc. announced it will co-host the finishing processes.
(Iowa Division) CEO Investor Summit -- a forum that will Plymouth Tube Co., including Plymouth
Alaine Perconti, daughter of Alan Perconti bring investors and analysts together with Engineered Shapes, serves a vast array of markets
(Cleveland Division) executives from six leading capital equipment across the globe. Markets served include aerospace,
Ashley Skinner, daughter of Lisa Bradley companies in an efficient, relaxed atmosphere. nuclear, transportation, pharmaceutical, firearms,
(Southern Division) The CEO Investor Summit will be held on performance racing as well as others. Plymouth also
The 2009 renewal recipients are: Wednesday, July 15, 2009 at the Four Seasons supplies value-added services in carbon steel, stainless
Jessica Cedor, daughter of Joseph Cedor Hotel in San Francisco. Ultratech’s steel, and titanium for a variety of applications,
(Connecticut Division) Chairman and CEO Art Zafiropoulo and including feedwater heater, pressure, boiler,
Michael Culek Jr., son of Michael Culek Sr. VP of Finance & CFO Bruce Wright will hydraulic, elevator, pump, valve and mechanical.
(Cleveland Division) represent Ultratech.
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