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Stephen M.

Ross School of Business

LAYER 6 A single set of stairs navigate people between the first and second floor. It is borded with the same green-tinted glass paneling as the Wintergarden but is outlined by steel rail handles. LAYER 4 There is a wide walking area inside the building that progresses towards the Wintergarden. Even though it is starkly modern compared to the old building, the brick lining shows that there is still subtle transitioning between two buildings. LAYER 3 Here, material shifts from brick to a modern steel with orange demonstrate a clear transition between the old and new building. A high canopy above this wide walkway shield from sun and rain as well as physically connect the two buildings. The gray flooring extends outward, marking the schools overall domain and creates an intermediary between inside and outside. Large columns indicate a secondary entry way to the more spacious new building.

701 Tappan St.

LAYER 8 At the edges of the main walking area are narrowing hallways, lined by various art work that distinguishes one from the other. This space guides into a specific classroom/study room.

[Transition] is the dimensions of time and memory; but it is also the dimension of emotion. Transitions...have strong effects on how we feel, how we behave and even who we are. - Simon Unwin Analyzing Architecture: Transition, Hierarchy, Heart

LAYER 9 The final layer are the private classrooms and study rooms. The study room in this photo includes limited use of color: white walls and removal of the orange tone that was consistent in the remainder of the layers. Therefore, attention is directed towards the discussion/contents on whiteboards.

LAYER 7 The top floors are made of the same materials as remainder of the new building. However, wooden flooring (rather than carpet) simplify the design, and the lower ceilings initiate more private conversations between individuals. Although it is physically removed from the wintergarden, all other floors are still viewable through the glass panels, so that there is still a mild interaction with the core Wintergarden. The center of the floor are walkways leading to classrooms.

LAYER 5 The Wintergarden has a dramatically elevated ceiling made of a glass-like material that creates a sense of openness, establishes the central public domain, and facilitates free-flowing communication. This large area is at the heart of the business school. The uncarpeted edges are the main dynamic space that guides most traffic.

LAYER 2 The long hallway immediately at the entrance is a dynamic area that allows users to shift quickly to classrooms, the courtyard, and study rooms. Published business books are displayed at the end, showing a progression towards learning areas.

LAYER 1 The Ross School of Business is has two primary sections and includes entrances from multiple roads. Here, a sidewalk narrowing into a ramp and stairs guide towards the back entrance.

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