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Name: Parker Thiessen

Career Research Guide Worksheet

Make sure you have completed the career exploration and have a good idea of the career that interests you!

Use point form or sentences. Make sure it is in our OWN words! Do not copy from the Internet.
Your job title (be specific): erospace !n"ineer #ob o$er$ie%&What the' do (Pro$ide a para"raph description of the job( What %ould a t'pical da' on the job look like)): erospace en"ineers speciali*e in the production+ de$elopment+ research+ desi"n+ testin"+ of aircraft and spacecraft( , %ould %ork in a mostl' office settin" that is $er' team%ork orientated as there are man' fields of aerospace en"ineers that need to come to"ether to pro$ide the finished product( ,t is a $er' technical field and $er' mentall' challen"in" %ork( Workin" conditions (-ours 'ou can e.pect to %ork) Risk of injuries) Time of da'&time of 'ear) ,ndoors&outdoors) Clothin" re/uired) !tc0): Workin" en$ironment is in an office settin" %orkin" %ith man' other hi"hl' /ualified indi$iduals of their field( 1isitin" production sites is common if 'our field re/uires it( Risk of injur' is $er' lo% as 'ou %ork indoors in an office en$ironment( Workin" hours are on a$era"e 23hrs a %eek but can be lon"er if the project re/uires it(

4alar' (%hat %a"e can 'ou e.pect to earn)): The a$era"e startin" salar' for a student fresh out of school is 567 633&'ear after a fe% 'ears of e.perience the a$era"e pa' is 578 333&'ear but the top 9:; make 5<9: 333 to 5<:3 333&'ear =uture outlook (%ill this job be in demand in the future) Wh'&%h' not)): This is a $er' ne% and in demand field+ ne% strides in aerospace technolo"' ha$e created a %ide openin" for the need of more en"ineers( #obs are almost al%a's open for an aerospace en"ineer student(
Post-Secondary Institute !rainin" Pro"ram #$ >C,T is Canada?s bi""est aerospace technolo"' institute+ it?s also is located close to home and re/uires a GP a$era"e of at least @(3&2(3 %ocation and name of pro"ram& (Where the school is located( What is the name of the pro"ram) tell us %h' this school appeals to 'ou) lso

>C,T is located in >urnab' >ritish Colombia+ the pro"ram appeals to me because >C,T is Canada?s leadin" aerospace technolo"' institute+ , could recei$e a "reat education to%ards m' field(

'ost& (first 'ear NA total cost of pro"ram+ includin" tuition+ books+ and supplies) =irst 'ear tuition plus housin"+ food+ and other costs total at an estimated of 59< <89 per 'ear( Pre-re(uisites of pro"ram& (courses 'ou need to be takin" in hi"h school in order to "et in+ re/uired GP ) Binimum GP re/uired for entr' is @(3 out of 2(3+ re/uired courses includeC Bath <9+ Ph'sics <9+ Chemistr' <9+ and !n"lish <9(

What are @ related occupations 'ou could take if this one didn?t %ork out for 'ou (%hat %ould 'ou do if 'ou don?t end up doin" this career and %h')): erospace technolo"' is such a $ast field+ there are man' branches $ar'in" from militar' to commercial planes+ to %orkin" for N 4 ( nd most importantl'0 Wh' are 'ou interested in this career) (-o% lon" ha$e 'ou been interested in it) What led 'ou to %antin" this job) -o% does it suit&fit 'our personalit'+ interests+ characteristics+ stren"ths+ etc0)): erospace !n"ineerin" is a special t'pe of en"ineerin"+ there?s no other fields that reall' compare( ,t?s a field that is still bein" de$eloped and , feel as if it %ould be ama*in" to be part of that( To think that , could %ork on a project that could help put a man on mars or defend Canada from attack is mind bo""lin"( ,t?s a $er' mentall' challen"in" field %hich , lo$e+ "ettin" to "o to %ork e$er' da' and bein" challen"ed %ith ne% problems and findin" uni/ue and creati$e solutions is e.actl' %hat , %ant to do %ith m' life(