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Last week I pointed out the benefit of having Light Rail to Bayshore together with a new bus transitway from Bayshore to Moodie. The problem with the transit plan is the complete elimination of the transitway from March to Terry Fo that was previously scheduled for !"!#$ as well as elimination of the section to the %anadian Tire %entre and Fernbank until after !"&#' (t the same time light rail will go through the )reenbelt to *rleans. ( transit system needs to consider all parts. There are bus only lanes to *rleans$ Barrhaven and +anata through the )reenbelt$ but only +anata does not e tend that to the town centre. The route planned up March Road is less important but it is included , but only as far as %arling after which it will be on the road with traffic. This needs to be rethought so the +anata-.tittsville area$ which is the fastest growing part of the %ity$ has some transit infrastructure for its residents. *ther parts of the transportation plan deal with roads$ cycling lanes and sidewalks. In +anata /orth a new park and ride for &"" cars at Terry Fo and Innovation is being funded in !"#0. Road work in 1hase # 2!"#0-!"#34 includes e tending %ampeau 5rive to 5idsbury$ an underpass under Terry Fo from the %entrum$ improvement to the 5idsbury intersection at Terry Fo $ and construction of +londike Road from March to .andhill to urban standards$ including sidewalks. 6ntil +londike is constructed it will become one way with a pedestrian way along one side to enhance safety 2until late !"#7 or early !"#84. In 1hase ! 2!"!"-!"!74 +anata (ve will be widened from 9ighway 0#: to %ampeau. The plan is silent about completing the )oulbourn Forced Road to Terry Fo and widening March Road in the e pansion lands$ both of which were formerly included. .ome cycling routes are included. In +anata /orth that includes bike lanes on %arling from March Road to 9er;berg and Terry Fo from the 0#: to south of %ampeau in 1hase #< Flamborough$ 9ines$ Innovation$ 9er;berg east of March$ Legget south of .olandt and west of March and Terry Fo west of March in 1hase !< and a shared use lane in +anata /orth in phase &. .everal sidewalk pro=ects are also being recommended$ and I was told the only public consultation was the open house last week' I will hold consultations on specific sidewalks prior to their installations so residents will know what is planned for their front yards. .idewalks are proposed for +londike$ March$ Teron$ >arley$ 9alton$ Leacock$ +nudson and Brady. In some cases 2e.g. Leacock and >arley4$ sidewalks are proposed for both sides of the road$ which may not be appropriate and need to be discussed. The plan also includes land use policies$ infrastructure re?uirements and more. For details$ go to the %ity website at http@AAottawa.caAenAcity-hallApublicconsultationsAbuilding-liveable-ottawa-official-plan-and-master-plan-review.


GIVE AWAY WEEKEND is this weekend, *ctober !8-!: where you place
items you no longer need or want at the curb with a BfreeC sign and others who want an item will pick it up. This form of re-use reduces amounts going to landfills.

ENCHANTED MOSAIC, n E!enin" with the A#ts, S t$#d %, O&t' (), E #*

+, M #&h, ) -. A#t E/hi0it, 1 -. C+n&e#t' 5etails at 1roceeds go to scholarships for students at local schools.

P23LIC MEETING ON (456 CITY 32DGET, H+*% T#init% C th+*i& Hi"h

S&h++*, O&t (7, 1:8497:84 -.'

KANATA RACE DAY NOVEM3ER 8#d : Re"iste# n+w t www'k n t # &ed %'&+.. 7 k or # k run or walk. Each racer will get a free pass
for a fitness session or pool admission at our new centre.

SANTA CLA2S PARADE is coming to +anata on /ov. #8. The route follows
%astlefrank and (bbeyhill to the 9a;eldean Mall starting at #" am '