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Date : 10 July 2008

Time : 0900-1000
Class : Year 5
Enrolment : 23 Pupils
Topic : Investigating Materials
Subtopic : States of Matter
Learning Outcomes : At the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to
1. State at least 3 properties of gas.
Duration : 60 minutes
Strategies : Experiment, Discussion.
Prior knowledge : Pupils know that matter exist in the form of solid, liquid or
The pupils have learned the properties of solid and liquid.
Scientific Process/Manupulative Skills and Thinking Skills:
1. Observing
2. Comparing and contrasting
3. Relating
4. Classifying
5. Generating idea
6. Attributing
7. Communicating
Science Attitudes and Noble Values:
1. Being cooperative
2. Being confident and independent
Teaching and Learning Resources:
1. Sticks
2. Thread
3. Balloons
4. Needles
5. Picture 6. Teaching Courseware
Steps/Phase Contents Teaching and Learning Activities Remarks

Set Induction Understanding of Teacher shows a picture of carbonated SPS:
(5 minutes) gas. drink (Appendix A). Observation
0900-0905 Teacher’s questions: Relating
1. What picture is this?
2. What sound can you heard when TS:
you open the can? Attributing
Generating ideas
Teacher discuss with pupils about the
picture and relate their answer with the
lesson’s today. “The properties of gas”.
Eliciting Idea State the properties Teacher asks pupils to predict the SPS:
(10 minutes) of gas. properties of gas based on their Generating ideas
0905-0915 knowledge about the properties of solid Relating
and liquid(Prior knowledge: The pupils
have learned the properties of solid and

Teacher asks pupils to write their

prediction in the worksheet given
(Appendix B).

Teacher discuss with pupils about their

Restructuring Gas has mass. Teacher asks pupils to form groups. SPS:
Ideas Observing
(20 minutes) Teacher distributes a stick, thread, two Measuring
0915-0935 balloons and a needle for each group. Communicating
Use and handle
By using the materials given, teacher science apparatus
asks the pupils to do the experiment and substances.
about one of the properties of gas (gas
has mass). SANV:
Being confident
Teacher asks pupils to record their and independent
finding in the worksheet given
(Appendix B).
Gas does not has
fixed shape. Teacher shows that gas does not has
Gas does not has fixed shape and fixed volume by using
fixed volume. teaching courseware.

Teacher discuss with the pupils about

their findings.
Application Pupils are required to complete the SPS:
(20 minutes) worksheet given with teacher guidance Making
0935-0955 (Appendix C). generalization

Teacher discuss the answer with the Relating

Closure Teacher summarizes today’s lesson by SPS:
(5 minutes) asking: Relating
0955-1000 1. What have you learn today?
2. What are the properties of gas?

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Appendix B

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The Properties of Gas

Predictions Findings

Appendix C