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This is the method to recite the book:

You will commence anytime Sunday after Maghrib. First make wudhu, make tawbah and astaghfar (because our tongue is dirty and filthy from telling lies, backbiting, all sorts of sins and durood is very ure and blessed, so we need to make tawbah and astaghfar for the sins of our tongue first before reading durood!. "f you have the flu and someone brings you your favorite dish you will robably eat it but you wont be able to en#oy its delicious taste because due to your illness your tongue cannot take in the flavor and deliciousness of the meal. So first get over your s iritual illness by making tawbah and some astaghfaar. You will not be able to s iritually taste the barakaat and anwaraat of durood as long as you are not over illness of sins.

Then you will say $%ismillahir rahmanir rahim$ and after bismillah " like to add $Ya &llah Ya Fattah$ this is #ust my ersonal ractice it is your choice if you want to or not. 'ur bu(rughs used to remember s ecifically the siffat of Fattah of &llah swt and say Ya Fattah when commencing a book so that with the blessed name of &llah swt Ya Fattah they can com lete the book. This ractice is long forgotten now a days.

Then turn to age )) and begin the khutbah from there. Then after the khutbah at the end you will continue on and read what the musannif has written about why he wrote this book and what he titled it. *ontinue reading and on the following age you will read $"nnallaha wa malaaikatuhu.... and at the end of this ayat the word $tasleema$ comes at this oint you will give a short ause. &fter this ause you will say $+abaik$ and end it here.

Then you will turn to the &sma e Mubaarak the blessed names of Sayyidina ,asoolullah salallahu alayhi wa sallam and you will read those once. This will only be done the first time you o en this book for the week, irregardless of how many khatams you do. "f your book does not have the &sma Mubaaraka then dont worry about it #ust go to the first hi(b of the book.

&fterwards you will start on age -. and that is Mondays $hi(b$ or $man(il$ or $cha ter$. The actual durood ortion of the book start at age -. and end at age /0. (meaning if you are reading the same version " have!. 'n age /0. there are some oems and you should recite them how the musannif said to.

1ither you can do the entire khatam in one sitting or two sitting or three sitting. The entire book takes about ) hour and )- minutes to read. "nitially it will take longer but the more you read it the more fluent you will become and the more durood you will memori(e and you will be able to finish the entire khatam once in a good hour time.

&fter you do the khatam you should convey the reward to "mam 2a(uli (ra! and to your arents, grand arents, relatives, asatidha teachers, mashaikh, ummat e muslima in general those who are alive and those who are assed away. This is a good system of conveying isaal e sawaab.

Then once khatam is done you can start another khatam. So it takes about ) hour )- minutes about to read the book from start to end. You can do several khatams in a week, the more khatam the better. "n a short time you will be totally a lover of durood and it will become very fluent on your tongue. Finish the book as many times as you want, there is no limit to durood.