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Manifolds & Sleds

FMC Technologies is a global supplier of manifolds and PLETs, PLEMs and sleds for deepwater subsea applications. Backed by years of experience, each solution encompasses the customer focus, technical resources and leadership that todays dynamic subsea market demands, providing quality and cost-effective projects.
BP Atlantis

Systems development and engineering

Recognizing that intelligent manifold and sleds begin with intelligent designs, FMC Technologies offers complete eld architecture and systems development services. Utilizing extensive eld development experience and systems expertise, solutions are engineered to be best in class with respect to industry and customer requirements. FMC Technologies delivers reliable, high-quality solutions with nothing left to chance, including front-end engineering design studies, cost analysis, equipment selection, product performance monitoring and predictions, intervention/ maintenance planning and training.

Integrated solutions approach

FMC Technologies is helping customers worldwide efciently meet technical and economic challenges by designing and manufacturing manifolds, sleds and jumpers as a single-source provider. This integrated systems approach is based on standard components and proven technologies that emphasize cost efciencies and life-of-eld dynamics. From project inception to installation support, every project facet is carefully managed to ensure that precise solutions are delivered on time and on budget.

Total Girassol

Designed to direct ow from multiple individual wells into multiple production owline headers, proven, compact manifold systems from FMC Technologies are solving subsea ow control challenges worldwide. The manifold design allows the production headers to be sized using nominal pipe diameters. In most project applications, all manifold piping connections are welded to minimize leak paths and increase reliability. Many manifolds feature a removable pigging loop to allow round trip pigging of the production owlines. Manifolds are designed to operate for up to 25 years at water depths to 10,000 feet (3,048 meters), working pressures to 15,000 psi and temperatures to 350 F (177 C).

BP Thunder Horse

Water depths to 10,000 feet (3,048 meters) Pressures to 15,000 psi Temperatures to 350 F (177 C) Sizes from 6 to 30 diameter Retrievable pigging loops Foundations for all soil conditions Multi-phase ow meters Optional manifold-mounted SCMs (subsea control modules) and chokes
Shell Bijupira

Shell Mensa

Global Success Stories

Norsk Hydro Ormen Lange Deepwater (Subsea to Beach) Large Bore Manifolds and PLET The Ormen Lange project on the Norwegian continental shelf is Europes deepest subsea development to date at 3,300 feet (1,000 ft) and at 5,000 psi. FMC Technologies will, in addition to other subsea equipment, supply the project with two (2) 8-slot foundation bottom structures and manifold systems with 20 headers including 30 pig-loop systems and one (1) PLET (pipeline end termination) module. Other features are large-bore tie-in systems for 20/30 clamp connectors and small-bore tie-in systems for less than 14 collet connectors.

BP Thunder Horse

Deepwater HP/HT Manifold and Tie-in System The BP Thunder Horse project, located in 6,300 feet (1,920 meters) of water in the Gulf of Mexico, represents the worlds rst full-eld HP/HT (15,000 psi/350 F) subsea development. Each of the four manifolds (2 - 10 slot and 2 - 4 slot) is supported by a single 20 foot (6 meter) diameter suction pile. Other manifold features include HH trim, full insulation, dedicated SCMs and removable pigging loops.

10-slot and 4-slot manifold congurations HP/HT (15,000 psi/350 F) design with HH trim Suction pile foundation Vertical connection systems All header and well connections with mechanical connectors Dedicated SCM (Subsea Control Module) for manifold functions

8-slot manifold systems with 20 headers PLET module with 30 pig-loop module Large-bore tie-in systems for 20/30 clamp connectors

Petrobras Roncador
Deepwater Manifold The Roncador manifold project located in the ultradeep Campos Basin offshore Brazil marks the rst time a subsea manifold has been installed at a water depth exceeding one mile. Installed using steel cables and support vessels, the Roncador manifold was designed to reduce costs by distributing gas from the production unit in a single gas line for injection into six wells at a water depth of 5,280 feet (1,610 meters).

Shell Alliance

Deepwater Manifold and Sleds As part of its Gulf of Mexico subsea alliance with Shell, FMC Technologies has designed and installed a wide range of standard manifolds, well jumpers and sleds.

Four standard manifolds installed for Macaroni, Angus, Europa and Crosby projects More than 30 standard well jumpers fabricated Two electro-hyraulic controlled gas life riser termination sleds for Nakika north owline

Designed to operate in water depths to 6,560 feet (2,000 meters) Controls ow of gas lift from six wells Five pig diverters and retrievable pig detector Gas measuring equipment Three choke modules, one for every two wells

Total Otter

Petrobras Albacora

Statoil Lufeng

ExxonMobil Zaro

Anadarko Genghis Khan

PetroCanada Terra Nova

A complete range of sled systems encompassing PLETs (Pipeline End Terminations), PLEMs (Pipeline End Manifolds) and In-line Sleds designed to meet virtually all subsea project requirements are available through FMC Technologies. Sled designs include options for rst-end, second-end or midline installations from vessels with J-lay, S-lay or Reel-lay capabilities. In addition, sleds range in complexity from single hub with manual isolation valve to multiple hubs with actuated valves, chemical injection, gas-lift, pig launching capabilities and more.

BP Thunder Horse HP/HT PLET

Single and dual owlines Insulated / non-insulated Multiple hubs Piggable Thermal expansion capability Skirted / piled
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