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Green Packaging

Kavitha Reddy Gurrala*

Packaging can be defined as a coordinated system of confining a product for storage, transportation, distribution and sale. Green Packaging aims at using recyclable, biodegradable and re-usable material for preparing a product for shipment. Heaps and heaps of solid aste resulting from conventional packaging has left us ith no alternative but to go green in order to save the !other nature for "uture generations to come. #ot only organi$ations but the current consumer markets are also looking for ard for Green %olutions. %o, &rgani$ations are trying to grab such market opportunities by providing Green Packing solutions as Packaging is the most visible green solutions that organi$ations can offer. 's a areness to ards going green is gro ing among consumers, Green Packaging can serve as a means of retaining old customers along ith grabbing ne customers. &rgani$ations are trying to offer Green Packaging solutions using the belo green practicesRemove: (ork to ards elimination of non-value added packaging. Reduce: (ork to ards reducing the amount of natural resources used for the purpose of packaging.

Reuse: (ork to ards solutions for using reusable packaging materials likeglass, )ute etc. Recycle: (ork to ards using recyclable material for packaging needs. Biodegradable: (ork to ards using *io-degradable materials +,orn, %ugar ,ane - % itch Grass etc.. for packaging Technology: (ork to ards solutions for improving the efficiency in Packaging.

+*io-degradable container made from corn.

Green Packaging solutions offered using the above practices not only drive sustainability but also drive to ards cost reductions in !aterials. Green Packaging also offers indirect cost reductions in /ransportation costs as Packages ith reduced eight and volume not only enable fuel efficiency but also reduce emissions and transportation costs.

*'ssistant Professor-&perations, %iva %ivani 0nstitute of !anagement, Kompally. 1mail2

*usinesses are going a step ahead and including %ustainable Packaging as one of the performance metric to evaluate the eco-friendly practices of their supply chain partners. 'lso organi$ations are coming up ith packaging designs for multipurpose usage.

+Reusable container made from palm leaves. Going Green on Packaging is the talk of the to n as 0t serves individuals and consumers in a healthy and safe fashion throughout its life cycle. 0t aids in meeting marketing re5uirements of attraction and cost. 0t optimi$es the use of rene able and reusable materials. 0t is designed to optimi$e materials and energy 0t can aid in offering closed loop cycles as it is reusable.

+' Packaging design for multipurpose usage.

,onclusions2 Packaging accounts for a considerable percentage of the product costs, so orking to ards green solutions in packaging not only aids in reducing the amount of solid aste generated but also aid in reduction of direct and indirect costs. %o, &rgani$ations should take up green packaging as one of the means to save - clean the planet earth.

*'ssistant Professor-&perations, %iva %ivani 0nstitute of !anagement, Kompally. 1mail2