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Dr Jagwantsing Chetlall, PhD

Copyright 2013 Dr Jagwantsing Chetlall

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To Renga, a man of knowledge .

The Path way

http:// www.publicdomainpictures.netview-image.phpimage=30878&picture=road-through-themountain&large=1

The first time I walked down on such a road was 28 years ago. I was accompanied by my primary school teacher. Years ago he died in a car accident. Death created the illusion of the physical separation but yet the memories could not fade away. The teachings of my teacher still remain in my being but where exactly? I do not know. It is almost inconceivable to understand how the holographic decoder, called the brain, stores knowledge. In laboratory conditions, brains of rats have been surgically removed by 90% and still they are able to retain the basics of what they had been previously trained to do! This is quite amazing. In the web of illusion, everything cannot be always defined.

Evolution o+of+homosapiens+and+cro+magnon&FORM=IGRE#view=detail&id=65781B9A3E35CB716857C 38440F39E152F59CC10&selectedIndex=561

The theory of evolution speculates that we evolved as per the above schema. But there is a missing link between the Homo Sapiens Neanderthalensis and Homo Sapiens sapiens which has never been found. Moreover, I equate evolution to nature. Nature has given rise to the tiger, lion, elephant, snake, cow and other creatures/plants. None of these organisms disturb the normal course of nature because they are part of nature. Nature is not only plants and mountains but inclusive of all creatures as well. Hence nature does not evolve to disturb itself. However, the creature called Homo Sapiens Sapiens have disturbed nature/planet earth in such a way that it behaves more like a colonizing parasitic species on an alien planet rather than a product of natural evolution

Preposterous C6689E020F615AAE7401AC5308281EB8C6&FORM=IQFRBA#view=detail&id=BBC0D43195DC81 008FC6534A832839A458E728C2&selectedIndex=24 The above is a photo of the earth and the moon taken from the space station at a certain angle. The earth and the moon are hanging out in vacuum. We have been told that moons orbit planets and planet orbit the sun due to the forces of attraction that exists between the planets. We also know that all planets have varying degree of gravitational pull that is directed towards the centre of the planet from its surface. But still all the above cannot explain how these planets basically float in thin air or as it said in common language: do not fall down. It is an eerie feeling when one thinks that despite having the feeling of being on solid ground, we are in fact on a ball that is surfing at a very speed in a vacuum. In fact some people know that space is a fabric and all planets are resting on this fabric, hence a more plausible explanation for orbiting the sun and not falling down.

The Anesthesia of the Brain. 7583CEBE9EA697FC6&FORM=IQFRBA#view=detail&id=C9C28D16E8666722D5F1406C8E6911A 159DC5DD3&selectedIndex=5 Liquor has always numbed your brain. The brain is the gateway to all mysteries. It is your salvation from the clutches of the holograms and pathway to eternity. A numb brain is like a dead radio, that unless it is repaired, can never be tuned to the emitting frequency of the radio station! A numb brain does not let you access your own higher self. A numb brain keeps you being a slave and indeed a very illusory happy one!

Spatial Time

Have you ever seen nature creating anything one dimensional such as this line? The answer is a plane NO. This does not happen in nature. Creations in nature either occur in 3-dimensions or more. The fact is that our eyes are only limited to 3-dimensional vision but some people can do so through other developed techniques and subtle senses. Since time occurred along with nature and within nature, how can it be uni-dimensional? We have always thought of time as a single rectilinear line and this might not be true. As a matter of thought, time might be three dimensional and even more in dimensions.. Since it is suspected that time exists in multi-dimensions, then we have Ty & -Ty, Tx&-Tx and Tz&-Tz. As matter of mathematical logic then we have the equation Ty = mTx+C. The implication of the above equation is that one can always go back in time! One such tool that exists within your own body to do this is your brain. The secret is to know how to access this time machine! The truth is that all points are connected within space and time, therefore all points are equally accessible in space and time. At this point in time, I do find it very strange that I am using linear logic and mathematics to explain something that is non-linear and non-local. The very fact that this happening right now

shows the severity and toughness of the conditioning of our minds/psyche throughout the years.

Humans living with Dinosaurs

The above is a photo taken by Professor Amanniyazov in Turkmenistan. The photo is that of footprint of a Dinosaur and that of a human (quite a big one) side by side. The size of the human foot is almost 2 ft! The size of that human must have been circa 3.5m! (Giants as described in may ancient religious scriptures?) It seems that humans (what type?) have been living side by side dinosaurs millions of years ago. Then what about the theory of evolution of human kind? How were humans able to survive in the midst of the most ferocious type of the dinosaurs like the T-rex and Velociraptors which were endowed with a certain level of intelligence?

Religare? FRML#view=detail&id=FB381FEA2A9A1EDB238AC549DE92DD0A424987ED&selectedIndex=785

Masses follow religions & their superstitions in all parts of the world. Nations have killed in the name of religion. People despise each other in the name of religion and their gods. People try to convince each other that their religion and their god leads to the truth and the path of salvation. People do convert to other religions in search for mental peace and an ever elusive happiness. But hey wait a minute, somewhere it has been said that religion was created (by whom?) to hasten the occurrence of a civilized society. In simple words religion was created to control the masses. Remember savages cannot be easily controlled but indoctrinated fellows are easily controlled. Why do the masses of people need to be controlled? The answer to this question might be in the engineering world. Here we go; let us say we have created a process. The process needs an input and then we shall have an output. But for us to have the desired output, some controls need to be put into the process so that the results are exactly or closely to what we desire.

Coming back to religion, it should be known that it has nothing to do with the universal mind or the one supreme consciousness which is the mastermind behind everything that exists in the creation. This consciousness is beyond the man-made religions and their gods. This consciousness existed when everywhere was pitch black and nothing/no-one was there. This consciousness cannot be attained through any religion.