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BOE Questions

1. Draft at various locations. 2. MS Pressure drop at various locations. 3. F.G Temp drop at various locations. 1. Types 2. ocation at our plant! 3. "mportance # Settin$s Safety valve %%% Pop &p action 'M() %%%% Safety relief valve %%% Function of Pr. (elief )alve %%%% i*uid relief +Pr., -. )arious controls of "D fans .. Steam flo/ dia$ram 0. Terminal Temperature Difference +TTD, 1. Furnace Draft : "f it is 2i$2 /2at /ill 2appen3 '4plosion of seal truff 5. Pur$e permissives 16. 7oiler Safety 11. 8eat rate calculation. Types of calculations in detail. 12. 9oal e*uivalent of :il calculations 13. 7oiler 'fficiency calculation ;y losses 14. 9irculation ratio in detail 1-. <2at is t2e difference ;et/een t2e Tu;e and Pipe Tu;e: 1, &sed for 2eat transmission. Pipe : "t does not. 2, "nternal dia is less compared to pipe. 1.. Material specifications : T1! T11! T22! T32! P203 10. Types of ;oilers +T/o pass! to/er type! 3 pass, 4. Safety valves:

11. MFT # TT= +Tur;ine trip lo$ics and ;oiler trip lo$ics, 15. Generator protections +class >! 9lass 7! 9lass 9, 26. <2at is 7i drum ;oiler 3 +7enson type ;end tu;e ;oiler, 21. 9lassification of ;oiler. +7oo? 2as to ;e reffered, 22. Types of fans 23. Types of coolin$ 1. :pen type %% (iver 2. 9losed type : 1, Forced coolin$ 2, @atural coolin$ 24. <2en and <2y oil support is to ;e ta?en 2-. 8ydraulic test procedure +1.- times, 2.. "7( certificate after inspection + icense : Form @o. ., 20. "7( /elder certificate form @o. 21. <ater c2emistry 25. 7oiler trip conditions 36. Tur;ine trip conditions 31. "nspection of 7oiler +"7( ;oo?, 32. 7oiler e4pansion 33. Tonna$e of capacity of drum! S8! /ater /alls! 'conomiser etc in A 34. 7oiler M9( 3-. Types of coal 3.. Pro4imate and &ltimate analysis 30. De/ point of flue $as. 31. :(S>T apparatus /or?in$ and measurement 35. :2 at various locations 46. :2 importance 41. Secondary air! >u4. air # territory air 42. &pper and o/er air dampers advanta$es

43. Total air flo/ and t2eoretical air flo/ calculations 4-. Types of 'conomisers. 4.. 8ydrostep indication and on /2ic2 p2enomena it /ill /or? +resistivity or conductivity, Measurement of drum level .26mm BBBBBB 1. <2at is t2e difference ;et/een protection and interloc?3 2. <2at /ill 2appen if drum level is very lo/! very 2i$2 and furnace draft is very 2i$2! very lo/3 3. <2at is mean ;y draft3 4. >;out dry ;ottom as2 system +CTPS%) Sta$e, -. >;out as2 disposal .. Safety valves disc2ar$e capacity 0. Preservation of ;oilers 1. 'SPs 5. >dvanta$es over t2e Scoop control and )FD control. 16. :peration of 7lade Pitc2 control in fans 11. 9old! /arm and 2ot start up procedures 12. Planned s2ut do/n of ;oiler for annual over2aul 13. >ir 2eaters cleanin$ durin$ over2aul 14. <2y Pur$e re*uired3 1-. >dv. 7et/een )ac. Pumps and Steam eDectors. 1.. Types of mills! /2y people are $oin$ for ;o/l mills for 2i$2er capacity3 10. <2y S8 coils are placed at different locations3

11. Function of soot ;lo/ers. <2en # <2y it re*uires3 <2at is t2e tip :E pr.3 15. Samplin$ places 26. <2y temp are constant at all loads3 21. Durin$ Drum level ).8i$2 /2at tare t2e precautions to ;e ta?en to reduce t2e drum level3 22. Dipper plates +'4pansion Foint, 23. <2at is t2e 2ei$2t of furnace3 +Furnace len$t2,